World Food Day: Monsanto, Frankenfish, Occupy Wall Street

Today is World Food Day.

Occupy Wall Street isn’t only about the banks. Since it also focuses on corporate greed, our entire food system is built on greed.

Corporation goliaths spend millions on lobbying lawmakers. “Money talks; nobody walks,” as the saying goes. One hand reaches out with the cash wanting to advance their adgenda. Another hand reaches back, with it’s own adgenda in mind, and takes the money. The corporation just got what it wanted: influence in perhaps the FDA, USDA, EPA or the justice system. Laws get changed or weakened, a product approved, a new appointee who is in the corporation’s pocket, or someone in a federal agency looking the other way, dismissing studies or making reports disappear. There were two winners in this – corporate America and the government. The losers far outnumber them; they are the millions of people in this country.

Time to SPEAK OUT AGAINST companies like MONSANTO. They are out to control the world’s food. With their GMO (genetically modified crops) they’ve damaged the ecosystem with overuse of Round-Up, caused the rise of ‘super weeds’ which are now resistant to Round Up. They have sued small farmers for ‘patent infringement’ because the GM has cross-pollinated with non GM and have endangered the organic crops and the organic industry.

Their push into Latin America will destroy the centuries-old and venerated maize crop. They are inundating Africa and the Middle East, selling poor farmers with their pitch that GMOs will help them feed their starving families. In reality it will tie them to Monsanto for seed and this dangerous chemical, glyphosate.

Round-up is being reformulated to be stronger and more deadly to both weeds and the eco-system. Rumor has it that maybe 2-4-D, Atrazine (also known as Agent Orange) could be added to strenghthen the mix. Perhaps the recipe will contain some older chemicals. Whatever Monsanto does, however, it will just start another round of chemical resistance.

GMO Salmon, by Aqua Bounty, also known as “Frankenfish” is up for approval by the FDA. It is designed to grow 2 or three times as big as the wild fish. This in itself is totally tampering with nature (like other GM products) but even more dangerous. Their Frankenfish will be the first living thing to be genetically modified and it frightens me. There is NO telling what would happen (and it’s likely to) if a GM salmon got into the wild population. Wild salmon would probably be decimated before long as these ‘creatures’ would have the ability to over populate them.

More and more research is indicating that GMO foods are unhealthy, cause numerous conditions and are highly detrimental to health. To learn more about GMOs, go to: