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"There are (489) species of wildlife here in the Klamath Basin. The biological opinion deals with three." Ph. D. Robert McLandress, UC Davis ecology
Here in the Pacific Flyway, "...Klamath Basin is the most important waterfowl area in North America. Waterfowl eat 70 million pounds of food here, and more than half comes from the farms.
You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32
"With God all things are possible"  Matthew 19:26
$20,000 REWARD
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Link River dry, before the Klamath Project was built. HERE for larger photo and story.


Controversial  KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement
& Klamath Dam Removal Page: Includes letters, opinions, speeches,  articles, documentsvideo&audio, lawsuits, groups pro & con, Whose Who

Follow the Money and agenda behind the KBRA!  George Soros? .

* 79% of Siskiyou County, nearly 50% of Klamath County, & 77% of Tulelake voters opposed the KBRA in the November '10 vote

“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.... Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”  Adolph Hitler REFLECTIONS OF NAZI TYRANNY by Jim Beers

KBRA/Klamath Dam Removal: The science: Scientists say they have no agenda, H&N, posted to KBC 2/24/12. Included by KBC are reports by scientists, and also Klamath Water Users Association, exposing the unethical unscientific agenda-driven "scientists"

As of yesterday, 2/23, Wolf OR 7 was still in East Siskiyou County. HERE for CDFG updates .

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Review Oregon Spotted Frog ESA Status, info due 4/20/12, FWS, posted 2/23/12. " Currently, this species is known to inhabit emergent wetland habitats from extreme southwestern British Columbia south through the east side of the Puget/Willamette Valley Trough and the Columbia River Gorge in south-central Washington to the Cascades Range and the Klamath Valley in Oregon"

For 2/19/12, sent from Frank Tallerico: Galatians 6:7-9  The Living Bible
7. Don't be mislead, remember that you can't ignore God and get away with it; a 
man will always reap just the kind of crop he sows!
8. If he sows to please his own wrong desires, he will be planting seeds of evil 
and he will surely reap a harvest of spiritual decay and death; 
but if he plants the good things of the Spirit, he will reap the everlasting 
life the Holy Spirit gives him.
9. And let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will 
reap a harvest of blessing if we don't get discouraged and give up.

Klamath dam removal is against Congressional Laws and the Constitution, letter by Dr. Richard Gierak, PienPolitics, posted to KBC 2/19/12

Dams and a monument: ‘We feel squeezed here’, H&N by Shirley Fisher 2/17/12. "It was a great life in those days and things were busy along the river — there were miners and loggers, everyone seemed to have a job, city folk had summer homes in the area.”..."The Siskiyou Monument proposal, if passed, would set aside more than 500,000 acres of land between the Klamath River and Siskiyou Crest, limiting access"..."Fisher is concerned about the possibility of greater frequency of flooding if the dams come out. With the prospect of dam removal and the proposed 500,000-acre Siskiyou Monument, she wonders what the future holds."


Calendar and
Action Alerts
Support Rural America Sheriffs’ Event, hosted by Siskyou Sheriff Jon Lopey 2/25/12
Coho recovery draft plan comments due March 5
Comments Due 3/8/12 on ESA language
Comments Due Oregon Spotted Frog 4/20/12 ...
KBC STATS for December 2011 (excluding search engines)   12,155 visits, 6043 unique visitors, 32,363 pages, 58,397 hits
Klamath Basin harvest - story and video



Before the Klamath Project was built, there were up to 30 feet of water where my farm is now. It was a navi-gable lake.

Why can't we have 2 feet
of water for our crops,
when all the rest we pump
uphill out of our closed
basin into the Klamath
River? The river often
went dry in the fall before
the Project was built.
100,000 acres of Off-
Project Ag land.have
already been taken out
of production

KWAPA meeting 2/15/12 regarding Klamath Project water supply, groundwater and land idling.

(Siskiyou) County intends to challenge Klamath dam decision in federal court, Siskiyou Daily News 2/10/12

Rex Cozzalio responds to newest program to impregnate Shasta River with fertilized coho eggs — preposterous, it is, PienPolitics 2/10/12

Oregon Wild sues to secure Rogue water for coho; group also suing BOR for failing to adopt BO on how agency will protect wild coho, Mail Tribune, posted to KBC 2/10/12.
Oregon Wild Sues Bureau of Reclamation, KDRV, posted 2/10/12. "...Talent Irrigation District ... relies heavily on water from those reservoirs."

Senate Republican job-creating bills that Senate Democrats refused hear, Senator Doug Whitsett 2/10/12

NEDC  lawsuit could shut down eleven million acres of Oregon's privately owned forest land, by Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/10/12. "Those privately owned forests create timber product sales of nearly $12 billion and support private sector payrolls in excess of $4 billion...The direct consequence of litigation concerning the allegedly endangered Northern Spotted Owl is a 90 percent reduction in timber harvest from federal lands. That near elimination of federal timber harvest has resulted in virtual cultural genocide for many timber dependent rural communities."

Columbia Basin Bulletin 2/10/12.
* Groups Petition FDA To Classify Genetically Engineered Salmon As Food Additive For More Rigorous Review (
Obama administration 'bailed out' GM salmon firm, Campaigners say $500,000 grant was made to AquaBounty despite evidence that the firm could soon run out of cash, Guardian, UK, posted to KBC 11/14/11.)
* 2011 Fall Chinook Redd Survey In Lower Snake, Tributaries Produces Second Highest Count On Record

U.S. Representative Greg Walden's Oregon Congressional Connection, 1/10/12, Federal Government forest jobs
U.S. Rep Greg Walden on Job-killing regulations including forests, grazing, farm dust,

Support Rural America Sheriffs’ Event, hosted by Siskyou Sheriff Jon Lopey 2/25/12, Yreka. Panel of Constitutional Sheriffs will speak, Q & A to follow

Comments Due on Klamath Biomass 2/10/12

Draft Policy on Interpretation of the Phrase ``Significant 
Portion of Its Range'' in the Endangered Species Act's Definitions of 
``Endangered Species'' and ``Threatened Species'', Comments Due 3/8/12

Bucket reminds us of remaining work, H&N letter by Kevin Rafferty 1/7/12

Snowpack is concerning irrigators, H&N 2/7/12

Not enough signatures on Armstrong recall petition, Siskiyou Daily 2/7/12. (HERE for Marcia Armstrong columns)

KWAPA public meeting 2/7/12. Includes KBRA amendments, groundwater model, OPP report.

Sent by Frank Tallerico for Sunday 2/5/12. New King James, Deuteronomy 8:11 - Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping His commandments, His judgments, and His statutes which I command you today

*** Revised Critical Habitat Proposed for Lost River and Shortnose Suckers,"The proposal includes two critical habitat units totaling 241,438 acres and 274 stream miles in southern Oregon and northern California." Meeting Jan 19. Comments due Feb. 6.

Klamath Off Project Water Users Association comments to Secretary Salazar on Klamath Overview Report 020512 2/5/12. "I and many others have responded as required numerous times to the never ending reports and reports on the reports. To date, our extensive, valid pages of concerns have been completely ignored. So my question still remains, “How many times must we respond with our public comments?  ...  Upper Basin irrigators requested three things:  reasonable power rates, assurances that endangered species would not further threaten irrigation water supply, and guaranteed water supply to irrigators not included in the water buyout.  It is very obvious that there is no affordable power rate for agriculture, no guarantee of water and absolutely no protection from the ESA or Biological Opinions, in the KHSA and KBRA, Sec 22.5."

Dam removal draft ignores public say, H&N letter by Rex Cozzalio, posted to KBC 2/5/12.

(Klamath) Bucket a reminder, should stay put, by Chris Moudry, Merrill, posted too KBC 2/5/12. "U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service still maintains excessive lake levels in upper Klamath Lake to protect sucker despite flooding large tracts of farmland on Upper Klamath Lake in the name of remediation. The U.S. Marine Fisheries Service still requires excessive flows of stored water down Klamath River to support salmon. Both unjustly rob Upper Klamath Lake of the stored irrigation water held behind Link River Dam for agricultural lands and the economic stability of Klamath County that the water generates."


Klamath Bull and Horse Sale Feb. 2 - 5

Interior Issues Draft Overview Report on Klamath Dam Removal Studies, Department of Interior 1/24/12. You are allowed until Feb 5th, 12 days to comment on this 312 page document with dozens of attached studies.

* Comments to Overview Report on Klamath Dam removal studies from Siskiyou County to Secretary Salazar 1/31/12.

* REVIEW DRAFT: Proposed “First Amendment” to the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement 12/22/11

* Draft Agenda, Klamath Basin Coordinating Council conference call 1/10/12. "Potential Action by the KBCC to initiate amendments to the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement." Public meetings in Klamath Falls, Yreka and Arcata

Government Delay, Drought Prompts Renewed Push for Protection of Klamath River Chinook Salmon, Center for Biological Diversity 2/1/12, The Center for Biological Diversity, Oregon Wild, Environmental Protection Information Center and The Larch Company filed the notice of intent. CBD, Oregon Wild, and EPIC are all litigated or in coalition with Earth Justice, which is funded in part by billionaire George Soros. Soros is blamed for the financial collapses of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Russian and the Bank of England. He said he will take down the United States of America next. Soros contributes greatly to Monsanto, who is involved in genetically modified salmon, convenient for when millions of tons of silt are released into Klamath River by dam and hatchery destruction. Andy Kerr is the Larch Company, and invoived with dozens of other Soros-sponsored environmental groups including Earthjustice.  "A professional conservationist for over three decades, he has been involved in the enactment of over 25 pieces of state and federal legislation, scores of lawsuits, dozens of endangered species listing petitions and countless administrative appeals of Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management timber sales and other decisions."

Submitted by Frank Tallerico for Sunday 1/29: Deuteronomy 8:6-10 New King James: Remember the Lord Your God
6. Therefore you shall keep the commandments of the Lord you God, to walk in His ways and to fear Him. 7, For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs, that out of the valleys and hills, 8. land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive oil and honey, 9. a land in which you will eat bread without scarcity, in which you will lack nothing, a land whose stones are iron and out of whose hills you can dig copper.10. When you have eaten and are full, then you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which He has given you.

California Essential Habitat Connectivity Project
Here is a 313 page doc about how the mapping of all the wildlife corridors in California will be done. It lists all regions with maps of all currently owned public land and how they plan on taking the rest of our land.
There is absolutely no mention of compensation or regard for private property rights!http://www.scwildlands.org/report/CEHC_Plan_MASTER_030210_3.pdf
Thank you to:

SB 810, mandatory California's Medicare for All, failed today. 1/31/12

We've Heard this Song Before, Congressman Tom McClintock, posted to KBC 1/31/12, regarding President Obama's State of the Union Address.

Family Farm Alliance Monthly Briefing January 2012. Annual meeting speaker Arthur Gen “A.G.” Kawamura - the former California Secretary of Agriculture—co-chair of Solutions From the Land, a project supported by UN Foundation, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and the Farm Foundation, that is developing a sustainable roadmap for 21st century agricultural systems. He serves as a new Board Member of the American Farmland Trust. FFA director Dan Keppen Appointed to Clean Water America Alliance Board; in addition to hosting the Urban Water Sustainability Leadership Conference annually. KBC NOTE: Keppen, former Klamath Water Users Association director, is an engineer working on the On Project Plan (OPP) of the KBRA, and also hired as the OPP media consultant. HERE for his testimony to the senate regarding water transfers, including from Klamath.

Timber industry files lawsuit against murrelet designation, posted to KBC 1/31/12. "Because humans almost never see the bird, the FWS seems to think it can throw a net over millions of acres of federal timber land that not only aren’t being used by the bird, but don’t even have the characteristics it is looking for when it flies inland to lay its eggs. Someone has to speak up about this violation of the limits of the ESA.”

New Forest Planning Rule Seeks to Restore the Nation’s Forests through Science and Collaboration, 1/26/12

Obama's Executive Order 13575 Rural Council - Agenda 21, YouTube, posted to KBC 1/31/12

Klamath River dam removals should go forth, SFGate 1/30/12. Followed by COMMENTS

* "They have struck again in their movement to silence us. The picture in the attachment is on highway 140 and north Pole Valley road." Mike King. (KBC NOTE: Klamath Basin farmers and ranchers have put up signs saying "Stop the Klamath Dam Scam," to stop the KBRA which most of them oppose and had no voice in the negotiations. Their signs are being destroyed.)

* Letter of Facts regarding KBRA KHSA (Klamath dam removal agreements) by Siskiyou County Water Users Association to Secretary Salazar, Gov't agencies and reps, posted to KBC 1/30/12.

Organizers of three relief convoys that brought aid and attention to the Klamath Basin last summer have started planning three convoys for this spring, H&N history from 2002, posted 1/30/12

New Language 'Coordination' U.S. Forest Service planning rule, January 2012, sent to KBC by Siskiyou Supervisor Marcia Armstrong.

Radical Environmentalism and Agenda 21, by Wally Herger, followed by comments, posted to KBC 1/30/12.
Response to Congressman Wally Herger's comments on United Nations Agenda 21, 1/30/12 by John Larimer Jr, Yuba City.
Comments regarding Congressman Herger’s letter on the United Nations Agenda 21, 1/30/12 by Nita Still, Montegue

Letter to Congressman Wally Herger by John Busch, regarding gov't size and timber harvest, Alturas, spring, 1994.

No Need to Panic About Global Warming, There's no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to 'decarbonize' the world's economy. Wall Street Journal, posted to KBC 1/30/12

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review, Legislative and Governmental Update, posted to KBC 1/30/12

Rerun: Can we really say jobs are being created? H&N letter by Mark Slezak 9/25/11. "Oh great. We are going to “create” 4,600 jobs by tearing out the dams on Klamath River. First, I don’t believe the number, but more importantly, let’s expand the logic..."

KWAPA /Klamath Water and Power public meeting 2/7/12. 7) "...USGS report on groundwater model 8) Shall KWAPA approve the KBRA amendments.  9) OPP report..."

Criss hit the nail on the head, by Andrew Hurlimann, Siskiyou Daily News, Letter to the Editor January 27, 2012. "Curtis Milliron (DFG), after hearing about 75 minutes of negative feedback from the supervisors and the public about the new in-stream flow studies planned for the Scott and Shasta rivers, said, 'I don’t care. We’re going ahead with it.' ”

Regional jobless rates jump, H&N, posted to KBC 1/27/12. "Rates in Siskiyou County rose from 16.8 percent in November to 18.3 in December, while in Modoc County the increase was from 13.4 to 14.4 percent.

Attacks on (Klamath) Upper Basin irrigators are unfounded, H&N Letter by Garrett Roseberry, posted to KBC 1/27/12

Columbia Basin Bulletin 1/27/12

Public meeting on the Draft Recovery Plan for Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast Coho Salmon, Yreka on 2/14/12
NMFS website (http://swr.nmfs.noaa.gov/recovery/)

Bamboozling America, Wolves, by Jim Beers, retired Fish and Wildlife biologist, .... HERE for KBC Wolf Page.

52nd Klamath Bull and Horse Sale to begin Feb. 2, H&N 1/26/12

The Constitution, Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, posted to KBC 1/26/12

Jobless rates drop slightly in Lake, Klamath H&N 1/26/12. "The seasonally adjusted jobless rate was 11.9 percent in Klamath County, down from 12.4 percent the month before...About 70 construction jobs were lost over that time, and 50 retail jobs."

1932 WWI Tule Lake Homesteads, H&N, posted to KBC 1/26/12

Ask the state to move proposed biomass plant, letter to the editor by Paul Fouch, H&N, posted to KBC 1/26/12. Comments Due 2/10

Violation of the "Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, by Dr. Richard Gierak 1/26/12

(Klamath) Tribal group conducts restoration projects, gets on-the-job training, H&N 1/26/12. "The project at the Sycan Marsh is a partnership between the Forest Warriors; the Nature Conservancy, which manages a 30,000-acre preserve there; and Lomakatsi Restoration Project, an Ashland nonprofit that develops and oversees restoration projects...was founded with a nearly $1.5 million federal stimulus grant"

Groundwater program begins signing up well owners for 2012 growing season, posted to KBC 1/26/12

Report: Klamath dam removal will help fish, farms, Sacramento Bee 1/24/12, followed by comments.

California bill would outlaw private health insurance, sent to KBC 1/24/12.

Sustainable Development, Re-wilding and the Convention on Biodiversity, comments on Strategic Growth Council by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong, posted to KBC 1/23/12. KBC NOTE: This is an excellent summary of the U.N. Agenda 21 timeline and how it is being implemented in Siskiyou County and the Klamath Basin. "In the year 2000, the average unemployment rate for the year was 7.5%. By 2008, it had risen to 10.2%, rising to 15.8% in 2009. In November of 2011, the unemployment rate was 16.5%...in 1992, Siskiyou County had 647,446 acres in farms. By 2007, this had been reduced to 597,534 acres. In 2000, there were 895 farm proprietors in Siskiyou County. This declined to only 730 in 2008. The county lost 81 livestock ranches from 1992 to 2007,.."

This is THE most comprehensive collection of U.N. Agenda 21 information for the resource user, those believing in property rights, and the United States citizen who believes in basin freedom. by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor, posted to KBC 1/23/12.

! ! ! 1/23/12 - Administration has released the draft National Fish Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy, available for public review and comment through March 5, 2012.The strategy is a collaboration of federal, state and tribal partners. A small excerpt from The Plan: "Paying farmers in the Great Plains to take some of their land out of production and then restoring prairie grass and sagebrush on the land could offset the projected population declines from climate change of the threatened lesser prairie chicken, according to one analysis. Similarly, adjusting rice farming practices.."

Genetically-engineered salmon caught in tangled regulatory net, Farm Press, posted to KBC 1/23/12.

Hydroelectric project on schedule for April finish; KID’s C Canal project will sell power to grid, posted to KBC 1/23/12

(Klamath) Candidate fundraising efforts widely varied, H&N 1/23/12

35-year adjudication process nearing end, H&N 1/23/12

Agenda 21 For DummiesAgenda 21 For Dummies, VIDEO. 9 1/2 minutes. If you do nothing else today, please watch this!

Agenda 21 and our property rights, Modoc Independent Tea Party, posted to KBC 1/22/12

 > KBC News Agenda 21 page

John Terry, 1915 - 2012. KBC NOTE: John was a WWII veteran who won a Tulelake homestead. He defended his country, then raised food for a hungry nation. He participated in the documentary Homesteading in a Promised Land. He wrote a letter to Congress in 2001 when the federal government denied Klamath farmers and ranchers their irrigation water. 


< Area resident Nellie Takacs celebrates 105th birthday, H&N 1/22/12. KBC NOTE: In the film Homesteading in a Promised Land. Nellie tells how she came to the Klamath Basin in a covered wagon when she was 3 years old.

Merkley visits Basin; talks funding, policy, H&N, posted to KBC 1/22/12. “There are people locally saying scrap the (Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement), we don’t need it,” said Dan Keppen, executive director of Family Farm Alliance. “Get rid of federal laws like the ESA and all our problems will go away.” KBC NOTE: Family Farm Alliance Executive Director Dan Keppen, formerly worked for the Bureau of Reclamation then was Klamath Water Users Association/KWUA Executive Director. He is currently employed as an engineer and "communication consultant" to support the On Project Plan, part of the KBRA, as well as Family Farm Alliance director. Contrary to Keppen's characterization of Klamath irrigators, we do not advocate throwing out federal laws and endangering species, but have long advocated amending those laws that do not work, using unbiased science. The KBRA significantly downsizes agriculture, destroys 4 hydroelectric dams, gives land to the tribes, and plants endangered fish in our warm shallow lakes.

1/22/12 - Sent from Frank Tallerico: Ephesians 6:10-13, The Whole Armor of God. 10. Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. 11. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Sage grouse listing would destroy (livestock) industry, H&N letter by Gail Whitsett 1/20/12. "Multi-millions of public acres in 10 states, including Oregon, may become useless if the potential ESA-listed sage grouse habitat is determined to be impacted by the influence of controlled cattle grazing...Cattle remain Klamath and Lake counties’ largest agricultural commodity...Sage grouse listing will do to Oregon agriculture what the spotted owl did to the timber industry and the fisheries biological opinions have done to the Klamath Basin’s economy."

(Klamath) Dam removal charge on bills, H&N 1/20/12 "By 2020, when dam removal could begin, Oregon customers will have provided $184 million and California customers $16 million."

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review, legislative and governmental update 1/20/12. KBC NOTE: Included is a bill, which failed, to LABEL genetically modified fish. Our state has reduced fishing, eliminated suction dredge mining, and plans to destroy 4 hydroelectric dams on the Klamath river and hatcheries which produce millions of fish, in the guise of superiority of "wild" fish.  Obama then bails a genetically modified salmon firm.  And by the way, Obama's food Czar was Monsanto's legal representative. So wiping out the Klamath hatcheries could conveniently be replaced by Obama's pet "Frankenfish."

Stanford-educated farmer backing development of hydroelectric project, H&N 1/20/12. "Lauren Jespersen has gone from the fields of Klamath County to the hallways of Stanford and back again...."

Revised Critical Habitat Proposed for Lost River and Shortnose Suckers,"The proposal includes two critical habitat units totaling 241,438 acres and 274 stream miles in southern Oregon and northern California." Meeting Jan 19. Comments due Feb. 6.

We must stand against over-regulation, by Brandon Criss, Siskiyou Daily, posted to KBC 1/18/12

U.S Congressman Greg Walden`s Oregon Congressional Connection, including, Preventing an 11th hour snag on a Klamath irrigation project, posted to KBC 1/18/12

In our view: Improve the Endangered Species Act, The Columbian, posted to KBC 1/18/12

January 17, noon, TID monthly board meeting..Agenda Here.

Ephesians 1:15-23 Prayer for Spiritual Wisdom

When you expose U.N. inspired tyranny, there are consequences. Is your freedom worth the following retaliation, or your life:
U.N. taking over city councils everywhere by Stacy Lynne. This applies to your town and your neighbors. Please watch this informative video. A great summary.
Stacy Lynne has exposed corruption
StacyLynne Arrested Son Taken From Her! Fort Collins, Colorado 12/21/11

How Oregon Spends Money, Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 1/13/12

In this Jan. 5, 2012 photo, Cabins along what used to be Northwestern Lake, shown in White Salmon, Wash.  The cabins are threatened by erosion as the White Salmon River cuts a new path to the Columbia River after Condit Dam was breached. Photo: The Columbian, Steven Lane / AP(Condit) Dam removal changes White Salmon River landscape, Seattle Pi, posted to KBC 1/13/11.

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review of bills and laws 1/13/12: High Speed Rail, CA Coastal Commission civil fines, Department of Pesticide Regulations...

Columbia Basin Bulletin 1/13/12

Doug LaMalfa

Senator Doug LaMalfa recent videos HERE on dam removal, California Fire Tax on landowners that has nothing to do with fire, high speed rail....
HERE for LaMalfa Website

Wolf ecology by John L. Paradiso and Ronald M. Nowak 1/12/11.
HERE for KBC Wolf Page

California - 14 cattle trucks burned in arson at Harris Ranch, SFGate 1/11/12. (Comment sent to KBC News regarding this terrorist act: "My friend who works there) said that they are glad that no drivers were in the sleeper cabs waiting on a load. My feelings are the sheriff should hold everyone that donated to that group as accomplices and try them all together for conspiracy to arson and possible attempted murder."

Biomass plan gets state support; Final public hearing on proposed 42-megawatt facility scheduled for Jan. 31, H&N, posted to KBC 1/11/12. "Why (Northwest Energy Systems) chose the lowest elevation to build a big smokestack is beyond me,...Why can’t the project be off to the east where it’s not so heavily populated?”

Oregon looks at private timberlands logging rules, H&N, posted to KBC 1/11/12. HERE for Forests and Logging Page.

Irrigators warily eye low lake levels, H&N posted to KBC 1/11/12

Guest Opinion ESA cripples communities 1/11/12, by Rod Kerr

Wolf worries, Siskiyou Daily 1/11/12. “There is no allowance under the law for killing of a wolf that is going after or preying upon livestock, but there is an allowance if there is a direct threat to life and limb for humans.”

Cliff Wooten, former Lin County Commissioner and former resident of Tulelake, Calif. "With the problems of the "poor" management of the irrigation water (trying to save the "sucker" fish at Klamath Lake) the future of Tulelake farming is in jeopardy. I might add the entire lake was poisoned back in the mid 60's to kill all the sucker fish and now the same irresponsible government agencies are trying to "save" this fish which was destroying habitat of other fish. I can't count all the rowboat loads of dead suckerfish that was removed from Klamath Lake at Moore Park. The dead fished floated up and the wind "stacked" them at the park and I remember working for the Klamath Park Department "scooping up" these fish and our boats were dragged ashore and the dead fish loaded in County trucks and hauled away as fertilizer."
Revised Critical Habitat Proposed for Lost River and Shortnose Suckers, posted to KBC 12/16/11, "The proposal includes two critical habitat units totaling 241,438 acres and 274 stream miles in southern Oregon and northern California." Meeting Jan 19. Comments due Feb. 6.

AUDIO - Attorney Karen Budd-Falen interviewed by Kirk McKinzie about Equal Access to Justice Act / EAJA, "The ESA does not require the agency to know how many species there are before it's listed...What the Obama administration is proposing is, let's include critical habitat in places where the species may feel like living someday..." Karen explains how the federal government reimburses environmental groups and litigants like Earthjustice and Center for Biological Diversity for attorney fees suing the federal government, however individuals or small groups rarely are reimbursed when trying to save their farms or property. The government does not account for how much money it gives these groups for fees.


AUDIO - Attorney Fred Kelly Grant on 10th amendment right Coordination: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=pNTBwrvyYGo&feature=bf_
next&list=ULFF50O_1EOYE&lf=mfu_in_order  Congress: "coordination means every federal agency has to coordinate with any local government, no matter the size of it. A town of 400 can bring a federal agency to its table and force it to negotiate with it to reach consistency between the federal policy and the policy of those 400 citizens in that town."

< Information concerning the Canadian Grey Wolf by Jim Foley, presented to Siskiyou Supervisors 1/10/12.

Comments to Siskiyou Supervisors regarding grey wolf in California  by Jim Foley1/10/12. "There are 9500 dead elk in Yellowstone, no moose, 310 dead bighorn sheep and 1/10th the pronghorn that were once there." 
HERE for KBC Wolf Page

Federal District Court Invalidates California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard on Dormant Commerce Clause Grounds, Somach Simmons & Dunn 1/10/12

Talk focuses on adjudication, H&N 1/10/11. KBC NOTE: Prosper and partners are supporters the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement / KBRA

* DFG Mark Stopher will be at the Siskiyou Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow at 11 a.m., Yreka, discussing wolves. A lone wolf just passed through Siskiyou County from Oregon and is now in Eastern Shasta County.

Sheriffs standing with the people against the feds, NWV, posted to KBC 1/9/12. "Siskiyou County, California Sheriff Jon Lopey has said: 'I have told federal and state officials over and over that, yes, we want to preserve the environment, but you care more about the fish, frogs, trees and birds than you do about the human race. When will you start to balance your decisions to the needs of the people?...We are right now in a fight for our survival.' "

Wage increase cuts into bottom line, H&N, posted to KBC 1/9/12. "Oregon’s hourly minimum wage increased from $8.50 to $8.80 Jan. 1. It’s the second highest minimum wage in the country..." KBC NOTE: Oregon has over a 9% unemployment rate.

Sham Science Vindicates Sham Scientists! Families Protecting the Valley 1/9/12.  "If we told you the President of Resolve is the former Executive Director of Greenpeace USA, you might have some doubts about how neutral they would be. Not surprisingly they found no evidence of misconduct."

Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels 1/9/12

Water quality issues, Siskiyou Daily 1/9/12

Interior expected to approve 20-year ban on (million acres of) new mining claims near Grand Canyon, Washington Post 1/9/12

Dan Walters: Warren Buffett and Oregon farmers could get a gift from California taxpayers, Sacramento Bee 1/7/12

Nearly 2,700 unique comments sent on Klamath dams, Capital Press 1/6/12

Scott River float protest planned; group challenges ownership of stream, Redding Record Searchlight, posted to KBC 1/6/12. "Armstrong) said under the county's land patents, those who have property along the river own the land that goes all the way down to the center of the stream, thus forbidding access to anyone. She said going back now and saying the streams are public amounts to the "taking of private property." KBC NOTE: the input sent to KBC NEWS is, "...get your gun...don't take any prisoners, you`ll just have to feed them, better to feed them lead." These environmental groups have shut down timber harvest, fishing, suction dredge mining, the Siskiyou County economy, are presently at war against farmers and ranchers (those who grow the food you eat), they have habits of growing marijuana in the forests they are locking up by closing public lands roads to citizens, they have ripped out dams and are now targeting Klamath River dams which will release 20 million cubic tons of toxic sediment in the guise of helping fish. What a thrill for old hippies to further decimate communities of farmers and ranchers!

"... among the 36 Oregon counties, Klamath ranks a dismal third in child abuse and neglect," Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 1/6/12

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review of bills and laws, 1/6/12.

VIDEO 3:22 minutes: Studio 11 LA: The War on Rural California Part 1, Siskiyou County Water Wars, News Report by Heidi Cuda 1/4/12.

1931 - Completion of the Keno regulating dam in the Klamath River, H&N, posted to KBC 1/4/12

This was an exceptional year for North State wheat growers, CFBF, posted to KBC 1/4/12

Bipartisan plan creates jobs, helps forest, H&N, posted to KBC 1/4/12. Authors U.S. Representatives Greg Walden, Peter DeFazio and Kurt Schrader from Oregon.

Local mills, timber industry hit bottom in 2009, now beginning slow climb out of recession, experts say, H&N, posted to KBC 1/4/12.

Local farmers, ranchers on pace for a banner year, H&N, posted to KBC 1/4/12. "This was a banner year for Klamath Basin agriculture, a $300 million industry and a driver of the local economy."

Retired farmer (Scronce) to challenge Whitsett, H&N 1/4/11. "You deserve a senator engaged at the negotiating table to deliver positive outcomes for this district." KBC NOTE: Senator Whitsett was not allowed at the KBRA secret "negotiating table", and neither were his constituents.

Attacks on Upper Basin irrigators are unfounded, H&N by Garret Roseberry, posted to KBC 1/4/11.
Endless negotiations won't accomplish much, H&N, posted to KBC 1/4/11, by Edward Bartell.
Negotiated settlements provide better outcomes, H&N by Scronce, Byrne, Carleton, Unruh and Kandra 11/29/11. Includes KBC response

A comprehensive valuation of agriculture; a perpetual investment in Oregon's economy and environment, Oregon Department of Agriculture, 2012, by
Brent Searle, Policy Analyst/Economist. "The world population is projected to reach 9 billion in another 30-40 years, necessitating between 50-100% more food than is currently produced. Imagine – an entire additional world of food production needed from the same land (or less) than we have now! Food production capacity is a national security issue as much as anything else. The resources devoted to agriculture and food are national treasures that require preservation." (KBC NOTE: the KBRA downsizes Klamath Basin agriculture by 20-25% )

Report: Farmland misvalued; development 'cannibalizing the hand that feeds us', Capital Press, posted to KBC 1/3/12. "Agricultural land provides many economic, ecological and cultural benefits in perpetuity, including many not immediately apparent, the report states, including wildlife habitat, viewscape, tourist attraction and carbon sequestration."

Happy New Year!
New pages are: Dam Destruction, about dams other than those on the Klamath River
Water Adjudication Page, between Klamath Tribes and Klamath Basin irrigators

The following are comments to the Klamath Facilities Removal, Public Draft, EIS/EIR by Werner F Hoyt, Mechanical/Marine Engineer, pdf 12/30/11. HERE for Word Document. . "...The basic premise of the removal is the requirement is to restore upper basin as salmon and steelhead habitat is a predetermination of the KRBA. Evidence not presented in the EIS/EIR is that there was not habitat above Keno due to the reef at Keno. In absence of the Keno Dam the natural reef would prevent any migration further into the Klamath basin. Coho were introduced in 1895 by DFG...."

Comment period extended to TODAY, Dec 30. on KBRA/KHSA Klamath dam removal settlement EIS/EIR report.
HERE are comments by:
Klamath Off-Project Water Users Association
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett
Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong

Tonight, Dec 30th, Walls in our Minds, radio call in, with Sheriff's Gilbertson and Palmer discussing jurisdiction of public lands, and presentation on hydropower.

No free lunch in Klamath deal, Capital Press Letter by Edward Bartell, Orovada, Nevada 12/29/11. Also titled Endless negotiations won't accomplish much in the Herald and News. "They have a unique negotiation strategy; refuse to participate in litigation, so they have no chance of prevailing in court; agree to support the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, which supports granting the tribes what they want up front, (dam removal, 92,000 acres of deeded land, millions in fishery money, etc.), thereby surrendering potential leverage, without guaranteed protection from tribal in-stream claims."


For more December chronological news, see Archive 115.  For Main Archive Page go HERE.

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