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WATER 2025

Officials push for water regulation, The Idaho Statesman, posted 7/22/03 regarding Water 2025.  "John Keys, commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, the agency which supplies water to more than 30 million people in 17 Western states, said Idaho´s water bank is one of the innovative ways states can shift water from one use to another to meet new demands. A water bank is a brokerage service that allows farmers and others to lease their surplus water to others."The water market needs to be regulated, said former U.S. Sen. James McClure, so rich outside interests cannot overwhelm the social and economic structure of a community. “There is no question Idaho could look like Owens Valley if we allowed California to buy our water,” McClure said."

Water 2025: The Coming War on the Western Frontier, 7/11/03, The Sierra Times."On April 6, 2001, flawed science forced the federal shut off of over 100,000 acre-feet daily irrigation water to over 1400 farms in the Upper Klamath Basin south of Klamath Falls, Oregon ' to save the sucker fish and coho salmon'".

Water 2005 conference spawns feud with Yuroks, H&N July 11, 2003 AP.H&N July 11, 2003 AP. "But (Yurok tribe chairperson Susan) Masten said she's skeptical, and her tribe, with 90 percent poverty and 70 percent unemployment, is dependent on the river for its livelihood."  While accusing Klamath Project of ruining the livelihood of her tribe, she forgets to mention that last year's run of fish was the 3rd highest run, there were so many fish the take limit was raised, the price was lowered, and they had trouble selling them.  KBC

State Rips Norton on Water, July 10, 2003, The Sacramento Bee."We have grown to expect this sort of partisan whining from Mary, and that is the way it is," said (assistant Interior Secretary Bennett) Raley, a water lawyer from Colorado. "I find it humorous that, in her zeal to make this a partisan issue, Mary is blaming the Bush administration that the California delegation doesn't have a consensus." (State Resources Secretary Mary Nichols is the woman who blamed the Klamath Project for the dead Trinity-river fish 200 miles from Klamath Project which contributes 2% of the watershed.  This was before the water was tested, before any scientific studies were done, and before they even knew that these were not Klamath River fish. KBC)

Norton's surprising stance, by Stuart Leavenworth --The Sacramento Bee,  July 7, 2003 "Called Water 2025, Norton's water blueprint takes a few pages out of the environmentalist playbook: "It calls for more conservation of supplies, more banking of groundwater and more water trading between farms and cities, instead of new dams."

Water, growing demand, dwindling supply, by Shaun McKinnon, The Arizona Republic July 6, 2003

DOI Press Release June 4, 2003--Water 2025

Western water initiative aims to douse disputes, by Patrick O'Driscoll, USA TODAY.





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