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Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Upholding rural Americans' rights to grow food,
own property, and caretake our wildlife and natural resources.


If you believe in conspiracies against freedom, this page is for you. It consists of articles, scientific reports and testimonies. These reports include, however are larger than, Klamath Basin issues. We are only a small part, but an important part, of the larger scheme to destroy freedoms.

"I have a choice to keep silent and to allow the extremists to do what they are doing, or I have a choice to stand up and say 'this is wrong and I'm going to try and save my country,' and I have taken the 2nd choice." Benazir Bhutto, who was murdered today trying to give Pakistan hope of freedom. 12/27/07

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Tombstone needs our help! 21st Century Shootout at the OK Corral – Life and Death in Tombstone, Smoked Bear 5/11/12. "A few years ago, this same federal government that requested, and received, permission from Tombstone to use Tombstone’s water to fight forest fires has now shut down Tombstone’s access to its water leaving it with only minutes of water to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizen from being destroyed by fire...Their minutes of water will prove worthless in saving the lives and livelihoods of the residents of Tombstone."

* Detainment Camps Going Live: FEMA Seeking Subcontractors to Provide “Temporary Camp Services” In All 50 States, InformationClearingHouse 12/13/11

Is government creating violence, Barry Clausen 11/12/11. "These agencies and their out of control agents along with radical members of the environmental community and the Karuk Tribe are apparently deliberately creating problems that are infuriating America’s farmers, ranchers, the timber industry and those who use our country’s public lands in Northern California’s Siskiyou County...As Sheriff Lopey stated, “Essentially, we are under attack and our public safety, way of life, quality of life, economy and future is at stake.”

Remarks To The Major Donors Of Hillsdale College, Constitution Week, September 2011, by Igor Birman, Congressman McClintock's Chief of Staff. "I remember vividly the week before my parents, my brother, my grandmother and I left Moscow for the United States.  As we went to say good-bye to my uncle in St. Petersburg, Russian authorities ransacked our little apartment..."

Lewis and Clark Professor Jim Huffman presented a Constitutional workshop Saturday April 16 in Klamath Falls, hosted by Klamath County Tea Party Patriots. Included subjects were the Supreme Court and principles of the Constitution, ESA reform, property rights, 2nd amendment and arms ban proposal, and federal and state authority and illegal immigration., DVDs will be available of the presentation. Presently available are DVDs of the Oct. 24, 2010 presentation by Huffman on the Constitution, and Tea Party Patriot founders in Klamath Falls Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin presentations.

10/24/10 - Constitution Workshop: Oregon's U.S. Senate candidate James Huffman spoke in Klamath Falls. Professor Huffman, Republican candidate challenging Democrat incumbent Ron Wyden, took time from his campaign trail to share some of his expertise on the Constitution and how it is being illegally ignored concerning our rights. www.huffmanforsenate.com/about and his
published works

Thomas Jefferson, his life and quotes 1/23/11

Return to the Constitution, by Jim Huffman, posted to KBC 9/15/10

Sunday-America truly is the greatest country in the world; don't let freedom slip away, by Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian who grew up under Hitler's dictatorship. Her country voted to be ruled by Hitler. Then came removal of God from schools, gun registration, gov't health care,  mercy killing, no freedom of speech...posted 2/20/10

“Freedom in the USA?” by Karuk tribal member James Waddell 7/4/09

By Karuk Tribal member James Waddell: "The Death of Honor; and the Desertion of Our Children," posted 7/4/09

Bleeding Heart Bureaucrats, Craig Chenoweth, Edna, 2/7/09

Principles, Politics and Protest, guest opinion by Craig Chenoweth, Etna, CA. "Expose the waste and wrong doings before we can participate with them."

College students seek to use concealed carry gun permits, Mountain States Legal Foundation 12/30/08.

United Nations with Agenda 21 is alive and well in the Klamath Basin, to control our resources, our population, and herd people into 'sustainable' communities using the Endangered Species Act, Water Quality mandates, etc. Here is an extensive resource in UN documents, agenda, and NGOs.

Medford Newspaper sues to get names of gun owners, 11/13/07 Oregon Firearms Federation. "The Mail Tribune...believes that one of the ways to promote its anti-gun agenda is to intimidate gun owners by demanding that the Sheriff turn over the names of license holders."

Crackdown fails to halt gun deaths, Scotsman.com 2/18/07: an article article and comments from folks who are banned from owning guns.

A look at the future...A Sustainable World by Henry Lamb, posted to KBC 12/18/06

Banned by US Government! Jim Beers, retired Fish and Wildlife Biologist and Refuge Manager, has become reknown for his writing regarding endangered species, property rights, freedom, wolves and whatever the government is doing to destroy our freedom. He exposed where wolves killed a young man and the father contacted KBC to speak with him. Read about his being banned by the US  Government. 10/29/06

The following website videos tell the stories of law-abiding American citizens whose guns were stolen by police and never returned:  http://www.givethemback.com/pages/contact
In 2001, irrigation water was shut off to 1400 family farms, causing bankruptsies, auctions, heart attacks, suicides, and productive farmland and refuges to go dry. Many of the farmers were WWI children and WWII homesteaders who were given their land by the government they fought to defend in the wars. With DEED in hand, these settlers lives in the Klamath Basin would never be the same.
Moral of the story: Get involved. Go to meetings. Learn about and write your representatives. VOTE. Our fathers fought, and now our children are fighting for our freedom. Only you can defend it or lose it.

Federal judge reinstates Clinton-era roadless rules, H&N 9/20/06

2006 Freedom21 Conference Presentations, AUDIO: posted 8/8/06 Freedom.org
Why we must advance the principles of freedom
How to protect your community from Sustainable Development
How to build an effective organization
How to use "Think Tanks" in the grassroots effort
How to control education in your state
What to do with 47 U.N. Biosphere Reserves?
Principles of Freedom
How to deal with government agencies
How to become more effective
How to fund your organization
How to prevent the U.S. military from serving under U.N. command
How to influence legislation
How to stop NAIS





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