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Fish Stories Elsewhere

News from the Front #82: Cutting Off Irrigators Again, Buchal 040805

OTHER PLACES: Double Standard: Eco groups silent on federal fish kill, The Monitor View, posted to KBC 3/21/05.

First blush seen on ocean salmon season, Times Standard 3/9/05.

17 tons of frozen salmon will help feed the hungry, Register Guard 2/18/05.

A Letter from Ventura County from a Klamath Basin native and KBC response, 12/23/04, "I am involved opposing a project here in Ventura County, (www.matilijadam.org) they want to take a dam out so the steelhead trout can swim up stream. In doing so we will be loosing water and water storage and in their EPA it states that they will be disturbing or killing, directly or indirectly, 807 species of plants and wildlife, 15 endangered and 25 sensitive in doing the project over a 7 to 10 year period of time.  This seems to be fine because a FISH will get to swim 7 miles more up stream. Do you have any archives of the damage done to the wildlife when the water was taken? "

More sea lions at Bonneville buffet, The Oregonian 4/10/04.  "Since protections were put in place, their numbers have swelled to more than 200,000..."   "On some days you can watch one sea lion bite the belly out of 20 or 30 salmon," "In the mid-1990s, officials considered killing some "problem" sea lions at Ballard Locks in Seattle that were eating an estimated 65 percent of the winter steelhead".
Our View: Feds cannot afford to whittle away at salmon recovery, Idaho Statesman posted to KBC 4/10/04.

BPA wants to adjust water for salmon, SeattlePI 3/31/04.

Fishery council cuts Washington salmon catch, The Oregonian 4/11/04.

12,329 wild chinook counted on Scott River, Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 3/29/04. "This year, the estimates on the 2003 fall-run came in at 12,329, which is the second-highest, since the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) began conducting counts in 1978."

Alternatives to summer spill will boost salmon and Oregon's economy, The Oregonian 3/15/04.




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