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"...dedicated to wildlife conservation...for the major purpose of waterfowl
management, but with full consideration to optimum agricultural use that is
consistent therewith."
     Kuchel Act 1964

The Klamath Fish and Wildlife Refuges encompass 186,181 acres of marsh, croplands, uplands, grassland, forest and open water.  There are over 489 species of wildlife in the Klamath Basin. Sunset Magazine has proclaimed the Klamath Basin as "the number one birding hotspot in the West." Here lies the largest concentration of waterfowl in North America. 

According to the California Waterfowl Association, the Klamath Basin farms provide over 50% of the feed for wildlife, the rest coming from natural sources.  There are 200 million waterfowl use days here, totaling over 70 million tons of food required by these birds. Each duck eats 1/5 to 1/4 pound, and each goose and swan over 1/2 pound.

Farms and waterfowl have been together in the Klamath Basin for 100 years.

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