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Petitions, Votes, Polls/Surveys
1850 Klamath River Basin community members have signed 4 petitions opposing the KBRA
*** Remember the Herald and News Poll: Will you benefit from Klamath dam Destruction? As of 2/22/19:
51 voted "Yes, a direct benefit,"
39 voted "Yes, but indirectly,"
35 voted "No, I will not benefit," 
163 voted "I see no benefit at all,"
13 voted, "No opinion"
After destroying the California Klamath Dams, eco warriors are coming for you, The New American 8/5/21. "The effort to blow the dams, which is proceeding even though 80 percent of voters rejected it, will destroy life in the area—not to mention the environment. But the scheme aligns well with the United Nations and its “sustainable development” plans in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Their fight is your fight.." SEE VIDEO
VIDEO - Six minutes: Calif. U.S. Congressman Devin Nunes water update on Central Valley irrigation. President Trump on  "...water being poured out into the Pacific..." Trump signed an executive order for water to be released to the farmers two years ago, however California Governor Gavin Newsom is blocking California farmers from receiving millions of gallons of water. https://youtu.be/VQSTQG-gYRk
Transcribed VIDEO - Klamath County Board of Commissioners Meeting 2/14/17, Reaffirmation that the Klamath County Board of Commissioners opposes Klamath Dam Removal.
PODCAST of the live on-air interview with Siskiyou County Water Users Association President Richard Marshall at KMED, http://oregonedeals.com/podcast/index.php?p=episode&name=2018-01-25_01-25-18_thu_7am.mp3 1/25/18

(72% Klamath County) Citizens oppose dam removal in advisory vote, H&N 11/9/16. "An advisory vote on whether the four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River should be removed came in with 72 percent opposed to the removal and 27 percent in favor in early returns. That translates to 18,838 opposed and 7,051 in favor in the initial 25,889 votes released from the Klamath County Clerk’s office..."  “Even they (FERC) have referred to dam removal as the great experiment. That’s a heck of an experiment when you have 21 million cubic yards of sediment flowing downstream.”

Video, and transcribed quotes from Klamath In the Balance, Forum to discuss dam removal process on Klamath River. The stated purpose was to bring all the conflicting Indian Tribes and environmental groups together with the common goal of destroying the Klamath River Dams.
Green Corps trained activist, a founder of Klamath Riverkeeper, and negotiator for the Karuk Tribe as voting stakeholder on the KBRA, Craig Tucker: "we worked with the Klamath Project irrigators, the enemies of the tribes since those guys showed up; we did work out a water sharing agreement. ...We did not solve all the problems in the Klamath Basin with these agreements. We did not get rid of all the farmers,
we did not rebuild all the wetlands, but we do pull off the biggest dam removal in the history of the world...and if we're still gonna deal with water quality issues at Keno, at the end of the day, I can guarantee the Karuk Tribe and Craig Tucker will be in the front seat dealing with that next." (KBC NOTE: that refers to destroying the Keno Dam, which provides water to the Klamath Project irrigators). KBC NEWS reminder: In the KBRA: hydro dam destruction is permanent. Destruction of fish hatcheries is permanent. $45 million plus land gift to the Klamath Tribes is permanent. Downsizing agriculture is permanent. Mandate of no water storage may be used by irrigators is permanent. However any benefits to the farmers in the KBRA end in 50 years, but, as detailed in this video, any benefits are superseded by the ESA, Clean Water Act and Biological Opinions.

Herald and News POLL - Should the four Klamath River hydroelectric dams be removed? So far, 598 'no', and 181 'yes'. 10/28/16
Dam removal advisory vote remains on ballot 9/1/16. "PacifiCorp will not own any of the land..." if the Klamath River dams come out. Presently, "....overall, the utility pays about $1.6 million annually in county taxes..."
Protest filed over Klamath River dam removal vote, H&N 8/27/16

Klamath County Commissioners finally voted, after 6 years, to allow the public to vote on whether they support the dam removal. This would be an advisory vote to direct the commissioners. "Are you in favor of removing the four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River?"

8/25/16 - Petition for different ballot title: Tracy and Susan Liskey, Ed Bair, Greg Carleton (Klamath Agreement proponents) VS Klamath County Commissioners. The petition includes complaints of the Pro-KBRA/dam removal Klamath County irrigators, and at the bottom the wording of the Klamath County Commissioners' dam removal vote. Again, dam removal proponents oppose allowing the citizens an advisory vote, much less a real vote.

Klamath Agreements mandate destroying the 4 Klamath River hydro dams. KWUA/Klamath Water Users Association, some Klamath River tribes, many environmental groups and government agencies negotiated a closed-door deal with no vote of the citizens. KWUA wanted water certainty and affordable power rate (which the KBRA does not mandate) and the environmental groups wanted to destroy the hydroelectric dams. 3 of the 4 dams are in Siskiyou County, yet Siskiyou County is not allowed at the negotiating table because Dept. of Interior wants the dams out, and dam destruction would further decimate the economy of Siskiyou County. Siskiyou County held an advisory vote several years ago, and the public voted more than 80% against destroying the hydro dams that serve 70,000 families. The public's voices ARE NOT WELCOMED.


'We the People Radio': "Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement/KBRA" with Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams. Audio June 7, 2015. Mallams details: some of the closed, back-door meeting threats and blackmail; information about John Bezdek, Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Klamath Basin Matters and former Deputy Director of the Secretary's Indian Water Rights Office where he was responsible for managing 19 Indian Water Rights Negotiating Teams; the KBRA's lack of the initial goal of: water guarantee, affordable power and relief from the ESA / Endangered  Species Act; lack of science and benefits plus detrimental results of destroying 4 hydro dams serving 70,000 families; the conversations and goals of the environmental groups and tribes to remove the Keno Dam which provides water for Lake Ewauna, Klamath Project and the refuges.
AUDIO - Dr. Mike Newton and Senator Doug Whitsett, begin minute 30, I-Spy Radio 4/8/14, on Science of Upper Klamath Basin ranchers being denied surface and ground water with no proof of interference to stream water, yet studies support that groundwater use enhances stream flow. What is the government's excuse? KBC NOTE: If the Upper Basin irrigator does not agree with the Kitzhaber Task Force plan, they will be denied surface and groundwater to irrigate.
AUDIO: Must Listen: 5 1/2 minute summary of Upper Basin's Klamath Settlement Agreement; audio by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, Local News with Paul Hanson on KFLS News/Talk Radio 1450, 4/1/13. "The nearly 100-page agreement has seven objectives..."
VIDEO - An alternative Klamath Task Force, interview by Jefferson Public Radio with Tom Mallams, Klamath County Commissioner, posted 10/10/13.
Video and Transcripts - FULL COMMITTEE HEARING: Water Resource Issues in the Klamath River Basin  before the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, SH-216 Senate Hart Building 6/20/13.
2/27/13 - VIDEO of Klamath County Commissioners weekly meetings.  February 12 was the meeting where 70 people spoke for and against county support of the KBRA. February 26 the commissioners voted against supporting the KBRA and explained their reasons. 
AUDIO: Dr. Paul Houser, whistleblower on Klamath dam destruction agenda by Secretary of the Interior. Houser was Bureau of Reclamation's top scientist ands Scientific Integrity Officer. However the Bureau FIRED Houser when he exposed "intentional falsification," "bias,", "(Interior's) predetermined intention (to destroy Klamath dams,)" KCNR/We the People Radio, posted to KBC 3/18/12. "I don't see that scientific justification (to take out Klamath Dams)." "In this case the science is not as supportive of dam removal as aggressively as The Department wants it to, so they have spun it...:" Here for Dr. Paul Houser page.
President John F. Kennedy and California Water Projects, dams, 1962. YouTube, 8.5 minutes.
Buchal video regarding the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement:
Speech to [Klamath] Basin Alliance, February 11, 2008.
MPEG Format files (right-click and save to hard drive; should play through Windows Media Player)
Show 2-6
(Feb. 11, 2012): "The Fight Continues - Klamath Dam Removal Part 2" (or HERE) We continue our investigation into the efforts of the extreme left to remove the dams on the Klamath River. According to an eye witness, in a December 2010 meeting in Klamath Falls, the Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation called removing the dams a "precedent setting event"--indicating to those who heard it that the Snake and Columbia are next. We talk with U.S. Congressman, Tom McClintock, the powerful chairman of the subcommittee that would hear this bill. He’s very aware of what’s going on in Klamath—and passionate about it. We also have an equally fascinating discussion Dr. Bob Zybach about this whole process of “peer review”. And he blows a hole right through it.
Show 2-5
(Feb. 4, 2012): "The Fight Continues - Klamath Dam Removal" (or HERE) We head back to Klamath to get the latest from State Senator, Doug Whitsett. What do you get when you add bureaucrats, environmentalists, and flawed science? A pre-determined decision that's going to do nothing and cost ratepayers a bunch of money. If you have any hopes that letting them go ahead and remove the dams will solve things peacefully and people canget one with their lives, you're absolutely delusional. Listen in to find out why.
Show #36
(Oct. 1, 2011): "
Klamath Dam Removal." (or HERE) There are four dams on the Klamath River that the environmentalists want to remove to restore habit for Salmon. But why? And how did they arrive at "consensus" anyway? We interview Sen. Doug Whitsett, who has been involved in this from the start. Find out what the "consensus makers" conveniently never mention. For our regular listeners who've heard our past shows on property rights, you'll definitely see some connections and the environmentalists' methods put into practice.

Senator Doug LaMalfa recent videos HERE on dam removal, California Fire Tax on landowners that has nothing to do with fire, high speed rail....

AUDIO - Attorney Fred Kelly Grant on 10th amendment right Coordination: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=pNTBwrvyYGo&feature=bf_
next&list=ULFF50O_1EOYE&lf=mfu_in_order  Congress: "coordination means every federal agency has to coordinate with any local government, no matter the size of it. A town of 400 can bring a federal agency to its table and force it to negotiate with it to reach consistency between the federal policy and the policy of those 400 citizens in that town."
VIDEO 3:22 minutes: Studio 11 LA: The War on Rural California Part 1, Siskiyou County Water Wars, News Report by Heidi Cuda 1/4/12.

VIDEO" Defend Rural America: "On October 22, 2011 something big happened...over 1000 people, 50 groups and 8 sheriffs met in unity to save the Klamath River dams in Siskiyou County, Ca." posted to KBC 11/7/11.Includes video of sheriff's forum.


YREKA - 8 Northern California Sheriffs Form Coalition Against Tyranny, DailyPaul 11/1/11. Full length YouTube videos of Sheriffs' speeches.
AUDIO - Debbie Bacagalupi updates us on destruction of the Klamath Dams and the effects on farming and ranching in the N. Cal community. Danielle Linder, owner of consulting forestry and biological services in Weed, Calif, describes the process of attempting to harvest trees, even on one's own property: http://ppjg.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/ts-radio-vertical-farming/
VIDEO: 2 minute video regarding Rogue River water and the KBRA, KMED Medford Bill Meyers interviewing Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker and Klamath Water User Association Steve Kandra, posted to KBC 11/27/11.
HERE > for entire
AUDIO - Bill Meyer Show debate featuring farmer Steve Kandra and environmental activist and Karuk Tribe spokesman Craig Tucker, both supporting KBRA and Klamath dam destruction. Opponents of the "agreement" in the debate are former Karuk Tribal councilman and Shasta tribal member Gary Lake, and John Martinez. KBC Notes: Tucker said dams provide no irrigation and costs only $200 million to remove. He didn't mention the cost of removing 20 million cubic yards of toxic silt. He said "there's court battles ahead of us," although previously while selling the KBRA to the public he said this would end litigation, which is what caller Tara, KWUA employee, said this would end litigation.  posted 11/12/11
AUDIO and Excerpts - Bill Meyer Show October 31, Halloween. The subject is the Karuk tribal corruption and the KBRA. Guests are Daron Thornton, Klamath Off Project, and Gary Lake, Shasta Nation. Lake: "When I was a councilman for the Karuk Tribe...the tribal council was...basically told that if we take the coho salmon we can turn it into the spotted owl and run the white man, the miners, and the Shasta people off the river and steal the land and water rights..."  The Shasta Tribe was excluded from the KBRA because, like Off Project, they do not support the KBRA or destroying the Klamath River hydro dams. Karuk tribe used the "Shasta's Treaty R to get their federal recognition." Klamath and Shasta Tribes "split 50% of the Klamath River within Shasta territory between the two of them..."

VIDEO - Karuk Ron Reed and Trout Unlimited caught trespassing, YouTube posted to KBC 10/29/11, film by SaveOurDams.
Karuk Leadership and Craig Tucker

Monday Oct 3, Klamath Falls, meeting about signing up for cheaper power rater for irrigators, "Water For Power" (Approximately 50 people attended this meeting.
Below is the audio and some quotes from the Tulelake meeting:
AUDIO 9/28/11 - Klamath Basin "Power for Water Agreement" Holly Cannon, KWAPA / Klamath Water and Power Agency (power part of the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement), Executive Director, held meeting in Tulelake to urge irrigators to sign onto the "low-cost power for water" agreement..."...that's what the KBRA is about, is bringing "low-cost power..."
Cannon: "What you're giving up is water to get affordable power."
Q "What is the acre feet that we're giving away for this cheaper power rate?"
A  Cannon: "I'd say 20-25%, but it varies year to year.....What you're giving up is water to get affordable power...KWAPA is doing an On-Project plan that is designing how you're going to give up water..." 
Q "What happens if we find out with the program it looks good, then all of a sudden it could be higher than the tariff rate? You can't guarantee what that rate's going to be."
Cannon, "We can't guarantee it."
Q "It might not be that golden egg ...and the landlord says, 'no I don't want this,' and then he's stuck with it... and then it could be a liability problem too." 
Cannon, "it could be,"  
Q "and then he  comes back on whoever signs the contract."

Cannon, "yeah."
There is more discussion and clarification by Cannon, Tulelake Irrigation District manager Earl Donosky, and Klamath Water Users Association President Gary Wright regarding the benefits of the KBRA, and also discussion about prerogatives of PacifiCorp.
James Buchal, Portland attorney and salmon expert, gave a presentation in Klamath Falls on the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement in 2008. He posted the video on his website HERE . Go HERE for his wealth of information on salmon.

Toby Freeman, Pacific Power's Community Manager, speaks about being forced by settlement groups to take out Klamath Dams, YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibZUMJ96ywA 

3/23/11, YouTube: Dept of Interior meets with Klamath public on hydro dam destruction science, 6 1/2 minute clip.
2/25/11 - Following are links to video of the entire House Floor debate about Congressman McClintock’s amendment #296 to the Continuing Resolution, the Klamath Dam Removal Study funding cut.  Date:  February 18, 2011 from 4:44 PM to 5:05 PM.  The final vote on Amendment 296 was 215 in favor 210 opposing the amendment. Calif. Congressman Wally Herger and Oregon Congressman Greg Walden supported the amendment:
Part 1 = http://mediacenter.tveyes.com/downloadgateway.aspx?UserID=38662&MDID=629554&MDSeed=6638&Type=Media
Part 2 = http://mediacenter.tveyes.com/downloadgateway.aspx?UserID=38662&MDID=629555&MDSeed=118&Type=Media
Part 3 = http://mediacenter.tveyes.com/downloadgateway.aspx?UserID=38662&MDID=629564&MDSeed=1565&Type=Media 
Historical salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest, by Dr. Gierak 2/16/11, VIDEO. "...it is clear that with the introduction of dams on the Klamath river, commercial salmon production has increased significantly based on the historical numbers."


Dam Removal, Channel 5 News, Video, including audio by Calif. Congressman Tom McClintock, posted to KBC 1/8/10. Congressmen McClintock and Hastings are against dam removal, and Siskiyou County voted against it 4-1.

Attached are the by-precinct votes on Measure G - the dam initiative in Siskiyou County, which read: “Should the Klamath River Dams (Iron Gate, Copco 1, and Copco 2) and associated hydroelectric facilities be removed?"
78.84% voted against and 21.16% for, sent by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 11/29/10. KBC NOTE:  Tulelake, the California side in the Klamath Reclamation Project, voted NO. Our communities, the voting public not allowed at the KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement table, oppose the enviro NGO/gov't agency/farm leaders' agreement'.
3 Tulelake precincts voted,
        yes / no:
#1    17   83
#2    36   64
#3    16   84
November 2010 election: 80% of Siskiyou County, home of 3 Klamath River Hydroelectric Dams targeted for destruction, oppose the KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement that mandates 4 Klamath Dams be removed. Nearly 50% of Klamath County oppose their current County Commissioners' being at the table in support of the KBRA They voted out Klamath County Commissioner John Elliott who supports the KBRA, and voted in a newcomer, Dennis Linthicum, who opposes it. They voted to keep a state representative Bill Garrard who opposes the KBRA, and voted against Karl Scronce, a supporter. 77% of Tulelake voters opposed the KBRA/Dam removal.
Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Public Input Meeting posted to YouTube 1/1/10.

Controversial Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Short Part 1Controversial Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Part 2 of 2Part 1 and 2 of the 12-minute edited version, Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and Klamath dam removal Agreement, public hearing 11/10/09. 300 people came, 81 spoke, 40 additional attendees submitted written testimony. Everyone who spoke or wrote opposed the "agreements.' Approximately 50 people were from the Klamath Project, 200 Off-Project, 50 Klamath Basin citizens, and several from near the Klamath River. Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, Representative Bill Garrard and Representative George Gilman sponsored the hearing to listen to the people who would be directly affected by these agreements. 4-hour version is available. 

* 45 sec. video showing both Savage Rapids and Gold Ray dam removal consequences, video by Dr Richard Gierak.
Consequences of Dam Removal; interviews with home and business owners regarding the effects of removing Savage Rapids Dam in Oregon, June 8, 2010
* 2002 Chinook Fish Kill a Big Lie; What caused the salmon deaths? do we need to save salmon? video by Dr. Richard Gierak 6/18/10
* Saving Salmon?; Removal of Savage Rapids Dam to Save Salmon in Southern Oregon, 6/9/10
5/14/10 - AUDIO Oregon Public Broadcast /OPB, on Think Out Loud: Klamath Drought and Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement/KBRA. Interviewed were Off-Project Water User Tom Mallams, Project irrigator Gary Derry, Oregon Water Resource Dept. Tom Paul, and environmentalist from Sustainable NW James Honey. They discussed who will be denied water this season, water management, ground idling, well water depletion, that the KBRA is approved by those at he table (the only ones allowed must support Klamath hydrodam destruction) while no drought plan has been formed, and the purpose of the Klamath Project will no longer be solely for irrigation; a new purpose will include fish and wildlife.
Off Project irrigator Tom Mallams discusses KBRA with Jackson County Commissioners, YouTube 1/22/10
AUDIO: KMED Bell Meyers interview with Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 1/21/10 regarding KBRA/Klamath Agreement regarding Rogue Valley and water rights, "the tribes and environmental communiity can only sue the Klamath Project for their water after they have made every effort has been made to shut down Rogue Valley diversions and every other irrigator outside the Project."
AUDIO: KMED Bill Meyers interview with Tom Mallams, Klamath Off Project Water Users President, about Rogue Valley and the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement/KBRA. Letter by Klamath Water Users Association/KWUA director Greg Addington is discussed. Mallams explained off-Project support of Project irrigators during the 2001 water shut-off. Bill Meyers said he felt KWUA throws Off-Project irrigators "under the bus" in Addington's email.
On Wednesday, Jan 13 in Merrill, Klamath Water Users Association director Greg Addington and KWUA attorney Paul Simmons held an open meeting for the Klamath Project irrigation district directors regarding the KBRA and Klamath dam removal agreements. HERE is the audio of that meeting.
AUDIO: Modoc County Board of Supervisors June 9, 2009, Alturas, listened to advocates and opponents of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement from Modoc, Siskiyou, and Klamath Counties. Speakers were KWUA director Greg Addington, farmer, TID board president, board member of The Nature Conservancy, Klamath Basin Ecosystem Foundation, Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust, leaseland advisory board, Tulelake Growers Association, and Klamath Water and Power Agency John Crawford, Basin Fertilizer owner and KWUA board Bob Gasser, TID manager Earl Donosky, farmer/rancher and KWUA board member Mike Byrne, TID and KWUA board member and farmer Bill Heiney, farmer JW Walker, farmer/rancher Dave DeMoulder, former KWUA board member and local resident Bob Byrne, President Off-Project and farmer/rancher Tom Mallams, rancher and President off-project Resource Conservancy Roger Nicholson, rancher and chairman of Siskiyou County Republican Central Committee Brandon Criss, and farmer and KWUA board Scott Seus. Posted 6/16/09 POLL RESULTS of Klamath County registered voters: Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement poll results, Senator Doug Whitsett Update 5/14/09.
Only 11% favor Klamath dam removal,
* 7% favor public purchase of reservation land for the Tribes ,  
5% favor the closed and confidential negotiations involved in developing the KBRA and the AIP.
New poll shows Northwest voters value clean, reliable, renewable, climate friendly hydropower, 4/09, NW River Partners  
PRESS RELEASE: Poll shows overwhelming opposition to Klamath River dam removal, Senator Doug Whitsett 5/14/09

Klamath Settlement Protest Video with article Klamath pact hinges on dam removal, Capital Press, posted to KBC 1/23/08. Off Project irrigators protest.

Klamath Settlement Petition, Klamath Basin Alliance
Siskiyou County Settlement Public Comments Video Capital Press Online, posted 1/31/08, HERE>> http://www.youtube.com:80/user/cappressglw 2/2008 - PETITION to the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors to Prevent the Removal of Klamath River Dams
VIDEO with article Water board mulls PacifiCorp project, Locals say they want Upper Klamath Basin dams to remain Capital Press 10/30/08 12/29/08 - Karuk Tribe petition against dam removal. 250 signed petition
***AUDIO - Klamath Water User Association unadvertised 'public' meeting with Klamath Falls County Commissioners Al Switzer and Cheryl Hukill, explaining Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement to the Commissioners. Attending were KWUA board members Steve Kandra, Bob Gasser, executive director Greg Addington, and president Luther Horsley. Invited also was Becky Hyde, partner with Klamath Tribes and Sustainable NW,  who formed a new off-Project group.  Some of the issues discussed were Long Lake Storage, Klamath hydro dam removal, water allocations, and Klamath Basin Alliance. KBC NOTE: this file takes awhile to download. posted 3/21/09
How will Klamath County Commissioners vote?  Will they represent you?
Commissioner John Elliott said, "I supported the Agreement three years ago. There is a KBRA meeting next week I want permission to attend."
Commissioner Cheryl Hukill said, 'I am leaning toward the agreement.' "
"When push comes to shove, I'll probably go the way you want me to go," (Commissioner) Switzer said (to Klamath Water Users Association) regarding supporting the Agreement."
Off-Project petition against KBRA
Klamath Republican Central Committee voted overwhelmingly in opposition to the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, approximately 40 against, 10 for.  A resolution opposing portions of the proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, the KBRA, posted to KBC 5/15/09, by the Klamath County Republican Central Committee.
Restoration agreement has local support, by 74 residents in the Klamath Basin, H&N 10/30/08
Fourteen local irrigators sign petition supporting water agreement, H&N 2/14/08. Includes KBC Who's who NOTE