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A Tribute to Marcie Foley. She was instrumental in defending the rights of miners.

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Northwest Mining Association (NWMA) Grassroots Power Site

***Small Scale Gold Suction Dredging and the Environment, Power Point Presentation by retired EPA scientist Joseph Greene, 12/8/07. The same folks targeting Klamath Dams and other resource users are trying to eliminate our mining industry. Joseph Greene biography For CDFG information go HERE



Native workers unsure of future after coal plant closes, H&N 11/3/19. "...mining operations in the region employed 700 mostly Native American workers. The power plant had more than 500 employees, 90% of whom were Navajo. Navajo President Jonathan Nez said the tribe will lose between $40 million and $50 million annually from coal revenue and lease payments...U.S. utilities announced the retirement of nearly 550 coal-fired power generators since 2010, the agency said. More are planned."

Attorney James Buchal's letter to The New 49'srs regarding ban on small scale mining 6/2/19

ACTION ALERT - Please help to restore our Mining rights, News from Dave McCracken, The New 49ers 2/10/19

Permanent ban on suction dredging passes Oregon House, H&N 6/2/17.

Miners Group Urges Reversal of California Mining Ruling by William Perry Pendley, Mountain States Legal Foundation 3/10/17.

The New 49ers February Newsletter, 2/4/17. 

DOI Press Release: Secretary Jewell Applauds President’s Designation of the National Monuments to Preserve Pivotal Civil Rights Sites and the First National Monument to Civil War Reconstruction; (Jewell) Also Praises President’s Expansion of Existing National Monuments Protecting Natural & Cultural Resources in California & Oregon (Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument) 1/12/17.  LINK includes Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument expansion Fact Sheet:
*" these areas represent approximately 48,000 acres of public lands – 42,349 in Oregon, and 5,275 in California."
* "... is closed to new extractive uses such as mining and oil and gas development..."
* "...prohibits all motorized and mechanized vehicle use off road."
* "...if grazing is found incompatible with protecting the objects of biological interest, the Secretary of the Interior will retire the grazing allotments pursuant to the processes of applicable law. Finally, it provides that if grazing permits or leases are relinquished by existing holders, the Secretary will not reallocate the forage available under those permits or for grazing purposes..."
* "...prohibits the commercial harvest of timber, expect when part of an authorized science-based ecological restoration project..."

1/13/17: Federal Register - Bureau of Land Management: Public Land Order No. 7859; Withdrawal of National Forest System and Bureau of Land Management Public Lands in Southwestern Oregon; SUMMARY: This order withdraws, subject to valid existing rights, approximately 5,216.18 acres of public domain and Revested Oregon and California Railroad lands and 95,805.53 acres of National Forest System lands from settlement, sale, location, and entry under the public land laws; location and entry under the United States mining laws; and operation of the mineral and geothermal leasing laws for a period of 20 years while Congress considers legislation to permanently withdraw those areas and to protect the Southwestern Oregon watershed from possible adverse effects of mineral development.

California Supreme Court Rules in Favor of State Authority over Mining! – September 2016, The New 49ers. "Now that the California Supreme Court has ruled, my best guess is that any prospector using a motor to remove or process streambed material within 100 yards of an active waterway without a permit (which is not being made available), if caught, is likely to be successfully prosecuted." Link includes link to memo by miner's attorney James Buchal

Klamath Riverkeeper history & accomplishments, 7/31/16. "Our successful lawsuits, nonstop policy advocacy, and targeted grassroots pressure forced PacifiCorp to sign a stakeholder agreement to un-dam and restore the Klamath River in 2010...we continue to partner with the Karuk Tribe in their ongoing and highly successful battle to end harmful suction dredge gold mining on California rivers..."  KBC NOTE: several members of Klamath Riverkeepers board of directors are leaders of the Karuk tribe

Attend hearing at the Siskiyou County courthouse on November 5th at 8:30 AM in Dept.4 for Derek Eimer and Dyton Guilliland, being prosecuted for illegal suction dredging. The Court issued a lengthy Ruling that the State does not have the authority to first pass a law that requires small-scale miners to obtain a State permit, and then pass a second law that forbids the issuance of such permits.

San Bernardino Superior Court Ruled on 12 January 2015 that both the Legislature's Moratorium against gold dredging, along with the Department of Fish & Wildlife's (DFW) recent adoption of dredge regulations in 2012, are illegal and not enforceable as a matter of law, by Dave Mack, President The New 49'er Gold Prospecting Association, posted to KBC 4/4/15. Court Documents included. 

Task force: Tighten Oregon rules on dredging for gold, H&N, posted to KBC 12/7/14

2/7/14 - A joint meeting of the Idaho Legislature was held Feb. 3, 2014.  The title of the meeting is “Suction Dredge Mining”.  The first speaker is Joe Greene, US EPA scientist (Ret); the second speaker is Tom Kitchar, President of Waldo Mining District, SW Oregon; third speaker is Doug Giddings, Sheriff, Idaho County; public testimony taken; and last speaker is Jim Chmelik, Idaho County Commissioner. KBC NOTE: This hour video is well worth your time hearing how government agency/EPA agenda has overruled science, and first hand testimony on EPA tyranny.

The New 49ers Newsletter November 2014 Issue by Dave McCracken, November 2014. "We have come into written correspondence from the District Attorney of Siskiyou County which is rejecting to prosecute suction dredgers for not having a permit as a result of the recent Third Appellate published Decision." KBC Note - Notice that many of those protesting suction dredge mining are many of the "stakeholders" in the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement that promises to downsize agriculture and private property and water rights.

1973 - Gold mining claims, H&N, posted to KBC 7/14/13. "Under the Mining Law of 1872, a citizen may locate any number of mining claims on public lands..."   

Oregon Senate passes bill to limit gold dredges, H&N 7/3/13. "With deference to the 150 or 200 years of mining this state has had, you would think they would try to figure out if the dredges are actually hurting something before they outlaw them," he said. "If they are really worried about the salmon, they could say, `Let's stop fishing for a few years,' and see if that affects salmon."

California - Emergency Rulemaking Approved for Suction Dredge Mining, CDFG 6/28/13. "...the use of any vacuum or suction dredge equipment for instream mining purposes is prohibited."

ACTION ALERT! 6/27/13 - Opposition to Oregon Senate Bill 838, New 49ers Prospecting Association: "lf SB 838  is passed into law, it will put a complete end to suction dredge gold mining in the entire State of Oregon. This bill is not based upon any science or rational justification. It is being pushed by anti-mining activists that want to eliminate the last remaining productive economic activity on America’s public lands."

"Oregon State Senator Alan Bates (D-Ashland) is facing a recall as a result of his attempts to attack mining and property rights in defiance of local, state and federal laws. The recall is being spearheaded by Rick Barclay of Ruch, Oregon, a long time timber worker and local miner, who charges that Bates has violated his oath of office and has broken state and federal laws for political purposes." sent from Jim Foley, Property and Mining Rights Advocate, Klamath River, California jfoley@sisqtel.net , posted to KBC 5/20/13. 530-465-2211

Western Mining Alliance April 2013 Newsletter "On April 19th the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) denied both the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Western Mining Alliance (WMA) petitions for administrative rule making. We consider this a victory."

Petition for administrative rulemaking to amend the suction dredge permitting program regulations 2013, by Center for Biological Diversity, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen, Karuk Tribe, Klamath Riverkeepers, etc...many groups who are on the "stakeholders" negotiations of the controversial KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, posted 5/7/13.

Action Alert: Oppose Oregon’s attack on mining, prospecting, 1/30/2013 Gold  Prospectors. "...Senate Environment and Resources committee... is expected to vote on senate bills SB 115, SB 401 and SB 370 as early as of next week..."
"SB 115 Placer mining using any form of motorized equipment or motorized dredge is prohibited in this state.
SB 401 Stops all placer mining in new streams listed as Oregon Scenic Water includes about 20 more mineralized streams. Oregon already has 19 OSW streams and Waldo lake including its tributaries.
SB 370 requires an annual $125.00 license for nozzles over four inch classifying it as commercial placer mining in streams."

Leaked Interior Department emails point to political motives in mining ban, WLJ posted to KBC 6/9/12. "In what could prove to be a major embarrassment for the Department of Interior (DOI), a clutch of recently leaked emails suggest that the department may have had little to no scientific evidence supporting its January decision to withdraw over 1 million acres in northern Arizona from new uranium mining claims due to concerns about ground water contamination."
HERE for Klamath Science Misconduct page and federal whistleblower on Klamath dam science

Karuk Tribe of California v. US Forest Service, including dissenting opinions: M. SMITH, Circuit Judge, with whom KOZINSKI, Chief Judge, joins, and with whom IKUTA and MURGUIA, Circuit Judges, join as to Parts I through VI, dissenting: "Most miners affected by this decision will have neither the resources nor the patience to pursue a consultation with the EPA; they will simply give up" 6/1/12

Court Orders Forest Service To Regulate Gold Mining in Salmon Streams, 6/1/12, OPB. "The 7-to-4 appeals court decision came in response to a suit filed by the Karuk Tribe of Northern California...Craig Tucker, the Karuk Tribe’s Klamath coordinator, hailed the ruling."  "In a strongly worded and illustrated dissent, Circuit Court Judge Milan D. Smith Jr argued that the majority’s decision ignored precedent and effectively shut down small scale suction dredge mining."
Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Endangered Species Over 1872 Mining Law - Strikes Down U.S. Forest Service Approvals of Mining Projects Across West, YubaNet 6/1/12. "To the Karuk people, salmon and free-flowing clean water are essential elements of our culture and heritage," said

PLP / Public Lands for the People versus CDFG, posted to KBC 4/14/12. 

Klamath gold miners sue California Department of Fish & Game (DFG) for banning suction dredge mining, The New 49ers 4/13/12. "We filed this case in Yreka, Siskiyou County, a location which is more in touch with the results of DFG's ever-expanding over-regulation, not only with small-scale miners; but also the agriculture industry and other forms of natural resource development (like our hydro-dams)."  KBC Note: constant lawsuits against the miners were brought on by Karuk Tribe

Group files new suction dredge lawsuit, Siskiyou Daily, posted to KBC 4/8/12. Karuk Tribe (Craig Tucker, dam removal activist), PCFFA (Glen Spain, Eugene Attorney), Center for Biological Diversity (files ESA/endangered species act lawsuits daily), and FOR / Friends of the River (dam removal ecoterrorist group, Craig Tucker was former coordinator). Spain and Tucker are voting members as "stakeholders" on the KBRA / Klamath BAsin Restoration Agreement. All of the above have had their litigation funded by Earthjustice, funded partly by George Soros. The ecoterrorist claim, "risk of mobilizing mercury in the water column." In the KBRA, they advocate destroying 4 hydrodams, releasing 20 million cubic yards of sediment, obliterating any life forms: Senator Doug Whitsett speech regarding the KBRA and Klamath dam destruction.

Klamath gold miners sue California Department of Fish & Game (DFG) for banning suction dredge mining, The New 49ers 4/13/12. "We filed this case in Yreka, Siskiyou County, a location which is more in touch with the results of DFG's ever-expanding over-regulation, not only with small-scale miners; but also the agriculture industry and other forms of natural resource development (like our hydro-dams)."  KBC Note: constant lawsuits against the miners were brought on by Karuk Tribe

* Proposed Suction Dredge Regulations Revised, Public  Comment due 3/5/12

Proposed amendments would close county streams to suction dredging, Siskiyou Daily, posted to KBC 3/1/12. "Mike Adams – a Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association (LDMA) member and Siskiyou County resident who says he has made most of his living from mining – alleges the new regulations are an unconstitutional take of previously granted rights. He also feels there is no strong evidence that suction dredging is detrimental to fish." KBC NOTE: Karuk Tribal spokesman Tucker, who is quoted in article, sued against mining that stirs up the river, however he advocates in the KBRA destroying 4 hydrodams which will release 20 MILLION cubic yards of sediment on top of the Klamath  fish and habitat, bringing millions of $ to the tribes.

*** Proposed Suction Dredge Regulations Revised, Public Comment due 3/5/12

Interior expected to approve 20-year ban on (million acres of) new mining claims near Grand Canyon, Washington Post 1/9/12

Southern Oregon Miner Defeats United States Forest Service in Court, Gold Prospectors, posted to KBC 11/15/11. "United States District Judge Ann Aiken ruled that the United States Forest Service, and particularly Cottage Grove District Ranger Deborah Schmidt, violated the constitutional rights of 83 year old Oregon miner, James Edgar."

(Karuk) tribe fights to have feds intervene in (Klamath) mining, Courthouse News 12/16/11.

Mining Districts: a concept Reborn, by Jim Foley, Yreka, Prospecting and Mining Journal 9/30/11

Brown prolongs freeze on suction dredge mining, Sacramento Bee, posted to KBC 8/2/11

Senator Gaines thanks Governor Brown, cheers gold mining victory 6/30/11

California Budget $1.8M Error Will Kill Gold Mining Industry, Says Gold Pan California, Former Attorney General Jerry Brown: Program Pays For Itself, Sacramento Bee/Gold Pan California, posted to KBC 6/12/11

EDITORIAL: A Smart Budget Trim Will Help Water Quality, Sacramento Bee by retired EPA scientist Joe Greene, posted to KBC 6/8/11. KBC NOTE: this letter by Mr. Greene was censored. "As a retired USEPA research biologist with 25+ years experience and someone that has studied the published scientific literature on the subject of small-scale gold suction dredging I can state unequivocally that there are no unmitigated impacts from small-scale gold suction dredging..."

Comments on the California Department of Fish & Game’s (DFG) Suction Dredge Permitting Program Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) and Proposed Regulations by Claudia Wise and Joseph Green, retired EPA scientists, 5/3/11
Small Scale Gold Suction Dredging and the Environment, Power Point Presentation by retired EPA scientist Joseph Greene, 12/8/07. The same folks targeting Klamath Dams and other resource users are trying to eliminate our mining industry. Joseph Greene biography  
Dam Removal Power Point Presentation by Joseph C Greene, Retired EPA Research Biologist, posted to KBC 6/12/06 

9th Circuit overruled Karuk's arguments of end all suction dredge mining, and summary by attorney James Buchal  4/8/11

3/31/11: Story of how Dept Fish and Game put suction dredge miners out of business, Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor, on Facebook.

* CDFG suction dredge meetings delayed
CDFG Suction Dredge Mining 5 Meetings, Feb 3 Yreka.

The message Oregon should be sending dredge miners: leave, by Oregon Senator Jason Atkinson. * Comments by research scientist, FORMERLY EMPLOYED BY THE EPA, posted to kbc 8/29/10

Water Quality and Suction Dredging, Letter by Gerald Hobbs 8/28/10, President of Public Lands for the People.

Suction Dredge Mining, letter to Oregon Senator Atkinson from Tom Kitchar,  posted to KBC 8/23/10. "either have some misunderstandings about the effects of suction dredge mining on the environment and aquatic species, or, someone has fed you a pack of falsehoods...we (a small group representing some of the mining organizations in Oregon with a total membership of around 1,500 individuals) respectfully request an opportunity to meet with you at your earliest convenience."

Oregon issues new permit for suction-dredge gold miners, Oregonian, posted to KBC 8/8/10

Miner refund bill dies in committee, Siskiyou Daily News 6/30/10

Gold Miners Shafted by Democrats in the State Assembly, Aanestad Refund Measure Hijacked With Hostile Amendment 6/15/10

ICMJ Mining Journal, posted 6/4/10

Proposal for suction dredge mining by California Water Boards, 3/18/10

Persistence Prevails as Walt Wegner, Vice President of PLP wins his $47.00 suction dredge permit fee reimbursement in small claims court 2/4/10

Mark Johnson of Grants Pass talks about the insane difficulty of getting through locked BLM gates to legally prospect for gold on public lands. This is an mp3 (audio), it may take a few moments to load: http://www.kmed.com/common/global_audio/51/15015.mp3

PLP Comments and constructive Notice given the the Ca. Fish and Game at the Sacramento meeting on Nov. 17 2009 regarding suction dredge mining ban, posted to KBC 11/23/09

Parts 1 and 2 Mining legislation has opponents, defenders, Lake County News, posted to KBC 11/20/09

Kulongoski wants to head off Calif. gold miners, San Jose Mercury News, posted to KBC 10/16/09. Here for MINERS PAGE.

California Admission to the Union; Mining Claimants legal authority under Federal Law, February 13, 1850

PLP vs State of California Complaint (PLP = Public Lands for the People Inc.) California Suction Dredge Miners are demanding a Jury Trial for the taking of their rights to mine on public land, posted to KBC 9/18/09.

Governor signs bill banning river gold dredges, Mercury News 8/8/09

Suction dredging permits halted by Alameda County court, Siskiyou Daily News 7/29/09.

State lawmakers OK temporary dredging ban targeting salmon habitat, Sac Bee 7/14/09

Senate Deals North State Harsh Economic Hand, Passage of SB 670 Means Bankrupt Businesses & Lost Jobs, Senator Sam Aanestad, CA 7/14/09. "The North State leader says the passage of SB 670 will place an outright ban on the practice of Suction Dredge Mining in all California rivers, streams and other tributaries, even though there is no scientific evidence or proof that the mining practice is harmful to the environment."

Debate over river dredging nears climax in Legislature Dredgers fear for livelihood, defend mining practices, Trinity Journal July 8, 2009

Please Write - Action Alert supporting suction dredge miners, 6/14/09 from Dave Mack, President, New 49'er Prospecting Association. "Senate Bill 670 (anti suction dredging legislation) will come up for a vote on Tuesday, June 16th"

Urgent Help Needed! Update concerning SB 670, anti-suction dredge mining legislation, by Dave Mack 5/31/09. Litigation Summary by James Buchal: "A reform group of Karuk Tribe members has also emerged, filing intervention papers which outline the unsavory history of the Tribe’s current leadership, and the degree to which the Tribe’s entire jihad against suction dredge mining is actually motivated by a desire to protect marijuana growers, rather than protecting the environment."

Suction dredge mining ban passes Senate 31-8, Siskiyou Daily News 5/28/09

Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong -Suction Dredge Mining, State and Local Government Budgets, Pioneer Press May 8, 2008

Calif. bill to ban dredge mining moves forward, kdrv 5/2/09.

Siskiyou County Supervisors send letter opposing SB670, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 4/26/09

Fish and game commission denies petition to halt Karuk fishing at Ishi Pishi Falls, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 4/19/09

Proposed Calif. bill would ban suction dredge mining, KDRV 4/17/09

Rebuttal to Leaf Hillman (Karuk Indian) by Dave McCracken, gold miner, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 4/3/09. "Hillman claims our gold mining threatens the salmon in the Klamath River. He has picked a particularly poor time to make that accusation. A few days ago, the Times-Herald of Eureka reported that while the number of Sacramento River salmon is near record lows, the Klamath salmon run is "booming" this year. Even more important, there is not a scrap of scientific evidence that suction dredge mining has ever hurt a single salmon. The same cannot be said of Hillman's own Karuk Tribe..."

Karuk Tribal Vice President and spiritual leader Leaf Hillman: Taxpayers help miners hurt fish habitat followed by 31 Comments, Sacramento Bee , posted to KBC 3/8/09. "Hillman, who lives in Orleans, is charged with one count corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, and with two special allegations: inflicting great bodily injury and using a deadly weapon. Hillman's bail has been set at $50,000....the victim had been "hit on the head with a beer bottle"

Petitioners explain claims against tribal fishery at Ishi Pishi Falls, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 3/7/09

Group files petition to stop Karuk Tribe from fishing Klamath River, KDRV Channel 12, 3/5/09, plus comments 'Karuk killing of salmon'

Petition seeks to eliminate tribal fishing near Somes Bar, Siskiyou Daily News 3/5/09

3/2/09 - PRESS RELEASE: Petition calls for end to ‘widespread and wanton’ killing of salmon  "The New 49’ers and a coalition of North State and other organizations is demanding that the State of California end the “widespread and wanton” destruction of the threatened Coho salmon and other fish in the Klamath River by the very people who claim to be guardians of the environment."

3/2/09 - Petition filed today with the State of California to stop the unlawful killing of salmon by the Karuk Tribe along the Klamath River in northern California. "The Tribe, Commission and Department are actively involved in efforts to restrict other economic activities in the Klamath Basin, including but not limited to local agriculture, logging, mining and hydroelectric generation. Indeed, the Tribe has commenced one federal and two state lawsuits..."

Oct 25, 2007 - Karuk Tribe minutes discussing the Hoopa Tribe efforts to get fishing rights for the Karuks, and Karuk plant to purchase a power plant.

Karuk Tribe and Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen sued Calif Dept of Fiah and Game to shut down suction dredge mining on the Klamath River, 2/5/09.

HERE is the Director of DFG's denial of the Karuk Petition for Emergency Regulations. "...the Department must deny the petition because there is no substantial evidence to support a finding of emergency under the APA, including the need to immediately adopt the petition's proposed restrictions on suction dredge mining." HERE is comment by Dave McCracken, General Manager New 49'ers, posted to KBC 1/27/09

Response to Guest Opinion on suction dredge mining, Tom Quintal letter to Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 1/27/09

Good News: "DFG is denying the petition (by the Karuk Tribe and environmental groups) to shut down gold mining in the Klamath).  The news comes from Senator Sam Aanestad who met with DFG.  Thanks to everyone for your help."

Supervisors vote to support dredge mining, Siskiyou Daily News 1/26/09

SacBee Editorial: Time for new rules on suction mining, Response Dave McCracken, President of The New 49'ers Prospecting Association, posted to KBC 1/22/09. "The (Karuk) Tribe could not and cannot prove that so much as a single fish has ever been killed by suction gold mining under the present regulations, and presumably did not want to highlight its own continued killing of salmon at Ishi-Pishi Falls, notwithstanding its claims of a fisheries emergency."

They're liars, Pioneer Press 1/22/08. "...my neighbor last week was invited down to Hoopa to catch Salmon and bring them back to Scott Valley to sell. So much for them (Karuks) not having a enough fish to feed their families and for ceremonies."

They (Karuks) can't have it both ways, Pioneer Press January 22, 2009, Letter To the Editor by John Robinson, Seiad Valley. " 'The reality is that there have not been many extensive studies on the effects of mining,' admitted Karuk spokesperson Craig Tucker. 'What is available concludes that dredging is harmful to fish and that is certainly the conclusion of our biologists.' These statements are out-and-out lies. There have been numerous studies on dredging that have all come to the same conclusion: Dredging does not harm the environment."

Suction dredge mining - Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors Meeting, by Klamath River miner Jim Foley, posted 1-21-2009. "Karuk Tribe allied with other special interest groups constantly attacking suction dredge mining for the last four years....it was hypocritical for special interests to say that fish need protection from 3,000 suction dredge miners who they allege are killing fish, while at the same time they admit that there are 2.4 million fishermen whose sole reason for fishing is to kill fish....All of this without a single shred of proof that a suction dredge has ever killed a fish."

On Suction Dredge Mining, by James Foley, Klamath River, Pioneer Press, posted 1/15/09

Tribe seeks to halt suction dredging on parts of the Klamath River, Redding Searchlight , posted 1/15/09

Groups (Karuks and Environmentalists) File Petition to Limit Gold Mining to Save Struggling Fisheries, and Response by Jim Foley 1/13/09. "Suction dredge mining is nothing more than recreational genocide. The first gold rush killed more than half our people in 10 years. This modern gold rush continues to kill our fish and our culture," says Leaf Hillman of the Karuk Tribe." (HERE for background on spiritual leader Leaf Hillman trying to kill his wife.)

California Tribal Business Alliance Releases '07-08 Legislative Vote Record, WSJ Market Watch, posted to KBC 10/22/08. "Implements the Administration's agreement with the Karuk Tribe to settle the tribe's lawsuit against the Department of Fish and Game over damage to the endangered Coho salmon population in the tribe's ancestral rivers -- the Klamath, the Scott, and the Salmon -- from instream suction gold dredge mining. (Vetoed)"

IDAHO - Conservationists, Forest Service buy up mines, Capital Press 10/19/08. "The 36-year-old San Francisco-based group buys land with money from supporters and holds it until agencies such as the Forest Service can secure funding elsewhere, including offshore oil and natural gas royalties from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. So far...2.5 million acres in 47 states... there are still millions of dollars worth left in the ground..."

Karuk response in litigation against suction dredge mining on Klamath River and tributaries, posted 10/16/08

Anti-Suction Dredging Legislation is Dead in California! New 49ers Newsletter 10/12/08. "...nearly every Republican stood with us, and nearly every Democrat within the California legislature would have voted to put small-scale miners out of business...our adversaries (Karuk Tribe and their far-left friends) have notified the Court that they intend to ... ask the Court to impose an injunction upon further issuance of suction dredge permits in California..."

Suction Dredge Mining Victory, 9/24/08, by Dave Mack, The New 49'ers.

Donations needed for unbiased mining studies! Sept 08.

NEED ACTION: Rider language creates a moratorium on further issuance of suction dredge permits, The New 49ers, posted 7/24/08.

Karuk Tribe: Gold mining doesn't help fisheries, Times Standard, posted to KBC 7/8/08.
***Response to Times Standard Suction Dredge Article by Karuk Tribe, by James Foley, posted 7/8/08. "The Karuk press release is intended to misinform the public to the reality of what suction dredge mining is and convince people who know nothing about suction dredge mining that it is harming fish. As such, it is full of misinformation and outright lies. The lies have been proven false in numerous peer reviewed scientific studies and in numerous court actions, as well as a 1994 EIR promulgated by the California dept. of Fish and Game."


Bond needed to clean up old gold mine, Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times, posted to KBC 5/20/08. "Atlanta Gold said requiring a bond for its voluntary effort to clean up arsenic-laced water from an old mine is an unfair infringement of its right to mine on public lands under the 1872 Mining Act. We are offering to do this voluntarily and we are being penalized for it..."

5/6/08: Links to mining Reports.

Waldo Mining District comments on suction dredge mining EIR to Cal Fish and Game, Dec 17, 2007

***Announcement: Retired EPA scientist to speak on Suction Dredge Mining and the Environment Dec 3, 2007.  

Write to support our hard-rock miners; defeat another devastating bill HR2262.

Congressman Walden Update - Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act of 2007 (HR 2262), posted 10/30/07. "...it will result in a major threat to America’s long-term stability...HR 2262 totally fails to recognize that mineral availability is a cornerstone to robust economic activity because minerals support the broadest range of manufacturing and industrial businesses, including transportation, defense, aerospace, electronics, energy, agriculture, communication, construction, and health care. "

Posted Oct. 29, 2007, The Miners Speak: files by miners thread regarding writer Dan Bacher's and Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker's anti-mining articles.The thread was censored by Bacher, but someone had saved it and sent it to KBC.
A letter by 'Jeff' to Dan Bacher regarding his anti-mining article.
Bacher's article:
Governor Vetoes Bill To Protect Klamath, Salmon Rivers from Suction Dredge Mining, DAN BACHER, posted to KBC 10/16/07. (KBC NOTE: Bacher's photo is a fraud. Go HERE for story about the false photo.)

Golddredger.com forum discussing California Dept Fish and Game's continued agenda of exterminating suction dredge mining rights, 10/27/07

(KBC Note: An example of Green Tactics used to destroy communities): Governor Vetoes Bill To Protect Klamath, Salmon Rivers from Suction Dredge Mining, DAN BACHER, posted to KBC 10/16/07. (KBC NOTE: Bacher's photo is a fraud. Go HERE for story about the false photo.)

Dr. Richard A. Gierak, chemist, biologist, physician, comments on mining Bill AB1032, which Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed. 
KBC reader responds to Dr. Gierak's comments on mining bill 1032, 10/18/07.

To the Members of the California State Assembly: I am returning Assembly Bill 1032 without my signature...Governor Schwarzenegger 10/13/07. "The benefit or protection from such a minor closure is negligible and supports the notion that scientific environmental review should precede such decisions." (KBC NOTE: The Karuk Tribe, California Dept of Fish and Game, and Democrat Assemblymember Lois Wolk failed to shut down suction dredge mining in the rivers and streams of California, including Klamath River and its tributaries. Congratulations miners - freedom wins again!)

Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger from retired EPA Joseph Green Research Biologist/Ecotoxicologist regarding anti-mining bill AB1032, 10/13/07. This bill is the result of lawsuits by the Karuk Tribe.

Write letter To Governor Schwarzenegger to veto Assembly Bill 1032 to save CA gold dredge mining by 10/13/07. TODAY! This travesty is compliments of the Karuk Tribe lawsuit against resource users on the Klamath River.
       See Miners Page for background. To make certain your message actually makes it to the Governor's desk, our lobbyists are asking that you Fax your message to: (916) 492-8957
Or email your message to: pconaty@sbcglobal.net
        Our lobbyists will make certain that your message is hand delivered to the Governor's office!
        Important: Even though you send your message to our lobbyists, the heading of the message should be addressed to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as shown in our sample message.
        This is our last chance; please help us kill this bill right now!
        Very important: You must include your own return postal address on whatever letter, fax or email that you send to the Governor. That is the only way that he can recognize and weigh the importance of your communication!

Mining correction and information from a KBC reader regarding Craig Tucker's misinformation in the previous article, 10/7/07

Fish Groups and Indian Tribes Urge Governor Schwarzenegger to Sign Bill to Empower California Department of Fish and Game on Dredge Gold Mining, California Progress Report by Dan Bacher, posted to KBC 10/6/07.

How you can help miners defeat bill AB 1032, go HERE  > http://www.goldgold.com:80/legal/1032actionalert09_07.htm

Letter by Jim Foley to Governor Schwarzenegger opposing AB 1032 Suction Dredge mining, comparison between mining and Trinity River Restoration Project, 9/29/07. PLEASE write California Governor before Oct 13th!

Attached are 2 sample letters sent by Klamath River miners to veto Assembly Bill 1032, which would exterminate most California suction dredge gold mining, further decimating economies in our rural areas including Siskiyou County.
      This travesty is compliments of the Karuk Tribe lawsuit against the miners.

Gold miners dig up loot, controversy, USA Today, posted 9/13/07. "I call it (mining) recreational genocide, because that's exactly what it is...Changes in tribal diets over the past 20 years as salmon declined led to high rates of diabetes and heart disease and lower life expectancies" Karuk Tribal Chairman Leaf Hillman says.  (KBC NOTE: Tribal and Spiritual leader Hillman is out of jail on bail for beating his wife with a beer bottle, leaving her wounded and bleeding)

Letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger; please don't support AB1032, posted 9/10/07 by James Waddell, Karuk tribal member."AB1032 will not benefit streams, fish, or other riparian habitats.  It will allow government agencies to arbitrarily “Take” the private property rights, water rights, private economic usage rights and to take away the jobs of working citizens… all for no good reasons."

Please help Klamath River Miners!! Assembly Bill 1032 eliminates and/or reduces most suction dredge mining in many California waterways, 9/2/07. "there will be thousands of property owners affected by this who probably are not even aware of the pending legislation!"

Shasta Miners won! by Dave Mack and Diana Clayton, posted 9/10/07

Gold or fish? Battle brews on California rivers  FOLLOWED BY: Miners say bill that would limit dredging to protect native trout and other species goes overboard, Sacramento Bee, posted 7/31/07.

Karuk - No Reservation, My Opinion, by Barry R. Clausen, August 31, 2007. "Based on documents and interviews it appears obvious to me that the Tribal Council wants to stop all farmers, ranchers and recreational use of the Klamath and Salmon Rivers. There are over 50 areas of the Salmon and the Klamath that will be either closed or restricted to gold prospecting each year if Assembly Bill 1032 passes this year."

Testimony of Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor before the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water, posted to KBC 7/20/07. "...various studies have shown that suction dredge mining has a negligible effect on fisheries and can have a positive rehabilitative effect in the restoration of spawning gravels. The Board of Supervisors would also like to bring to your attention the importance of suction dredge mining to micro-economies such as the Klamath River corridor and the certain devastating impacts that A.B. 1032 could have on a very economically fragile and depressed area of California "

Want to be a Miner for Fish First? Fish First, posted to KBC 7/19/07. (Note from a Klamath River miner: "Looks like the Green movement in the USFS is alive and well and are trying to create another road block for gold recovery in our US streams by filing (false claims).  There was a study done that we should provide to Fish First showing the best fishing streams are those that have hard pack gravels loosened for spawning beds using our method of gold recovery. Someone would monitor and detect these claims when filed, and then bring an action against the perpetrators for conspiracy to defraud the government with false claims")

Gold or fish? Battle brews on California rivers  FOLLOWED BY: Miners say bill that would limit dredging to protect native trout and other species goes overboard, Sacramento Bee, posted 7/31/07.

Letter from Dave McCracken, President of the New 49ers with 1300 active mining members, regarding Forest Service management and mismanagement of mining. 7/6/07 "District Ranger, Bill Rice, has made it very clear to members of our organization that he personally has a policy of discouraging mineral operators, because his personal priority is to “protect” the needs of the Karuk Tribe.  As part of this discouragement, the Orleans District has implemented a program of placing substantial barriers of dirt and gravel across the road access points to mining claims within the Orleans District where claim owners are able to camp on their own claims."

** Klamath River suction dredge miners need your help, PLEASE! before July 10th, 7/2/07 by Dave McCracken, New 49ers

Comments should be limited to the effects of suction dredge mining on water quality. Comments received by 12 p.m. on June 22, 2007 will be given full consideration.

Letter to Senator Cogdill, Calif, from Dan Wise regarding suction dredge mining, posted June 20, 2007.

Anti-mining bill AB-1032. PLEASE WRITE and support our miners. HERE.

6/19/07: From a Klamath miner regarding Karuk-supported bill to shut down suction dredge mining in CA Please write to support the miners by June 22. More info HERE.

Letter to State Water Resources Control Board from Physical Scientist/Chemist, US EPA Retired, regarding benefits of suction dredge mining, posted 6/19/07.

*** Please support Klamath River miners, send comments before June 22, posted June 9, 2007

**Comments should be limited to the effects of suction dredge mining on water quality. Comments received by 12 p.m. on June 22, 2007 will be given full consideration.

Suction Dredge Mining final comments to the California State Water Resources Control Board, by Joseph Green, Research Biologist, Retired EPA, posted 6/13/07.
California Assembly Bill 1032, Dredging: closed waters: native trout, letter to senators by Joseph Green, Research Biologist, Retired EPA, posted 6/13/07. "CDFG is clearly attempting to circumvent the rights of the State’s citizens by ignoring due process laws regarding the right of the public to notice and hearing requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act and the California Administrative Procedures Act...CDFG position is scientifically indefensible and that is why, failing the judicial route, they are misleading the State’s legislators to pass this Bill.  They have no significant scientific evidence to support their current position or they could make it available."

Letter from Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong to the California Assembly regarding suction dredge mining, Assembly Bill 1032, posted to KBC 5/28/07. (Although there is considerable public perception that suction dredge mining has a substantial deleterious impact on various species, such as salmon, scientific studies do not generally support this view...)

*BLM mining regulations comments due 4/24/07

This advance notice of proposed rulemaking is related to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) surface management regulations for mining operations authorized by the Mining Law: comments due April 24, posted 3/6/07

Mining Seminar Coming April 7th
Day-Long Mineral Process Seminar at Baker City April 7th, posted 3/24/07

Fee Fi Fo Dumb, by Paul Gerald, posted to KBC 2/25/07 "...now that DeFazio and the Democrats control Congress, the Oregon congressman aims to replace the fee revenue with a "small royalty" on mining operations on federal lands."

The Forgotten Mammal; "Mine Your Own Business" tells story of the one animal environmentalists forget by Mary Katharine Ham  January 26, 2007, Townhall.com

Leaf Hillman, Karuk Tribe of California, and the California Department of Fish & Game (DFG) attempt failed to shut down dredge mining while bypassing state law, New 49ers, posted 1/7/07

"The following case, is an example how everyday things that we all take for granted are effected by the ESA.  The 9th every once in a while, comes through with some resemblance of reality.  Read the opinion on this case, and when you walk down a concrete sidewalk remember mining made that possible."Timothy Ravndal. Lawsuit: Mining and ESA, pdf file 6/5/06

Karuk's challenge to California Dredging Regulations

Submitted by miner Jim Foley 11/11/06:
Klamath Watershed Conference – Suction Dredge Mining Presentation by Jim Foley 11/11/06
California Environmental Analysis of Suction Dredging, 11/11/06
1993 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Special Notice on suction dredging, 11/11/06
Benefits of Klamath River Dams 11/11/06
Mercury Recovery from Recreational Gold Miners, EPA 11/11/06
Suction Dredging Economic Benefits To Our Communities 11/11/06
Many Environmental Restrictions Have No Basis in Science 11/11/06
What Mining Means to Americans, by The American Mining Congress 11/12/06
Congress has codified its declaration of the federal government's policy towards mining, 11/12/06
Essey - Balanced perspective on dredging 11/12/06
DOI, USGS: Mining operations have not hurt the pristine Alaskan River 11/12/06

Ongoing Karuk/DFG Litigation: DFG Says Dredgers are Harming Fish! By Dave McCracken General Manager New 49er's Newsletter, October 2006. "Our involvement with this litigation began about a year ago when we discovered that DFG had imposed substantial restrictions upon our California suction dredging regulations within Siskiyou County without following any of the mandated administrative process which allows the affected public to participate. They didn't even give us any notice! "

Meeting on Bush enviro proposal draws disparate views, Seattlepi.com 8/10/06 "Washington state Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda contended that restrictions on logging were partly to blame for forest fires in his district. He also noted that efforts to open a gold mine in Okanogan County had bogged down for years because of environmental concerns...."

    Science Supporting less than significant effects from suction dredge gold mining,
    presented by Joseph C. Greene, Research Biologist (March 9, 2006 in Salem, Oregon),
    posted to KBC 6/11/06, Power Point Presentation.  
Joseph Green biography

"We Won! Today (June 16th), Alameda Superior Court Judge Sabraw issued a http://www.goldgold.com/legal/2nd001.pdf written Order denying Motions from both the Karuk Tribe and Department of Fish & Game (DFG) to enter a Judgment affirming the Stipulated Agreement which would have shortened or eliminated important suction dredge seasons in Siskiyou County, California!...Together, we have won another very important victory!  This was not only about mining.  It was about whether or not a State agency has the power to bypass the public process by going into private agreement with radical environmental interests.  They don't!"

Alameda judge will decide on Siskiyou problem -- New lawsuit claims state violated its own laws, 5/19/06

Miners confront EPA with petition, posted 5/5/06 "We respectfully believe that the statements made along with the whole context of the web page itself are ambiguous, confusing, highly misleading, and untrue."
Response by EPA

Is it time to stop special interest groups? Klamath River dam removal foolishness must be stopped, by James Foley. Foley is a suction dredge miner living in Happy Camp, California. He is a retired atmospheric research technician for UCLA and former business owner. Foley is President of National Land Rights League and a member of the New 49'ers prospecting organization. He created the New 40er message forum and Alaska Gold forum. April 2, 2006. 

Klamath Miners respond to Karuk accusations, NLRL 4/2/06

Dredge Miners granted intervention status in litigation between Karuks and DFG, Miners 2/11/06.

A history of recent and current attacks on suction dredge mining in Oregon, by Tom Kitchar – President, Waldo Mining District, posted to KBC 2/6/06.

Karuk and Fish & Game deal limits gold mining, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 1/15/06

Karuks file lawsuit, DFG hits property rights; The state increases regulations without due public process, Pioneer Press by Liz Bowen 1/12/06. "The Karuks responded that they were good neighbors and would work to benefit the community."

Letter by Marcia H. Armstrong, Chair Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors, to California Senator Diane Feinstein regarding Department of Fish and Game's illegal mining regulations, posted to KBC 1/10/06 "During the week of Christmas, the County became aware of the new regulations imposed by DFG. At no time were we contacted, there were no public hearings, and there was no environmental analysis of these regulations prior to their adoption. The actions of DFG are unconscionable, a violation of due process, and an offense to the public trust. Based on these offenses, the Board of Supervisors, at the request of the Intervener/New 49ers, Inc., provided a Declaration to the Superior Court outlining our concerns and imploring the Court to require DFG to abide by established regulatory process (copy enclosed)."
Dredge Mining Affidavit by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District #5: AffiKARUK TRIBE OF CALIFORNIA and LEAF HILLMAN, Plaintiffs ,v.CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME and RYAN BRODDRICK, Director, California Department of Fish and Game. "1/10/06

Don't buy the 'sell-off' hype -- Mining Laws Barbara Cubin PERSPECTIVE -- Republican Congresswoman Barbara Cubin, R-Wyoming, serves in the U.S. House of Representatives.

It's a banner day for Miners in the Pacific Northwest, posted to KBC 11/15/05. Congratulations Miners!

Hitting a vein, LA Times 11/24/05

Gold miners get to work, Pioneer press 7/18/05

Karuk Lawsuit, final decision, 7/1/05 pdf file

Californians, hug a miner today, 11/16/04

Miners, NGOs square off on NEPA reform, Mineweb 5/23/05





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