There are over 489 species of wildlife in the Klamath Basin, which is
the largest concentration of waterfowl in North America.

Thank you Dave Menke, FWS, for donating your photography and descriptions. We add to these continually.

  A life in focus. Menke’s photography spurred international interest in Klamath Basin wildlife refuges, H&N, posted to KBC 5/16/11

Klamath Basin Wildlife Checklist


Gallery One
Wildlife found in crop, pasture and residential habitats

Gallery Two

Wildlife and farmland

Gallery Three
Wildlife found in riparian habitats

 Gallery Four
Wildlife found in ponderosa/lodgepole pine habitats

Gallery Five
Wildlife found in juniper/sage habitats

Gallery Six
Wildlife found in High Elevation Forest and Mountain Habitats

Gallery Seven
 Permanent marshes and deep wetland

Gallery Nine
Seasonal and
Shallow Marsh


Gallery Eleven
Water shutoff


 Gallery Ten
Spirit of the West
Klamath Basin
People, Crops and Spirit