Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Upholding rural Americans' rights to grow food,
own property, and caretake our wildlife and natural resources.


In this turn-of-the-century photo, before
the Klamath Project was built, Link River occasionally went dry.
No fish. No power.

Klamath Project Made Reliable, Regulated Flows Possible For Power

       The water over our houses on the previous Tule Lake was dead water; there was no outlet. More water was evaporated than we could ever use for growing crops. 

       The Klamath Project has allowed more water, than would have been naturally available, to flow down the Klamath River for reliable, affordable power, fish, and Indian and government demands.
      Now our government, tribes, power companies and ecogroups want us to have no water for farms or 489 species of wildlife that live in our canals and farmland.

 The following briefs and articles explain the origins and reasons for the at-cost Klamath Project power rate, and Klamath River Commission documents.
Klamath River Basin Compact is 'The Law of the River', H&N by James Ottoman 3/28/05.
Klamath River Compact spelled out how water in river was to be used, H&N 3/21/05 by Lynn Long, Klamath Water Users power committee chairman. "As both federal and state law, the compact spells out a priority listing for the use of water, and also provides for "lowest power rates which may be reasonable for irrigation and drainage pumping, including pumping from wells."
Klamath River power depends on reclamation, H&N 3/14/05 by Steve Kandra, President Klamath Water Users.
KWUA electrical power legal brief. Rate was part of original deal asserted by federal Law, KWUA,  posted 3/7/05
Why the Klamath Project receives a reasonable power rate
, by KWUA posted 3/6/05
Klamath Water Users Association Electrical Power Brief,  posted 3/6/05
KWUA posters at the PUC Klamath meeting:
Federal Law Provides for Agriculture Power Contracts
   *Report of the Oregon Klamath River Commission on Water Resources and Requirements of the Upper Klamath Basin December 1954. http://soda.sou.edu/awdata/031217g1.pdf
page 37 regarding Klamath treaty.
***Klamath River Compact Commission, Investigation into methods to control algae in the Klamath River Basin.
"Excessive algal growth in the Klamath River Basin is a natural phenomenon that has been present for many years."
June 1962. (Note that Iron Gate was built in 1962 and at that time, algae was already a documented historic problem). "In order to operate effectively this project should be free of all political pressure and therefore should be supported..." (KBC NOTE: what a concept!)

Klamath Compact
Klamath Compact Appendix B

Klamath Water and Power Agency, KWAPA
PacifiCorp Table of Contents

Chiloquin Dam (doesn't produce power, but it was a dam blocking 95% of sucker habitat.)
Bonanza COB proposed power plant Table of Contents
Klamath River Compact
Medicine Lake
Renewable Energy: Ethenol, Biofuel, Geothermal, Hydropower
Hydropower: Setting a Course for Our Energy Future - Hydropower is an annual publication that provides an overview of the Department of Energy's Hydropower Program. July 2004

QUOTE: regarding the proposed 2500% rate increase by PacifiCorp. "They got a sweetheart deal. The power companies got free water to make power because of the construction of the Klamath Project, paid for by the irrigators, so the power companies should continue to offer the irrigators a reasonable rate."   Government agent requests anonymity.

Klamath Water Users perspective regarding functions of Klamath River dams, and also consequences of dam removal, go HERE

HERE for Klamath DAM Removal PAGE, including Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement documents, petitions, articles, protest videos

Here for biofuel, ethanol, Energy & Renewable

Articles and letters

BPA Transmission linePacific Power customers could see higher electricity bills, H&N 5/19/22. "Pacific Power is asking Oregon regulators to approve an electricity rate hike that could increase residential customers’ utility bills by as much as 14%. KBC NOTE: So the states of Oregon and California are paying millions of dollars to destroy our clean green hydroelectric dams that supply power to 70,000 households, as well as flood control, water for fighting wildfires which has saved towns, lakes, communities, and ecosystems providing habitat for hundreds of species, some endangered. Pacific Power said if they destroyed the dams, our power rates would decrease. Some people believed them.

Emergency water delivery aims to help birds, fish at Tule Lake, H&N 8/13/21. "...Ducks Unlimited announced that, along with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Tulelake Irrigation District and local farmers, they had secured 10,000 acre-feet of water to deliver to the sump...The water will be “borrowed” from PacifiCorp’s hydroelectric reservoirs on the Klamath River...By lowering the reservoirs by 10,000 acre-feet and adjusting flows upstream, the action isn’t expected to majorly affect flows out of Iron Gate Dam or the elevation of Upper Klamath Lake... the PacifiCorp reservoirs will have to be refilled later in the year, ideally following a precipitation event in the fall or early winter..."
Tulelake Irrigation District requested PacifiCorp to loan 10,000 acre feet of water to refuges for wildlife, to be repaid by Lost River flows. Klamath Irrigators were denied all of their stored water this year by Bureau of Reclamation against court orders. We have the following letters from FWS, BOR and PacifiCorp but not from Klamath Tribes, NMFS or TID.
Bureau of Reclamation to PacifiCorp: Request for PacifiCorp Temporary Water Borrow for Tule Lake Sump 1B 8/4/2021. "Reclamation requests that PacifiCorp draw down reservoir storage by 10,000 (AF), which will allow Reclamation and Tulelake Irrigation District (TID) to use the volume to help support Sump 1B elevations...The borrowed volume will be paid back from Lost River flows after the irrigation season comes to an end in the Lost River; this is currently anticipated to occur in late September or early October."

PacifiCorp letter to Bureau regarding Request for PacifiCorp Temporary Water Borrow for Tule Lake Sump 1B, 8/5/21. "...The goal of this effort is to provide water into Sump 1B to protect endangered Lost River and Shortnose suckers in Sump 1B and improve conditions for migratory waterfowl that rely on that habitat..." NOTE: This water for the refuges was paid back by the Bureau out of our farm water storage. Project irrigators were allowed none of their stored water this year.

FWS to BOR, signed Memorandum regarding Request for Water Transfer to Tule Lake Sump 1B, 8/4/21. "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is following up with you regarding recent conversations between the Service, the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), and Klamath Basin tribes and stakeholders about the developing situation at Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Sump 1B. As Sump 1B continues to dry up due to ongoing drought conditions and agricultural diversions, the Service believes action must be taken to protect migratory waterfowl, Lost River and shortnose suckers listed under the Endangered Species Act, and the habitat that Sump 1B provides these species...Tulelake Irrigation District (TID) has requested water be made available from PacifiCorp for Sump 1B, and PacifiCorp has indicated they have 10,000 acre-feet of water that can be used for this purpose..."

Bureau of Reclamation to FWS Memorandum regarding Request for Water Transfer to Tule Lake Sump 1B 080421. "...immediate action is needed to protect endangered Lost River and shortnose suckers, migratory waterfowl, and the habitat that Tulelake Sump 1B provides these species...Reclamation anticipates that the volume borrowed from PacifiCorp reservoirs will be transferred as soon as practicable, but no later than August 6, and occur at the rate of approximately 150 cfs...The borrowed volume will be paid back from flood flows or Lost River flows after the irrigation season comes to an end in the Lost River..."



Comment period extended to December 2 by Bureau of Reclamation
Public comment for irrigation power cost reports, H&N 11/10/19.

***The draft reports, called the Klamath Basin Affordable Power Studies Power Cost Benchmark Report and Klamath River Basin America’s Water Infrastructure Act Affordable Power Measures Report are available at www.usbr.gov/mp/kbao/programs/affordable-power.html
Comments will be accepted through December 2, 2019. Comments may be emailed to bor-sha-awia@usbr.gov before midnight. By mail or hand delivery they must arrive by 4:30 p.m. to 6600 Washburn Way, Klamath Falls, OR 97603.
These are the two reports to be commented on:
* APM Draft Report Nov 7  (AWIA Report/America Water Infrastructure Act)
* PCB Draft Report Nov 12 (Power cost benchmark report)

***Some Excerpts from current and past Reports, including key words "dam removal," "KBRA, "Water Use Retirement Program." when PacifiCorps....retires and removes...Klamath River Dams," "solar facility...would require 2,400 acres of land" "number of uncertainties," "disrupt water deliveries," "Keno Dam," "power prices...volatile."

 *** Plans target irrigation power cost reduction: KWUA hearing details water study progress. Energy symposium set for October by Sustainable NW, H&N 9/11/19. "...some irrigators have seen power costs increase as much as 2,000%, according to the Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA)."
***Sustainable NW and Trout Unlimited and other dam-removal-agenda NGOs appointed Richard Roos_Collins to the Klamath River Dam removal board, KRRC.
***"Richard Roos-Collins Legal Director, NATURAL HERITAGE INSTITUTE Attorney for American Rivers, Inc, California Trout, Sustainable NW, etc. Currently he is outside general counsel for NHI, and "has drafted and negotiated more than 50 such settlements. These include: Klamath Basin Restoration and Hydropower Agreements..." http://n-h-i.org/about-nhi/board-staff/ "


Pacific Power proposes 10% rate increase for irrigation customers, Capital Press 4/24/2020. "One of Oregon’s largest electric utilities is seeking a 10% rate increase for irrigation customers in part to help pay for more renewable energy and transmission upgrades."
KBC NOTE: * PacifiCorp owns four green, clean, renewable-energy Klamath River hydroelectric dams servicing 70,000 households
* When the Klamath Project was built, it allowed Pacific Power to have cheap regulated water for power in exchange for affordable rates to irrigators who paid for the Klamath Project.
* With lawsuits from Tribes and environmental groups, Pacific Power raised rates more than 2000% to Klamath Irrigators
* Soon thereafter, Tribes and the environmental groups "assured" irrigators they would agree to affordable power rates if Irrigators would support destroying the Klamath River dams, among other things in an "agreement"
*  Pacific Power began charging Klamath Basin farmers, ranchers and residents on their monthly bills for the Power Company to destroy our clean green renewable-energy dams.
* The citizens of Siskiyou and Klamath Counties have voted overwhelmingly against destroying our hydro dams

Utility offers updates on dams, forest fires, H&N 4/21/19. "The utility is planning to off-load its dams to the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) by transferring the operating licenses and, with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) approval, decommission them for removal."

The biggest concern is the liability from the yards of sediment backed up behind the dams that will flow down the Klamath River to the sea.

Swan Lake hydro’s future awaits FERC decision, H&N 1/2/19. "...able to power approximately 600,000 homes (or 1,187 gigawatt-hours) annually for 45 years once operational..." “This project, of which we will receive no benefit, will bisect our farmlands and remove property from agricultural production. The development of roads and placement of power poles will increase costs of irrigation and farming, cause erosion, dust and weed control, and interfere with our quality of life and our property values...Other comments issued reaffirmed public concerns over location of power lines, adverse impacts to property values, impact to agricultural operations and groundwater availability, and the draft EIS’ lack of a no-action alternative..."

SMART METERS - New power meters being installed in the Klamath Basin, H&N 5/9/18. "Could new "smart meters" for reading power usage pose threats in terms of harmful radiation, electronic security or rises in power bills?"
Smart meters are coming, Anne Marsh for Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 5/12/18. "you have to pay if you don’t want one." "Side effects: Health...Safety...Billing Issues...Privacy...Loss of Jobs..."

Pacific Power article lacks objective balance by Ed Silling, Klamath Falls, followed by Pacific Power states case for lawsuit against city, posted to KBC 1/30/15

Pacific Power sues (Klamath Falls) city. Eminent domain, public utility district at heart of lawsuit, H&N 1/17/15.

BOR, PacifiCorp reach agreement on reservoir releases  H&N, posted to KBC 8/16/14. "According to KWAPA Executive Director Hollie Cannon, the combination of consecutive drought years and new rules in place to protect endangered fish in the Klamath watershed means irrigators are given less surface water, forcing them to turn to groundwater..."

PUC grants small rate hike for customers, H&N, 12/21/13. "the additional revenue will help pay for three main expenses: relicensing a hydroelectric project on the Lewis River in Idaho, installing upgrades at the Jim Bridger power plant in Wyoming and purchasing emergency equipment mandated by the Federal Communications Commission." KBC NOTE: PacifiCorp has increased Klamath Project power rates by over 2400% in the past decade, and they are charging all power customers a fee for their proposed controversial Klamath hydroelectric dam removal serving 70,000 customers.

Utility’s retort to city power, Pacific Power looks to protect market in Klamath, H&N posted to KBC 5/15/13

PacifiCorp (Klamath Dam removal) surcharge increase approved, The Daily Independent, posted to KBC 11/2/12. "In a non-binding 2010 local ballot measure, 79 percent of Siskiyou County voters opposed the removal of the dams."

(House Natural Resources Committee Chairman) Hastings’ Hydro Bill Will Protect and Promote Hydropower Dams, 8/15/12. HR 6247:
"...* Prohibits federal funding from being used to remove, breach or study the removal or breaching of any hydropower dam unless explicitly authorized by Congress.
* Prohibits federal funding to organizations that have engaged in dam removal or hydropower-decreasing litigation against the federal government..."
followed by Hastings’ Opening Statement at Field Hearing on Protecting and Promoting Hydropower

PG&E seeks more than $2 billion rate increase, Mercury News, posted to KBC 7/6/12

It's time to invest in 'smart' electrical grid, by WILLIAM D. KENNEDY For the Capital Press, posted to KBC April 14, 2012

Stanford-educated farmer backing development of hydroelectric project, H&N 1/20/12. "Lauren Jespersen has gone from the fields of Klamath County to the hallways of Stanford and back again...."

PacifiCorp seeks ITPs for Klamath dam operations, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 5/11/11. "
NEPA document for Klamath Dams and Pacificorp May 2011

Commission OKs electricity rate hike, Capital Press 12/23/10

Electricity rates to increase in January (14.5%), H&N 12/19/10

Columbia Basin Bulletin, including:
* Alaska Salmon Harvest 11th Largest Since Statehood; Best Value In 18 Years
* BPA Proposes 8.5 Percent Wholesale Power Rate Hike Beginning Oct.1 2011; Final Decision In July,
CBB, posted to KBC 11/26/10


Pacific Power rate increase public comment

PacifiCorp to raise rates, Capital Press, posted to KBC 1/29/10

12/17/09 - PACIFIC POWER PROPOSED RATE INCREASE: Pacific Power has a request into the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to raise local power rates by about 9.6 percent. Residential residents would see a 12.9% increase, irrigation 4.2% and other users from 4.2-10.7%. Future rate increases for dam removal and alternative power to replace hydropower will be in addition to this general increase. Write your comments on this proposed increase to The Public Advisor, California P.U.C., 505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102 or e-mail to: public.advisor@cpuc.ca.gov 

PacifiCorp will be filing a general rate case with the California Public Utilities Commission today for a rate increase, 11/20/09

Congressman Hastings Rejects Snake River Dam Removal Efforts, 7/31/09. “Dam removal is an extreme action that would have devastating consequences on our region’s economy.  These four dams are valuable components of the Northwest’s clean, low-cost hydropower system that thousands and thousands of jobs rely upon.  Dam removal would kill jobs, lead to huge increases in greenhouse gas emissions, and there’s no scientific proof that it would actually guarantee salmon recovery."

New poll shows Northwest voters value clean, reliable, renewable, climate friendly hydropower, 4/09, NW River Partners  

Our Electricity Deficit, parade.com posted to KBC 5/19/09. "The U.S. is barely generating enough electricity to meet current needs, and demand is expected to grow 26% over the next 20 years."

***Tulelake Irrigation District Fact Sheet May 2009: acres, pumps, automation, power cost and increases for drain pumping.

New Anti-Dam Group Part of "Well-funded, Well-Coordinated" Attack Against Snake River Dams, Congressman Doc Hastings, posted to KBC 5/8/09. (KBC NOTE: Perhaps the Snake dam removal activists and Klamath activists will team up): Learning from the Dam-Removal Pros - featuring an author of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, Interview with Craig Tucker, Klamath Campaign Coordinator, Karuk Tribe, International River, posted to KBC 5/2/09. HERE for Tucker's biography and related articles and letters.

Rogue dam removal enters final stage; Irrigators face steep electricity bill for water pumps, Capital Press 4/26/09

Hydro power shows signs of comeback, Seattle Times NW, posted to KBC 12/30/08

Cold Weather Leads To Record Demand For Electricity From Basin Federal Power System, CBB 12/19/08

Other Places: The Dalles Dam to be upgraded in effort to save young salmon, The Dalles Chrinicle, posted 12/10/08. "...will likely improve survival rates for yearly chinook and steelhead by 4 percent to 98 percent for fish that travel over the spillway....It doesn't sound like much, but 3 or 4 percent makes a big difference when you're talking about tens of millions of fish,' Helwig said. 'The spill wall takes up more than half of the annual $80 million to $90 million budget for fish mitigation that is split between the Portland and Walla Walla U.S. Army Corps of Engineers districts that oversee the dams on the Columbia and its tributaries.' "

Klamath Water and Power, KWAPA, public meeting Oct 29th.

Klamath power costs to rise, Capital Press, posted to KBC 8/27/08. "A federal appeals court has dismissed a bid by farmers in the upper Klamath Basin to continue bargain rates for electricity they use to pump irrigation water. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled ... that the states of Oregon and California have jurisdiction over electric rates...Tom Schlossear, attorney for the Hoopa Tribe, said the ruling was a victory for tribes working to restore struggling salmon runs."

New group may run water bank, H&N 8/23/08

Feinstein pressures Calif. lawmakers on water bond, Press Enterprise, posted 8/13/08. "California's senior senator told Sacramento business leaders that it was critical for members of her own party to drop their long-standing opposition to new dams."

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett talk on Energy, KFLS, posted to KBC 8/12/08

SEA Act energy bill, from office of Oregon Congressman Greg Walden 7/30/08

Irrigators disappointed by dismissal, H&N, posted 7/28/08

PacifiCorp ratepayers seek Klamath dams review, Capital Press, posted 7/19/08

Gas prices fuel a renewed debate over offshore drilling, SacBee 6/23/08. "A majority of Americans – 57 percent – favor offshore exploration in now-prohibited areas to reduce gas prices, according to a Gallup Poll."

SMUD/Sacramento Municipal Utility District issues 'Peak (POWER) Alert' for today, SacBee 6/22/08. (KBC NOTE: And on the Klamath irrigators have been blackmailed into supporting ripping out four hydro dams servicing 70,000 households annually.)

*Report of the Oregon Klamath River Commission on Water Resources and Requirements of the Upper Klamath Basin December 1954. http://soda.sou.edu/awdata/031217g1.pdf
page 37 regarding Klamath treaty.
***Klamath River Compact Commission, Investigation into methods to control algae in the Klamath River Basin.
"Excessive algal growth in the Klamath River Basin is a natural phenomenon that has been present for many years."
June 1962. (Note that Iron Gate was built in 1962 and at that time, algae was already a documented historic problem). "In order to operate effectively this project should be free of all political pressure and therefore should be supported..." (KBC NOTE: what a concept!)

PRESS RELEASE: Despite Record High Gas Prices, Democrats Again Vote To Stop ANWR Oil Production; Democrats Vote To Keep 10.4 Billion Barrels Of American Oil Locked Up in Alaska's Arctic, National Resources Committee 5/7/08. (KBC NOTE: farm fuel has doubled in the past couple years thanks to locking up American oil, further raising the price of food. People are starving.

PRESS RELEASE - "President Bush Is Absolutely Correct - The Democratic Anti-Energy Policies Will Continue To Worsen America's Gas & Energy Problems," Alaska U.S. Rep Don Young, 4/30/08  "If President Clinton hadn't vetoed this bill, ANWR production would now be providing our nation with more than one million barrels of oil each day. This Democratic opposition to ANWR oil production has kept 10.4 billion barrels of American oil locked up in the northern coast of Alaska Coastal Desert."

Looters Limit Out on BPA Salmon Dollars, James Buchal, posted to KBC 4/30/08

Salmon win in this dam legal battle, Capital Press editorial 4/25/08. "It's a fact that some environmental groups won't be happy until every dam is removed from every salmon stream and river in the West. Whether that's practical is, for them, not a concern. They simply don't seem to be willing to accept any alternatives. For them, it's an all-or-nothing proposition."

Energy 2008: the coming economic meltdown; The energy policy of the United States seems designed to purposely and artificially raise prices to the consumer by throttling supply, Intellectual Conservative, posted to KBC 4/17/08. "In California there is a concerted effort to destroy the Klamath dams. These dams provide cheap, renewable energy to 70,000 homes in Oregon and California. Replacing this energy with natural gas would release 473,000 tons of additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. This is roughly equivalent to the annual exhaust of 102,000 cars."

Company proposing (Klamath) geothermal power plant, H&N 3/26/08

Klamath water settlement power lawsuit resurrected, H&N 1/25/08

What If Columbia and Snake River Dams Were Helping Salmon? b The Great Salmon Hoax, review of James Buchal's book by Michael R. Fox PhD, posted 11/15/07, followed by introduction: "Once above Bonneville Dam, the first of the eight dams in their path, the salmon entered the Zone 6 tribal fishery, and ran a gauntlet of gillnets. Hundreds were captured, and sold off the back of pickup trucks in Cascade Locks and other towns along the Columbia for two dollars a pound. The tribes even had an 800 number for potential customers to call."

(Columbia/Snake River) Fish to survive dam plan, agency says, by Jeff Barnard, Seattle Times Nov 1, 2007

NOAA Fisheries Service Announces Actions to Mitigate Effects of Hydropower System, Recover Salmon Stocks; product of two-year collaboration with states and tribes, 10/31/07

Power rates to increase next year, H&N, posted to KBC 10/29/07

ScottishPower buries hatchet in old battle ground, The Herald, 9/15/07

Iberdrola agrees to acquire (Klamath) Oregon cogeneration plant for 209 mln eur, ABC money, posted to KBC 9/14/07

Sali wins support for hydropower, Idaho Press Tribune, posted to KBC 9/4/07

Conservation credited with thwarting California energy crunch, Sacramento Bee, posted 8/31/07. "Earlier in the day, the state's largest energy consumers were notified that they might have to go dark to help prevent blackouts." (KBC Note: do we really want to take out 4 Klamath hydro dams which provide power for 70,000 homes annually? Do you want to be the one with no power?)

Growing power bills drain irrigators; Malin farmer sees his monthly bill go from $100 to $500  H&N 8/2/07. (KBC NOTE: Thanks to Yurok and Hoopa Tribes and Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen (PCFFA) and enviro groups which petitioned against the Klamath Irrigators continuing to get an affordable power rate, Project irrigators will be paying 2400% rate increase. Their goal was to reduce irrigation, which would eliminate Klamath farmers. Presently farm operations are beginning to crumble. However in exchange for dam removal, these same friendly groups will support an affordable power rate in the settlement.)

Top 10 taxpayers in Klamath County, H&N, posted 7/19/07. In 2006 "(PacifiCorp) paid $1,380,564.49 in taxes for its property in the county."

Letter to FERC from Elaine Willman, author of Going to Pieces, the dismantling of the United States of America, posted July 4, 2007. "Affected customers...were left uninformed and entirely unaware that $2 - $8 million dollar annual cash payments (settlement agreement funding mechanism) to a tribal government will be arbitrarily imposed upon the monthly utility-bills of all ratepayers, 90% of whom are non-tribal members..."

Customers, 1; fish, 0; A mad scramble to meet Northwest energy demands forces the BPA to make a tough -- and illegal -- call to put salmon protections second. The Oregonian 6/21/07." (KBC Note: hopefully next time Bonneville Power will allow Portland to run out of power a couple days rather than risk getting scolded by Judge Redden for allowing less water for salmon that aren't there this time of year. Perhaps then they will see the light?)

Valley farmers fire back at environmental group's study; Critics say claims of electric rates subsidized by government are misleading, Capital Press, posted to KBC 6/12/07. "We are paying for the project, including its cost of operation just as I would if I put a solar system on my house. Then I should be entitled to whatever the benefits of that investment were..." (KBC Note: this is what happened in the Klamath Basin last year. Project irrigators built and paid in full for the Klamath Project, the Project created free, regulated flows that made cheap power possible for the power customers, enviros and tribes and power company screamed 'subsidies', and our rates will raise 2400 percent.)

"Discussion continues about Klamath dam issue, H&N 6/9/07. “We’re moving down the path, and we’ve got to let our people know about it, whether a settlement comes tomorrow or 10 years from now,” Addington said (Executive Director Klamath Water Users Asso."

Irrigators brace for power bill hike, H&N 6/9/07, "The loss of a half-cent credit to irrigators is the latest blow to agriculture in the Basin. The region is already under pressure from rising power rates and initiatives to increase water conservation."

Regulators seek aid for electricity hike; Each day of rate increase costs customers in Oregon $351,000, H&N, posted 6/6/07

Irrigation energy costs jump, Electric bills to double for Klamath Project, H&N, posted to KBC 6/2/07

Group opposes wind farm in Columbia River Gorge, H&N 5/25/07. (KBC Note: Groups oppose Hydro dams, nuclear power, wind farms, and near the Klamath Basin geothermal at Medicine Lake where the wells are already drilled.)

 PRESS RELEASE: Reps. Don Young & Stevan Pearce's Statements From Today's Hearing On Democratic Bill To Reduce U.S. Energy Security & Raise The Cost Of Gasoline & Electricity, 5/23/07, House Committee on Resources.

Northwest grid feels the heat, Oregonian, posted to KBC 5/21/07. "Power traders at Portland General Electric's downtown headquarters punched their speed dials, calling other utility companies in search of electricity. Nothing. All they heard at the other end was the same anxious plea: We don't have any to spare; do you?...The wind turbines that have sprouted across the West were little help. The high-pressure system making the region a sauna brought wind to a halt." (KBC Note: According to Klamath River Tribes, PCFFA, enviros, gov't agencies, now is a good time to take out hydropower dams...?)

Grassroots Group Launches National Campaign Against Congressional Effort to Repeal Energy Law, 5/16/07

Suit says PacifiCorp dams lead to algae, Oregonian, 5/3/07. "...removal would eliminate a source of renewable low-cost power."

Opening Statement's From Today's Joint Oversight Hearing On Renewable Energy Opportunities & Issues On The Outer Continental Shelf, Steve Hanson, Director of Communications, House Committee on Resources 4/24/07. "increased natural gas prices have cost the American consumer $65 billion more per year for electricity than they paid in 2000.  We also learned that because of higher natural gas prices, we've lost three million manufacturing jobs (that's 18 percent of manufacturing jobs) since 2000."

(Congressman Walden) visit puts focus on energy, H&N 4/4/07. "

Klamath Regional Biofuels Conference Agenda and Registration March 10, 2007

California Bans Dirty (coal) Power Sources, posted 2/4/07 Breitbart

Getting ready for biodiesel H&N 2/1/07

Senate Democrats balk at governor's plan for dams, Bee Capitol Bureau, posted to KBC 1/27/07

Utility defends Klamath River hatchery, H&N 1/19/07

Once a Dream Fuel, Palm Oil May Be an Eco-Nightmare , LA Times 1/31/07

California Bans Dirty (coal) Power Sources, Jan 25 2007 Breitbart

Pacific Power raises energy rates in California Mt. Shasta News, posted 1/4/06

Power plant risk to water, air, H&N 12/4/06, by Nancy Roeder.(KBC note: Government agencies, tribes and enviros intend to take the 4 green clean hydropower dams out of the Klamath River serving 70,000 customers. Tribes and enviros and the 9th Circuit Court shut down green, clean geothermal Medicine Lake wells, which have already been drilled. However they support building a huge power plant near Bonanza, superseding water rights of farmers and ranchers, causing pollution, using more groundwater, and getting exempt from full taxes. Huh?)
Giving thanks for protectors of sacred places, Indian Country Today, posted to KBC 12/5/06.  ''Our elders and leaders who have fought all their lives to protect Saht Tit Lah [Medicine Lake] and for such victories are looking down on us with great pride. We thank them for giving us direction, wisdom and strength in carrying out the work they left for us continue.''  HERE for Medicine Lake page.

Irrigators charge breech of contract, Klamath off-project customers seek $86 million, Capital Press, posted 12/1/06

Pondering the power of the future, Herald and News, 11/30/06

Irrigators seek $86 million in lawsuit, Herald and News 11/30/06, "A group of Klamath Basin water users filed suit in Klamath County Circuit Court against PacifiCorp Wednesday, asking for $86 million in damages for violating a 1956 contract on power rates."

Renewable Energy Conference 2006 agenda and registration for Nov. 29

Parties say Klamath settlement close, Capital Press 11/17/06

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission held public meeting in Klamath Falls 11/17/06, notes by KBC  "The Klamath Reclamation Project, built and paid for in full by Klamath irrigators, blasted a tunnel through Sheepy Ridge to send the water from the Basin through the tunnel, into the refuge and the Klamath River at the pumping expense of the irrigators. She explained that by providing free regulated water for clean hydropower costs tens of thousands of dollars.  With a 1400% rate increase, the cost to irrigators to pump water from the basin would be millions..."


Salmon vs. power costs, H&N 11/14/06 report on FERC public meeting in Klamath Falls.

Demand driving purchase of Cob plant, H&N, posted 11/11/06. (Hey, according to the Tribes, PCFFA, Karuks and enviros, there is no demand and the Klamath hydro dams should come out!)

Ninth Circuit Reverses Lower Court Ruling, Halts Development on 10,000-Year-Old Sacred Site at Medicine Lake, posted 11/11/06

U.S. court backs tribe in fight over Calpine plant, 11/6/06.(KBC Note: Energy from the earth, no pollution, no carbon, no noise)

Federal judge in Seattle upholds new rules for relicensing dams, 10/04/2006

Feds suggest fish get a lift around dams, Oregonian, posted to KBC 10/2/06

Calif. agency finds removing dams would be feasible, 9/28/2006  Oregonian
California Conservancy notes on dam removal, Ferc 9/28/96

PacifiCorp loses challenge of fish ladders over dams 9/28/2006
Judge Parlen McKenna: Decision on Klamath River Dams - Docket Number 2006-NMFS-0001   Sept 27, 2006

FERC: Draft Environmental Impact Statement for relicensing of the Klamath Hydroelectric Project No. 2082-027, posted to KBC 9/26/06

FERC Draft EI Statement: Klamath dam removal not planned, Herald and News, followed by LA Times and Oregonian reports, 9/26/06.  

PUC trims Pacific Power rate hike, KTVZ.com 9/15/06

PacifiCorp:  Klamath River Hydroelectric Project Dam Statistics, posted 8/17/06

Irrigators Pursue Power Rate Options, H&N 7/13/06.
Unintended Consequences

The government and Klamath Basin farmers have spent  millions of dollars purchasing efficient sprinklers to conserve water. However, Pacific Power disregarded the fact that their regulated water to create power comes from Klamath Project design and efficiency. They've significantly raised the irrigators' power rates, so many irrigators are forced to return to flood irrigation. 

7/3/06 KBC photo


Ruling Favors Rivers Over Power Dams, LA Times, posted 5/16/06 "...the (Supreme) court's decision affects an estimated 1,500 power dams in 45 states. They include scores of dams on the Sacramento, Klamath and San Joaquin rivers in California."

PacifiCorp offers alternative salmon plan Klamath River - The utility proposes caution and trucking until runs are re-established, The Oregonian 4/29/06

Pacific Power would rather truck fish than build (fish ladders), KGW 4/28/06

Huge power rate hike hits Klamath farms, Ag Alert CFBF, 4/27/06 " Driving up electric rates will not produce more water for the river; it will provide less."

FERC Order denying rehearing, posted to KBC 4/24/06

Water users describe efficiency of complex Klamath system, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/24/06

Irrigators reel under power rate increases, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/24/06. "One of the TID’s largest pump stations has averaged electric bills of $30,000 to $40,000 annually. 'If it goes to tariff rate, it’ll be over a million dollars,' manager Earl Danosky said." (The irrigators must pay the bill to pump recycled irrigation water into the refuges which ends up in the Klamath River with no financial help from the USFWS or PacifiCorp which benefits. KBC)

Oregon Public Utilities Commission order regarding transitional power rates for Klamath Irrigators, April 2006, pdf file.

California Public Utilities Commission Proceeding A0511022, posted to KBC 4/17/06

Power rates are part of a big picture, H&N 4/16/06

California irrigators to see rate hike; Tulelake district to be hit hardest, H&N 4/15/06. "...the Klamath River has more water than before the Project existed. Water from Lost River used to go into Tule Lake and evaporate, but now the Project pumps it back to the Klamath River..."

Klamath hydro players put cards on table, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/15/06 "California’s Siskiyou County, where most of the hydro project is located, told FERC it does not support dam removal....We do not believe it is either prudent environmental or energy policy to eliminate low-cost, renewable electrical power generation...”

FERC Order denying rehearing, posted to KBC 4/24/06

Fishery council calls for removal of dams, Action proposed to restore Klamath River salmon runs, posted to KBC 4/15/06

(Oregon PUC) Commission Sets Rates for Klamath Falls Irrigators, posted to KBC 4/13/06

KWUA News Release: Oregon Public Utilities Commission Order, April 13, 2006

KWUA News Release: California Public Utilities Commission Order, April 13, 2006

Irrigators to pay more for power, H&N 4/13/06

Fish passage for license renewal, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 4/7/06

Fish Declines (and Dam Removal) - Defining the Real Problems, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5, 4/5/06.

Is it time to stop special interest groups? Klamath River dam removal foolishness must be stopped, by James Foley. Foley is a suction dredge miner living in Happy Camp, California. He is a retired atmospheric research technician for UCLA and former business owner. Foley is President of National Land Rights League and a member of the New 49'ers prospecting organization. He created the New 40er message forum and Alaska Gold forum. April 2, 2006. Miner Page go HERE.

Tribes seek Klamath dam removal, H&N 4/1/06 "Greg Addington, president of the Klamath Water Users Association, said his membership might go along with dam removal if they won certain concessions. 'Those include reliable and affordable electric power, certainty of water availability each year for irrigation, and a 'safe harbor' as far as fish passage is concerned.... We're a long way from getting that done,'  Addington said. 'But if the parties at the table can help us achieve those things, then we wouldn't say no to dam removal.' "

Federal Agencies Make Klamath Suggestions/fish ladders on Klamath Dams, Posted to KBC 3/31/06

Tribes' fresh hope on salmon river, Scotsman.com 3/31/06

Siskiyou and PacifiCorp testimony harmful to Project irrigators; Tulelake Irrigators meet with County Supervisors, Klamath Courier 3/30/06 "Project irrigators paid in full for the Klamath Reclamation Project which puts millions of dollars worth of free water into Klamath River for PacifiCorp to produce cheap power for its ratepayers. In exchange for free regulated water, Project irrigators were given an affordable power rate. However, PacifiCorp has led Siskiyou County supervisors to believe..."

Record bond proposal creates lobbying frenzy in state capital, Mercury News 3/8/06. "Environmentalists and some North Coast Indian tribes are urging that the bonds include money to improve salmon runs on the Klamath River, possibly by tearing down a series of hydroelectric dams to help the fish reach spawning grounds."

POWER RATES CPUC comments, NOW, before March 6-7 hearing

Hoopa tribe gets $103,000 for river hydropower study, Eureka Reporter 3/6/06

OREGON: PacifiCorp seeks 13 percent rate increase, 2/24/06. (Perhaps taking out the hydropower dams on the Oregon Rivers will be a solution? KBC)

KWUA Statement on California Mitigation Agreement, 2/24/06, by Greg Addington, KWUA Executive Director, "In no way has KWUA given up the fight on our power rates or on the legality and rationale of the Klamath River Basin Compact."
Pacific Power: Transition Rates for Klamath Water Users Association Customers, dated 1/30/06, Public Notification to Customers in Pacific Power's California Service Territory, printed on page 5 of a 6-page local paper Lost River Star February 22, 2006, by Pacific Power. Notice includes web address for comments and rate-hike schedule.

Feds give Klamath settlement talks time, Times-Standard, posted to KBC 2/19/06. "Federal energy regulators gave more time to agencies, tribes, fishermen, farmers, environmentalists and a power company to resolve issues surrounding dams on the Klamath River, a sign that a settlement could be close. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Friday agreed to give the groups until March 29 to file comments and recommendations."

MEDICINE LAKE: Geothermal projects move forward, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 2/12/06 "Officials have stated that the company is committed to producing the clean, efficient, cost-competitive electricity for its customers. Calpine generates over 26,000 megawatts of electricity -- enough to meet the needs of more than 26 million households in a state with 30 million residents".

Klamath electric rates are down to the wire, Capital Press, posted to KBC 2/6/06.

Paying for water, H&N 2/6/06 “By damming the Upper Klamath River they've been able to generate power,” he said. “If it were a free-flowing river, there would have been times they wouldn't have had any water at all. The Project has made it work.”

There's justification for low irrigation rates, H&N 1/31/06

Klamath farmers' utility bills to rise, Jackson Hole Star Tribune, posted to KBC 1/29/06.
(KBC offers a response/correction, and note to PacifiCorp."
PacifiCorp has said it loses $8 million to $10 million a year," quotes AP Bernard. What he did not say was that PacifiCorp would have NO regulated power on the Klamath without the Klamath Project; Link River frequently went dry before the Project was built. And all the water in our closed basin lakes had no way to reach the river, so there was less water. So yes, that's $8-10 million less money PacifiCorp can profit off the free water provided by the Klamath Project which provided inexpensive power to their customers for 50 years.

Hike could break farmers, H&N, posted to KBC 1/29/06

Klamath power ruling thumps irrigators, Times Standard 1/27/06. "Greg Addington, executive director of the Klamath Water Users Association, said he's not aware of any other project with similar power needs, and believes PacifiCorp would not have agreed to the previous 1956 contract if the utility didn't make money."

FERC order denying petition for declaratory order and issuing notice of proposed readjustment of annual charges for the use of government dam re PacifiCorp's Klamath Hydroelectric Project under P-2082. Posted to KBC 1/27/06, WORD document.

No rate extension for irrigators,  H&N 1/27/06. "“Reclamation's position is that, if feasible, a cost-based power rate should be negotiated which recognizes the value of water control and availability for PacifiCorp's operation from the Klamath Project," said Bureau of Reclamation's Rae Olson.

Power deadline faces PacifiCorp, irrigators, Capital Press, posted to KBC 1/7/06

PacifiCorp sale set to be wrapped up early, Scotsman, posted to KBC 12/29/05

Buffett gets OK to buy utility, H&N 12/25/05

Lawsuit seeks to block energy rules, Seattle Times 12/22/05

FERC OKs MidAmerican purchase of PacifiCorp, Reuters, posted to KBC 12/18/05

U.S. Energy Agency OKs Buffett's PacifiCorp Buy, Forbes, posted to KBC 12/18/05

PacifiCorp deal reaches critical stage, Portland Business Journal 12/6/05

Interior sides with irrigators, Capital Press 12/2/05

Letter to FERC by Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon Senate District #28 regarding extension of PacifiCorp's license, posted 11/26/05.

Condit Dam removal could hurt fish downstream, state says,  Seattle Times 11/25/05

PUC Staff Recommends Against MidAmerican, Oregonian 11/22/05

Leadership Award Honors Tribal Chairman, Tidepool 11/22/05

LETTERS TO FERC: The Deadline for receipt of comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regarding issuance of the annual license extension is Monday, November 28th, 5:00pm EST. Go HERE for instructions and sample letter.

PUC Staff Recommends Against MidAmerican, Oregonian 11/22/05

USDA/NOAA/DOI PRESS RELEASE: Federal Agencies Announce New Hydropower Rules to Ensure Consideration of Environmental and Economic Values, The rules meet requirements of the 2005 Energy Policy Act, posted to KBC 11/18/05

Bush due to issue new dam relicensing rules, SeattlePI posted to KBC 11/18/05

November 3 meeting in Yreka with the California Public Utilities Commission regarding acquisition of PacifiCorp by Mid-American PDF file posted to KBC 10/28/05
HERE for 2005 proceeding regarding PacifiCorp, MidAmerican, the CA PUC and interveners, posted 10/30/05

OTHER PLACES: Risk to dams leaves Mid-Columbia helpless, Tri-City Herald posted 11/7/05. "And certainly less invasive alternatives haven't been explored. More endangered salmon are killed by commercial fishing than are saved by spilling water over the dams."

Power, water inextricably linked in Klamath, Capital Press posted to KBC 10/23/05

PacifiCorp sale to enterprise still planned, H&N posted to KBC 10/16/05

KWUA centennial celebration power committee speech by Scott Seus, Chairman KWUA power committee 10/11/05

PacifiCorp says sale won't affect issues, H&N 10/11/05

Rate increase on tap from Pacific Power customers, Bend.com 9/29/05

Calif. wants a look at dam removal, Capital Press posted to KBC 9/24/05. "California has sided with Klamath Basin American Indian tribes, urging that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission mandate a study of Klamath dam removal as part of renewing Klamath hydroelectric licenses that expire March 31, 2006."  Dwight Russell, a California Department of Water Resources regional manager: 'We want a look at taking out all dams as an option,' he said."

Klamath commission holds quick meeting, Capital Press posted to KBC 9/24/05. "In the aftermath of the 2001 cutoff of federal irrigation water to about 90 percent of Klamath Reclamation Project croplands during a drought, some thought the compact would rise to the top as the way both states and federal interests could create a restoration of resources that eluded the federal government. That didn’t happen...."

Anti-Farm Groups Continue Klamath Assault, by Greg Addington, Klamath Water Users Executive Director, Klamath Courier Rancher, posted to KBC 9/7/05.

We just stumbled across this letter online from the Department of Justice to the Public Utilities Commission regarding Klamath Basin power and dam relicensing. 9/6/05, pdf file.

Power rate talks to go until April, H&N 8/17/05.

NEWS RELEASE August 1, 2005 Water for Life celebrates success on Klamath power rate bill

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Backs Key Biomass Provisions in Energy Act Benefiting Forests, Environment, posted to KBC 7/31/05

‘Rate shock’ prevention bill becomes law, Capital Press posted to KBC 7/26/05
(Go HERE for response to an ONRC article, by Greg Addington  Executive Director Klamath Water Users. We find that his response applies very well to this Capital Press article. KBC)

ScottishPower's hostile AGM, Scotsman.com posted to KBC 7/24/05 "But the main drama of the day came when Miller Smith was all-but forced by shareholder acclamation to allow speeches from representatives of the native American Hoopa tribe on the environmental damage of "ScottishPower dams" on the Klamath River in northern California."
followed by
Scottish Parliament to Consider Resolution to Support Klamath River Tribe's Campaign to Remove Dams, Karuk Tribe

Oceans apart, and Smoke Signals, UK 7/22/05 -  Tribes in Scotland protesting dams on the Klamath.

Tribes continue power firm fight, BBC UK News, and Power firm lobbies, 9/20/05

Native Americans protest Scottish Power, Scotland Today 7/20/05 Geoff Mitchell from the Klamath-Modoc tribe said: "We still have people at home that are suffering, that are dying because of a lack of fish. No fish make it to my county and all because of dam blocking."

Links to Native Americans' struggles, Scotsman Heritage and Culture 7/19/05, and Tribesmen in Energy Protest, UK Evening Times 7/19/05 (Klamath River Tribes are in Scotland this week).

Klamath plan Scots protest despite US court setback, posted to KBC 7/19/05, The Herald UK

MidAmerican plans $5 bln in projects at Pacificorp, Today.Reuters 7/19/05

Power rate made sense then and now, H&N posted to KBC 7/19/05

2 articles on tribes going to Scotland to protest Klamath River dams, 7/13/05

Bush administration asking court to block dam spills, Contra Costa Times 7/13/05

Klamath power measure OK'd, H&N 7/12/05 "Sen. Doug Whitsett, R-Klamath Falls, said the phase-in bill provides a ''critical safety net for Klamath irrigators'' who otherwise could face crippling power costs."

Tribes, fishermen, conservationists returning to Scotland to argue against dams, Mercury News 7/12/05

PRESS RELEASE: Senator Whitsett’s “Rate Shock” Bill Provides Safety Net for Klamath Irrigators, 7/11/05

Power bill tax to benefit Klamath Irrigators, pdf file, Medford Mail Tribune, posted to KBC 7/8/05 HERE for response by Greg Addington, Executive Director Klamath Water Users.

Penned and Poisoned in the Redden Corral, News from the Front #84, 7/3/05. "As a result of the high spill levels, hundreds of fish arriving at Little Goose Dam simply could not make it past the dam."

Billionaire Warren Buffett outlines plans for PacifiCorp Idaho Statesman 6/21/05

PacifiCorp funds Klamath environmental group, posted to KBC 6/20/05.

PRESS RELEASE: Whitsett Sponsored Energy Siting Legislation Passes Senate with Unanimous Support, 6/14/05 "In that (Bonanza's COB) instance the Siting Council overrode Oregon water law, ignored public safety concerns relating to seismic evaluations and disregarded local land use ordinances.”  For more on COB go HERE

Irrigators should get some protection, H&N 6/9/05

Oregon regulators set deadline for irrigator rates, H&N 6/8/05

Whitsett Press Release: Whitsett discusses SB81 regarding Klamath irrigators' rate shock, SB525 that avoids urban power to site rural power plants like the COB near Bonanza. He also includes response to ONRC, exposing their total lies. 6/6/05

Save the dams June 6

Klamath power rate passes, H&N 6/3/04. (The part Herald and News included by ONRC about reasonable rate for farmers costing the taxpayers $10,000,000 is completely false. Without free regulated water coming from the Klamath Project paid for by the irrigators, there would be no reasonable power for the consumers.. Link River went dry before the project was built. KBC)

PRESS RELEASE: Senator Whitsett sets the record straight (with ONRC regarding Klamath Power Bill #81) 6/2/05. “What I am not willing to do is sit quietly while the ONRC makes up facts and spreads falsehoods about the hardworking men and women of the Klamath Basin who make their
livelihood in agriculture.”

Family Farm Alliance Alert: "An important congressional hearing and rally to save the dams on the Columbia and Snake River Systems are planned for next Monday, June 6, 2005 starting at 8:00 a.m. in Clarkston, Washington"

PacifiCorp is purchased, Pioneer Press 6/2/05

Tribes dammed Klamath, Klamath Courier by Liz Bowen posted to KBC 6/2/05 "1851 journal states Klamath River ran putrid from dead salmon."

PacifiCorp's year earnings hold steady despite mild weather, revenue decline, Oregonian 6/2/05

Rookie Senator takes on  2000 per cent power rate increase  Whitsett earns ovation from fellow caucus members and ire from Willamette Weekly Klamath Courier report,  posted to KBC June 2, 2005

Shark bait?, UK Sunday Herald posted to KBC 5/30/05. "You can well imagine that having a situation where Native Americans no longer accuse them of irresponsibility and damage to their traditional way of life and the environment would be a welcome development for ScottishPower chiefs."

Fish conservationists angle for dam breaching,  Register Guard 5/30/05

PacifiCorp sale upsets tribes, H&N posted to KBC 5/28/05

What’s not to like about PacifiCorp purchase, H&N posted to KBC 5/28/05

Power contract goes to the state, H&N 5/26/05

PacifiCorp PRESS RELEASES: PacifiCorp to be acquired by MidAmerican Energy Holding Company posted to KBC May 25, 2005

$30-Million & Counting The Stupidity - Removing Oregon's Savage Rapids Dam - An Enviro's Wet Dream, Oregon News Online 5/25/05

Buffett Returns to the Deals Table With a Big Bet on Energy Sector, Wall St.Journal posted to KBC 5/25/05

Buffett buys PacifiCorp for $9.4 billion, MSNBC News 5/24/05  PacifiCorp Press Releases on PacifiCorp Page

PacifiCorp has some strange bedfellows, H&N 5/19/05 "PacifiCorp probably has enough problems with its relations in the Klamath Basin, but now comes a host of people who want to use the power company's rate structure to attack irrigated farming in the Basin."

Klamath POWER PRESS RELEASE: Senator Doug Whitsett addresses Willamette Week article blasting him regarding Klamath power issues 5/17/05, followed by Willamette article. "Apparently it is nearly unprecedented for a freshman Senator to so quickly draw “Willamette Week’s” ire," followed by Senate Bill 1058

Tribes hoping to enlist big guns in fight against ScottishPower, The Herald, UK posted to KBC 5/17/05. Hillman said: "To win dam removal we will likely need some state and federal funding to help defray some of the costs. We need Conan the Barbarian to become Conan the Riparian and help us bring the salmon home."

PRESS RELEASE: ESA Compliance Represents Up to 20 Percent of Western Hydropower Costs,  Water & Power Subcommittee to hold hearing 5/3/05

Judge: Tribes' salmon suit too late by decades, H&N 4/21/05

April 18, 2005  Dow Jones Newswires 1132 GMT [Dow Jones] Dismissal of a USD1B US lawsuit against Scottish Power's (SPI) Pacific Corp "has not been a share price issue," says an analyst. There was "a small likelihood they would have to pay out." Says case "dates back to things that happened 50 to 100 years back....none of these lawsuits have led to anything." Klamath Tribes have about ten days to appeal the ruling. ScottishPower shares fall 0.2% or 6p to 412.00p as of 1124 GMT. (JAM)

Scottish Power: Judge recommends dismissing suit vs US, 4/18/05 AOL news, London. "PacifiCorp, received a magistrate judge's opinion, agreeing with PacifiCorp's request for summary judgement, recommending that the $1 billion lawsuit filed against it by the Klamath Tribes be dismissed as untimely."

Power Costs in TID current rate and tariff rate.  4/13/05 Professor Jaeger from OSU and other  'environmentalists' see this as a means to turn our once-lake and current farmland into a desert void of people and 489 species of wildlife.
Example, Pump at Site #1 currently costs
$77 for power.
Pump Site #1 at PacifiCorp's  proposed tariff rate it would be

Drought may boost power bills, Statesman Journal 4/6/05 (The farmers paid for the Klamath Project which allows regulated, free water to go to the power companies for affordable power for cities, tribes, and communities and for irrigators. The tribes and ecoterrorists want to take out the dams, causing less available power with higher rates. Power companies, supported by tribes and ecoterrorists, plan to raise the power rates to farmers by 2400 percent in 2006. ?!?!?!?! KBC) More on power, go HERE.
Public Utility Commission to receive drought condition update Salem-News posted 4/6/05

PUC 'hearing' was a farce, H&N letter posted to KBC 4/5/05.

Pacific Power prepares irrigators for rate hike, H&N 3/28/05

Klamath River Basin Compact is 'The Law of the River', H&N by James Ottoman 3/28/05.

A historic bargain doesn't just evaporate, H&N 3/28/05.

Klamath River Compact spelled out how water in river was to be used, H&N 3/21/05 by Lynn Long, Klamath Water Users power committee chairman. "As both federal and state law, the compact spells out a priority listing for the use of water, and also provides for "lowest power rates which may be reasonable for irrigation and drainage pumping, including pumping from wells."

Power open house draws crowd, criticism, H&N 3/17/05.

PUC Public Utility Commission public meeting Klamath Fairgrounds 3/15/05 6-8-PM
PUC press release for 3/15/05 

Klamath River power depends on reclamation, H&N 3/14/05 by Steve Kandra, President Klamath Water Users.

Tribes look for governor's support for removal of dams, Times-Standard 3/13/05.

Budget plan would mean huge power rate increase, H&N by Congressman Greg Walden, posted to KBC 3/10/05

Multimillion-dollar question looms for Klamath, Capital Press 3/8/05

SacBee published 2 local letters to the editor regarding Klamath Project power rates by William Kennedy, Klamath Falls, and Steven Plass, Tulelake, posted to KBC 3/13,05. These were in response to an article, Klamath Farmers, Fish at Crossroads.

Power meeting notes by Barbara Hall, KBB posted 3/6/05

Critical Public Power Meeting March 3. "PacifiCorp proposes to raise Klamath irrigators' power fees 2500 percent of the current contractual rate by 2006."

Honor the contract on the Klamath, The Oregonian by Scott Seus, Klamath Basin farmer, rerun 2/27/05
Klamath farmers, fish at crossroads, SacBee 2/27/05. (Jaeger, professor of OSU, Glen Spain, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen ('environmentalist' city attorney who represents zero fishing groups in Oregon), and ONRC rejoice at the concept that  PacifiCorp's proposed power increase of 2500 would force Klamath farmers to sell.. To them, drying up farmland, which once was a lake, and sending it down the artificially-elevated river that is fuller than physically possible before the Klamath Project irrigation storage was built, devastating 489 species of wildlife, is a good thing. Keep in mind, when our ancestors were rerouting the lakes to provide for irrigation and refuges,  we DIVERTED our water down the river, elevating the river. Much of this water previously did not have a way to reach the ocean before the irrigators diverted it downriver. Power interests were happy. Farmers were happy. Fish did just fine with the extra water, except on really high water years when some died. America needed food and power, so all were winners.)
Response to previous article: SacBee published 2 local letters to the editor regarding Klamath Project power rates by William Kennedy, Klamath Falls, and Steven Plass, Tulelake, posted to KBC 3/13,05. These were in response to an article, Klamath Farmers, Fish at Crossroads.

Letter from KWUA districts to Project irrigators, KWUA Engagement in Klamath Project Power Rate Issues, posted 2/19/05.

Project farmers' power bills may go up, PacifiCorp says, H&N posted 2/19/05.

Honor the contract on the Klamath. The Oregonian by Scott Seus, Klamath Basin farmer 2/15/05.

PacifiCorp seeks dismissal of $1 billion lawsuit, Oregonian posted to KBC 2/14/05.

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Statement on Budget Proposal Increasing Rates for Northwest Power Users, 2/7/05. “It makes absolutely no sense to artificially and substantially jack up power rates, especially in a part of the country that has suffered from other misguided federal land management policies costing tens of thousands of jobs throughout rural areas in the last 20 years."

Tribes' New Strategy to Get Dams and Irrigators Removed---
Klamath dams killing Indians, Karuks plead Lack of salmon tied to obesity, poverty, suicide, social decay, San Francisco Chronicle posted to KBC 2/7/05.
Tribe Fights Dams to Get Diet Back, Washington Post 1/30/05.
8 peer-reviewed reasons for the decline in coho, according to the USFWS studies.
* VIDEO of David Vogel describing the 8 peer-reviewed reasons for the decline in salmon.

POWER: Rates part of original deal, H&N letter by James Ottoman 1/27/05."The history of hydroelectric power and irrigated agriculture in the Klamath Reclamation Project is like a good marriage. Both have given to the other."

Farmers begin new fight, H&N 1/24/05

Klamath farmers take on new threat, The Oregonian 1/21/05 "The Klamath River Basin Compact, an agreement on water use approved by the federal and state governments in 1957, committed to maintaining the 'lowest power rates which may be reasonable for irrigation and drainage pumping.' The government let the power company into the basin only because the deal assured power for irrigation..."

Junk Science and Dams:  Lies About Smolt Transportation by James Buchal 1/10/05

Fishing groups plan legal fight in dam decision, The Oregonian 12/22/04 "Opponents, including the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association and the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations (PCFFA), assert that the policy set by the National Marine Fisheries Service fails to protect and restore salmon and steelhead as required by the Endangered Species Act." (PCFFA represents zero fishing groups in Oregon--KBC)

Dam removal isn't an option under Bush's plan Seattle Times 12/1/04


Paper examines temperature shift from Klamath dam removal, Times-Standard 11/1/04. 

Idaho Power Co. files for 25 percent rate hike on Ore. irrigators, Capital press 10/9/04

Letter to KBC from man in Scotland regarding Scottish Power and tribes and demolishing our dams, followed by response from KBC. "So the business transaction was, as a partner, they would have use of more water than possible without the Klamath Project, and we would be entitled to reasonable power rates. That way electricity and agriculture could both be achieved, with great benefits to our economy and food/power availability. So we irrigators and consumers of power and food look at the power companies as partners, not destroyers." KBC 10/7/04.

REGIONAL DAM NEWS: Court rejects challenge to Snake River dams, the Oregonian 10/6/04

REGIONAL DAM NEWS: Judge questions plan on dams, Oregonian posted to KBC 9/30/04

Settling on the Klamath Dams, Times Standard 9/2/04. Addendum by Barb Hall, KBB. Klamath Water Users Perspective, go HERE.

KWUA letter to Federal Energy Commission regarding Klamath Hydroelectric Project, FERC No. 2082-027, posted to KBC 9/7/04

PacifiCorp seeks parallel deals for dam renewal, related issues, H&N 8/31/04.

AGREEMENT, dated April 30, 1956, between The California Oregon Power Company, hereinafter called Copco, and the Klamath Basin Water Users Protective Association, regarding proposed agricultural pumping power rates for off-project users in the Upper Klamath River Basin boundary. Posted to KBC 8/15/04.

Water in the West: Klamath tribes know its worth, Indian Country Today, posted to KBC 8/11/04, Followed by response quoting the NAS Committee, KWUA,  MBK engineers, Dr. Calvin Hunt and KBC, addressing numerous false and misleading statements.

Tribes enlist Arnie's help in fishing feud, The Scotsman posted to KBC 8/4/04.

PacifiCorp maps (pdf file) and Briefs on the Klamath River Dams, 8/2/04. For more power issues, go HERE "As summarized by ODFW (1997): "Because of existing habitat problems, loss of native stocks, risk of disease introduction and potential competition with remaining native redband trout, it does not appear feasible, or prudent, to attempt re-establishment of anadromous salmon or steelhead to the Upper Klamath Basin in Oregon, now or in the future".

Tribes: Dam removal on the table, H&N 7/28/04. "(Mitchell) said the tribes might also come back to Europe to meet with other organizations and governing bodies, such as human rights committees and the United Nations."

2 articles: US tribes dance to shame ScottishPower, The Guardian, UK, and Comment: Remove the dams on the Klamath River, Eureka Times Standard posted to KBC July 27, 2004

Yanking dams to be studied - and that's good, H&N 7/26/04

Feds, State could be next on list, H&N 7/26/04. "A $1 billion claim the Klamath Tribes filed against PacifiCorp earlier this year may be just the first effort to collect from parties who have damaged or taken resources, a tribal attorney said Saturday." "Allen Foreman, chairman of the Klamath Tribes, said the salmon suit was a long time coming."

OR: Governor Kulongoski to Seek Salmon-Friendly Solution to Hydropower Needs, waterchat.com posted to KBC 7/24/04. "Governor Theodore Kulongoski announced today that Oregon is joining the lawsuit filed by Earth Justice ....."

Fight for fish to feed a way of life, Scotsman.com, 7/23/04 by Mike Belchik, Yurok Tribe, followed by past reports in Scotland.  (NOTE to the Power Companies:  The Tribes told us that we should 'do the right thing' by not irrigating in 2001 and advocated we sell our farmland to the government. Belchik tried to devalue and disallow a presentation of scientific review of the "Hardy Reports" hired by the Bureau of Indian Affairs being used to eliminate the Klamath Irrigators. Those flawed reports are still being used to take our water. The irrigators and their community are not supportive of eliminating the dams (or irrigation, or logging, or mining, or geothermal wells) as encouraged by environmental groups and tribes. P.S. There have been record salmon runs the past few years. KBC)

PacifiCorp won't buy activists' studies favoring dam removal, H&N 7/21/04 "The company found that putting in fish passage would cost about $100 million and it would be unknown if it would have any benefits, said Toby Freeman, PacifiCorp hydro relicensing manager."

Tribes: Dam removal on the table, H&N 7/28/04. "(Mitchell) said the tribes might also come back to Europe to meet with other organizations and governing bodies, such as human rights committees and the United Nations."

Tribes demand dams removed, Pioneer Press July 21, 2004.

Karuk Tribe of California will cook salmon and share it with ScottishPower shareholders in bid to win removal of seven dams along the Klamath River, Pioneer Press July 21, 2004

Tribes will lobby to aid fish passage in Scotland with PCFFA, 7/9/04 Statesman Journal.
Letter to the editor of KBC in response to Tribe's billion dollar lawsuit for PacifiCorp by Lynn Bayona: Salmon in the Basin, Myth or Fact?  7/12/04.

Tribes fight geothermal project, H&N posted to KBC 7/13/04. (With no farms, no dams and no geothermal, where will we get our food and power? KBC)

Farmers struggle with energy prices, Farm Bureau posted to KBC 6/13/04 "In the last year, the cost of fuel and oil has risen 12 percent and the cost of fertilizer has risen by 6 percent. Francl said that if costs continue to rise through the summer and fall, an additional $1 billion in cost of manufactured products will have to be absorbed by farmers' incomes."

Tribes set to visit Glasgow HQ in bid to save river fish, posted to KBC 5/31/04.

Speech by The President of the United States to the American people (that's us) regarding energy, posted to KBC 5/27/04. Go HERE for audio.

Economic impacts play a significant role in the FERC dam relicensing process. The following two KWUA articles address a USGS recreational impact study:
Western Economists Question USGS Draft Klamath Recreational Study by Klamath Water Users (KWUA) Executive Director Dan Keppen, posted to KBC 5/19/04
Study on Klamath Project recreation impact dead wrong  Done by the U.S. Geological Survey, it is laced with inaccuracies and dangerous assumptions Herald and News by Dan Keppen posted to KBC 5/19/04.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Holds Klamath Meeting, 5/19/04, KBC report. FERC representatives explained their requirements in relicensing Klamath dams, and how to submit information to them. " Lynn Long, chairman of KWUA power committee, explained how the success or failure of the Klamath Basin economy is dependant on dam relicensing and continued low-cost power." Access FERC website, and also full reports by KWUA Dan Keppen and Lynn Long.

Klamath Tribes sue for salmon loss, 5/15/04, The Oregonian.

Scottish Power Attempts to Foreclose on Klamath Restoration Options,ONRC Alert 180, 4/23/04.  It appears ONRC, along with the Tribes, are using the expiring license of PacifiCorp to pressure them into introducing more endangered fish into the Klamath Basin. It seems they yelled drought in 2001 and shut down the farmers, and the NAS (National Academy of Science) said it was unjustified.  They blamed us for a Trinity fish die-off and the NAS said it was not the irrigator's fault. Then they wanted the NAS best available science on lake levels and river flows, and the NAS said that lake level/river flow management is unjustified. So they've thrown out the NAS and are trying to insert a new endangered species which would further downsize agriculture in the Klamath Basin. jdk

Pacific Power invites Klamath Irrigators to talk about power issues  HERE for report on yesterday's meeting.4/14/04

Tule Lake was up to 40 feet deep lake.

"Mr A said, "I always thought we (irrigators and the power company) were partners.  This basin was cut in half, storing water on the other half.  Power companies begged for our excess water.  They run on our excess.  I'd hope in 2006 we are still partners.  If they aren't, we are done."

Petition begins for study of decommissioning Klamath dams, TimesStandard 4/7/04. SEND COMMENTS. No dams, no power! Introduce salmon in basin, more ESA, more downsize of agriculture.

It takes a lot of looking before you bust a dam, Capital Press Dylan Darling 4/7/04. For more on  Chiloquin Dam, go HERE.




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