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COMMENTS: Klamath Watershed Conference 2006  Nov 7-9, Marcia H. Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor, District 5, posted 11/18/06 "In 1989 before the Northwest Forest Plan and Aquatic Conservation Strategy, the Klamath National Forest, alone, harvested 320 million board feet of timber. Last year, only 18 million board feet were harvested and this year, only 14 million ...."

HERE for speeches, power points and reports at the Redding Klamath Watershed workshop that took place Nov 7-9.

The Klamath Watershed Conference in Redding by Marcia Armstrong, posted 11/11/06

Update on upcoming Chadwick/Klamath Congress email interaction, posted 10/5/06 "Although I would not presume to speak for all the Tribes, I can assure you there is a lot of agreement btw Tribes on what our top 2 priorities are: 1) removal of the lower 4 Klamath River dams, and 2) adequate in stream flows for fish." Craig Tucker, Karuk Tribe. More on Chadwick go HERE.

The Cash Cows are coming (regarding Chadwick group/Klamath Basin Watershed Conference, by Pat Ratliff, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 9/5/06

Klamath Conference potential keynote speakers, donation request letter, and subbasin contacts, posted to KBC 7/20/06.   (KBC note: a few possible speakers are Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congressman Mike Thompson, and many more. Thompson was amongst those on the capital steps in 2002 with dead fish blaming the Klamath Irrigators for Trinity Fish dying 200 miles away and has been in the forefront in the effort to downsize Klamath Basin agriculture; HERE for fish die-off page.) Go HERE for more on Klamath Conference in November.

KBC was contacted by OSU to explain that the November Klamath Basin Sustainable Watershed Conference is not being put on by Chadwick Consensus. Bob Chadwick previously held several consensus workshops throughout the Klamath watershed to identify focus areas: power rates, dam removal, demand reduction, etc, and formed a stakeholders group that planned to form a Klamath Congress. It was funded by Bureau of  Reclamation and other agencies. Tribes, environmentalists, PCFFA, ONRC, Pacific Power, farmers, Hatfield Committee members, Nature Conservancy, and gov't agencies came. Last fall Bob Chadwick held a workshop to train consensus facilitators.
Watershed conferences have been held for 10 years. Presently the Chadwick stakeholders are merging with the watershed group to plan the November meeting. The conference will consist of presentations, and discussions facilitated possibly by Chadwick or another facilitator. All stakeholders are invited to attend. Go here for Klamath Basin Watershed Conference, Sustainable Watersheds Bring Sustainable Communities, from Lindsey Lyon, OSU Extension 6/20/06.  (CORRECTION  by KBC– as of 6/29/06, Klamath Water Users Association has not formally supported this conference or process and their name was mistakenly added to this newsletter as a supporter by the conference planning committee.  KBC has deleted KWUA’s name from this letter at their request.)

Klamath Congress planning meeting 6/7/06.  

2006 Conference Budget, 6/6/06

Klamath Basin Congress, Conference Planning Meeting Notes, posted to KBC 3/5/06.

One Basin Klamath Congress Proposed, Chadwick builds forum for Klamath watershed management plan, Klamath Courier 11/10/05

Chadwick Consensus meeting Nov 1-3, letter and agenda by Alice Kilham, posted to KBC 10/31/05. To attend call Lori Fernlund at 541 883 7131.

Stakeholders aim to fashion their own Klamath plan, Capital Press 10/28/05  Klamath Basin stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

Klamath National Forest, Fremont-Winema, ORE-CAL RCD, NOAA and BOR  are sponsoring a 4-day Chadwick Consensus training in November. "The educated electorate no longer will allow the elected official to make the decision alone." HERE for info.

Agenda for the November  Stakeholders’ Workshop in Yreka, CA. 10/8/05

Answers from the Bureau of Reclamation regarding CIP, Barnes Ranch, and the Chadwick process, received from BOR 9/29/05.

Bureau of Reclamation has been funding a Chadwick Consensus process, and the next meeting is in November 1-3. Everyone is invited to attend...HERE for letter.

Alice Kilham from Hatfield Working Group, Klamath Basin Ecosystem Foundation and Klamath River Compact, sent this letter to the Klamath Basin email list of stakeholders,  the people attending the Chadwick Consensus sessions. Anyone can attend and the next session is Nov. 1-3. Included are the committees you might want to join, the following are some:
* FOCUS AREA 6: A KLAMATH RIVER CONGRESS (CONFERENCE, FORUM) WILL BE HELD.:  "The Klamath River Basin Congress/Conference/Forum is a group that speaks the heart of watershed people. It is a group that truly represents all. "
* FOCUS AREA 11: DAMS - FISH PASSAGE AND POWER RATES: "Form a coalition between the Upper Basin irrigations/tribes/fisheries/agencies that provides for the needs of each other and supports decommissioning of the Iron Gate, COPCO 1 and 2 and JC Boyle Dams."
*FOCUS AREA 15: WATER MANAGEMENT AND ALLOCATION. *Form a water allocation and demand working group that looks at the whole watershed."
Chadwick is partly financed by the Bureau of Reclamation and will be planning everything to irrigator's water allocations, power rates, tribal trust responsibilities, dam removal. There are tribes, gov't agencies, playwrights, irrigators, environmentalists, NOAA, FWS, BLM, FS, BOR, PCFFA and Waterwatch, all sorts of folks to represent you, so, go HERE for letter and committees and more information. Posted to KBC 9/25/05

Chiloquin Chadwick workshop report from the June session. If you are a stakeholder or concerned person, there are committees for you.  Remove the dams. Plan demand reduction of water. Restore the reservation to the Klamath Tribes. Plan a power rate for Project irrigators.  Join a Klamath Congress to make basin-wide decisions. 

“No Respect:” by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor, column in the Klamath Courier August 10, 2005. "Efforts such as the Chadwick group can provide a great platform for sharing perspectives, encouraging discussion and sorting out facts. However, they just cannot be “morphed” into a basin-wide decision-making body or Congress that undercuts the role of your duly elected local governments."

Chadwick comes to Chiloquin corrected: With some input, this article was revised with corrections by stakeholders, and published in the Pioneer Press Rancher August 2005
Chadwick comes to Chiloquin Indians, government agencies, environmentalists and farmers meet by Klamath Courier Reporter posted to KBC 7/17/05

Chiloquin registration for June 28 - 30

6/25/05 Bob Chadwick of Consensus Associates has been hired to facilitate people in the Klamath watershed to come together to "restore the river." Last week the Chadwick session had former Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse educate the participants about tribal trust. Furse is known throughout the Klamath Basin as the Congresswoman who shut down the Biscuit Fire salvage, and she propagated untruths about the Klamath Project in 2001: Go HERE for long version of Furse statements.
*  Furse called the former Klamath Basin a desert when in fact it was a lake up to 30 feet deep.
*  Furse said, ..." the government diverted more of the river," which is not true. Water is diverted FROM the irrigation project INTO the river.
* Furse said that the Project is "an irrigation system paid for by the taxpayers." That is not true; the irrigators paid the entire cost of the Klamath Project.
* Furse said that the tribes did not vote for termination, which is not totally true.  They selected representatives to advocate termination, and they voted to sell their land.
* Furse said, "That decision...(withholding water from 1400 family farms and refuges)..., was absolutely correct.

Humboldt Chadwick attendee making Klamath play, 6/22/05

Tribal Trust Chadwick Consensus meeting June 18. PRESS RELEASE and Schedule. Come and hear what the Yurok, Hoopa, Karuk, Klamath, Quartz Valley Tribes tell us about Tribal Trust obligations. Chadwick says the responsibility is to "restore the river because it’s the right thing to do."

Chiloquin Chadwick attendees and affiliations, 77, for June 28-30.
Chadwick focus areas   Sample: "
FOCUS AREA 11: DAMS - FISH PASSAGE AND POWER RATES: "Form a coalition between the Upper Basin irrigations/tribes/fisheries/agencies that provides for the needs of each other and supports decommissioning of the Iron Gate, COPCO 1 and 2 and JC Boyle Dams."

Integrated purpose from Alice Kilham 6/10/05.

Tulelake report from Chadwick 5/31/05

Chadwick Consensus groups have been occurring throughout the Klamath watershed to find  'solutions' with environmentalists, gov't agencies, tribes and irrigators. The process is paid for by the Bureau of Reclamation. Alice Kilham, KBEF, Klamath Basin Ecosystem Foundation, board of director, engaged Mr Chadwick in facilitating the process.  Also a KBEF director and Chadwick participant Mike Connelly shared his KBEF update. KBEF is hosting the Chadwick website. 6/10/05

Cowboys and Indians and Feds Are Talking, by KBC 3/19/05

Tulelake Chadwick Workshop Day #1 3/15/05 by KBC





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