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Klamath River Compact

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* Klamath River Basin Compact is 'The Law of the River', H&N by James Ottoman 3/28/05.

* Klamath River Compact spelled out how water in river was to be used, H&N 3/21/05 by Lynn Long, Klamath Water Users power committee chairman. "As both federal and state law, the compact spells out a priority listing for the use of water, and also provides for "lowest power rates which may be reasonable for irrigation and drainage pumping, including pumping from wells."

* Klamath River Compact Commission boosts visibility, H&N 10/29/19.
* Susan Miller, Environmental Advisor for Siskiyou County Water Users Assoc, responds to Klamath Compact Commission meeting: "...information being presented should reflect all sides or viewpoints on a particular issue, rather than strictly being from the environmental agencies’ perspective only...We asked for equal time to present alternative scientific evidence and viewpoints and were refused...both environmental agencies represented by the two state commissioners are signatories of the Amended KHSA. Additionally, (Commission's Federal representative)Chrysten Lambert of Trout Unlimited...has glaring conflicts of interest..."
KBC NOTE: scroll to the bottom of our KRRC (Klamath dam removal group) leadership page regarding some of Lambert's conflicts of interest.

*** Agenda for the Klamath River Compact Commission Meeting on June 18, 2019. From SCWUA: "The Oregon Water Resources Commission called a meeting of the Klamath Compact Commission on June 18, 2019 at OIT in Klamath Falls at 11AM to 1:30 Mt Scott Room. They haven’t had a meeting since 2006 but are now calling for a meeting  with the objective of re instituting the Klamath Commission.  It will be important to all to show up at that meeting to hear what they have to say. It had limited circulation." Presenters: KWUA attorney/director, California Water Resources, Oregon Water Resources,

A response to the general counsel of KRRC: Why Klamath Compact decision-making matters, FERC’s own regulations (18 C.F.R. § 9.2) require FERC to determine the “qualifications of the transferee [here, KRRC] to hold such license.” KRRC is not qualified, because it was created in violation of federal law."

SCWUA letter to Office of Management and Budget regarding Klamath Compact Commission Chairperson Chrysten Lambert's conflicts of interest 6/19/19.

* Letter to Tom Byler, Director Oregon Water Resources from Siskiyou County Water Users Association regarding Klamath Compact Commission meeting 6/3/19. " SCWUA asks OWR nine questions regarding Klamath Compact Commission meeting of June 18.

  • Only FERC will decide dam removal, not Klamath River Compact Commission, Guest Opinion by RICHARD ROOS-COLLINS General Counsel, KRRC, Herald and News Online 5/10/19. "The JC Boyle Dam in Klamath County, Ore., is one of four slated to be removed from the Klamath River under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Klamath County Commission and the Klamath River Renewal Corp."
    KRRC's Attorney Richard Roos-Collin extensive biography on KBC's Whose Who page.

Klamath Compact Commission meeting July 12th. Klamath Compact, Commissioners news, Long Lake storage, and Settlement Negotiations will be discussed. YOU ARE INVITED!

President appoints chairwoman for river compact, Capital Press 11/17/06

Bush picks Deb Crisp for top Compact spot, Pioneer Press by Pat Ratliff 10/20/06

Letter from President Bush appointing Deb Crisp as Chairman of the Klamath River Compact Commission, posted to KBC 10/18/06

Bush appoints Crisp to Klamath commission, October 17, 2006, Siskiyou Daily News




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