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Senate Republican job-creating bills that
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Senator Doug Whitsett
R- Klamath Falls, District 28

Phone: 503-986-1728 900 Court St. NE, S-303, Salem, Oregon 97301
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Senate Republicans have offered a slate of bills that we believe would help create a better environment for Oregon businesses and help to encourage capital investments in our state. Each of the bills is designed to stimulate private sector job creation by reducing the cost of state government and loosening the regulatory chains on the free market economy. Unfortunately, most of those bills were considered dead on arrival in the current Legislative Assembly.

For instance SB 1590 would create a bicameral Legislative committee charged with the responsibility to conduct performance evaluations of state agencies. The objective would be to determine the cost effectiveness and relevance of the agency programs as well as the efficiency with which those programs are carried out. Further evaluation would include whether the programs compete with or duplicate other state and federal agency programs and whether there are less restrictive, alternative or more cost effective methods of regulation that could adequately protect the public. The committee would be tasked with providing their recommendations to the Governor. This bill was co-sponsored by eleven Republican Senators. The Senate Democrat leadership did not extend the courtesy of a hearing to SB 1590.

Each year Oregon agencies create or amend nearly 10,000 administrative rules that have the full force of Oregon law. SB 1571 would create a bicameral Legislative committee charged with the responsibility to review all new and existing administrative rules to determine if the agency actually has the statutory authority to enact the rule, if the rule is needed and if it serves its intended purpose. Moreover, the committee would determine whether the rule duplicates other agency rules as well as the cost effectiveness of the implementation of the rule. SB 1571 is co-sponsored by eleven Senate Republicans. To date the bill has not received a hearing.

SB 1592 would make land use and transportation planning goals less restrictive and decisions easier and quicker to obtain in counties with less than 50,000 residents and whose populations are not growing. The objective would be to get state government out of the way of the establishment of private sector businesses in rural counties that have experienced untenable rates of unemployment for more than a decade. This bill was co-sponsored by twelve Senate Republicans. The Senate Democrat leadership did not extend the courtesy of a hearing to SB1592.

These bills represent only a small sample of the legislation introduced by Republican Senators designed to help make Oregonís free market economy more competitive. We recognize that understating the actual unemployment levels being experienced by Oregonians and predicting future job growth is no substitute for much needed private sector job creation. It is beyond frustrating to be denied even the opportunity to discuss the government created barriers that are stifling our economic recovery.

Please remember, if we do not stand up for rural Oregon no one will.

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