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This page is dedicated to Wayne and Helen Hage.

Wayne Hage, harassed by the government and driven from his land, died today June 5, 2006. They fought the good fight for you, and for me.

Photo: The late Wayne and Helen Hage, 1999

Bundys and Hammons
and LeVoy Finicum

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Klamath ranch seeks $1.5 million from Oregon water regulators, "The state Water Resources Department affirmed the 1864 priority date and the ranch’s right to divert 9.4 cubic feet of water per second between March and November, enough to irrigate the property at a depth of three feet per acre a year...The ranch has since been “regulated off” every year, generally shutting down irrigation “earlier and earlier” each season...the ranch’s carrying capacity was previously 200 head of cattle, it’s now only able to sustain 50 head due to the lack of irrigation..."

OSU Paper calls for fewer cattle, more wolves to 'rewild' the West, Capital Press 8/14/22. "Some 110,000 square miles of federal land in the West should be closed to cattle and restocked with wolves and beavers, according to a paper by Oregon State University scientists and others...They propose reducing the amount of federal land grazed in the West by 29% — equal to the size of Nevada — and also limiting logging, mining, oil and gas drilling and off-road vehicles...The proposal identifies blocks of federally owned land in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah for the rewilding network... (including)  the Blue, Klamath and Cascade mountains in Oregon; the Sierra Nevada mountains in California and the Northern Rockies in Idaho."

Biden moves BLM brass back to Washington, Capital Press, 9/24/21. "Ninety-nine percent of the 250 million acres managed by the BLM is West of the Mississippi River. Its decisions impact the livelihoods of people who populate rural communities but those decisions are made far from the forests, grasslands and high deserts they call home..."

Ranchers blocked again from wolf hearing, Capital Press 10/14/21. "Two judges from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declined Oct. 12 to summarily reverse a lower court ruling barring four agricultural groups from intervening in lawsuits filed by environmental groups."

Burnt Alive cattle in Siskiyou fire by Shirl Terry Woodson 8/10/21. "Almost all are accounted for, but we won’t rest til we find the rest? I took time from the hunt to attend a usfs permitee meeting which was very good. The phot I’m posting is not one of our cows but one of our neighbor's.. yesterday Chuck spoke with a usfs fellow from Arizona. He told Chuck the group of cows found dead south of La Honda told a gruesome and heartbreaking story. The cows were pinned against a massive lava ridge. All the cows were facing towards the fire their calves were inside the circle of cows trying to protect them. How I wish those fools behind the let it burn policy could see this. Tonight when we checked at la Honda well we found no cows but a doe with two fawns was watering there. I wished I could transport them all to somewhere safer."
KBC Note: This is just one atrocity out of many...cows burned to death. With the hundred's of thousands of acres burning because we are forbidden to thin or log our forests, and can't protect trees and wildlife in the millions of acres of wilderness, all those spotted owls, eagles, butterflies, deer, antelope, coyotes, and hundreds more species, are cremated alive, running for their lives. Smoke/lack of oxygen kills fish. Communities and people die too. Check out the heap in the background.

Grazing rights rescinded for Hammond ranches, H&N 2/26/2021
The Hammond family's BLM grazing permits - an easy target for environmental extremist NGO's, Protect the Harvest. "

Diamond M ranch strikes back in lawsuit over wolf management, Capital Press, posted to KBC 9/21/2020. "The Diamond M has Forest Service permits to graze 736 cow-calf pairs. The ranch has been grazing in the Colville National Forest since 1945 and has never violated its permits, according to the ranch’s court declaration. Wolves began attacking the ranch’s cattle in 2008. Wolf packs saturate the region...The Diamond M has refused to apply for state compensation for cattle losses. The payouts are temporary and entice ranchers to accept an overpopulation of wolves, according to the ranch..."

New study: Cattle grazing significantly reduces wildfire spread, Capital Press 9/9/2020. "Recent record-shattering wildfires across California, Oregon and Washington have demonstrated the need for better fire control. Researchers say their study shows that without the 1.8 million beef cattle that graze California’s rangelands annually, the state would have hundreds to thousands of additional pounds per acre of fine fuels on the landscape, and this year’s wildfires would be even more devastating."

US appeals court denies bid to resurrect Bundy standoff case, H&N 8/7/20. "Navarro found “deliberate attempts” by the FBI and prosecutors “to mislead and distort the truth.” She blamed FBI agents for “reckless disregard” of requirements to turn over evidence relating to government snipers and cameras that monitored the Bundy homestead...government agents “threatened the Bundys’ lives, killed their cattle, assaulted family members and perpetrated tyrannical executive power over them.”

Ninth Circuit Court decision could benefit many Oregon ranchers, H&N 6/24/2020

Lawsuit renews attack on grazing in Oregon national forest, Capital Press 4/18/19.

Groups sue to block grazing permits for pardoned Oregon ranchers, Capital Press KBC 5/14/19.
1/5/16 - Congressman Walden emotionally describes the injustice by our federal government in the West, and the actual small acreage of grass burned by Hammond's backfire.

Wolves target Oregon rancher's animals again. Puppy makes 11th animal taken by Rogue Pack, Medford Mail Tribune, 3/21/19.

In the Battle for the American West, the cowboys are losing. "Now, the Hage cows are gone from that private pasture and the family ranch is in foreclosure." WSJ 3/30/18
Hage v. U.S. AgLifeNW Magazine November Issue by Scott Johnson, 11/15/04

Ranchers fume as ‘Rainbow Family’ set to camp on federal land in Oregon, H&N 6/22/17. "He said the “takeover of federal ground” is no different than the Bundy group’s occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters...."

Judge dismisses lawsuit against grazing on eight Oregon allotments, Oregonian 3/11/17. "A federal judge has rejected environmentalist arguments that cattle grazing has unlawfully harmed endangered sucker fish in Oregon’s Fremont-Winema National Forest." 

DOI Press Release: Secretary Jewell Applauds President’s Designation of the National Monuments to Preserve Pivotal Civil Rights Sites and the First National Monument to Civil War Reconstruction; (Jewell) Also Praises President’s Expansion of Existing National Monuments Protecting Natural & Cultural Resources in California & Oregon (Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument) 1/12/17.  LINK includes Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument expansion Fact Sheet:
*" these areas represent approximately 48,000 acres of public lands – 42,349 in Oregon, and 5,275 in California."
* "... is closed to new extractive uses such as mining and oil and gas development..."
* "...prohibits all motorized and mechanized vehicle use off road."
* "...if grazing is found incompatible with protecting the objects of biological interest, the Secretary of the Interior will retire the grazing allotments pursuant to the processes of applicable law. Finally, it provides that if grazing permits or leases are relinquished by existing holders, the Secretary will not reallocate the forage available under those permits or for grazing purposes..."
* "...prohibits the commercial harvest of timber, expect when part of an authorized science-based ecological restoration project..."

Preservation plan unveiled for sage grouse. Proposal could affect 10 states, oil and natural gas development, H&N 5/29/15 followed by Interior proposes land controls to preserve Nevada sage grouse, Las Vegas Review Journal. “The economic impact of sage-grouse restrictions on just the oil and natural gas industry will be between 9,170 and 18,250 jobs and $2.4 billion to $4.8 billion of annual economic impact across Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming,”..."Department of Interior is updating management plans covering 165 million acres — an area the size of Texas — in consideration of the sage grouse"

Sheriff: Land proposal could spark standoff, H&N 5/24/16: "Sparks flew Monday during a hearing attended by ranchers and environmentalists in the state Capitol on a proposal to turn 2.5 million acres of canyonlands and desert in southeastern Oregon into a federally protected monument...Elias Eiguren, a rancher whose Basque great-grandfather came to the Canyonlands to raise sheep, predicted that grazing rights for ranchers would wind up being litigated if the land became a monument, affecting up to 30,000 head of cattle of Malheur County’s total of 70,000."

Washington ranchers wary of (sage) grouse agreement, Capital Press 5/5/15. "Creston, Wash., rancher Dawn Nelson says she would have to reduce her herd of more than 120 by roughly half if she were to sign up...They say it’s voluntary to sign up, but if you don’t sign up and you happen to have a bird die on your place or an accidental take, they can come back and sue you,' Nelson said."

How George Soros Attacked Cliven Bundy – And Lost, The Ulsterman Report 4/14/14.

VIDEO - Fox News reporting Enemies of the State: the Sagebrush Rebellion, Wayne Hage Jr. 4/5/14.
Enemies of the State: The Sagebrush Rebellion, Wayne Hage Jr. part 2, 4/5/14
"I just receive news from the FOX NEWS producer of “Enemies of the State” that a strong response from the public for this story give them a basis to do additional similar stories.  While working on the story we tried to emphasize to him our story was just the tip of the iceberg.  If you don’t mind getting the word out and sending comments to him that would be greatly appreciated.  He can be reached at

LAKEVIEW - Sage grouse management, jobs, habitat at stake; environmental protections may curb ranchers’ grazing rights, H&N, posted to KBC 1/17/14. "...implementing the plan could result in the loss of 750 jobs..."  "... BLM’s preferred alternative would retire about 118,000 acres of rangeland in Eastern Oregon..." "Although Hart Mountain has been cattle-free for 23 years, he said sage grouse numbers have declined." "A recurring theme among people voicing concerns was why ranchers are being targeted with the potential loss of grazing lands, while no habitat improvements include predator control."

* VIDEO: Ramona Hage-Morrison and Danny Martinez on Property Rights @ Klamath Falls 16 Nov 2013,  filmed by Kevin Goodrich, posted to KBC 12/1/13. Ramona Hage Morrison has been actively involved in a successful 22-year long case involving her family's ranch vs. the USFS and BLM...She served as a title witness in her family's case, U.S. v. Hage. She will talk about the landmark Hage litigation, and why an exhaustive chain of title was the key evidence necessary to defend their vested water rights, forage rights, range improvements and rights of ways.
     Danny Martinez was born into a first generation Arizona ranching family in 1944. He is the CEO of Liberty and Property Rights Coalition and is involved in the livestock industry in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. He currently has a property rights case involving his family's ranch before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

HAGE-Federal judge rules in favor of rancher in grazing case, Ag Alert, 6/5/13

Ranchers wary of rules expanding scope of ESA, Capital Press 3/27/13. "cattle can be subject to greater restrictions on grazing near streams that are considered critical habitat even if no endangered or threatened fish swim in them, said Budd-Falen..."

Appeals court refuses bid to block cattle grazing, Capital Press 3/22/13.

Grazing study doesn't reflect views of OSU, administrator says,  Capital Press 11/29/12. "...head of the College of Agricultural Sciences Department of Animal Health, said: 'I think that livestock grazing can be an important part of a range management program...' "

Court of Appeals leaves many questions unanswered in its decision reversing Hage’s takings award, Pacific Legal Foundation, posted to KBC 8/5/12.

Sage grouse listing would destroy (livestock) industry, H&N letter by Gail Whitsett 1/20/12. "Multi-millions of public acres in 10 states, including Oregon, may become useless if the potential ESA-listed sage grouse habitat is determined to be impacted by the influence of controlled cattle grazing...Cattle remain Klamath and Lake counties’ largest agricultural commodity...Sage grouse listing will do to Oregon agriculture what the spotted owl did to the timber industry and the fisheries biological opinions have done to the Klamath Basin’s economy."

Re: California Rangeland Conservation Coalition e-update; US Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Input on Proposed Easement Program, preceded by letter of "Input" by Dr. John Menke, posted to KBC 7/6/11. Dr. Menke's biography.

Grazing Improvement Act introduced, posted to KBC 5/31/11

Cattlemen pack wolf hearing, East Oregonian, posted to KBC 4/6/11

Judge's decision unfairly punishes ranching community, Statesman Journal, written by Senators Ted Ferrioli, Doug Whitsett, Frank Morse and Fred Girod 3/17/11

BLM may post grazing lease, permittee addresses, Current-Argus, posted to KBC 1/2/10

Federal order puts at risk BLM grazing, Natural Resource report, posted 12/21/10

Ranchers lose to bull trout habitat; USFWS quadruples habitat for endangered fish, hikes scrutiny of grazing on federal land, Capital Press 10/14/10

* On Wednesday Dec. 9 the USDA, Happy Camp and Oak Knoll Rangers, will hold a meeting at the Yreka RV park main building from 6 - 8 PM.  This meeting is about authorizing livestock grazing in Hornbook, Ash Creek and East Beaver allotments. They are speaking of creating a set of corrals to assist with livestock management. It appears they will be speaking to Term permits with On and Off Provisions and is designed to improve trends in rangeland vegetation conditions, stream condition and forage utilization.

Dunn Carney News Release, Oregon: Ranchers successfully defeat an attempt by environmental groups
to stop grazing on federal forest lands,
posted to KBC 6/18/09
Judge Haggerty's Order 6/15/09

Monumental end to grazing near Soda Mountain, Federal legislation sets stage for buyout of ranchers’ permits, Capital Press 1/22/09

Judge OKs emergency grazing program, with limits, Capital Press 7/24/08

PRESS RELEASE: USDA approves emergency CRP grazing for ranchers impacted by wildfire, Announcement follows urging from Walden for action, posted to KBC 9/13/07

Commentary: Grazing protects our rangeland ecosystem, by Dan Byrne, CFBF Ag Alert, posted to KBC 8/2/07. "Managed grazing is an integral part of our family ranch, where we produce cattle, hay and grain. We graze cattle on the same private and public lands that we have for the last 130 years. We have seen firsthand the benefits of grazing to wildlife, insects, native plant species and the rangeland ecosystem as a whole."

Grazing Rights on Public Land, a college report by University of Nevada student Stephanie Souza, posted to KBC 5/11/07

In Oregon suit, greens take new poke at public-lands grazing, KGW.com posted to KBC 5/9/07 "Ranchers argue that they're using land that can't produce crops and grazing doesn't cause the damage that environmentalists allege. Public lands are an integral part of many Western livestock operations, with ranchers combining privately held land with tracts they lease from the government.

Grazing Rights on Public Land, a college report by University of Nevada student Stephanie Souza, posted to KBC 5/11/07

Group identifies benefits of grazing for grasslands, Ungrazed areas lose species diversity, research finds, Capital Press, posted 1/21/07. "2006 marked the highest number Wisconsin has had in the number of dogs killed by wolves."

High court to decide BLM case, Billings Gazette 12/28/06. "The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide some issues from a case in which a Wyoming rancher charges that employees with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management stripped him of his federal land grazing permits because he refused to give the agency easements over his land."

Federal Land Sale Concerns, Loss of grazing allotments feared by county cattlemen, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 3/26/06.

Hikers, Loggers & Grazing Prices, by Rick Frost, Range Magazine 5/21/06

Grazing allotments by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5, 3/12/06

PRESS RELEASE: “Rural or Urban, It’s Ridiculous to Regulate Dust in the Wind”, U.S. cattle producers testify today across the nation, National Cattlemen's Beef Association 3/8/06. (EPA issue)

A Study Shows Cattle Grazing May Help Endangered Species, All Headline News posted 10/15/05.

The Rancher's Revenge, Phoenix New Times, posted 5/28/05. This is a nice story about a Rancher actually winning a court case where the environmental group lied.

Governor questions grazing on national monument, Albany Democrat Herald posted to KBC 4/23/05.

PRESS RELEASE: Subcommittee Examines Challenges for Grazing and Range Conservation, 413/05 House Resource Committee.

Public-lands ranchers: Should you trust this man? by Paul Larmer. "Andy Kerr, who has been an environmental activist for more than 20 years, was a key figure in the struggle to curtail logging in the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, he is the director of the National Public Lands Grazing Campaign, which seeks to pass legislation that would allow the federal government to buy federal grazing allotments from ranchers and permanently retire the land from grazing. HCN executive director Paul Larmer"

OTHER PLACES: Jury Awards $600,000 to Arizona Rancher - Environmental Group Found Libel for False Statements and Accusations, 1/21/05 PRfect Media

Ranchers take aim at Oregon wolf reintroduction plan, H&N 12/15/04  "You really need to say that we have the right to protect our livestock anytime, anyplace," said Mack Birkmaier, a rancher from the Joseph area."

Wayne Hage photo by Scott Johnson
Hage v. U.S.
AgLifeNW Magazine
November Issue by Scott Johnson, AgLife editor, 11/15/04  "After more than a decade of harassment, being forced out of (ranching) business the only alternative was the court for Wayne Hage. Excerpts from the trial, and information provided and gleaned from various sources will be passed on to you, the reader, to draw your own conclusions."

Lake County borders on drought; County may be eligible for CRP emergency grazing program H&N 6/30/04. (Thank you Ann Venemon for your common sense...we hope it is contageous! KBC)

Cattle Grazing aids seasonal wetlands, 5/26/04.

Wayne Hage/US Court of Federal Claims, Day 1, posted to KBC 5/7/04, Stewards of the Range. "The Hage family is finally seeing their day in court. But more importantly, the pattern and practice of the federal land management agencies to drive western landowners off the range is on trial."  The outcome of this will effect how government agencies can harass and evict grazers.
Hage v United States, Day 2, 3, and 4, 5/10/04.
Hage vs US Days 5, 6, and 7, 5/13/04
Hage vs/U.S., day 8, posted to KBC 5/19/04.
Hage vs/U.S day 9, posted to KBC 5/27/04
Hage vs/U.S. days 10-12 posted 5/31/04
Hage vs/U.S. days 13-15 reposted 6/13/04

1998 interview with Wayne Hage by Liberty Matters regarding his court case and harassment by the government, 'An American Original: Wayne Hage.'




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