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.....this is where it all began.....


 "It was absolutely superb! You captured not only the essence of the basin, but of rural America." Jeffrey Stoffer, managing editor for American Legion Magazine.

"You have captured the essence of our souls". Wilma Heiney, 2nd generation Tulelake farm family.

"It shows the wide range of emotions felt by the Tulelake homesteaders in the past century, from the joy and hope felt when World War I veterans began to build a future from scratch, to the pain and sense of betrayal felt when the U.S. government took their water away in 2001." Dan Keppen, executive director Klamath Water Users Association:


"This should be seen on  PBS!" Doris Bowen, area resident, former superintendent at the Lava Beds National Monument.

"This video tells a compelling story about people, and the communities they built. This, not the headlines and misguided accusations, is the reality of the Klamath Project. Paul Simmons, KWUA attorney.

"Great film… (it) gave me much more perspective that I originally had." Leslie Lowe, Klamath Audubon Society member.

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A Klamath Basin Experience
This 60-minute video shows a magnificent landscape, wildlife, a year of seasons and farming, with historic and family photos to tell a 100-year story.  Nationally renown photographer and filmmaker Anders Tomlinson, and Jacqui Newkirk Krizo, Tulelake homesteader's daughter, made this documentary.  Over 70 Tulelakers have participated in this project, and 16 local businesses sponsored it.  Lars Larson, Portland radio KXL talk show host, and locals Bill Quinn and Mildred Tofell, narrate the documentary.

Now on sale
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