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On land and sea

Globalized Grizzlies, New American by Michael Coffman, PhD, August 17, 1997. This is a long, organized write-up describing in detail the origin and the agenda of "wilderness" and "wildlands" designations.

"Dave Foreman is the principal founder of the eco-terrorist group Earth First! Foreman describes the Wildlands Project as an effort to "tie the North American continent into a single Biodiversity Preserve"; the Project's official publication, Wild Earth, refers to a "long-term master plan" to connect ecosystems throughout the continent "until the matrix, not just the nexus, is wild."

"We must make this an insecure and inhospitable place for capitalists, and their projects... We must reclaim the roads and plowed land, halt dam construction, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers, and return to wilderness millions of tens of millions of acres of presently settled land."

VIDEO: Behind the Green Curtain, or http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7934453684194357754 .

National Monuments

www.snowmobile-alliance.org : updated 8/11/09

  • Alaska has a total of 57,425,569 acres of designated wilderness
  • California has a total of 14,986,424 acres of designated wilderness
  • Colorado has a total of 3,707,254 acres of designated wilderness
  • Idaho has a total of 4,522,779 acres of designated wilderness
  • Montana has a total of 3,443,038 acres of designated wilderness
  • Nevada has a total of 3,370,343 acres of designated wilderness
  • Oregon has a total of 2,473,207 acres of designated wilderness
  • Utah has a total of 1,156,952 acres of designated wilderness
  • Washington has a total of 4,423,676 acres of designated wilderness
  • Wyoming has a total of 3,111,232 acres of designated wilderness

OSU Paper calls for fewer cattle, more wolves to 'rewild' the West, Capital Press 8/14/22. "Some 110,000 square miles of federal land in the West should be closed to cattle and restocked with wolves and beavers, according to a paper by Oregon State University scientists and others...They propose reducing the amount of federal land grazed in the West by 29% — equal to the size of Nevada — and also limiting logging, mining, oil and gas drilling and off-road vehicles...The proposal identifies blocks of federally owned land in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah for the rewilding network... (including)  the Blue, Klamath and Cascade mountains in Oregon; the Sierra Nevada mountains in California and the Northern Rockies in Idaho."

Wyden defends River Democracy Act in virtual town hall  Sept 3Legislation...would add nearly 4,700 miles of wild and scenic rivers across Oregon...would roughly triple the number of wild and scenic rivers in Oregon...adding up to 3 million acres of protected land...American Forest Resource Council...found that just 15% were actually labeled as “rivers,” with most being identified as streams, gulches, draws or unnamed tributaries...AFRC - wild and scenic designations would impose restrictions on forest management and actually increase wildfire risk in the protected stream corridors...The bill would create a $30 million per year fund to restore and rehabilitate riparian areas that do burn in a wildfire, Wyden said."
Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ore., said he talked with the 63 commissioners representing the 20 counties in his 69,000-square-mile congressional district; 53 commissioners oppose the River Democracy Act.

Oregon rivers, lands would gain protection under bill passed by U.S. Senate, H&N 2/13/19. "...according to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, the measure would provide protection for about 250 miles of rivers and streams in Oregon. That would give the state more wild and scenic designations than any other state besides Alaska..."

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative Review, 3/24/17. "AB 975 would expand the extraordinary values for 1,362 miles of rivers designated as wild and scenic under the California Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, as well as expand current protections to include the river and adjacent lands within one-quarter mile on each side of the river...Farm Bureau opposes as written."

Judge rules groups can intervene in Cascade-Siskiyou lawsuit, H&N 3/16/17

Groups pushing for Crater Lake wilderness area, Oregonian via H&N 11/23/16. "Conservation groups are stepping up the pressure on Oregon’s congressional delegation to designate more than 500,000 acres of public land, including Crater Lake National Park, as a federal wilderness area... Representatives from Oregon Wild and Environment Oregon on Monday delivered a petition with 37,000 signatures in support of the proposal to Sen. Ron Wyden’s office...Oregon has 50 protected wilderness areas spanning more than 2.9 million acres...The more than 500,000-acre coverage area also includes the headwaters of the Rogue and Umpqua rivers...(Rep. Greg Walden has met with constituents and elected officials in the affected area who are concerned about 'restricting the public’s access to the land, as well as the impact on forest and fire management in the area.' "

Walden speaks out against proposed Crater Lake wilderness, H&N, posted to KBC 1/24/16. "Walden said he is 100 percent opposed to Oregon Wild’s wilderness proposal. 'It kicks the public off public land,' Walden said...'he believes a wilderness designation will be a loss for outdoor recreationists, such as bicyclists and snowmobilers, and that the land will become more fire prone because the designation calls for less forest management.' "

Commissioners oppose Crater Lake Wilderness proposal, H&N 12/2/15

Obama administration to propose new wilderness protections in Arctic refuge - Alaska Republicans declare war, Washington Post 1/25/15. "Obama administration will propose setting aside the 1.4 million-acre coastal plain...as wilderness...The department will also put part of the Arctic Ocean off limits to drilling as part of a five-year leasing plan it will issue this week and is considering whether to impose additional limits on oil and gas production...federal officials would prohibit motorized access to the area as well as the construction of any roads. Even before this designation, Alaska boasts 58 million acres of wilderness, more than half of all the land enjoying that level of protection in the United States..."“It’s clear this administration does not care about us, and sees us as nothing but a territory. … I cannot understand why this administration is willing to negotiate with Iran, but not Alaska."

Klamath bills pass Senate. Water pact, forestry act take a step forward, H&N 11/14/14. "Sen. Ron Wyden is trying to move a long-stalled bill through the lame duck session of Congress that would implement agreements to remove four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River to help salmon."  Oregon Wyden's forestry bill would "create 87,000 acres of new wilderness and 252 miles of new wild and scenic rivers."  It is "...expected to..." more than double current timber harvests (KBC NOTE: which are a fraction of historic harvests.)
Regarding Wyden's claim that the KBRA that destroying 4 hydroelectric dams (that provide flood control, power for 70,000 households, and millions of hatchery salmon) will "help salmon", a speech by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett offers some perspective:
Senator Doug Whitsett speech regarding the KBRA and Klamath dam destruction at Yreka's public listening session put on by Department of Interior on 10/20/11. "The Draft Environmental Impact Statement does not appear to mitigate that 20 million cubic yards of sediment. The Department apparently proposes to simply blow the dams and let nature take its course, washing all that sediment downriver. They appear to consider this option as a “grand experiment” to see what actually happens. That amount of sediment is equivalent to about 2 million ten yard dump truck loads of silt, sediment and organic muck. To put that amount into perspective, lined up head to tail, 2 million dump truck loads of river muck would stretch about 12,500 miles…..about half way around the planet."

Media may need permit to film nature; Forest Service considers setting fees for wilderness photography, movie-making, (comment period through Dec 3). H&N 9/26/14. "(USFS) said it would consider the nature of a proposed project before approving a special-use permit and charge fees of up to $1,500 for commercial filming and photography in federally designated wilderness areas.  Press advocates have criticized the rules as a violation of the First Amendment, saying it raises concerns about press freedom...The agency, which manages nearly 190 million acres of public lands in national forests and grasslands, including 439 wilderness areas...permit applications would be evaluated based on several criteria, including whether it spreads information about the enjoyment or use of wilderness or its ecological, geological, scientific, educational, scenic or historical values; helps preserve the wilderness character...'It is also very troubling that journalists could be held to different standards at the discretion of the issuing officer depending on the content of their stories and its relevance to wilderness activity,” U.S. Rep. Greg Walden' "

ACTION ALERT - Another Big Green power player moves up in Obama's Washington, Washington Examiner, posted to KBC 11/27/13. "Those two large agencies have a track record of appalling behavior that ranges from massively coercing private property away from thousands of owners, to faking science for new regulations, to cozy sue-and-settle lawsuits with not-so-former green group colleagues." "Urgent: Call Your Senators Today To Stop Rhea Sun Suh Green Grab!"

There’s enough wilderness now, by Bob Boring, H&N, posted to KBC 9/1/13.

Department of Interior Federal Register: over 2 million acres proposed critical habitat for yellow legged frog and Yosemite toad, 1,105,400 acres. 750,926 acres in Yosemite: Part 2  Part 3 Public Comments due June 24, 2013. Mining and timber country..."Butte, Plumas, Lassen, Sierra, Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, Amador, Calaveras, Alpine, Mariposa, Mono, Madera, Tuolumne, Fresno, and Inyo Counties, California." Sparked by lawsuit by Center for Biological Diversity
Letter by U.S. Congressman Tom McClintock on NPS Merced River Management Plan draft EIS regarding preserving Yosemite for people to use and enjoy, posted to KBC 5/7/13.
Senator Diane Feinstein's bill to create over 900,00 more acres of wilderness. posted to KBC 5/7/13.

Public meeting to address Forest vehicle travel plan May 31, 2013

Senators Wyden and Reid Planning 2013 Omnibus Federal Lands Bill, by Chuck Cushman, American Land Rights, 1/30/13. "Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) want to move quickly before the opposition gets organized. Your Senators are critical to stopping this giant Omnibus Federal Lands Bill."

New Aquatic Wilderness proclaimed by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Oyster farm must close, ruling says, Ag Alert, posted to KBC 12/13/12.

Out Of Touch President Obama Fiddles While Tombstone, AZ Burns, Forbes, posted to KBC 8/15/12.

(House Natural Resources Committee) Chairman Hastings Calls on Obama Admin. to Provide Transparent Answers to Outstanding Questions, Disclose Documents on National Ocean Policy Prior to Imposing Final Implementation Plan 8/15/12

Utah legislators say Obama reviving wilderness guidelines, Capital Press, posted 8/8/12. "The manuals, they say, mirror the wording of a secretarial order that would have made millions of acres of undeveloped land in the West eligible for federal wilderness protection."

North Coast Marine Protected Areas Adopted in Final Coastal Ocean Region, CDFG 6/6/12. "The north coast regulations include a provision for federally recognized tribal members to continue harvesting and gathering fish, kelp and shellfish as they have for countless generations."

In Tribute to Henry Lamb 1938-2012. A look at the future...A Sustainable World by Henry Lamb 12/11/06. Henry Lamb included documentation at the end of his article.

Judge Denies Tombstone Water, Townhall, posted to KBC 5/22/12. "Kathleen Nelson, acting ranger..., says the Forest Service has been letting Tombstone do some work to restore its water supply “as long as it complies with the 1964 Wilderness Act”—meaning Tombstone can do the work with shovels and haul the pipe up the mountain with horses... workers were stopped from using a wheel barrow. Rangers say the wheel barrow is “mechanized” and “might damage wilderness and disturb endangered species.” The feds are blocking emergency repairs that are critical to Tombstone’s survival." "If the Forest Service can effectively seize Tombstone’s 130-year-old water rights during a state of emergency— rights that the Service recognized as valid in 1916—no state or local government will be safe from the feds.”

US Forest Service Targets $40.6M to Purchase, Restore Lands in 15 States, USFS, posted to KBC 4/7/12.

Dams and a monument: ‘We feel squeezed here’, H&N by Shirley Fisher 2/17/12. "It was  a great life in those days and things were busy along the river — there were  miners and loggers, everyone seemed to have a job, city folk had summer homes in  the area.”..."The Siskiyou Monument proposal, if passed, would  set aside more than 500,000 acres of land between the Klamath River and Siskiyou  Crest, limiting access"..."Fisher is concerned about the possibility of greater  frequency of flooding if the dams come out.  With the prospect of dam removal and the proposed  500,000-acre Siskiyou Monument, she wonders what the future holds."

Senators seek to add more wilderness, H&N 12/16/11

Monument legislation discussed at hearing, testimony by U.S. Congressman Wally Herger 11/15/11. "Obama Administration intends to use this authority to lock up more than thirteen million acres of federal land from multiple-use access. In a time of high unemployment, this would lock even more American jobs away."

Forest closes 5,000 miles of roads, trails to vehicles, H&N, posted to KBC 11/6/11. “We don’t have a single trail out of this,” Schenck said. "OHV enthusiasts attempted to work with forest officials this summer to develop some OHV specific trails, but nothing came from the efforts." “ We did drop the ball...” Hupp said.

San Diego Superior Court Upholds California Fish and Game Commission Regulations Pertaining to Marine Protected Areas, Rejects Arguments of Coastside Fishing Club, Somach Simmons and Dunn 10/25/11

More wilderness for Crater Lake? H&N, posted to KBC 8/21/11. Proposed "more than 500,000 acres..."

Don't relax on wildlands, on PieNPolitics 6/9/11

Subcommittee to Hold Oversight Hearing on the Obama Administration’s Wild Lands Policy, 5/17/11. "In a move by the Obama Administration to circumvent Congress’s sole authority to allocate Wilderness areas, this order could place a vast amount of public land off-limits to energy production, recreational use and other job-creating activities."

Big Picture Part 3: The Re-Wilding of Siskiyou County, by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 5/20/11. "Roadless areas, Wilderness bills, National Monuments, Wild and Scenic Rivers designations, “Travel management Plans,” the new Dept. of Interior “Wild Lands” policy and President Obama’s “Treasured Landscapes” agenda are all efforts to re-wild large core areas. http://users.sisqtel.net/armstrng/monument.htm"

The Big Picture part 2, by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong, posted to KBC 5/14/11. Armstrong documents how the UN and ICNU, with designated roadless areas and wilderness areas, were formed to shut down human use of land and resources in the Klamath River Basin.
HERE for the Big Picture part 1.

Here is the link for Armstrong's research on Agenda 21 Rewilding or HERE

Wildlands Initiative" defunded in final CR, The Westerner, posted to KBC 4/16/11. “The ‘Wild Lands’ proposal issued by Secretary Salazar last December was another attempt by the Obama Administration to circumvent congressional authority in the Administration’s ‘War on Western Jobs.’ "

Plaintiffs appeal the district court's denial of their motion for preliminary injunction to halt post-fire salvage logging in Klamath National Forest"
posted to KBC 3/29/11. (KBC NOTE: each plaintiff,
KLAMATH SISKIYOU WILDLANDS CENTER; ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION INFORMATION CENTER; KLAMATH FOREST ALLIANCE; CENTER FOR BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY" is supported by Earthjustice, supported by George Soros. They oppose salvage logging trees burnt up in a fire. Same force behind the NGO's in the KBRA.)

* Wilderness protection executive order 3310  by Secretary of the Interior Salazar, posted 12/26/10

Uintah County amends lawsuit against Interior Department, Officials want judge to rule on 'wild lands' policy, Vernal Express, posted to KBC 3/26/11. "As much as 385,000 acres in Uintah County face potential designation as wild lands, which could be "locked up from economic development,..

Governors riled by wildlands plan, McClatchy News Service, H&N 3/2/11

Administration Admits it Doesn’t Have Statutory Authority to Prioritize Wild Lands over other Uses, House Natural Resources Committee 3/2/11. (KBC NOTE: Secretary Salazar designated millions of acres to become Wild Lands, decimating communities, economies and ending resource use).

Ron Arnold: Congress should stop funding Big Green lawsuits against the government, posted 2/26/11 Washington Examiner. "Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., chairman of the House Natural Resource Committee's Power and Water Subcommittee, introduced an amendment to the House's $1.2 trillion continuing resolution bill to permanently defund NFWF...amendment failed..." KBC NOTE - NFWF funds groups like American Rivers, on the KBRA stakeholder group, which sues the government, often with taxpayer money. American Rivers suit intends to demolish Snake River dams. George Soros and NFWF fund National Wildlife Federation.

Committee to Hold Oversight Hearing on Interior Department’s “Wild Lands” Policy, Natural Resources Committee, posted to KBC 2/25/11. "The Wild Lands policy expressly circumvents Congress’ statutory authority to establish Wilderness areas.  ... the public’s access to public lands can be limited or halted entirely – impacting our economy, jobs, recreation opportunities and American energy production.  Millions of acres of multi-use land in the West are at risk of being locked-up if the Administration carries out this policy.”

Wilderness protection executive order 3310  by Secretary of the Interior Salazar, posted 12/26/10

BLM Charm Offensive Backfires, Critics Fume Over 'Wild Lands' Policy, Greenwire, posted to KBC 1/26/11

Congress must sink 'wild' grab, Capital Press, posted to KBC 1/8/11

Unhappy Camp, North Coast Journal, posted to KBC 10/20/10. Environmentalist story about Happy Camp's attitude toward Wildlands Project creating Siskiyou Crest National Monument where these rural people make a living. Read the comments. "Most of you come from cities where you flattened, paved, and raped the land of every living thing in sight. Lived in houses made of wood, were educated on books made of paper, and wiped your asses with toilet paper. Then you come out here, where the land was actually managed and people coexist with nature."

Federal Land Management: Fighting for Access to YOUR Federal Lands, Congressman Wally Herger 4/30/10
Secret document reveals Obama considering 13 million acre land grab antiquities act abuses must end, posted to KBC 3/1/10

Monument extends into Klamath Basin, 3/1/10

Obama secret plan for monuments compels congressional action, posted 3/1/10

Plans for proposed Siskiyou Crest National Monument move forward, KDRV, posted to KBC 2/26/10
Western Lawmakers Ask Secretary Salazar for Complete Monument Documents, Congressional Western Caucus 2/26/10. "These designations could potentially lock up as many as 13 million acres of land in 11 different Western states."

California panel adds new marine sanctuary zone, Sacramento Bee 8/7/09. "The new preserves cover 153 square miles of ocean between Half Moon Bay and Mendocino. Starting Jan. 1, fishing will be permanently banned or restricted in the zones...The Department of Fish and Game estimates "adequate" law enforcement in the statewide preserve network would cost $27 million in the first year and $17 million annually thereafter. It has nowhere near that level of funding." A Comment: "We are adding sanctuary zones to protect fish, but we are releasing 40K prisoners on the general population of California to prey on them."

RESOLUTION OF THE SISKIYOU COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS REGARDING NATIONAL MONUMENT PROPOSALS IN SISKIYOU COUNTY, posted to KBC 8/6/09. "62% of Siskiyou County’s 2.5 million acre land base is federal land"

The (Calif. state water board) panel knew nothing, by Nita Still, Pioneer Press, 7/15/09

The Great Auk; Dam removal part of Wildlands Project, Letter to editor by Dick Short, Pioneer Press 7/15/09

Siskiyou monument proposed; Conservationist group asks for 600,000 acres in S. Oregon H&N 7/4/09

24 million-acre wilderness plan divides East, West; Northern Rockies lawmakers fear effect on natural resource-based jobs. Capital Press 5/7/09.

Wilderness hearing brings out the boos for new proposal, Inyo Register, posted to KBC 12/24/08

Congress Pushes to Keep Land Untamed; Bills Could Add Millions of Acres Of Wilderness, Washington Post, posted to KBC 6/20/08

Wildlife plan carves swath across West, Proposal raises Washington rancher-legislator’s hackles, Capital Press, posted to KBC 3/9/08

Snowy Plover Comments by Oregon Coos County Commissioner John Griffith 11/8/07 COMMENT PERIOD (this is about locking up coastal land)

East, West clash over wilderness, Capital Press 10/26/07

Wilderness bill debate boils down to East versus West, Missoulian 10/19/07

Kill giant new wilderness bill before Oct. 18!!

Opposing Marine Reserves, Port of Garibaldi Resolution 2007-4, posted 9/16/07
RERUN: Oregon governor increases pressure to harm the coast, letter from Coos County Commissioner John Griffith.

Sten, (Andy) Kerr, McGuire Sign on to Clinton Campaign, Portland Willamette Week, 9/4/07. (KBC Note: According to Enviro-activist Andy Kerr's website, he wants to put salmon in the Upper Klamath Basin, litigate over logging on federal lands, take 100-150,000 MORE acres from Klamath Basin irrigators and make more public land, list more endangered species in Klamath Basin. He's stated: "This nation has more farmers than it needs", farmers have "narrow-minded intolerance", "grazing of any kind is the ecological problem." In Wild Earth he states: loggers, road-builders, miners, grazing permittees, and off-road vehicle users are the primary destroyers of wildlands."

Grant to restore Basin watershed, H&N, posted 8/31/07. "Ducks Unlimited received a $789,563 federal grant to help restore t he Upper Klamath Basin watershed."Groups involved in the project include The Nature Conservancy, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Klamath Watershed Council, KBEF/Klamath Basin Ecosystem Foundation, and Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust." For KBEF board of directors go HERE. KBEF and Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center are both members of Orion Network.  

Oregon governor increases pressure to harm the coast, letter from Coos County Commissioner John Griffith, followed by Kulongoski's latest proposal outline, posted 6/15/07. "Gov. Ted Kulongoski has decided to increase pressure to evict us from our traditional marine fishing areas. He has changed the nature of a condemned 2002 Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) fishing closure proposal to relieve anti-coast activists from having to justify at all the closing of fishing areas, or of having to ever show that closing them caused any change to ocean and fisheries’ health whatsoever."

Rep. Rob Bishop's Opening Statement from Today's Hearing on the National Landscape Conservation System, AB2016 posted 6/10/07.
Urgent Action Please! -- You have 10 working days, two weeks, two send written testimony to the National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Subcommittee of the Natural Resources Committee. Please at least write a letter opposing HR 2016."Plans To Put Into Law The Babbitt National Conservation Lands System (NCLS) This Essentially Places A National Park Type Overlay Over Millions Of Acres Of BLM Land....The NCLS consists of major conservation areas in 12 western states, including 15 national monuments, 13 national conservation areas, Steens Mountain area in Oregon, Headwaters Forest Reserve in northern California, 36 wild and scenic rivers, 148 wilderness areas, 4,264 miles of national trails, and more than 600 wilderness study areas. Making the NCLS permanent threatens recreation, access, grazing, mining, oil and gas and many other uses. Gradually these areas will be turned into parks with traditional uses strangled and roads cut off."

Lawmakers propose sweeping Western wilderness area, Billings Gazette, posted to KBC 4/25/07. "Two East Coast lawmakers introduced a bill Friday with 73 co-sponsors that would designate as wilderness 23 million public acres in five Northern Rocky Mountain states, including Montana and Wyoming...It would give the government's strongest protections to areas of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and Oregon." Followed by Bill would ban development on 23 million acres across the Northern Rockies: "...750,000 (acres) in eastern Oregon..."

Good Neighbor Forum ---- ESA misused, speakers say, Fort Morgan Times, posted to KBC 3/5/07

To the Destroyers of dams, Pioneer Press by Nita Still, Montague, posted to KBC 3/19/07.

http://www.legacy-tlc.org/  and http://www.legacy-tlc.org:80/  "U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer and U.S. Representative Mike Thompson are considering forty-six potential wilderness areas (PWAs) in the Klamath-Siskiyou region of northwestern California for wilderness designation...The information will be used to assist the CWHC, conservation groups, and legislators in documenting the importance of PWAs in the Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion and ensuring their inclusion in the proposed wilderness legislation."  KBC NOTE: This website describes the Klamath Basin, explains the evils (like farming, ranching and timber harvest), details potential endangered species, and assists in teaching the methods to create wildlands and corridors in the Klamath Basin.

VIDEO: Behind the Green Curtain, or http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7934453684194357754 . Doug on our Discussion Forum found and shared this video with us. The film unveils the truth behind the ESA, wetlands on private land, and other tools to take private land away from landowners, posted 12/27/06

Thousands of acres designated wilderness by president, December 1, 2006 Boston.Com

Gov. Risch Touts Idaho's Roadless Plan,  MSN Money Central, 11/28/06, "1.4 million Forest Service acres would become "wildland," closely paralleling federal wilderness areas where roadbuilding is forbidden. That includes land slated to become wilderness in Idaho's Boulder and White Cloud mountains."



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