Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Upholding rural Americans' rights to grow food,
own property, and caretake our wildlife and natural resource

Photo by Pat Ratliff - HERE for Klamath ESA dvd


112/2/03. Photo of Bush's Healthy Forest Bill Signing Ceremony


"Federal Claims Court Judge Lawrence S. Margolis has said unequivocally that the U.S. Forest Service knowingly
 used faulty data of spotted owl habitats to block logging in a California forest."

What is happening to our beautiful western state of Oregon?  Why is the unemployment rate the highest in the USA?  Why is the economy, health care, the moral, broken? Go to OREGON page.
Budget going up in smoke, Sacramento Bee September 20, 2006. "Acres burned U.S. wildland fires
2006: $8.8 million... 2006 will become the most costly year ever, exceeding the $1.27 billion spent in 2002.
Burn baby burn, World Net Daily 6/28/07. (KBC Note: Seems an appropriate explanatory article regarding recent fires, and will never be outdated.


Dead sucker fish float belly up near a river bank.

McKinney fire kills scores of fish in Klamath River, LA Times 8/10/22. “...the dissolved oxygen in the river plummeted to zero...It looks like probably everything in the river died.”

In 2002, during the Biscuit Fire, there was a fish kill on the Klamath River. At a science forum in 2004 in Klamath Falls, "Tamara Wood, USGS, studied water quality--the dissolved oxygen dynamics in UKL. She studied wind speed, temperature and oxygen. They found that in 2002 the oxygen into the lake was turned off by the weeks of heavy smoke from the forest fires." However, in 2002, the Tribes, environmental groups and government agencies have blamed Klamath farmers for the fish dieoff. That lie has been used to downsize agriculture, shut off our irrigation water, help convince FERC to allow hydroelectric dam destruction, put more than historical amounts of our stored water into Klamath River, force irrigators into making compromises of our water rights.


"Klavins (of Oregon Wild) is not telling the truth about forests or collaborative groups." Oregon Capital Chronicle commentary by Mark Webb 6/20/22 

Northern Spotted Owl
Environmental groups fail to stop Southern Oregon logging projects, Capital Press 4/7/22. "Environmental groups have failed to convince a federal judge to block two logging and fuels reduction projects on 8,000 acres of public forestland in Southern Oregon."

Judge refuses to declare Oregon state forest logging 'takes' coho salmon, Capital Press 12/24/21. "A federal judge has refused to declare that logging activities in Oregon’s Clatsop and Tillamook state forests have unlawfully harmed threatened coho salmon..."


SM CoyotetoControl2.jpg (copy)< At left, an area where both thinning and controlled burning took place before the Bootleg Fire. At right, an area where no thinning or controlled burning took place. Managing forests to reduce wildfires, Capital Press Editorial 12/2/21. KBC NOTE: an AMAZING discovery by The Nature Conservancy, Klamath Tribes, and U.S. Forest Service!

between 1994 and 2013, over 80 percent of owl habitat loss during this period was due to severe wildfire and forest disease, not timber harvest. Spotted owl populations continue to reach all-time lows, largely due to competition from the barred owl...1.7 million acres of spotted owl critical habitat is not even suitable habitat for the species. One economic study found the designation of uninhabited lands has resulted in economic losses of up to $1.2 billion to our rural economies. A unanimous 2018 U.S. Supreme Court decision found the Endangered Species Act does not authorize the government to designate lands as critical habitat unless it is in fact habitat for the species..."

USFWS overturns spotted owl habitat rollbacks, H&N 11/9/21. "The American Forest Resource Council, a group that represents wood products manufacturers and forestland owners, argues the ruling illegally designates more than 1 million acres of federal land that is not currently spotted owl habitat. Travis Joseph, AFRC president, said the designation further restricts timber harvest and tree thinning projects designed to help mitigate large wildfires that threaten the very habitat officials are trying to protect.

Democrats on the House Agriculture Committee blocked not only a firefighter pay amendment, but a fire reform package that would have reduced fire risks and reformed federal fire policy, California Representative Doug LaMalfa 9/13/21.

Wyden defends River Democracy Act in virtual town hall  Sept 3Legislation...would add nearly 4,700 miles of wild and scenic rivers across Oregon...would roughly triple the number of wild and scenic rivers in Oregon...adding up to 3 million acres of protected land...American Forest Resource Council...found that just 15% were actually labeled as “rivers,” with most being identified as streams, gulches, draws or unnamed tributaries...AFRC - wild and scenic designations would impose restrictions on forest management and actually increase wildfire risk in the protected stream corridors...The bill would create a $30 million per year fund to restore and rehabilitate riparian areas that do burn in a wildfire, Wyden said."
Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ore., said he talked with the 63 commissioners representing the 20 counties in his 69,000-square-mile congressional district; 53 commissioners oppose the River Democracy Act.

Wildfires bring renewed calls for thinning forests, CFBF Ag Alert 9/1/21. "Rather than thinning forests, he said, California thinned out sawmills and biomass plants. "In 1985, we had 150 sawmills in the state," Albrecht said. "Now we've got about 28. Half our biomass plants have been shut down. We've lost our markets. We're in a real fix right now because we have not taken action 20 to 30 years ago."

Burnt Alive cattle in Siskiyou fire by Shirl Terry Woodson 8/10/21. "Almost all are accounted for, but we won’t rest til we find the rest? I took time from the hunt to attend a usfs permitee meeting which was very good. The phot I’m posting is not one of our cows but one of our neighbor's.. yesterday Chuck spoke with a usfs fellow from Arizona. He told Chuck the group of cows found dead south of La Honda told a gruesome and heartbreaking story. The cows were pinned against a massive lava ridge. All the cows were facing towards the fire their calves were inside the circle of cows trying to protect them. How I wish those fools behind the let it burn policy could see this. Tonight when we checked at la Honda well we found no cows but a doe with two fawns was watering there. I wished I could transport them all to somewhere safer."
KBC Note: This is just one atrocity out of many...cows burned to death. With the hundred's of thousands of acres burning because we are forbidden to thin or log our forests, and can't protect trees and wildlife in the millions of acres of wilderness, all those spotted owls, eagles, butterflies, deer, antelope, coyotes, and hundreds more species, are cremated alive, running for their lives. Smoke/lack of oxygen kills fish. Communities and people die too. Check out the heap in the background.

Fish and Wildlife Service withdraws critical habitat rollbacks for spotted owlAdvocates for the timber industry argue the decision illegally restricts logging on more than 1 million acres of federal land that is not actually spotted owl habitat, and hinders the type of forest management needed to repel increasingly large wildfires...reversing the 2021 critical habitat designation will provide no conservation benefit for the species, and pointed to last year’s catastrophic wildfires that burned more than 560 square miles of suitable nesting habitat in Oregon..."

White House stands by BLM nominee despite eco-terrorism links, views on population control, Fox News 6/28/21. "The letter told the Forest Service that 500 pounds of "spikes measuring 8 to 10 inches in length" had been jammed into the trees of an Idaho forest. Tree-spiking is a dangerous ecoterrorist tactic that has severely injured people, such as a mill worker whose jaw was split in two from an exploding saw..."

Environmentalist lawsuit targets post-fire tree removal, Capital Press 5/25/21. "The project is expected to generate about 30 million board-feet of timber — enough to fill 6,000 logging trucks.." KBC NOTE: Klamath Forest Alliance is the NGO that shut down mills and logging towns for the spotted owl. They also helped found Klamath Riverkeeper, with a board of Klamath River Tribes, that has sued Klamath irrigators regarding water quality, PacifiCorp to rip out dams, and they shut down suction dredge mining.

New study: Cattle grazing significantly reduces wildfire spread, Capital Press 9/9/2020. "Recent record-shattering wildfires across California, Oregon and Washington have demonstrated the need for better fire control. Researchers say their study shows that without the 1.8 million beef cattle that graze California’s rangelands annually, the state would have hundreds to thousands of additional pounds per acre of fine fuels on the landscape, and this year’s wildfires would be even more devastating."

7/30/2020 - Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office: EVACUATION ORDER UPDATE - MEDICINE LAKE
The evacuation order for the Medicine Lake cabins has been lifted and residents may return. Please be cautious of fire apparatus on the roadways. The Medicine Lake Campground remains closed to the public and continues to be occupied with fire personnel and equipment.

Caldwell Fire grows to 70,000 acres, H&N 7/29/20. "A mandatory evacuation remained in place for the Medicine Lake Recreation Area. The Lava Beds National Monument remains closed..."

No new trial in $1 billion Oregon timber verdict, Capital Press, 3/10/2020. "A judge will not order a new trial or overrule a jury’s verdict awarding $1 billion to local governments that sued Oregon over logging restrictions on state forestlands..."

Environmentalists And Timber Industry Reach Agreement On Forests, Avoiding Oregon Ballot Fights, OPB 2/10/2020.

Oregon starts appeals of $1 billion timber verdict, OPB 12/26/19. "In November, a jury in Linn County ruled that the state breached its contract with 13 rural counties by failing to generate enough revenue through logging on state-owned forests. Jurors awarded more than $1 billion in damages..."

***Klamath dams critical to fighting wildfires, KRRC's fire management plan inadequate, by The SISKIYOU COUNTY NATURAL RESOURCES DEPARTMENT, H&N guest opinion Aug 4, 2019. "When homes and lives are at stake in a wildfire, nothing is more important than having firebreaks and a readily available water source. That’s exactly what’s provided by the reservoirs created by dams on the Klamath River... Last year, the infamous Klamathon fire, which burned over 38,000 acres over 16 days, was finally stopped by firefighters — thanks to the use of Iron Gate reservoir....Firefighting aircraft drafted 225,000 gallons of water per day. Most of it came from Iron Gate reservoir. At the peak of the fight, seventeen helicopters were engaged nonstop, sometimes dropping water as quickly as every six minutes....with the reservoirs gone, risk to firefighters’ lives will skyrocket. Not only will fires take longer to put out — which means fires will burn hotter and longer — but aircraft pilots will be forced to attempt to draw water from the river itself.... 2006, two firefighters lost their lives attempting to extract water from the river."

A tale of two wildfire bills, Medford Mail Tribune 5/15/19. Walden: more forest timber harvest and thinning to keep fires from spreading. Merkley: more money for counties, mitigation, fire fighting, collaboration,

California fire risk shows urgent need for prevention work, Chico Enterprise-Record 4/11/19. "Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on wildfires, designed to expedite forest-thinning projects and other programs..Cal Fire and the state Board of Forestry estimate 23 million acres in the state’s responsibility area could benefit from fuel reduction. And those treatments aren’t one-time efforts: they must be repeated every few years to be effective...Among the biggest complications in forest management are California’s strict environmental regulations...The reviews can take years."

Another threat to Oregon's timber industry, Capital Press 3/21/19.

PLEASE ATTEND, or COMMENT before March 12!!! Hearing Scheduled on Bill That Would Ban Forest Practices on Over a Million Acres in Oregon, OFS 3/8/19:  "On Tuesday, March 12 at 1:00 PM, the House Committee on Energy & Environment will hold a public hearing on HB 2656. HB 2656 is probably the most threatening bill to Oregon’s managed forests by banning harvest, road building, and the use of pesticides and fertilizers in forestland that supplies drinking water for public sources. Thus, locking up over a million of acres..."

Wildfire carbon emissions primary cause of possible climate doomsday scenario by Oregon Senator Dennis Linthicum, November 2018
...four California wildfires...between 1992 and 2007, released carbon dioxide at levels 19 times greater than previously accepted scientific estimates.
...each acre of burned forest emitted greenhouse gases equal to the annual exhaust from 48 cars.
...combustion emissions could have been reduced from 46.2 tons per acre to 12 tons per acre if the density of trees had been reduced from 273 per acre to the more natural density of 60 per acre."
Trump order expands logging on public land, H&N by Washington Post 1/15/19.

Wildfires amplify concerns over forest management, Capital Press 12/13/18. "There have been numerous multi-thousand acre wildfires in several western states in the past decade, the most recent being the Camp Fire in northern California that burned and destroyed the community of Paradise and killed 85 residents. 'People are taking this issue much more seriously now...They are looking in earnest at the recovery of forests after catastrophic fires and now are also talking about making forests more fire resilient.' ”


Why California burns — its forests have too many trees, by Professor Thomas M. Bonnicksen, SF Chronicle 11/12/18. "...greenhouse gas emissions from one acre of burned forest are about the same as the exhaust from 13 cars for one year...These gases stay in the atmosphere warming the climate for centuries..."
Climate Change, Forestry, and Wildfire by Dr. Thomas M. Bonnicksen, Professor Emeritu, posted to KBC 4/28/18
7 myths about forest fires by Dr. Thomas M. Bonnicksen, posted to KBC 11/16/18.

Congressman Doug LaMalfa addresses Community Meeting in Oroville regarding Camp Fire 11/12/18 by KBC News. "An informational meeting was held in Oroville this evening with local and regional elected officials and firefighters speaking to a crowd of people, many who lost everything in the Camp Fire, and most did not know if their homes burnt down."

Clear Skies with more fires around the corner, by Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum, September Newsletter 2018. "Today, we invest more time, energy, and resources fighting fires than we do proactively reducing wildfire severity and fostering forest resiliency..."

PRESS RELEASE - CA Congressman LaMalfa Urges Strong Forest Management in Final Farm Bill Conference Report 9/20/18

DOI Secretary Ryan Zinke: ‘Environmental Terrorist Groups’ Play Role in Western U.S. Wildfires, Breitbart 8/13/18. Excellent Audio of interview with Zinke in the Breitbart link. Follow above link regarding ESA, forest management, ... “We have been held hostage by these environmental terrorist groups that have not allowed public access — that have refused to allow [the] harvest of timber,” Zinke told Washington Deputy Political Editor Amanda House on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM Patriot 125. This includes as many as 80 million acres of land filled with trees that have died from beetle infections or other causes..."

Finch and Fires, by Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum 8/8/18. On wildfires and dam destruction

OSU Study: Coast Range Trout Thrive After Logging, Oregonians for Food and Shelter, News Channel 21, KTVZ 3/28/18.

'Let it burn' approach to wildfires creating a disaster for our forests, Senator Dennis Linthicum guest writer for H&N 9/10/17. "...Up until the 1980s, the average duration of wildfires was just six days. The number of distinct fires or ignitions hasn’t changed over time but wildfires, today, are much larger and last much longer. Today, the average fire lasts 52 days, or nearly two months. The Chetco Bar fire is estimated to double the 52-day average, with nearly four months of burn. Last winter was a record-setting winter for cold, snow and rain. The drought is over; our reservoirs and dams are full; rivers and streams are still flowing with snowmelt. Could it be that these extraordinary burn rates are directly related to policy and not to global warming?..."

DOI Press Release: Secretary Jewell Applauds President’s Designation of the National Monuments to Preserve Pivotal Civil Rights Sites and the First National Monument to Civil War Reconstruction; (Jewell) Also Praises President’s Expansion of Existing National Monuments Protecting Natural & Cultural Resources in California & Oregon (Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument) 1/12/17.  LINK includes Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument expansion Fact Sheet:
*" these areas represent approximately 48,000 acres of public lands – 42,349 in Oregon, and 5,275 in California."
* "... is closed to new extractive uses such as mining and oil and gas development..."
* "...prohibits all motorized and mechanized vehicle use off road."
* "...if grazing is found incompatible with protecting the objects of biological interest, the Secretary of the Interior will retire the grazing allotments pursuant to the processes of applicable law. Finally, it provides that if grazing permits or leases are relinquished by existing holders, the Secretary will not reallocate the forage available under those permits or for grazing purposes..."
* "...prohibits the commercial harvest of timber, expect when part of an authorized science-based ecological restoration project..."

1/13/17: Federal Register - Bureau of Land Management: Public Land Order No. 7859; Withdrawal of National Forest System and Bureau of Land Management Public Lands in Southwestern Oregon; SUMMARY: This order withdraws, subject to valid existing rights, approximately 5,216.18 acres of public domain and Revested Oregon and California Railroad lands and 95,805.53 acres of National Forest System lands from settlement, sale, location, and entry under the public land laws; location and entry under the United States mining laws; and operation of the mineral and geothermal leasing laws for a period of 20 years while Congress considers legislation to permanently withdraw those areas and to protect the Southwestern Oregon watershed from possible adverse effects of mineral development.

Fulfilling the Promise of The Tribal Forest Protection Act of 2004 Volume I, An Analysis by the Intertribal Timber Council in Collaboration with USDA Forest Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs, Intertribal Timber Counsel April 2013.  NOTE: When you agree to give land to tribes that they previously sold, once they have a land base, they can control adjacent land, "Under the TFPA, the Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior are authorized to enter into agreements or contracts, pursuant to tribal proposals to address hazardous conditions on Forest Service (FS) or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administered lands that border on or are adjacent to tribal trust lands or resources."
Tribal Forest Protection Act Success Stories July 2012

Energy Bill’s Hidden Provisions Undermine Western and Rural U.S. Property Owners, Western States Constitutional Rights LLC, posted 9/18/16. "Senate Bill S. 2012 (Murkowski, AK) has secretly swallowed up S. 3085 (Roberts,KS) - a Forestry Management Bill that transfers management of any national forest within 100 miles of a tribal reservation, or to any tribe with ancestral or cultural ties to a national forest.  This will give tribal governments: 1) control of all water (snowpack mountain run-off); and 2) let tribal governments determine appropriate uses of the national forests regarding hunting, fishing, trail-hiking, recreating by non-tribal citizens. When strong opposition emerged opposing numerous forestry management bills in the Senate and House that were transferring forestry management to tribal governments, Senators and Congressmen played "hide the ball" quickly last week by tucking this egregious Tribal Forestry Management provision into an Energy Bill that is close to a vote - perhaps this week or next. Call your Senators and Congressmen and raise holy hell.  This could easily transfer national forestry management to tribes for every national forest in the Western States." Elaine Willman

PRESS RELEASE - Rep. LaMalfa Urges Forest Service Chief to Accelerate Forest Management Projects, Fight Frivolous Lawsuits,  3/1/16

Our Public Lands Must Not Go Up in Smoke, by Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter posted to kbc 9/27/15. "The scope of the mismanagement of our more than 300 million acres of U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) federal lands was once again made evident by the smoke-filled August skies...According to the National Interagency Fire Center, over eight million acres had burned as of the beginning of September... Annual greenhouse gas emissions from wildfires dwarfs our nation’s emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels..."

Board postpones decision on logging buffers to cool streams, H&N 7/24/15. "...imposing buffers up to 100 feet along streams could cost timberland owners up to $227 million in land and timber values..."

Too little logging has risks, as well, H&N 6/30/15

Appeals court tosses Oregon logging ruling, H&N 6/13/15

Conservationists, loggers team up on forest health. Malheur Lumber Co. rescued by shared goal of thinning, H&N 12/28/14

Comments due 11/14/14 on salvage logging of the Westside Fires

Timber harvest growth needs to be extended to federal land, The Albany-Democrat Herald 8/19/14

ODOF "Every Acre County" -- where the feds fail, Oregon excels, by Senator Doug Whitsett 8/21/14. "The Oregon Department of Forestry was at best ineffective in asserting their fire management goals and direct attack techniques. That wildfire burned more than 90,000 acres. It burned out of control for eleven days, destroying more than 30,000 acres of privately owned forestland. Backfires and burn-outs were employed so frequently that tens of thousands of acres of forests were needlessly destroyed...more than one of the backfires threatened the lives of landowners fighting to save their own property..."

Groups sue to stop logging from 2013 fire, H&N, posted to KBC 8/9/14. "A dry lightning storm on July 26 (2013)...eventually burned across more than 75 square miles of private and federal timberlands in southern Douglas and northern Josephine counties...environmental groups have gone to court to block the plans, alleging 24 northern spotted owls are at risk."

Rainstorm helps fight wildfires. H&N 8/6/14

SPRAGUE RIVER - No time to spare. Fast-moving fire outruns Moccasin Hill residents, H&N 7/16/14. "Six homes and 14 other structures were destroyed on Sunday alone..."

State reaps most timber since 2006. Logging harvest intake tops 4 billion board feet, H&N 7/16/14.  "Oregon’s timber harvest topped 4 billion board feet last year...Oregon’s timber harvest was 9.74 billion board feet in 1972... Volume plunged in the 1990s as environmental issues led to cutbacks in logging on federal lands."

BLM...seeks public comment (by March 31st), H&N, posted to KBC 3/16/14. "The document includes four proposed alternatives that discuss such issues as timber management, forest reserves for northern spotted owls and marbled murrelet critical habit, protection for older forests and riparian reserves. The alternatives offer options that would focus on providing the most acres, for example, to species protection as opposed to timber harvests...."

History 1994: A mill that once was one of the largest in the nation has closed, H&N, posted to KBC 1/24/14

Lawsuit challenges timber sale, conservation group says environmental protocol was not strictly followed, H&N, posted to KBC 1/24/14

Oregon wildfire protection Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter  12/19/13.

Salvage logging planned on Oregon fire site. Miami Herald 11/21/13

Timber industry sues to lift shutdown ban, H&N, posted to KBC 10/22/13

There’s enough wilderness now, by Bob Boring, H&N, posted to KBC 9/1/13.

Feds to start shooting barred owls, The Westerner 7/24/13. "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Tuesday released a final environmental review of an experiment to see if killing barred owls will allow northern spotted owls to reclaim territory they’ve been driven out of over the past half-century."

Lack of forest logging to blame for fires, H&N letter to editor, posted to KBC 7/9/13. "I’m still waiting for just one environmentalist, one environmental group, or anyone else who played an active or sedentary role in stopping logging to save the spotted owl, to come forward and publicly protest the illegal marijuana grows in our national forests, national parks, and Native American Indian reservations, after it’s been proven the pesticides used on these grows are killing spotted owls and fishers."

Public meeting to address Forest vehicle travel plan May 31, H&N, posted to KBC 5/15/13. “If you cut wood, hunt, fish or even drive in the national forest you must be at this meeting, said Dave Andreatta, who is helping to organize the meeting...possible fines up to $5,000 and/ or up to six months in prison for traveling a closed road.

HERE for Forest closes 5,000 miles of roads, trails to vehicles in Winema Fremont National Forest in 2011.

Sawmill to close in Cave Junction; 85 losing jobs, H&N, posted to KBC 5/4/13. "...the number of sawmills operating in Josephine and Jackson counties dropped from 22 in 1975 to six a decade ago, and in recent years, Rough & Ready was the only sawmill in Josephine County."

County to bill feds $3.9M in taxes,  H&N, posted to KBC 5/4/13. "Payment in lieu of taxes, or PILT, was a federal program that ended this year where payments were made to timber producing counties."

Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett Legislative Update, posted to KBC 4/21/13: Oregon National Popular Vote Bill, texting while driving $2000, Sustainable award-winning 90-year-old Rough and Ready Lumber shut down by environmental activist community, meth houses, and list of bills.

Judge tells feds to study owls before selling timber, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/6/13. “Arguably, this means every timber sale in the Northwest Forest Plan area has to have an EIS...The EIS will likely come to the same conclusions, but will delay the timber project by up to a year and use up agency resources...That seems wasteful and unnecessary.”

Feds want $18 million back from timber counties, posted to KBC 4/6/13, Huffington Post. "Thirty-one members of the House this week sent a letter to the Obama administration protesting demands that they return $17.9 million in revenues that pay for schools, roads, search and rescue operations in rural counties as well as for conservation projects."

Timber industry challenges spotted owl habitat, Capital Press 3/22/13.
Who did the spotted owl studies? Former Yurok forestry director released from jail; Raymond accused of embezzling tribal funds, posted to KBC 3/7/13. "Raymond and two biologists are accused of using an elaborate system of fake invoices, false purchase requests and electronic bank transfers to embezzle more than $870,000 in federal funds from the Yurok Tribe during a three-year period of wildlife preservation studies." (these included faked spotted owl studies). For more, see Klamath Science Misconduct page
ESA Page

Oregon timber harvest on Oregon's federally owned lands, newsletter by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/10/13.

Conservation groups oppose timber sale; Proposed cut on Umpqua National Forest abuts Crater Lake National Park, H&N, posted to KBC 1/11/13. "...the D-Bug proposes to manage bark beetle outbreaks and reduce hazardous fuels in areas of high human use..."

Congressmen rip Park Service for huge Calif. blaze, Mercury News 10/25/12. "Massive wildfires cause air pollution, environmental damage and threaten people and wildlife, McClintock said. "Any squirrel fleeing a fire knows this...which leads me to the unflattering but inescapable conclusion that today our forest management policy is in the hands of people who lack the simple common sense that God gave a squirrel." McClintock said the current policy is that "we have to destroy the forest in order to save it," a notion that he described as "New Age nonsense."

Full effects of tragic (Barry Point) fire will be felt by future generations, by Lee Juillerat, Herald and News, posted to KBC Oct 24, 2012

Klamath’s largest (timber) industry could be in major trouble, H&N, posted to KBC 10/20/12 FOLLOWED BY: Senator Wyden: timber counties must consider raising taxes.

Flabbergasted by closures, H&N  letter to editor by Ray Driscoll, Chiloquin and Don Russel, Klamath Falls, posted to KBC 10/20/12.

Barry Point Fire - Extreme loss of  timber, grazing, wildlife and watershed resources, Senator Doug Whitsett 9/10/11.

Seiad is 6 hours notification for immediate evacuation, Siskiyou County Sheriff's office 8/29/12. Last update 6 pm

KBC Editor 8/27/12:
Deja Vu 2002  "Biscuit Fire" and "fish kill."
Today we could not see any distance due to smoke from forest fires
"Environmental" groups and wilderness designations forbade forest health of cleaning up the forests before 2002..
Forests, bambies and owls burned. ..see bottom of Forest and Logging Page
In a rare meeting of scientists in 2004 from many government agencies and tribes, it was mentioned that the 2002 Biscuit Fire smoke impact /oxygen level on the Klamath River and Lake was not studied regarding the fish die-off.
Looking ahead: after the Biscuit Fire, "environmental" litigation blocked harvest of the dead burnt trees, blocking thousands of jobs.

Attacks Against Rural Counties, from Dr Richard Gierak 8/20/12: Spotted Owl listing, Coho, Fish Kill, Yurok boat dance, water pulse, forestry roads,  mining,...

* Notice of Availability of SDS and Broughton Lumber Companies Safe Harbor Agreement Documents and Request for Public Comments, 8/20/12. "The Permit would authorize SDS and BLC to carry out habitat management measures to benefit the northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) which is listed as a threatened species under the federal Endangered Species Act, and would allow SDS and BLC to manage their lands under the SHA for the net benefit of the northern spotted owl;...The SHA covers approximately 81,587 acres in Skamania, Klickitat and Yakima Counties in Washington, and Hood River and Wasco Counties in Oregon. BLC’s approximately 12,400 acres and SDS’ approximately 69,186 acres are within a 35-mile radius of the SDS Lumber Company’s mills located in Bingen, Washington."
* The Yurok Grift, Questions linger in million-dollar embezzlement scheme after fugitive surrenders, North Coast Journal, posted to KBC 4/14/12. "Field had already figured out that the Mad River Biologists invoices submitted for spotted owl research were fakes...an associate at Mad River Biologists acknowledged that they hadn’t conducted the surveys in question." 
HERE for Klamath Science Misconduct page

Out Of Touch President Obama Fiddles While Tombstone, AZ Burns, Forbes, posted to KBC 8/15/12.

Stand-replacement fire: PNW forest conditions pose biggest threat to spotted owls, other species, Columbia Basin Bulletin 7/27/12

All Witnesses Agree: Litigation, Red Tape Fuel Megafires that Damage Forests, Communities, & Species, U.S. House of Representatives, Natural Resources Committee, Chairman Doc Hastings 7/24/12.

Blazing Fires Show Importance of Effective Forest Management, Congressman Wally Herger 7/16/12. "The Forest Service is spending over a billion dollars each year fighting fires. In an era of trillion dollar federal deficits, scarce taxpayer dollars could be better used if we addressed the unhealthy conditions in our national forests to help prevent catastrophic fires in the first place."

Federal judge halts eastern Idaho logging project, Capital Press 6/8/12. "A federal judge has halted a 7,000-acre eastern Idaho logging project in potential lynx habitat near Yellowstone...U.S. District Magistrate Judge Candy Dale's decision Wednesday following a lawsuit by environmental groups over the Split Creek timber harvest also affects about 390,000 additional acres in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest..."

Tombstone appeals to repair water supply, AZ Central, posted to KBC 6/23/12. "... since March 1, 2012, defendants have refused to allow Tombstone to use anything other than hand tools to restore any part of its water system,"
Forest Service grants Tombstone work permit, SV Herald 6/8/12.
Judge Denies Tombstone Water, Townhall, posted to KBC 5/22/12.

Tombstone needs our help! 21st Century Shootout at the OK Corral – Life and Death in Tombstone, Smoked Bear 5/11/12. "A few years ago, this same federal government that requested, and received, permission from Tombstone to use Tombstone’s water to fight forest fires has now shut down Tombstone’s access to its water leaving it with only minutes of water to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizen from being destroyed by fire...Their minutes of water will prove worthless in saving the lives and livelihoods of the residents of Tombstone."

There is local timber that could be cut, Bob Jensen, H&N, posted to KBC 4/15/12. "The 1990 Timber Management Plan for the Fremont-Winema National Forests called for a timber harvest of approximately 490 million board feet...this volume was never met due to legal challenges to various timber sales because of spotted owl and salmon controversies, so that today the two national forests produce approximately 50 to 60 million board feet annually."
The Yurok Grift, Questions linger in million-dollar embezzlement scheme after fugitive surrenders, North Coast Journal, posted to KBC 4/14/12. "Field had already figured out that the Mad River Biologists invoices submitted for spotted owl research were fakes...an associate at Mad River Biologists acknowledged that they hadn’t conducted the surveys in question."

Forest road closures big topic at Oregon town hall, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/14/12. "...Forest Service plan to bar most motor vehicles from about 3,600 miles of roads in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest."  "Baker City Mayor Dennis Dorrah described the plan as 'a horrible, horrible thing.' He told Merkley on Monday that road closures would make it impossible for irrigation officials to reach diversion dams."

The Yurok Grift, Questions linger in million-dollar embezzlement scheme after fugitive surrenders, North Coast Journal, posted to KBC 4/14/12. "Field had already figured out that the Mad River Biologists invoices submitted for spotted owl research were fakes...an associate at Mad River Biologists acknowledged that they hadn’t conducted the surveys in question."

Lawmakers reveal timber proposal, Plan would provide alternative to expiring federal timber payments, H&N, posted to KBC 3/1/12. "includes nearly 90,000 acres of new wilderness, 150 miles of new Wild and Scenic river..." Followed by: Aid for timber counties. Panel OKs timber bill; Bill is unlikely to have enough support in Senate: "A mandate leading to increased logging, grazing and other activities is unlikely to go far in the Senate."

Owl plan could fall to local agencies, Proposal calls for shooting barred owls, H&N, posted to KBC 3/12/12
U.S. plans to kill barred owls to save spotted owl,  San Francisco Chronicle 2/29/12. "The government set aside millions of acres of forest to protect the owl, but the bird's population continues to decline - a 40 percent slide in 25 years."  According to Siskiyou County Sheriff Lopey at Saturday's sheriff meeting in Yreka, in the early 80's there were over 22 lumber mills, and now only 2 are functional, and 65% of land in the county is public land. Endangered Species Act / ESA mandates locked up the forests to save the spotted owl. It devastated Siskiyou economy, they have one of the highest unemployment rate. KBC NOTE: Sacrificing the forest, wildlife and owls by rampant wildfires, and communities and economies, all by false science, did not save the spotted owls.
HERE and HERE about 2 esteemed spotted owl scientists.

Below conspiracy and embezzlement by Spotted Owl "Scientists"

Co-Chair of MLPA Initiative Science Advisory Team Arrested, by David Gurney Feb 25th, 2012, Indybay. "...Sean McAllister, and former Yurok Tribe forestry director Roland Raymond, conspired to falsify invoices for spotted owl research, and embezzle funds for their personal use....Mr. LeValley was a key figure in the cover-up of a whale-strike incident in October, 2009 involving an MLPA "Initiative" sonar mapping vessel off Fort Bragg, California. The arrest will undoubtedly bring up more questions as to the integrity of the science, financial practices, and public policy procedures of the totally corrupt MLPAI "Initiative" to create so-called "marine protected areas" on the California coast."

Former Yurok employee, Eureka biologists allegedly embezzle tribal funds; Del Norte DA's Office said more than $900,000 stolen, Times-Standard 2/24/12. "warrants were issued for the arrest of former Yurok Tribe Forestry Director Roland Raymond, senior biologist Ron LeValley with Mad River Biologists and associate biologist Sean McAllister with Mad River Biologists...Raymond was named director of the year in 2009, ... In addition, a book by Save the Redwoods League called “The redwood forest: history, ecology, and conservation of the coast redwoods,” lists Raymond as a contributor....alleged embezzlement is related to spotted owl research by Mad River Biologists...Co-conspirators LeValley and McAllister both work for the Eureka-based biology company...LeValley founded the company,he presently serves as treasurer of the Pacific Seabird Group, as an associate editor for Western Birds, and as California coordinator of the Pacific Coast Joint Venture." McAllister ...expertise in the field is with local threatened and endangered species, such as the Northern spotted owl."

Illegal immigrants and timber harvest deal, CFBF Friday Review of bills and laws 2/17/12

NEDC  lawsuit could shut down eleven million acres of Oregon's privately owned forest land, by Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/10/12. "Those privately owned forests create timber product sales of nearly $12 billion and support private sector payrolls in excess of $4 billion...The direct consequence of litigation concerning the allegedly endangered Northern Spotted Owl is a 90 percent reduction in timber harvest from federal lands. That near elimination of federal timber harvest has resulted in virtual cultural genocide for many timber dependent rural communities."

Timber industry files lawsuit against murrelet designation, posted to KBC 1/31/12. "Because humans almost never see the bird, the FWS seems to think it can throw a net over millions of acres of federal timber land that not only aren’t being used by the bird, but don’t even have the characteristics it is looking for when it flies inland to lay its eggs. Someone has to speak up about this violation of the limits of the ESA.”

New Forest Planning Rule Seeks to Restore the Nation’s Forests through Science and Collaboration, 1/26/12

Oregon looks at private timberlands logging rules, H&N, posted to KBC 1/11/12.  

Bipartisan plan creates jobs, helps forest, H&N, posted to KBC 1/4/12. Authors U.S. Representatives Greg Walden, Peter DeFazio and Kurt Schrader from Oregon.

Restoration of sustainable timber harvest on federal forest lands, Oregon Senator Whitsett, posted to KBC 12/29/11. "These unprecedented forest fuel loads have been the direct cause of uncontrollable wildfires that have consumed millions of acres of Oregon forest lands, and ironically, millions of acres of Northern Spotted Owl habitat."

Forest closes 5,000 miles of roads, trails to vehicles, H&N, posted to KBC 11/6/11. “We don’t have a single trail out of this,” Schenck said. "OHV enthusiasts attempted to work with forest officials this summer to develop some OHV specific trails, but nothing came from the efforts." “ We did drop the ball...” Hupp said.

Ninth Circuit decision further hamstrings Oregon's economy, Oregonian posted to KBC 10/23/11. "The Court's decision potentially creates legal paralysis threatening 120,000 forest related jobs (with payroll totaling $4 billion) and $130 million in state income and severance tax revenues that pay for vital public services. The new court ruling will not achieve its intended environmental benefits. The uncertainty could force some forest landowners to convert their forests to other uses, like commercial or residential developments..."

Oregon Forest Mismanagement, Senator Doug Whitsett 9/16/11. "...left is an area of nearly 600 square miles mostly dominated by standing, gray, dead snags...no effort has been made to salvage this timber for any use.

Contract Dispute Grounds Firefighting Planes, Human Events, posted to KBC 9/14/11. "Nearly half of the federal government’s firefighting air tankers are sitting idle at a California airport, grounded by the Obama administration in a contract dispute just weeks before wildfires swept through Texas killing a mother and her child, and destroying 100,000 acres."

Federal Management of Oregon's Forest Lands, Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 8/12/11. "federal district court ruled that the owl was threatened under the Endangered Species Act and that nearly unlimited critical habitat was required to preserve the bird from extinction...Oregon’s annual timber harvest from federal lands plummeted from 60 percent to 12 percent. Nearly 300 timber mills closed and more than 30,000 family wage jobs were lost."

My Turn: Fish, frogs and owls didn't survive the Wallow Fire, by Douglas Brown, AZ 7/16/11

PRESS RELEASE: Reps. Gosar, Flake, and Pearce Introduce Forest Health Legislation Aimed at Removing Dead and Dying Trees Following Wallow Fire, posted to KBC 7/16/11.

One owl horning in on another, H&N, posted to KBC 7/7/11. "One of the potential removal methods involves shooting the barred owls." followed by: Owl plan hinges on killing rival; Spotted owls not recovering; may be linked to barred owl. (KBC NOTE: a few decades ago the federal government poisoned suckers, killing thousands of them. Now the plan is to kill little barred owls...?)Wildfires threaten protected habitats; wolves, owls among the endangered, H&N, posted to KBC 7/7/11. "Crown fires in overgrown forests have become the greatest cause of unusual losses for the (spotted owl) birds, and 73 protected nesting areas were burned in the fire,...The burned forest supports more than a dozen other endangered or threatened species, including snails, frogs and fish. Dozens of other species live in the forest that aren’t rare, including bear, deer, antelope and a herd of elk that, at about 6,000, is among the state’s biggest."

Timber officials want more public lands harvested, H&N, posted to KBC 7/7/11. “We have a lot of dead and dying timber...In our view, (not harvesting it) is wasting a … valuable resource.”

Karuk Tribe, conservation groups win suit against US Forest Service, Indybay 6/17/11. (KBC NOTE: Same groups, same agenda, same folks are KBRA voting members with our farm leaders.)

Another smuggler corridor wildfire and the anger is flaring up, TucsonCitizen, followed by Climate Change Link to Fires Ignites Senate Committee, ClimateWire, posted to KBC 6/16/11

Judge rejects environmentalist bid to halt experiment, Capital Press 5/25/11

Help support requests to extend comment deadline for US Forest Service planning rule, posted to KBC 4/26/11

Timber company wins $6.9M, Agency failed to say the contracts would likely be targeted, Capital Press 4/14/11

Plaintiffs appeal the district court's denial of their motion for preliminary injunction to halt post-fire salvage logging in Klamath National Forest"
posted to KBC 3/29/11. (KBC NOTE: each plaintiff,
KLAMATH SISKIYOU WILDLANDS CENTER; ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION INFORMATION CENTER; KLAMATH FOREST ALLIANCE; CENTER FOR BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY" is supported by Earthjustice, supported by George Soros. They oppose salvage logging trees burnt up in a fire. Same force behind the NGO's in the KBRA.)

Ruling affirms environmental benefits of timber harvest, CFBF AgAlert, 3/2/11

New Spotted Owl Plan Would Hurt Rural Economy and Ignore Real Solutions, Forestry Groups Say, PR Newswire, posted to KBC 2/26/11

Medford and Coos Bay - BLM withdraws two timber sales, Mail Tribune, posted to KBC 2/5/11. (Another lawsuit against resource users by job-killers PCFFA / Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen, Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center, and others that are not listed. PCFFA sued against the Klamath Irrigators power rate, to enforce TMDL's/water quality mandates that can not be met, against irrigators along with Yurok tribe in 2001 water takings case claiming irrigators don't own right to water on deeds with water signed by US President, Siskiyou County groundwater management, etc etc. PCFFA is at the table with a coalition of several other environmental groups as stakeholders on the KBRA with many federal agencies and a couple farm leaders.)

Oregonians for Food and Shelter 1/26/11
DEQ Proposes Revisions for Water Quality Standards to Help Reduce Toxic Pollutants in State’s Waterways; Comment deadline has been extended to Wednesday, February 23rd
* ODA offers three new publications
* Enviro's file another suit - this one effects the entire nation, not just the Northwest.
* Timber group sues FWS over 'secret meetings' on spotted owl

A timber revival for Oregon? U.S. lawmakers pledge to open more forestland for wood production,  Agencies wait for policy revision, and, Endangered Species Act seen as obstacle, 1/22/11

On Timber Job Loss in Western Siskiyou County by Karuk Tribal member James A. Waddell, 10/26/10. "I have been trying to remember all the loggers, truckers, mill workers and related jobs lost due to hoaxes of ESA, wilderness activists and biased news and continuing failures of meetings and expeditious compromises.  916 jobs lost... that is nearly 1,000 jobs times $30,000 each equals $30 million dollars times economic dollar turnover of 8 equals 240 million dollars in economic business activity in Siskiyou County's west alone."

Oregon should reclaim federally owned forests; sixty percent of them are locked beyond reach of local management, Ben Shelton, H&N, posted to KBC 9/1/10

USFS Delays Timber Harvest After Owls Spotted In Area, OPB, posted to KBC 8/9/10

Conservation groups buy working forests, Capital Press, posted to KBC 12/30/09. (KBC Note: now that the nonprofit organizations have bankrupted the logging companies by shutting down timber harvest, the nonprofits are buying up the forests so they can log them. Also, the Klamath Tribe acquisition will include taking 92,000 acres off the tax rolls, possibly trading for National Forest Land, acquiring off-project land, building power plants since they want to tear out Klamath dams, and building a casino.)

Forest activists get win in court, Case deals with 2005 Biscuit fire protests in state, H&N, posted to KBC 10/30/09. (KBC NOTE: the protests were against harvesting the timber that would rot if it wasn't harvested)

Update on Federal Land Management: Congress Acts to Prevent Wildfire Management Funds From Going to DC Parks, U.S. Calif. Congressman Wally Herger 10/9/09

Forest Service unfair to four-wheel drive group, H&N letter to editor by Larry East Jr., posted to KBC 9/7/09
Wildlife part of roads discussion, OHV users say they are being scapegoated, H&N, posted to KBC 9/7/09

Congressman Greg Walden's Oregon Congressional Connection, Forest Health 9/2/09

Over 200,000 plants removed from Seiad Valley grow operation, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 8/25/09
From the archives:
**44,000 pot plants seized in 2005, Last year, 27,000 marijuana plants were confiscated, followed by Billion dollar pot business takes hit, Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 11/22/05
**25,151 marijuana plants confiscated in Siskiyou County, California, Pioneer Press 10/20/04. For more on local crops, go HERE. (Anyone want to guess why Klamath Forest Alliance wants to shut down our forests to logging and the public?)
HERE for more on crops

Winema-Fremont road proposal, H&N 7/31/08. "5,472 miles of roads considered maintenance level 1 will be closed to public use. 400 miles of usercreated trails and roads will be closed to public use." 

Oregon forest plan pulled, Interior secretary scraps Bush administration’s changes, H&N, posted to KBC 7/30/09

Activists block timber sale, H&N 7/7/09. " The blockade was the culmination of a nearby forest gathering of Earth First!"
For Klamath Dam Removal Earth First protest, go HERE

Preventing natural forest fires (and logging) not the greenest idea, The Dalles Chronicle, posted to KBC 6/27/09

Sacramento meeting to kick off overhaul of federal forests plan, SacBee 6/13/09, with comments to Bee. "The forest-plan makeover kicks off at a public meeting in Sacramento July 1, at which the U.S. Forest Service will launch a three-year process to revise the management plans for 14 national forests. All federal timberland from the Sequoia National Forest north to the Oregon border is involved."

(Oregon Senator) Wyden's forest-protection bill has no regard for biology, posted to KBC 5/28/09 Statesman Journal

Greg Walden to Al Gore: Come out to Oregon and see the condition of the forests, posted to KBC 4/26/09, letter and video.

Walden asks President Obama for help putting Oregonians back to work in the woods, Congressman Walden 3/30/09

PLF PRESS RELEASE: Supreme Court Is Right To Curb Lawsuits Against Sound Forest Management, posted to KBC 3/13/09

PRESS RELEASE: (U.S. Congressman from Oregon) Greg Walden helps lead bipartisan effort to reduce catastrophic wildfire, 3/10/09. HERE for AUDIO

Walden asks President Obama for help putting Oregonians back to work in the woods, Congressman Walden 3/30/09

A life in lumber, Claud Olsen, H&N, posted to KBC 2/22/09

60 laid off at local lumber mill, H&N 1/15/09. For more on Oregon go HERE.

Feds distribute timber payments for rural counties, Capital Press 1/15/09

Administration sued over owl plan, H&N 11/25/08.  

Environmental group calls logging plan a clear cut, Capital Press 10/28/08. (KBC Note: George Sexton of Klamath-Siskiyou wildlands is again trying to shut down logging where environmental law suits have kept it shut down 10 years. He sued against logging the Biscuit Fire burnt wood, derailing timber harvest plans until the wood rotted.

Wildfire suppression vs fuel reduction, Marcia Armstrong column, posted to KBC 9/26/08

Commissioners critical of federal pine beetle plan; About 340,000 acres of forest and private land are infected, H&N, posted 9/22/08.  

Major California wilderness bills (732,000 acres) advance in Congress, Capital Press 9/11/08. (More wilderness means no timber harvest or forest thinning, rampant wildfires, loss of economies dependant of timber, cremated eagles, bambies and owls. Read the following on Klamath impacts from recent wildfires:
Forests’ funds to be diverted to firefighting; Fremont-Winema will lose $1.02 million as part of national diversion, H&N, posted to KBC 9/11/08. (KBC NOTE: Environmentalists and tribes prevent forest thinning and timber harvest, then fire wipes out your forests and wildlife. You pay with money designed to prevent fires.)

Central Oregon Ranch Owners Blame Forest Service For Fire, OPB News, posted to KBC 8/27/08. " The Forest Service was following a new policy that allowed the fire to burn as part of a forest management plan...If I'd burned garbage on our ranch, and it had spread to the forest, I'd be in prison."

Ore. governor responds to pine beetle devastation, Capital Press, posted 8/22/08. "..an insect infestation that has decimated more than 300,000 acres of pine trees in Southern Oregon."

Groups file suit over logging, H&N, posted to KBC 8/23/08
Administration cuts spotted owl habitat, H&N, posted to KBC 8/23/08. "...habitat lost to logging and wildfire and an invasion of its habitat by the barred owl."

Lava Beds Fire at 6,900 acres, H&N 8/20/08

Wildfire closes Lava Beds; 3,000-acre fire burning near Captain Jack’s Stronghold, Herald and News 8/19/08, by Megan Doyle. "Lightning strikes started dozens of fires Sunday and closed the Lava Beds National Monument. A wildfire at Lava Beds near Captain Jack’s Stronghold had grown to 3,000 acres by Monday evening and jumped roads, heading for Forest Service and private lands on Sheepy Ridge, officials said. The park closed at 6 p.m. and visitors and staff were evacuated due to erratic fire behavior, said acting superintendent Alicia Watson. Electricity at the park also was shut off Monday." (KBC NOTE: We took this photo June 8th near Cpt Jack's Stronghold. According to a Park Service employee, they cut down all the Juniper Trees in the area because they saw an old photo with no trees and decided they wanted it to look 'natural.' Our 85-yr-old neighbor had asked if he could get the wood for firewood and they said 'no.' Later they called him back and said he could get the wood if he would give it to a Sr. Citizen's group!

So, in this lightning storm, the trees ignited and spread rapidly in the wind, threatening thousands of acres of private land and grain fields. The fire destroyed the wood, habitat for hundreds of birds, and shade for herds of deer and antelope. Today it is charred and the wildlife is fried. A random rainstorm last night put out most of the fires.)

< after the fire

Firefighting rejected in sacred areas, Washington Times, 8/17/08


Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong and environmental activist Felice Pace exchange opinions on forest taxation act 8/11/08

California Congressman Wally Herger letter to the Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) to expedite salvage logging process under emergency provisions, 8/7/08.
Happy Camp, Scott Valley/Salmon River salvage logging, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor 8/7/08

Fire still smoking in Medicine Lake area, 8/7/08 H&N. (KBC Note-the Medicine Lake area is thick with dense dry dead wood, some diseased. It is unthinned, so when fire strikes, bunnies, bambies, eagle nests, bluebirds, and baby owls are cremated. Way to go, animal lovers!)
Wildfires growing bigger, fiercer, LA TIMES 8/7/08

Logging would help health of forests, H&N, posted to KBC 8/4/08

330,000 acres of trees prey to beetles, H&N 7/23/08. "In areas where the infestation has been recurring, he said virtually all the trees have died..." "Because of its wilderness designation, no action can be done in the Gearhart." "Gearhart Mountain Wilderness Area covers 22,823 acres in the Fremont-Winema National Forests northeast of Bly." "203,029 are under federal management,...Officials had no estimates on the value of commercial timber lost to infestation."

Forest Service explains its 'let it burn' policy, SacBee 7/19/08. (KBC NOTE: yes, gov't agencies, with tribes and enviros, created wilderness areas 'for the wildlife', which decimated the timber industry/communities/economies. The uncontrolled fires leave "that much less fuel for future, more catastrophic and expensive fires...without overwhelming the public with smoke and destroying homes."  All the bambies and spotted owls are cremated. Central CA people were forced to stay indoors or wear gas masks. Even some people in the Klamath Basin were forced to stay inside because of the air pollution from the Forest Service 'let it burn' agenda. Global warming experts blame cow burps?)

PRESS RELEASE: House passes Walden-backed wildfire fund bill, 7/9/08

9th Circuit: Judges shouldn't act as scientists, Capital Press, posted 7/9/08

(Oregon) Timber payments hit snag, H&N 6/5/08

Agreement reached in fierce timber battle, Herald and News 6/2/08.  

Judge angrily scolds court, and it responds, 9th Circuit case - Sen. Gordon Smith's brother sparks a rare review of a timber sale ruling that he said went much too far, Oregonian, posted to KBC 3/11/08.  

2008 Tongass Management Plan Announcement, 1/25/08. "The 2008 Amendment to the Tongass Plan designates almost 90 percent of the 17 million-acre Tongass National Forest as wilderness, scenic viewshed, or recreation area – off limits to economic development.  Less than 10 percent of the Tongass will be made available for timber harvest."

Last timber payment received, H&N 1/5/08

OREGON - Counties plan for (timber) funding loss, H&N 12/22/07. (KBC NOTE: yes, Oregon democrats have curtailed timber and much resource use with wildland designations and environmental laws, and now they demand federal compensation for the communities they have decimated.)

Timber funds not in bill, H&N, posted to KBC 12/17/07
Loss of funds likely to put a lot of lives at risk, H&N, posted to KBC 12/17/07

Rule blocked on logging, burning in national forests, H&N, posted to KBC 12/12/07

Administration drops logging plan, Won't pursue effort to ease salmon protections on national forest land. H&N 11/21/07

Oregon seizures of marijuana double in 2007, H&N, posted to KBC 11/8/07. Scroll toward bottom of CROP page for N California pot crops in forests
shut down to logging by and for the growers.

TPZ protest draws crowd, Eureka Reporter, posted to KBC 11/4/07

Editorial: Fire is a part of California; state must prepare, SacBee 10/28/07. "bring environmental leaders and fire officials together on ways to manage brush and dead trees through thinning and prescribed burns."

Latest S. Cal fire comments from Palm Springs: "The democrats are blaming Bush for the fires and global warming. However the Sierra Club and other environmental groups caused many of the forests to go un-thinned for more than 60 years, fueling this firestorm and loss of life."

Ranking Member Rob Bishop’s Statement On Today’s Markup Of “Public Land Communities Transition Act Of 2007”, Natural Resources Committee 9/26/07. "These counties deserve their land back, but until that happens, they at least deserve some compensation for it."
, Bill Offering Financial Assistance To Rural Communities Harmed By Clinton Forest Policies Approved By House Natural Resources Committee, 9/26/97, Natural Resources Committee September 26, 2007

For Struggling Tribe, Dark Side to a Windfall, NY Times, 9/2/07. "...the Yurok people have already hit the jackpot. This spring, the Department of the Interior paid the tribe $92.6 million in logging proceeds, a figure roughly six times the tribe’s annual budget."

(Paisley, OR) Timber harvest project is intended to reduce fires and diseases, H&N 8/31/07

Thorn meeting's worth our time, Blue Mountain Eagle, posted to KBC 08-21-07, "A major employer in Grant County has closed its doors for lack of timber and a declining lumber market. There will be many men and women and their families directly affected by this, but Mr. Riverwind (Sierry Club) feels that the meeting would be a waste of his time."

Ruling a blow to salvage logging, H&N, posted to KBC 7/27/07. (KBC note: it's a sad sad day as those such as George Sexton would destroy the American infrastructure, towns, economies, people, for the agenda of an untouched earth. Oregon won't allow timber harvest when the trees, and little owls and bambies, are already dead and burnt. Congratulations George.) See Forest Page for more.

Timber fight pits judge vs. judges, 9th U.S. Circuit - Sen. Smith's brother blasts decisions, then faces blowback, Oregonian 7/25/07. "In an unusually blunt and wide-ranging opinion on a lawsuit over a small Idaho timber sale, Milan D. Smith Jr. blamed his own court for taking the law too far and causing much of "the decimation of the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest" and the loss of legions of timber jobs."

USGS 7/23/07, "Wildland fires in the western United States are wreaking havoc on the people, plants and wildlife in their way. As of July 13, more than 50 thousand fires had burned 2,832,759 acres in 2007.  This area burned is 20 percent more than the 10-year average (1997-2007) for the same date. For details, go to the National Interagency Fire Center Web site http://www.nifc.gov/fire_info/nfn.htm)."

Failure to clear brush aided (Tahoe) fire, officials say, Sacramento Bee 6/27/07. "In order to remove a tree with a diameter of more than 6 inches, homeowners need a permit. But many are reluctant to apply because they think TRPA will inspect their properties and find a reason to fine them, some fire officials say...People are scared to death to do anything on their own property because they are afraid of retribution; it's created this huge paralysis..."

(California) timber harvest continues its decline, Sacramento Bee, posted to KBC 6/27/07 "California's timber harvest dropped 5.4 percent in 2006 to 1.63 billion board-feet, the second-lowest level since 1936.."

The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors passed the following Resolution concerning the unmanaged state of our local National Forests and the fire threat they pose to our local communities, from Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor (April 07)

Lake Tahoe fire could have been prevented -- Greenwire 6/26/07. "Public opposition to mechanical thinning of forests at risk for wildfires contributed to the Lake Tahoe fire that has scorched 2,500 acres, proponents of the Bush administration's Healthy Forests Initiative said today."

Environmental Justice by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor 6/22/07. "the county has lost more than 80% of our logging jobs since 1989, (from 951 jobs in 1989, to 331 in 1995, to 186 in 2004...We have seen the closure of several large sawmills mills such as High Ridge and, most recently, the Cal. Cedar Products mill in McCloud, accompanied by a loss of jobs in the mills. Only Roseberg Forest Products and Timber Products remain."

Timber cuts in spotted owl habitat proposed, H&N, posted to KBC 6/15/07

The wrong owl is winning the fight, so the feds plan to take a hand - and a gun, The Daily Courier, Grants Pass, posted to KBC 6/10/07. "FWS unveiled last week plans for spotted owl recovery that include shooting 216-576 barred owls in 18 "study areas." Implementing all of its plans would take $198 million and 30 years, the department estimates...why should the FWS - or any human, for that matter - take sides in an owl brawl and thus interfere with natural selection?...

Cousins of threatened owls may be thinned out; Plan calls for shooting spotted owl's cousin, H&N, posted 4/30/07

Forest Management Testimony, Herald and News 4/28/07,  "Helms added harvesting restrictions in U.S.  forests are creating damaging harvesting practices elsewhere in the world to satisfy demand."

OREGON - Lack of timber money closes Jackson County libraries, H&N posted to KBC 4/8/07. (KBC NOTE: Has it occurred to Oregonians that when they protest timber harvest, even of aging rotting dead trees, and create more "wilderness" where they aren't allowed to harvest even burnt or dead trees, there is no income from timber? The federal government may not be able to subsidize Oregon forever when they eliminate resource users from the economy.) More on Oregon go HERE

A loss of federal timber receipts is leading to budget trouble, 4/1/07 Herald and News (KBC note: It is interesting that the Oregon Governor Wyden who is trying to get federal funds to offset loss from lack of timber harvest has been instrumental in curtailing timber harvest, even in burned and rotting areas)

Forest Service Land Management Litigation 1989–2002, published 2006. "The land management decisions of the USDA Forest Service have been challenged and appealed frequently in federal court, and the agency believes such litigation constrains its professional expertise and frustrates effective forest management." ARTICLE: First-Ever Study Shows Complete Picture of Forest Service Litigation  

Loss of timber receipts hits city, H&N posted 3/31/07. "Road budget would see $709,000 cut"...."The Klamath sheriffs office could lose $645,382."

FORESTS: Judge forbids Forest Service from using 2005 planning regs, E&E News 3/30/07

Klamath man recalls the spotted owl's ‘heyday', H&N 3/19/07.  

Siskiyou Forest Budget  Parts 1 &2, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5 3/17/07 "...we are receiving $250,000 rather than $4 million."

NEDC Claims Dismissed regarding timber industry and road permits, OFS 3/6/07

A government lie with a purpose, by James Beers 3/2/07, a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist. "Today we see radicals, bureaucrats, and politicians falling over each other to stop all forest management and logging on public and private (Spotted Owls or extinct Ivory-billed Woodpeckers or Red-cockaded Woodpeckers anyone?) lands."

Court Ruling Protects Salmon and Clean Water from Harmful Logging, Earthjustice 4/4/07. (KBC NOTE: Enviros and PCFFA harm forests and timber communities again.)

Forest Service Land Management Litigation 1989–2002, published 2006. "The land management decisions of the USDA Forest Service have been challenged and appealed frequently in federal court, and the agency believes such litigation constrains its professional expertise and frustrates effective forest management." ARTICLE: First-Ever Study Shows Complete Picture of Forest Service Litigation

Karuk funded for ‘path to prosperity’, Siskiyou Daily News, posted 2/19/07. (KBC NOTE: THIS is an example of a community devastated by destruction of logging communities by so-called Endangered Species concerns. Later is was discovered more owl are killed by fire than logging.)

Owl ruling halts logging, Herald and News 2/18/07. (KBC NOTE: They do not take into consideration how many owls are fried during wildfires on unhealthy forests)

Brucker-Monkey Pot Raid, A ton of pot hauled out of Salmon River, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 12/3/06, (KBC note: Petey Brucker and Felice Pace, both from the East Coast, came to Siskiyou County and formed the Klamath Forest Alliance. KFA was instrumental in shutting down most of the timber harvest (and local economies) in Siskiyou County, keeping people out of the forest. He counts the salmon, the count that was instrumental in shutting down the coastal fishery this summer. He is Program Director of the Salmon River Restoration Council, Sawyers Bar, CA, and instrumental in films and efforts to remove the Klamath River dams. KFA bought www.klamathbasincrisis.COM and .NET, diverting lost KBC viewers to their anti-farm website. It was his daughter Allegra who was arrested for growing 2000# of pot in his neighborhood.)

Court: BLM Violated Rodent's Protection, Washington Post, posted 11/20/06 (wildlands project shuts down more timber harvest)

Timber sale moves forward, posted to KBC 11/6/06.  HERE for Oregon Page.

Audit faults forest program controls, Star Tribune, posted to KBC 10/25/06

PRESS RELEASE: Subcommittee field hearing in Pacific Northwest reaffirms need for FERRA, Forest restoration 10/5/06, Followed by Congressman Walden press release.

Forest’s timber sales still falling, Herald and News 11/6/06

GAO blames govt. for (Biscuit Fire) logging losses, SacBee 10/4/06.

***Hilltop Logging (logging on Fruit Grower's [Sunkist] land outside of Hilt, CA) had every piece of equipment destroyed by ELF over the weekend, fuel contaminated, etc.  This put eleven families out of work  The investigation in ongoing. 10/2/06

Just what is wilderness anyway? by Pat Ratliff, Pioneer Press September 27, 2006. "In places 80 and 90 percent of the trees were dead. Bark off, grey in color, the forest was a catastrophe waiting to happen."

In our forests, shut off by enviros to human use and logging, is found Tons of pot, FBI and Sheriff take $125 million from Mexican drug cartels Massive law enforcement operation pulls out six tons of Mexican greenbud, by Daniel Webster, Pioneer Press Publisher, posted 9/21/06

Scream Felice, Scream, Pioneer Press 9/22/06

The Tip of the Green Spear, The Economic Ruin of the Klamath and Its Tributaries a future “Model” for American Industry,, by John Martinez, Happy Camp, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 9/20/06m republished from Sept 24 2003 {KBC note: the drug cartels and pot growers have been found within the forest lands, those very lands that the enviros are trying to keep all humans out of. }

Federal judge reinstates Clinton-era roadless rules, H&N 9/20/06

Budget going up in smoke, Sacramento Bee, posted September 20, 2006. "Acres burned U.S. wildland fires
2006: $8.8 million acres... 2006 will become the most costly year ever, exceeding the $1.27 billion spent in 2002.
" "A blank-check budgeting process prompts Forest Service managers to throw money at fires but neglect the thinning projects that reduce their size, ferocity and cost."
Followed by: Acreage burned is highest in 45 years

Action Alert: Bush Administration Removing Recreation From Forests; Historic CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Camp To Be Burned By Forest Service - families to be ejected, 9/20/06.

Wildfire's long-term effect on fish unknown, Billings Gazette, posted to KBC 9/18/06. (Question from KBC to any fish scientist: Were there any studies done in 2002 regarding the Biscuit fire's effect on the Klamath River and tributaries and the fish die-off?)

PRESS RELEASE: Doolittle to Tour Ralston Fire Saturday, Requests Emergency Funds to Prevent Further Damage After Fire, 9/13/06. (KBC NOTE: This is the 4th year after the Biscuit Fire in Oregon where environmentalists and the Governor have blocked restoration of the burned area and blocked harvest of the dead charred trees. Thus, loggers went unemployed, mills have shut down, and the wood rotted. Oregon is amongst the highest unemployment rates in the nation. This year coastal salmon fishing was curtailed. Klamath Basin farmers were forced to forgo 100,000 acre feet of irrigation water again, even though the Klamath River and tributaries flooded. Welcome to the Klamath River Basin where enviros and gov't agencies have decimated the economies of American resource users.)

Forestry experts warn against following path of Southwest, The Missoulian, 9/18/06

Dooming woods and wildlife, Washington Times commentary, 9/17/06

Federal court weighs legality of Bush's Forest Service road plan, Mercury News, posted to KBC 8/16/06.  

Meeting on Bush enviro proposal draws disparate views, Seattlepi.com 8/10/06 "Washington state Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda contended that restrictions on logging were partly to blame for forest fires in his district. He also noted that efforts to open a gold mine in Okanogan County had bogged down for years because of environmental concerns...."

Logging starts on first timber sale in roadless area, Herald and News 8/7/06. "The area had burned in the 2002 Biscuit fire" (KBC note: After hundreds of thousands of dollars battling environmentalists' lawsuits, timber companies are finally being allowed to harvest a fraction of the old burnt trees, however OR Gov. Kulongoski and enviros are protesting.  

Legality of Forest Service road plan questioned, Monterey Herald, posted 8/3/06

PRESS RELEASE: GAO report reveals strong need for post-fire management, restoration in America's forests, KTVZ 7/31/06

PRESS RELEASE: Walden statement on today's subcommittee hearing on implementation of the Healthy Forests Restoration Act 6/29/06.

Federal court weighs legality of Bush's Forest Service road plan, Mercury News, posted to KBC 8/16/06.

Ridin' Point - a weekly column published in the Pioneer Press by Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5 Marcia Armstrong. Workshop on National Forest and local economics, posted to KBC 7/31/06

Timber companies get thanks from STEP Over $1 million in Chinook habitat available, Coos Bay World 6/17/06

PRESS RELEASE: Walden statement on Journal of Forestry Report showing forest service's strong litigation success rate, posted to KBC 6/15/06, Study finds judges have ruled in favor of Forest Service in nearly three-quarters of lawsuits filed against them

Commentary: Forestry may hold key to spotted owl's existence, CFBF 6/14/06.

Forest Service Auctions Burned Timber, Kulongoski seeks court order to block the harvest, Washington Post, posted to KBC 6/12/06. "A timber company paid $300,052 for the right to log 261 acres of standing dead timber that was burned in a 2002 fire in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest...The blaze burned through roughly 500,000 acres in the rugged Klamath Mountains of southwestern Oregon."

 Forest Service Head Says Biscuit Salvage Sale Will Happen, OPB, posted to KBC 6/10/06. "Mark Rey: "So this is a case where a good faith negotiation failed. The plaintiffs thought they could prevail in stopping virtually all harvesting in both the roadless and most of the roaded areas and that's not what the courts decided."
(FOLLOWED BY: Environmental Groups Sue To Stop Biscuit Salvage Sale)

Timber Salmon plan gets federal go-ahead, Seattle Times, posted to KBC 6/7/06

Trees offered from Biscuit fire, Herald and News 6/5/06. "The U.S. Forest Service on Friday proposed a salvage timber sale in a roadless area hit by the 2002 Biscuit fire. Much timber was damaged in the fire, the nation's largest wildfire of the year, and is considered in deteriorating shape. Timber industry executives have said 2006 is likely the last year any of it could be harvested profitably."

Silent Springs, by Rudy Hiley, June 1, 2006. "It really struck me when we got out of the car at my folk’s place; the mill sounds were all but gone...No, there hadn’t been a plague, or a title wave, or a war, it wasn’t a holiday, there were no celebrity visitors in town; the simple fact was that a vital industry had been flattened by a bird; a Spotted Owl...regardless of whether or not the bird was really endangered..."

PRESS RELEASE: Listing of California Spotted Owl not warranted, 5/24/06

House of Representatives Overwhelmingly Approves Bipartisan Forest Emergency Recovery & Research Act, Walden, Baird's common-sense land management legislation to help restore forest health, enhance research now heads to the Senate 5/17/06

PRESS RELEASE: House of Representatives to Consider Bipartisan Forest Emergency Recovery & Research Act Tomorrow AM. House Rules Committee approves legislation for Floor debate as more groups express their strong support for H.R. 4200. 5/16/06 Congressmen Greg Walden
H.R. 4200 Fact vs Fiction, pdf file.
Congressman Walden's website at www.walden.house.gov includes extensive information, editorials, and organizational support for this bill. 

 Timber firms still seeking Biscuit fire logs, H&N, posted to KBC 4/17/06 "The Biscuit was the nation's largest fire in 2002. It spread over an area covering some 500,000 acres. It burned in a mosaic pattern, leaving roughly 100,000 acres largely unburned. The agency decided to salvage 370 million board feet, but less than 60 million has been cut."
Invasion - The Mexican border has moved 800 miles north, The Town Cryer 4/14/06

Please note the huge holes dug to plant. The land is scraped of any natural vegetation. Water is piped in from the natural watershed. Chemicals are spread over hundreds of acres. The trees are skinned with only a canopy left for cover. Remember, US citizens aren't allowed to touch anything in our National Forests.

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Statement on House Agriculture Committee Passage of Forest Recovery Legislation, 4/5/06

FORESTS: House Resources panel OKs salvage legislation, host of bills, E&E Daily, posted to KBC 3/30/06

PRESS RELEASE: House Committee Overwhelmingly Approves Bipartisan Forest Health, Research Legislation, House Committee on Resources votes 25-13 to advance Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act introduced by Walden, Baird, Herseth, 3/29/06.  

Smith Releases Progress Report on Biscuit Fire Recovery, Nearly $140 million in timber value may be lost along with hopes of reforestation, posted 3/19/06. "The Forest Service cited lawsuits as a primary factor in timber loss and stated that lack of funds generated through salvage have caused delays and reductions in reforestation, habitat restoration, and fuel treatments."

Responses to Questions asked by the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations concerning the Biscuit Fire in Southern Oregon, posted to KBC 3/19/06, Word doc    

PRESS RELEASE: House Panel to Consider Walden-Baird's Bipartisan Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act, 3/14/06

Judge clears last barrier to Biscuit fire salvage, Herald and News, AP 2/23/06

Judge To Greens: Show Me The Green, High Country News, posted to KBC 2/9/06.

PRESS RELEASE: Udall Requests Hearing in House Forestry Panel on Recently Published Study; Walden Responds Affirmatively; Forests & Forest Health Subcommittee to hold hearing on recent OSU research, 2/8/06

Budget cuts timber payments, H&N 2/7/06

Letter from Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28, 1/31/06 "Our local economy, and the management of our federal forest lands are closely related.  We in District 28 should be especially concerned because the federal government owns well more than half of our entire district. Decades of failed government management has caused our forest health to be severely degraded."

Support for Walden's Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act Continues to Grow, Central, southern and eastern Oregon counties pass resolutions endorsing H.R. 4200, January 12, 2006  

PRESS RELEASE: Support Continues to Grow for Walden's Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act 12/2/05, Congressman Walden's office

Smith introduces Senate bill on salvage logging, WashingtonPi 11/28/05

PRESS RELEASE: Former Oregon State Forester Endorses Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act, posted to KBC 11/15/05

PRESS RELEASE: Carpenters' Union, Cattlemen's Association Announce Support of Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act, 11/10/05.

PRESS RELEASE: Northwest Newspapers Endorse Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act's Common Sense Approach to Forest Management. Walden to hold hearing on forest recovery legislation this Thursday in House Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health, 11/8/05

Congressman Walden Introduces The Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act (HR 4200) 11/03/05. Includes summary and pdf information packet including  the Act. 11/3/05

PRESS RELEASE: Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act Expedites Cleanup, Removal, Restoration, Congressman Greg Walden 11/3/05

Forests suddenly off-limits to pickers, Register Guard, posted to KBC 10/18/05 "Oregon's wild-mushroom industry is worth between $10 million and $100 million annually, said David Pilz, a forest mycologist at Oregon State University."
Go HERE for more on Oregon's economic demise.

State of Agriculture in Siskiyou County 2004, Crop, livestock and timber values by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor, Pioneer Press Sept 21, 2005 edition

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Legislation Benefiting Oregon's Youth, Forests Passes House Resources Committee Bipartisan legislation provides education, vocational training for Oregon's youth through work in federal forests 9/22/05

Logging is back on BLM lands, H&N posted to KBC 9/20/05

Speed up process of salvage logging, Herald and News, posted to KBC 9/6/05

PRESS RELEASE: Congressional Hearing on Wildfires, Forest Management, House Committee on Resources posted to KBC August 25, 2005 "I hope to provide the tools to public land managers, enabling them to recover forests more quickly after a catastrophic event and to protect communities, water, and wildlife. As a native Oregonian, I like our forests green, not black."

 PFT Acquires Monumental Forestlands 8/21/05. "2,000 Acres in Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Now Protected. The Pacific Forest Trust is pleased to announce the acquisition of almost 2,000 acres of private forestlands within the planning boundaries of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument (CSNM). With these first acquisitions, we have officially launched our Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Campaign to Complete the Vision." (It is a tragedy that the city dwellers can decide to lock up our forests from timber harvest and recreation. Where are they when we have devastating wildfires that can not be controlled because of their demands? KBC).

Judge strikes down forest plan change, H&N 8/3/05  (So the burnt and diseased forests will continue to rot and burn, and spotted owls and wildlife will keep getting burned up. And they call themselves 'environmentalists'!? KBC)

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Backs Key Biomass Provisions in Energy Act Benefiting Forests, Environment, posted to KBC 7/31/05

Wildfires hurt (spotted) owl numbers July 7, 2005 H&N. For more on our forests go HERE.

PRESS RELEASE: US Forest Service: Timber Sales Tied Up In Litigation posted to KBC 7/1/05

Wildfires out of control and the pricetags:

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Re-Introduces Bipartisan Legislation Benefiting Oregon's Youth, Forests 6/14/05

Coho costs timber company $10 million-- Public has lost vehicle access to local trailheads, Pioneer Press 6/2/05

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Holds Forestry Subcommittee Hearing on Utilization of Woody Biomass posted to KBC 5/28/05

PRESS RELEASE: House Resources Committee Unanimously Approves Bipartisan Walden LegislationPanel passes bill to reauthorize critical 'county payments' legislation; law provided Klamath, Lake counties with nearly $25 million in 2004, 5/18/05

PRESS RELEASE: GAO Report Finds Wildfire, Infestation, Disease Outbreak Have Led to Increased Need for Reforestation in National Forests 4/27/05

NEWS RELEASE: Healthy Forests received increase in funding, Congressman Walden's office 3/10/05

PRESS RELEASE: President's FY06 Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management Budget Analyzed   3/9/05, Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health

AuCoin Appointment Re-ignites Timber War, Senate Republican Office 3/8/05

PRESS RELEASE:  Forestry Subcommittee Reveals Sound Progress of Healthy Forests Restoration Act. Independent report concludes Congress has given USFS, BLM authorities necessary for healthy forest management; much work still remains. Congressman Walden's Office 2/18/05

Logging challenged along Klamath River tributary, signonsandiego.com 2/15/05 Ashlands George Sexton, Klamath-Siskiyou wildlands center, continues to advocate no timber harvest. On 8/2/04, "'Indeed Biscuit could be a landmark battle for the future of Northwest forests. "Turning native forests into fiber farms is like a religion to these guys,' Sexton contends." (Biscuit fire burned up thousands of acres, and Sexton has advocated that even these dead, burned trees should rot before anyone should, heaven forbid, LOG them and salvage what's left. He'd rather see spotted owls and bambies BURN! KBC)

PRESS RELEASE: GAO Report Concludes Healthy Forests Restoration Act Beneficial to Nation’s Forests; Additional Fuels Reduction Needed for Long-Term Success, 2/15/05

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Calls on House Budget Chairman to Again Plan for Fire Costs 1/31/05. “We still have 190 million acres of federal lands subject to catastrophic fire, bug infestation and disease, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of acres that are at risk to re-burn with an even greater vengeance if their desperate need of restoration following a previous catastrophic event is not met,” said Walden who co-wrote the Healthy Forest Restoration Act."

Loggers Going Into Ore. Old Growth Reserve, ABCnews.go.com 1/31/05. "We really don't want to have a big fight over this," said West. "It's dead, burned timber. It's going to create jobs. We are hiring, hopefully, as many local people as we can. It will add to the truck and fuel business, be good for mills."

$3 million budget crunch continues to hit Klamath National Forest, Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press 1/21/05.

Governor Criticizes Forest and Fish Policies, publicbroadcasting.net 1/11/05

Walden seeking timber safety net (01/09/05) Roseburg News Review
Lumbering to gain ground, Oregonian 1/09/05

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Delivers Address at National Conference Celebrating Centennial of Forest Service,  Remarks outline plans for House Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health during 109th session of Congress, 1/5/04.

Gilchrist mill's new owner upbeat, H&N 1/3/05.

PRESS RELEASE: Forest Service Issues New Regulations, Committee on Resources 12/22/04

Boom: Logging begins anew
H&N posted to KBC 12/21/04  "..several environmental groups are attempting to stop cutting, which they claim is overharvesting burned areas ...Requirements vary, but at least 15 percent of the standing timber must be left...Trees with any green needles, even if they are dying, cannot be harvested.

Malheur National Forest salvage sale, H&N posted to KBC 12/12/04. "In July 2002, the High Roberts fire burned nearly 13,535 acres of the 388,000-acre Malheur National Forest."  "..he issued an injunction ordering a halt to a U.S. Forest Service plan to log over 200 acres of old-growth trees in an area of the Malheur National Forest burned in the 2002 High  Roberts fire."
 (Why does Oregon have the highest unemployment in the nation?--KBC)

PRESS RELEASE: Committee on Resources, Forest Service Chief Upholds Final Plan for the Sierra Nevada Forests 11/18/04 "In Arizona the Rodeo fire torched over 100,000 acres of habitat for the endangered Mexican spotted owl, in Oregon the Biscuit fire decimated over 80,000 acres of endangered Northern spotted owl habitat, and in Colorado the Hayman fire pushed 8 endangered species even closer to disappearance due to habitat loss."

Bush ready to reshape federal forests, Oregonian 11/18/04. "Cutting mature forests is not the reason these species are still at risk," West said. "Science doesn't support the assumption that the spotted owl and marbled murrelet are dependent on large tracts of untouched old growth."

US Fish and Wildlife Service Northern Spotted Owl Still Threatened Despite Progress in Addressing Habitat Needs, 11/18/04 "uncharacteristic wildfires appear to be removing habitat at an increasing rate."

Timber industry expects no change for northern spotted owl, Seattle Times 11/17/04 . "Let's do what we need to do to protect the species based on the true risk, not some flawed notion they are solely dependent on old growth." "Wildfires have wiped out large areas of spotted-owl habitat." {FOR THE THOUSANDS OF TIMBER WORKERS, MILLS AND TOWNS THAT WERE DECIMATED IN THE GUISE OF 'SPOTTED OWL PROTECTION', WHAT THIS ARTICLE ESSENTIALLY SAYS IS, REGARDLESS OF WIPING OUT YOUR JOBS, FORESTS TO WILDFIRE, COMMUNITIES, SCHOOLS, AND ECONOMY, OWLS STILL ARE DECLINING. WILDFIRES HAVE WIPED THEM OUT. WE DESTROYED YOUR LIVES, THE OWLS AND THE FORESTS FOR NO SCIENTIFIC REASON!!!}

Democrats, Greens Aim to Overturn Bush Forest Plan, enn.com 11/17/04

Comments to Forest Service re: roadless areas 11/15/04

"Scorched-earth policy" continues, by Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 11/4/04

Defenders of Wildlife lawsuit challenges the Bush administration's decision to drop wildlife protection in national forests, 10/26/04, ems.org. (I'll bet they'd have a hard time convincing the millions of wildlife burned up in recent forest fires that managed timber harvest is bad for wildlife--KBC)

Judge blocks Klamath logging plan, The Oregonian posted to KBC 10/17/04.

Ensuring Healthy Forests, Department of the Interior writer 10/13/04.

Protesters try to block Biscuit salvage logging, The Oregonian briefs posted to KBC 10/6/04. "Protesters in Southern Oregon tried to block the harvest of the first trees burned in the 2002 Biscuit fire..."
Delay catastrophic for Biscuit, The Oregonian letter to the editor 10/6/04.

PRESS RELEASE: Congressmen Doolittle, Herger, House Agriculture Chairman Bob Goodlatte Blast Radical Environmentalists, 9/30/04. "It's clear that these so called 'environmentalists' are intent on turning our communities into charred shrines to their cause," stated local Representative John T. Doolittle.  "The obstructionists who filed this baseless lawsuit are inviting destruction on the very forests they claim to protect.  In order to return our forests to a healthy state we need to expedite these forest restoration projects and not allow these radical eco-marxists to hijack the process."

Jeld-Wen bid wins tree farm, H&N 9/24/04

PRESS RELEASE: Smith Introduces Legislation to Speed Biscuit Fire Salvage and Replanting Amendment Would End Lawsuits and Allow Reforestation, 9/13/04

Salmon-protection plan upheld, Statesmans Journal 9/9/04. “ 'We aren’t going to be able to reach a goal of 222 million board feet a year on the Tillamook (state forest),' Tillamook County Commissioner Paul Hanneman said. Opponents of the plan said there is no scientific evidence that the existing rules regarding timber harvest don’t protect fish habitat and water quality."

Court blocks Biscuit salvage, H&N posted to KBC 9/8/04. For more on 'environmentalists' blocking the harvest of these dead burned trees, go to 'logging and our forests' page. For more on Oregon and it's devastated economy, go to 'Oregon' page.

Judge lifts Biscuit fire logging-stop order, Oregonian, 8/31/04. "The governor (Kulongoski) believes decisions need to balance the needs of the economy with the needs of the environment, and he doesn't think the Bush administration's decision has done that, spokeswoman Marian Hammond said." (remember, this is burnt, dead, and rotting trees that Kulongoski does not want harvested in his state of the highest unemployment in the nation.--KBC)
Salvage logging injunctions lifted (08/31/04) Seattle P-I

Oregon considers, forgoes buying forest, The Oregonian 8/31/04. "Gov. Ted Kulongoski's staff has suggested the possibility of the state's buying forestland that might otherwise be developed." ...."The state forester said conservation groups expressed interest in helping buy the land" (the socialist plan of breaking the lumber industries, then having government or government-subsidized 'conservation groups' come to the rescue, is moving along quite well. With a governor who is against logging dead trees, it would be interesting to see what would become of the live ones....KBC)

No state bid for tree farm, H&N 8/25/04.

Walden to Hold Resources Subcommittee Hearing in Sisters on Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation, Washington DC posted to KBC 8/14/04. "goals are to protect and restore forest ecosystems, recover economic value of timber, protect and restore watershed conditions and fishery habitat, and reduce the threat of future high severity wildfires."

A global view of our forests, Washington Post posted to KBC 8/12/04, "As wood consumption rises, some forests outside the United States are being cut at record levels. According to University of California-Berkeley forestry professor emeritus William J. Libby, for every acre of forestland not harvested for timber here, at least two acres must be harvested in Third World forests."

9th Circuit ruling buttresses spotted owl protection, The Times-Standard 8/7/04. "George Sexton, conservation director for the Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center, said in a statement: 'For years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been handing out spotted owl kill permits in critical old-growth habitat like candy. The open season on spotted owls has finally ended.' "  One has to wonder how wildland advocates like Mr Sexton justify allowing our forests to burn along with owls, deer, wolves, bunnies in forests with no roads or fire protection, in the cult of "natural", however they believe harvesting forests, and saving wildlife and the economy, is like getting an "owl kill permit'.
  Return to Eden,  a story on the Wildlands Project, by Tim Findley Range Magazine

L.A. Times: Our Forests May be on a road to ruin, by Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States 8/5/04

Judge rejects tree selection process, Oregonian 8/4/04. "A federal judge Tuesday blocked logging of six parcels of timber scorched by the 2002 Biscuit fire..."

Forest Battles Escalate in Oregon, Counterpunch 8/2/04.  "'Indeed Biscuit could be a landmark battle for the future of Northwest forests. "Turning native forests into fiber farms is like a religion to these guys,' Sexton contends." {I, KBC, twice have been camping in  forest camps that were evacuated from wildfire because wilderness areas prevented fire suppression. The last one had bald eagle nests all around the lake, deer, wolves, bears and owls in the forest. They all burned up. I'd say that the "religion" Sexton attributes to forest harvesters (Biscuit fire logging is burned, rotting wood) should be fixed on the "natural" "wildland" proponents who would rather see a forest burn than be thinned or harvested as a renewable resource}

State might buy forests, use returns for college grants, The Oregonian 7/26/04. (Oregon has done an excellent job of turning private forest owners into 'willing sellers'. KBC)

PRESS RELEASE: Roadless Debate Demands More Than Mindless Rhetoric, House Resource Committee 7/13/04."Every federal land and forest management policy in the last twenty years has been shamelessly decried as a giveaway to industry by so-called environmentalists in this country," Chairman Pombo said. "In that time, however, national timber sales have plummeted by 80%, from eleven billion board feet a year to less than 2 billion board feet today. Domestic oil production has also decreased by roughly 40%."

Bush offers new roadless rules, 7/13/04, The Oregonian. "Gov. Ted Kulongoski criticizes the move to allow states to petition for roadless areas, which would require approval" "The Bush administration Monday closed the book on broad protections for 58.5 million acres of roadless national forests, leaving the land open to logging and other development unless state governors recommend otherwise."

Documents move salvage sales forward, Mail Tribune 7/9/04
Congress gets 64,000-acre wilderness proposal
Siskiyou project plans to appeal logging

It seemed appropriate to put these 3 articles on one page. "When it announced its final environmental impact statement for the Biscuit fire salvage early last month, the Forest Service had said it supports increasing the 180,000-acre Kalmiopsis wilderness by some 64,600 acres." (more wilderness, no fire protection, more burned up wildlife and timber, less wildlife, more unemployment. KBC)

Battle lines being drawn around Biscuit fire salvage, The Oregonian posted to KBC 7/8/04. "Loggers would cut less than 5 percent of the 500,000 acres encompassed by the fire under terms outlined by the Forest Service last month. The cutting would yield enough timber to supply about 1 million Americans with wood and paper products for a year. But time is running out because burned trees lose commercial value quickly." (This would create 6900 jobs. Presently Oregon's unemployment rate is the highest in the lower 48 states. KBC)
Biscuit salvage draws two-city protest, Mail Tribune posted to KBC 7/9/04. "We are only proposing to harvest dead trees — no green trees," Conroy said. "And we are proposing to harvest on only 4 percent of the acreage (burned). On the flip side, that means 96 percent of the acreage will be left to recover naturally."

Lawmakers seek details on Biscuit Wilderness proposal., 7/1/04, Arizona Daily Sun.(environmentalists and Democratic lawmakers are holding dead Biscuit wood--the Oregon economy--hostage to agree to lock up more resources: "the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, which covers 180,000 acres in the middle of the 500,000 acres that burned in the 2002 Biscuit fire."

Local economy hit by greens, Pioneer Press 6/24/04. 'Greens want to stop the Biscuit fire salvage timber harvest and used a smaller sale to their advantage stopping it in mid-June.'

Panel: Nature poses more risk to owls  Some scientists find that logging is not the primary harm to habitat of the northern spotted owl  Oregonian 6/23/04 "Natural events such as wildfires eliminated more forest habitat of the threatened northern spotted owl on public land during the past decade than logging did, researchers reported Tuesday...The science panel said logging of the owl's forest habitat poses less threat to the species than a decade ago, but other dangers including an influx of aggressive barred owls, disease and wildfires in overgrown forests make its survival uncertain."

Lawsuit could result in banning use of retardant on West's wildfires, Oregonian 6/20/04.

Greenpeace action suggests new forest war, msn 6/17/04.

Greenpeace activists locked to three-ton container on logging road in Southern Oregon, 6/15/04 Greenpeace. This is why  Oregon the highest unemployment in the Nation? This is why our forests burning up and rotting? 1/2 million acres burned in 2002--Bambies, little spotted owls, old growth trees. Today it rots. Of 500,000 acres burned and rotting, maybe, perhaps, 19,400 acres of dead, burnt trees may be salvaged, creating 6900 jobs. KBC

Forest Service eases pressure to log roadless areas, AP 6/14/04

Tree sitters gear up "Activists sponsored concert and dinner at Butler Flat in the Klamath National Forest.  More activism against timber sales is planned. " by Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press 6/13/04

Timber sales stopped.  More lawsuits slow Forest health program at the top of the state, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 6/13/04

PRESS RELEASE: Progress Reported in Effort to Return Nation's Air Tankers to Service; $500 Million in Supplemental Firefighting Funds Included in Interior Bill, Walden, posted to KBC 6/5/04

Former Governor Says Biscuit Plan Just Politics, OPB News 6/11/04.

Wildfire suppression/GAO report, posted to KBC 6/4/04.

Biscuit fire salvage numbers drop, Mail Tribune 6/2/04. Why in Oregon the highest unemployment in the Nation? Why are our forests burning up and rotting? 1/2 million acres burned in 2002--Bambies, little spotted owls, old growth trees. Today it rots. Of 500,000 acres burned and rotting, maybe, perhaps, 19,400 acres of dead trees may be salvaged, creating 6900 jobs according to forest supervisor Conroy.  On much of that acreage, helicopters must be used because they can't make roads. Kulongski threw in 64,000 acres to expand wilderness area and is disappointed it is not more (no roads, no fire suppression, no bambies, no owls, no old growth if there's a fire). It's NATURAL!! Go here for how the 'environmentalists' , those destroying our economy and our forests, are reacting:
A line in the forest Greenpeace sets up nation’s first forest rescue center as activists pledge to fight proposed Southern Oregon timber sales, Mail Tribune 6/2//04
Go HERE for lawsuit by PCFFA, ONRC, Earth Justice, Klamath Forest Alliance, Wilderness Society, and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Biscuit Fire Decision Makes Sense, Illustrates Need for Review of Post Fire Process, Walden Says. posted to KBC 6/2/04

PRESS RELEASE: Biscuit Fire Decision Makes Sense, Illustrates Need for Review of Post Fire Process, Walden Says, 6/1/04 from Congressman Walden.

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Encouraged with Progress of Meetings Between FAA and Wildfire Fighting Agencies, 5/20/04

PRESS RELEASE: Final Budget Provides Additional $500 Million to Ensure Agencies Have Adequate Firefighting Funds, Congressman Walden 5/19/04.

PRESS RELEASE: GAO delivers report on Biscuit Fire 5/12/04. The report also addresses the suggestion that California firefighting personnel could have quashed the fire in its initial stage had Oregon officials requested a helicopter from the Fortuna, California dispatch center.
PRESS RELEASE: Walden Receives Assurance from Top Administration Official that Medford Air Tanker to Remain Operational, 5/13/04. "WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR), the Chairman of the Resources Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health, received assurance today from a top Bush Administration official that the recent decision to ground 33 air tankers used to fight wildfires will not affect the Oregon Department of Forestry’s (ODF) tanker based at the U.S. Forest Service air tanker base in Medford."

PRESS RELEASE: Smith Secures Commitment from USDA to Complete Oregon Forest Health Projects 5/11/2004.

Anti-logging protests mark Bush administration visit, KATU-2, 5/8/04. These folks are protesting the logging of burned and rotting wood. KBC

Feds speed up salvage, H&N 4/28/04. "In all, (in 2002) the fires blackened 85,000 acres, including 49,500 acres of national forest"...."Officials said the timber is deteriorating quickly, eroding the value of the wood.' If we don't get much of that material out this summer, it becomes increasingly possible that we don't sell any of that material,' said Carolyn Wisdom, Silver Lake district ranger."
For more on the devastation of our forests, go HERE. More on the economic instability of Oregon, go HERE.

PRESS RELEASE: Congressman Walden Earth Day Op-Ed, 4/21/04. "Perhaps no phenomenon has been more destructive of Oregon’s forests, watersheds and critical species habitat than the catastrophic wildfires that have decimated our state in recent years."

PLF Challenges Environmental Groups to Stop Using Lawsuits to Halt Forest Fire Prevention Programs 4/15/04, go HERE

Nibble on the Biscuit, 4/7/04 The Oregonian editorial."The Southern Oregon towns that surround the Biscuit are struggling with Oregon's highest jobless rates. They badly need the work, and the wood, that would come from salvage. "  "Meanwhile, insects are chomping away at the dead trees."

Another Delay on Siskiyou Logging Plan, OPB 4/2/04. Is someone out there listening??? "Dave Hill: In reality, if that's the schedule, we're looking at, in the summer of 2004, it is highly unlikely that there will be any salvage opportunities of fire killed timber.  Dave Hill heads the Southern Oregon Timber Industry Association, representing about 50 logging companies. :"I'm very disappointed. It's a tremendous waste of a natural resource, a renewable natural resource at that."

Salvage logging from Biscuit Fire could clear the way for jobs boon, Register Guard, posted to KBC 3/29/04. "Forest Service officials are expected to announce by May how much scorched timber they want to sell. Previously, they have said they were leaning toward selling about 500 million board feet. Using Ragon's index, that's 4,000 jobs. "

ESATODAY Key rules are eased to boost logging, Oregonian 3/24/04. HOPE FOR OREGON? Oregon has the highest unemployment in the United States. The Spotted Owl hoax, Klamath sucker hoax, etc, have decimated our economy.  Bush hopes to relieve timber industry of spending millions of dollars searching for non-endangered species and to revive our economy.. Glen Spain, attorney-environmentalist-Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen (PCFFA), plans to challenge it.
Agencies Sign Agreements to Continue Species Protection, 3/24/04 AgWeb

OREGON FORESTS: Plant Burned Areas, H&N letter 3/18/04. "It behooves the Forest Service to put all available resources on salvaging and replanting the whole area.Whatever happened to the tree-plant-ing crews we used to have?"

PRESS RELEASE: Renzi Welcomes Future Funding for Forest Health Projects 3/10/04

All logged out, 2/22/04, Bend Bulletin. 

Group marks 30 years of saving trees, Oregonian posted to KBC 2/17/04. "Coos County Commissioner John Griffith, a former logger and newspaper reporter who surfs, fly-fishes and skin-dives in his spare time, sees the council's achievement as "shutting down rural economies" that depend on natural resources. "

PRESS RELEASE: Forest Subcommittee Examines Job Loss in Forest Industry 2/2/04 "The forest industry has been criticized unjustly by radical environmentalists, who aided the large scale export of jobs overseas where lumber is cheap and, ironically, environmental standards are few.  As a result, over 900 mills, pulp and paper plants, and other forest products plants have closed since 1990 and at least 130,000 jobs have been lost since mid-1990."

Letter to KBC from George Sexton of the Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center 1/29/04 in response to KBC's comments. I am relocating the forest article from 1/27 so you will know about what he is commenting:
Some like forest plan, some don't, Medford Mail Tribune, 1/27/04. Derek Volkart, the Klamath-Siskiyou wildlands project said, "I'm hearing a lot about using herbicides and pretending wildfires destroy forests. I am disappointed." Derek, how many sacred owls and bambi's and old-growth trees did you find after the Biscuit Fire?  (KBC jdk)
 For info.about the 'endangered?' owl, read Range article by Tim Findley. pdf file, page 2 article 'Refuge'--KBC

PRESS RELEASE: Forest Subcommittee Examines Job Loss in Forest Industry 2/2/04

Environmentalists win timber battle (on Rogue) theworldlink.com,  posted to KBC 1/18/04

The nation's forest chief warns of three threats to our forests, The Idaho Statesman 1/17/04. "The timber harvest on national forest lands has dropped from about 11.5 billion board feet in 1989 to about 2 billion board feet today, enough to built 133,000 homes. The agency has eliminated 10,000 miles of road since 2001 and built only 900 miles of new roads."

Expert doubts Biscuit timber will be logged, The Oregonian 1/15/04

Congressmen request hearing on forest safety, 1/13/04, H&N

Bush's speech signing Healthy Forest Act into law, written and audio speech 12/3/03.

PRESS RELEASE: 12/3/03 Resources Field Hearing Will Study California Wildfire Recovery, Environmental Restoration "Catastrophic wildfire is one of the single greatest threats to our environment today," -- Chairman Richard W. Pombo

WALDEN PRESS RELEASE: President Bush Signs Bipartisan Healthy Forests Bill Into Law, 12/3/03.

PRESS RELEASE: Smith, Experts Call for Salvage of Biscuit Fire, 12/2/03.

PRESS RELEASE: House Overwhelmingly Passes Bipartisan Healthy Forests Restoration Act, Congressman Walden's office 11/21/03

How greens stoked a perfect firestorm within California Fires point to need to pass forests bill, Richard Pombo, Chairman of the U.S. House Resource Committee, posted to KBC 11/17/03
Senate Pyromaniacs, Wall Street Journal Online, posted to KBC 11/17/03

PRESS RELEASE Walden named Healthy Forest Restoration Act Conferee, 11/6/03, with audio

Behind the Inferno, bad policy fuels California's wildfires, by U.S. Rep Congressman Doolittle, 11/1/03. "In California, where overzealous environmentalism often trumps common sense, our forests are suffering from rampant disease and destruction. In just a matter of days, over 600,000 acres of Southern California's forests have been reduced to mere ashes due in part to overgrown forests that have been infected by the largest bark-beetle infestation in the last 50 years."

Forest fires: Because they feared the greens
"Homes, lives, property, loss of wildlife and pets -- all because of those who call themselves 'environmentalists' and 'preservationists.'" The Illinois Leader 10/28/03

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Praises Senate Passage of Healthy Forest Measure: Calls for Speedy Resolution to House/Senate Differences, October 30, 2003

PRESS RELEASE: GAO Study: 58% of Eligible Forest Thinning Projects Appealed in 2001 and 2002, October 30, 2003

Salvaged timber produces lumber, jobs, 10/30/03 H&N

Greens Turn California Black, Michael Reagan, 10/29/03

Loggers Need Pollution Permit, 10/20/03 San Francisco AP

GOP leaders hail deal on logging, thinning - The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA  ``First of all I'm pleased with the progress,'' said Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., a co-sponsor of the House bill. ``I think this is an important step forward on a critical issue to the West.''

Greens argue against cutting burned timber, H&N 9/23/03.  The same groups advocating to downsize or eliminate farming in the Klamath Basin are the same groups who are destroying the coastal fishing industry, and are keeping litigation active until the burned/charred timber is not salvageable.  Again, welcome to Oregon,  the highest unemployment rate in the United States.  Is Oregon the only place in the world that does not realize that timber is a renewable resource?  That fish do not need higher-than-historic flows? That owning and caretaking property, raising a flag, and going to church does not make someone a rich right-wing radical?

The Tax-Exempt Destruction of our Forests, Sierra Times 9/12/03

Environmental groups shut down burnt-timber salvage, H&N 9/15/03. The Winter Oregon fire burned 34,000 acres. This project "would have included salvage of about 9 million board feet of dead timber over about 1,900 acres, and replanting of an estimated 1,200 acres of trees within the burn." WAKE UP AMERICA!  DON'T  YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING?

DOI PRESS RELEASE: Interior Secretary Gale Norton advocates Healthy Forest Plan Implementation, ".Last year, wildfires burned about 7 million acres of land and cost the federal government approximately $1.7 billion to put them out. Also, last year over 800 homes and other structures burned and, tragically, 23 firefighters lost their lives." posted to KBC 9/15/03

President Bush came to Oregon to save our forests, economy and wildlife, and the ecoterrorists blame him  for starting forest fires!  Black Copters over Oregon: "President Bush visits rural Oregon to tout his forest plan. Suddenly, huge fires burn. Now a small town is consumed by conspiracy theories,"  posted to kbc 9/15/03 We at KBC thank you, Mr President, for your efforts to save the West from these group's destruction. Due to their efforts, Oregon is the highest unemployment rate in our nation.

Sisters fire, $7million spent, timber devastated, by Pat Ratliff, staff writer, posted 9/4/03, The Tri-County Courier

Pombo and Walden question ONCR's Tim Lillebo in field hearing, as fire bombers fly by, The Tri-County Courier, 9/4/03

photos by Kehn Gibson



USFS has joined the ecoterrorists in forest fire philosophy, "Preparation, says Reddy, not prevention, is the key." Smokey's new buddy proclaims,"Wildfires are natural occurrences," said Blaine. "The problem comes when houses are built near the forest." and "Forest fires happen. Be ready!"9/3/03, The Environmental Magazine. 


Ecoterrorists against healthy forests...why our forests/spotted owls/bambies burn, The Missoulian.com, 8/30/03.

Bush backs forest plan as wildfire paints horizon by Kehn Gibson, The Tri-County Courier.

President George W. Bush talks about his healthy forest initiative in Redmond, Ore., Thursday, August 21, 2003. White House photo by Paul Morse. The President Speaks on Healthy Forests in Oregon
Redmond, Oregon August 21, 2003

Go HERE for entire transcript "As you know, you've got an issue in the Klamath Basin and we've been trying to come up with reasonable policy so that people can farm the land and fish can live at the same time."

Views differ on NW Forest Plan, 8/10/03, H&N

PRESS RELEASE, 7/24/03, Smith Urges Swift Senate Action on Healthy Forests Restoration Act

Why The Forests Burn Making Sense, By Michael Reagan, posted 7/22/03

Greens don't see forests through the trees, LA Times 3/26/03

Letter from Congressman Greg Walden about forest health, 3/20/03

Bush to allow roadless rule to stand, June 5, 2003

‘Junk Science’ Do Feds Act Upon Faulty Facts? Winchester Star, March 18, 2002 "Federal Claims Court Judge Lawrence S. Margolis has said unequivocally that the U.S. Forest Service knowingly used faulty data of spotted owl habitats to block logging in a California forest."




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