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 Unintended (or intended) Consequences


Explosive Fed. Mandate Killing Thousands of Red Snapper, local15tv 2/12/13. " 'They tell us not to fish [red snapper] but theyíre blowing them up,' charter boat Captain Jason Domange told Local 15, 'Itís a cryiní shame.' "

Stimulus funds bring Caspian tern project to Siskiyou County, Siskyou Daily News 8/12/09. "...the Tulelake reserve rock islandís cost is approximately $1.1 million, the Orems unit rock islandís cost is approximately $650,000 and the Sheepy Lake floating islandís cost is approximately $2.3 million...an estimated colony of 10,000 nesting pairs of Caspian terns on Rice Island in the Columbia River were consuming approximately 6 million to 25 million salmonid smolts per year, according to a 1999 USACE report." (KBC NOTE: lets get this straight; the feds will plant endangered salmon into the Klamath Basin in a billion dollar closed-door "agreement," lure terns into the Klamath Basin which eat little salmon, and mandate the farmers must create a thriving bunch of salmon in the warm shallow water to keep getting farm water. Incidentally, the rocks being used for this multimillion$ project are being taken from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service refuge. If you the public were to pick up these sacred rocks you'd be imprisoned or dealt a heavy fine.)

Unintended Consequences

The government and Klamath Basin farmers have spent  millions of dollars purchasing efficient sprinklers to conserve water. However, Pacific Power, disregarded the fact that their regulated water to create power comes from Klamath Project design and efficiency. They've significantly raised the irrigators' power rates, so many irrigators are forced to return to flood irrigation. 

7/3/06 KBC photo


Protecting the tortoises, The Spectrum, "We've found that fences don't work with fire and drought," (KBC Note: The enviros are shocked that, by building fences and creating wilderness areas, the tortoises die in fires that they forbid humans to suppress in 'wild' areas. In Klamath/Siskiyou, the logging industry was decimated by the spotted owl scam, people were forbidden to fight fires in the wilderness areas created to protect the owl, then the fires killed more owls than ever disturbed by timber harvest.)


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