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Even now the federal agencies ask us for local solutions. We find solutions. We found them 40 years ago. Most often they do nothing. Here are some solutions by local residents:

For Long Lake storage go HERE.

Below are more alternatives to Klamath Hydro Dam destruction, a mandatory component of the KBRA. If you do not agree to dam destruction, you may not participate in the discussions

AN ALTERNATIVE PLAN FOR BASIN WATER AND SPECIES MANAGEMENT, 3/4/11. It is untrue that no one has a plan other than the controversial closed-door borne KBRA. Several Klamath Basin irrigators compiled these plans submitted to KBC by Tom Mallams, off Project irrigator. Many environmental groups, as well as Klamath Water Users Association, claim there are no solutions besides their KBRA.

Shasta Nation's Alternative to Dam Removal and Suggested Anadromous Fish By-Pass proposal; http://users.sisqtel.net/armstrng/fish%20bypass.pdf  Map of bypass http://users.sisqtel.net/armstrng/bypass%20project%20map%206%2010.pdf and proposed diversion rotes for the County's 60,000 acre feet storage water use right;

Proposed Alternate Tunnel Route Shasta Nation Anadromous Fish Bypass http://users.sisqtel.net/armstrng/bypass%20tunnel%20route.pdf

See Deschutes Passage - a successful dam bypass project  http://www.deschutespassage.com/
Another alternative to the dam-removal KBRA: Details of the proposed Hart Bypass, published 11/25/08

*Hundreds of cormorants shot to protect Columbia salmon, H&N 5/29/15
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 6/13/13 Newsletter: Thousands of fish-eating Cormorants eating baby suckers? "What is NOT commonly known is that the second largest nesting colony of Double Crested Cormorants in the Western United States and Canada is located on Upper Klamath Lake. There may be as many as six thousand breeding pairs of these birds reproducing in the Upper Klamath Basin...When will the biologists look to see if the immense population of Double Crested Cormorants living in the Upper Klamath Basin may be simply eating the young endangered suckers?"

One fix for Basin water issues may not exist. Multiple smaller ideas could prove to be a better long-term solution by Tom Mallams for H&N 2/15/15. "After reading the article “Fatally Flawed,” and the extremely negative letter penned by Dan Keppen mentioned in it, speaking as one Klamath County commissioner, I feel a response is in order."
Letter sent from Dan Keppen explaining why Clear Lake reservoir should not be considered for water storage for the Klamath Project. 1/28/15. Keppen previously worked for the Bureau of Reclamation, was director of Klamath Water Users Association, presently works for Klamath Water and Power Agency as a media consultant and engineer, and is executive director of Family Farm Alliance.
Commission backs Clear Lake water storage study.  Cost, feasibility, other questions raised as major roadblocks, H&N 1/15/15.

Going for launch with the salmon cannon, H&N posted to KBC 9/28/14. "Salmon may soon have a faster way to make it around dams. There’s a new technology that’s helping to transport hatchery fish in Washington. It’s called the salmon cannon.."

Cal-OR Bi-State Alliance ALTERNATIVES to the KBRA and KHSA (Klamath dam-removal agreements), May 2014.

Saving the Klamath River Dams, the best alternative for Siskiyou and Klamath Counties, May 2014, Cal-Or Bi-State Alliance

Good ideas exist; we just have to find them, by Dennis Jefcoat, Chiloquin, OR. 5/31/11. "Why are we giving away, at public expense, 90,000 acres of the Mazama Tree Farm, via the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, when the county could purchase the land and manage all aspects of timber and biomass production for the benefit of all citizens of Klamath County?"

Supes seek salmon solution – in Yakima, by Ric Costales, Siskiyou Daily News 3/2/11

Solution for Klamath: Editorial: Fish passage project brings jobs, hopes for habitat, Roseberg News Review 7/13/10

Try something different; dredge the lake instead, H&N letter by Steve Souder, posted to KBC 6/5/10

Dredge (Klamath) lake to gain water storage space, by letter to the editor by Harvey Houston, Klamath Falls, posted 1/21/09

Details of the proposed Hart Bypass, H&N 11/25/08

Dredge and the dams could stay, Letter to editor of H&N by Harvey Houston, posted to KBC 6/25/08

Solving the water crisis, it's a somewhat crazy concept - But, you know what? It could work to address all the water problems, by Lance Waldren, Pioneer Press April 11, 2007

Build Clear Lake dike, H&N 6/1/05solutionstoc.htm

Dredge the Lake, H&N 5/29/05

Doak Mountain work to ease the lot of truckers, suckers H&N 9/22/04.

Valley in Oregon may hold Klamath Solution, winter excess could be stored, pumped to river, Crescent City's Daily Triplicate posted to KBC 9/9/04 "John Elliott, a commissioner in Klamath County, Ore., believes excess water that flows into Klamath Lake in the winter can be pumped into a natural bowl known as Long Lake. The area, which lies southwest of Klamath Lake, has the potential to store 350,000 to 500,000 acre feet of water that could be pumped into the Klamath River in emergency situations, such as the threat of a fish kill, Elliott said." For more on Storage go HERE

Klamath water supply: Talk of long term solutions, Capital Press 9/7/04.

Solutions regarding federal land buy-outs, by Norman MacLeod, 5/30/04 "The government should prohibit itself from purchasing any more land until such time as it has cleared its debt."

Dredge the Lake, Herald and News letter, 3/15/04 by Loren Blackmer

Deeper, colder lake key to solving Basin water dilemma, 2/23/04 Herald and News

Deepen the lake,  Herald and News letter 2/23/04 by Jim Bender

Plenty of water sources, Herald and News letter, Loren Blackmer 2/11/04






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