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Klamath Project water update fact sheet from Bureau of Reclamation


HERE for USGS flow gauges.   HERE for the 2003 operation plan. Updated 2/1/04

2/18/06 USGS Flow graphs on Klamath River.  HERE for collection of graphs

Project water levels, flows  interactive map

Water Levels:   unofficial current levels ( for Klamath Lake compare all three) 
Klamath Lake  ( 7 day )  Klamath Lake ( 30  day )  at Klamath Falls
Rocky Point
  ( 7 day ) Rocky Point ( 30  day )   
Rattlesnake Point ( 7 day ) Rattlesnake Point ( 30  day ) 

Williamson River ( 30 day ) 
Link River gaging station

 Klamath River at Keno works , wouldn't this be about the same as Link River ?
Iron Gate releases   works

USGS PRESS RELEASE: First Annual Streamflow Summary Available, 1/12/07. "This first-ever USGS summary of seasonal, regional, and national streamflow conditions for water year 2006 can be accessed at http://water.usgs.gov/waterwatch/2006summary/"

Weather Stories:

Accumulated Precipitation  AgriMet Weather Stations
Klamath Falls ( see WY_PCIP on chart )     
Lorella (Lorella is past Bonanza )  
Worden  ( South of KF on 97 )  
Agency Lake

To see daily water year accumulations from 1999 to current: 
 AgriMet Historical Archive (select station name, dates, and PU) or    
USGS style, with 12 monthly columns

Crop water use information helps irrigators more scientifically manage their irrigation water supplies.   http://www.usbr.gov/pn/agrimet/h2ouse.html

Snow Pack Data
This Works: Oregon SNOTEL Precipitation Update Report, 
This Works:  See all Oregon data: Snotel  Page 1    

Interactive map is great. but not always up to the minute
Best view for Klamath Lake levels USGS with graphs or tables  ( south end ) 
also stations at Rocky Point and Rattlesnake Point   history up to 30 days
For quick look at all three:  http://oregon.usgs.gov/rt-cgi/gen_tbl_pg   (add stage to 4100' 
Also real time flows in Klamath River http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/Medford/hydro/klamath.html 

Klamath Basin Storage includes Upper Klamath Lake, Gerber and Clear Lake
BARS or BARE stats for end of month, then scroll down to Klamath ( DOA site )

Real Time flow of Klamath River from CDEC:  Iron Gate  Near Seiad Valley

Road Conditions 
South Central Oregon   South West Oregon    other areas    ODOT
Road Conditions  California   another with maps at:  http://ceres.ca.gov/flood/fmap/ncal.html 

Live cams:
Klamath Falls ( Kingsley Field, ODF ) not working ( please call ODF ) 
Quartz Mountain ( 140 between Klamath Falls and Lakeview,  ODOT ) 
Diamond Lake Junction ( at 138 and 230, ODOT ) 
Lake of the Woods ( Hwy 140 between Medford and Klamath Falls, ODOT ) working now  
Siskiyou Summit North, South ( Interstate 5, between Medford and Yreka, ODOT )
Lapine  ( Hwy 97, about 100 miles north of Klamath Falls, ODOT ) 
Willamette Pass  (Hwy 58 between Klamath Falls and Eugene, ODOT ) 
Medford Airport  ( ODF ) 

Suggestions welcome for this page   kbc@klamathbasincrisis.org

Interactive Map of the Klamath Project  flows and elevations   ( same link as above ) 
Topo Map Klamath Falls 

Oregon Mileage Calculator

Dam details: Clear Lake   Gerber  

New ... 10 years of Clear Lake Storage .. Chart:  3/01/1992 to 3/04/2002

See chart of river Flow at Keno 1/24 to 2/8

Department of Interior - Censored by the Rule of Law Sierra Times 12/8
The Reason for DOI web sites shut down:   see story

Chart: 30 days  Nov. 22 to Dec 23, 2001  Nov. 22 to Dec 23, 2001

Link river stream flows for 12/3 to 12/13


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See charts  For last thirty days and three years of data for   ( these I made, are working ) 
Lake levels and Link River releases.  ending 12/3/01.  chart page 2 ( 30 days x 3 years, 12/10)
See the raw data I used to make these charts .... this is now rare material with the DOI sites down ... has every day from 12/6/98 to 12/3/01   see data.




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