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Can we really say jobs are being created?

Herald and News letter to editor by Mark Slezak, Klamath Falls 9/25/11

Oh great. We are going to “create” 4,600 jobs by tearing out the dams on Klamath River. First, I don’t believe the number, but more importantly, let’s expand the logic.

How about we tear them out then put them back in about 10 years. Then we can tear them out again and again … well, you get the point. Or we can tear out some highways, or schools, or airports or harbors (the fishermen should really like that one). Then build them back. With this logic we will be creating jobs forever.

I know. Let’s let our forests get overstocked, decay and burn.

Then we can pat ourselves on the back for “creating” jobs putting the fires out. Or maybe we should be harvesting the timber to begin with and create jobs the right way, not to mention creating some actual new revenues and tax monies.

Maybe the best analogy for me comes with the recent passage of the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11. With all of the death and destruction and rebuilding I’m sure the “terrorist” attack created jobs, but what fools would congratulate themselves over job creation due to this horrible attack on our country? I couldn’t venture a guess, but I can’t applaud the job creation due to tearing out the dams either and the only difference is that the attack is domestic and not foreign.

Maybe I’m missing something but as this country falls further behind the world and deeper in debt can we really say job creation? I don’t think so!

Mark Slezak

Klamath Falls

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