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Feds own 34 million acres of Oregon, 10/10/13

What is happening to our beautiful western state of Oregon?  Why is the unemployment rate amongst the highest in the USA?  Why is the economy, health care, the moral, broken? Libraries closed? Resources locked up? Backroads closed so wildland fires burn rampant frying little owls and bambies? Gas prices highest in the US? Today environmental lawsuits have shut down the timber industry in the guise of saving the owls that they allowed to burn up in 'protected' wildland fires. They are now intending to decimate 4 hydrodams on the Klamath and studying other dams to destroy, which will destroy the local economies.

A comprehensive valuation of agriculture; a perpetual investment in Oregon's economy and environment, Oregon Department of Agriculture, 2012, by Brent Searle, Policy Analyst/Economist. "The world population is projected to reach 9 billion in another 30-40 years, necessitating between 50-100% more food than is currently produced. Imagine – an entire additional world of food production needed from the same land (or less) than we have now! Food production capacity is a national security issue as much as anything else. The resources devoted to agriculture and food are national treasures that require preservation." (KBC NOTE: the KBRA downsizes Klamath Basin agriculture by 20-25% )

OREGON: Access the 2014 Legislative Bills  A list of committee (only) legislative concepts with the corresponding measure numbers is available by clicking here.
Oregon Senator Whitsett - Oregon Newsletters
Oregon Representative Gail Whitsett - Legislative Updates
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Diesel trucksOregon expands targets under Clean Fuels Program, Capital Press 10/21/22. "The governor-appointed Environmental Quality Commission voted unanimously in September to expand the Clean Fuels Program...When the program was first implemented in 2016, it called for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels 10% below 2015 levels by 2025. The new targets are 20% below 2015 levels by 2030, and 37% by 2035. To accomplish this, fuel distributors may choose to import more lower-carbon biofuels such as ethanol or renewable diesel — made from vegetable oil — to replace gasoline or diesel."

Wolf population continues to grow in Oregon, Capital Press 4/22/21. "The 2020 population is a 9.5% increase over the end of 2019, when ODFW recorded at least 158 wolves...ODFW confirmed 31 livestock depredations in 2020, up 94% from 2019. However, 16 of those were attributed to the Rogue pack, whose range straddles Jackson and Klamath counties in southwest Oregon..."

Oregon gun storage law would be among the toughest in the US, H&N, 4/20/21

Oregon’s new carbon cap program takes shape, but much debate remains, Oregonian 3/10/21. "...to reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions by 45% below 1990 levels by 2035 and 80% below those levels by 2050..."

Democrat Bill introduced to outlaw diesel fuel in Oregon. Super Majority Declares War on Working Class, Oregon House Republican Caucus 3/3/21

Reopening Oregon, by Representative E. Werner Reschke, H&N Guest Commentary 4/26/2020. "...I continue to advocate for reopening our state sooner, rather than later, in a safe and responsible way. One size does not fit all. That’s why I recommend reopening Oregon regionally, based on objective criteria within a particular community..."

U.S. Democrat Reps letter to FERC requesting immediate transfer to Klamath Hydroelectric dams so they can be destroyed, 4/7/2020. KBC NOTE: This is contrary of the will of the vast majority of the Klamath Basin Residents in Klamath and Siskiyou Counties where the hydro dams are located, and local Oregon Senator Linthicum, Oregon Rep Reschke, and Northern California U.S. Congressman LaMalfa.

OREGON: Governor Brown is for democracy, just not your vote "Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed an executive order directing state agencies to reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions through more stringent standards for fuels, new buildings and consumer appliances, imposing by fiat what she was denied by Republican legislators...Republican legislators who walked out wanted the Democrat majority to put their plan on the ballot so Oregonians could give it an up or down vote. We agreed that a measure that would radically impact the economy while having an infinitesimal impact on the climate should be put to a vote..."

Brown signs an expansive order targeting climate change, Capital Press 3/10/2020. “At the end of the day, her directive could lead to a cap-and-trade style program that is far more sweeping than any proposal contemplated by the Legislature in recent years and will inevitably lead to significant cost increases for consumers and businesses alike, while offering little in the way of meaningful environmental benefits,...”  " During Monday’s Emergency Board meeting, Richard Whitman, director of the Department of Environmental Quality, said that the new hires would help complete initial rulemaking for a greenhouse gas reduction program by 2022. That’s roughly the same timeline laid out in the bill killed last session to reduce greenhouse gas emissions..."

Failure To Lead, by State Representative E. Werner Reschke, Southern Klamath & Lake Counties, 3/9/2020. "Rather than focus on shared-values and budget priorities, such as addressing homelessness, health care, housing, wildfire prevention, education and public safety..."

PRESS RELEASE - Senator Dennis Linthicum Representing Constituents by Denying Quorum, 2/25/2020. "Cap and trade should be referred to the ballot to let the people decide..."

Oregon governor calls for breaching 4 Snake River dams, H&N 2/16/20. "...The dams generate electricity, provide some irrigation and flood control and allow barges to operate all the way to Lewiston, Idaho..."
Columbia-Snake River litigation has 90,000-plus acres in balance, Fruit Growers News 1/24/20

WHY - Rep Reschke among walkouts from Cap and Trade Bill, H&N 2/16/20. "Thursday’s early exit from a critical House policy committee, was done in protest to the fact that the committee purposely did not hear any public testimony on a highly controversial bill, or provide time to discuss among committee members regarding the policy of the bill." “We have tried to engage with our colleagues on this issue, but have repeatedly been denied the opportunity to represent our districts in this conversation. Cap and trade will raise costs of living on all Oregonians, drive business out of the state, and hand control over to unelected bureaucrats. Oregonians are being denied access..."

Oregon starts appeals of $1 billion timber verdict, OPB 12/26/19. "In November, a jury in Linn County ruled that the state breached its contract with 13 rural counties by failing to generate enough revenue through logging on state-owned forests. Jurors awarded more than $1 billion in damages..."

The Good, Bad, Ugly - 2019 Oregon Legislative Session Summary by Oregon State Representative E. Werner Reschke 8/20/19. "The Democrat super majority legislature raised taxes on Oregonian’s nearly $5 billion...the Senate Republican walked out not once, but twice, halting the Senate process in order to prevent anti-constitutional gun, medical and environmentally extreme Cap & Trade bills from passing...Most policy was Portland-centric and top-down and will be devastating to rural Oregonians."

Senator Kim Thatcher on the Oregon Senators' walkout: Cap And Trade 6/30/19. "...Not only was HB 2020 coming to the Senate floor yesterday, a bill that grants driver licenses to illegals was also scheduled. Both of them contain an emergency clause which precludes a referendum by voters who want to put them on the ballot...just a few years ago, the Oregon legislature passed a driver license bill that was successfully put on the ballot where it was handily rejected by voters 2:1. Every county, except Multnomah where Portland resides, rejected driver licenses for illegals..."

Fatal Conceit - System rigged against the public, Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum - District 28, June Newsletter. "The Democrat super-majority is advocating for the round-up and capture of elected representatives by the Oregon State Police. Additionally, they are proposing to fine each of us $500 per day. Then, to drive the knife deeper into the wound, the Senate President scheduled floor sessions for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which allowed the super-majority to levy an extra three days of fines. The sheer level of avarice is stupefying..."

Oregon Cap & Trade Advances. Air horn protest can’t shutdown climate bill, Oregon Capital Bureau (in Herald and News) June 13, 2019. "Johnson, the most conservative of the Senate Democrats, has been a vocal opponent of the bill, saying it would destroy the state’s economy...Republicans have been staunchly against the idea, saying it will decimate the rural way of life, where people work in mills and factories that would be hurt by cap and trade. They drive longer distances, making the estimated 16 cent-per-gallon increase in gas costs more significant... It will kill jobs, it will hurt families, businesses and employees, and it will incur extreme costs without providing benefit to the environment..."

Oregon Disarmament Bill: SB 978 by Dennis Linthicum, Oregon State Senator District 28, 4/25/19.

Number of small farms is growing in Oregon, Argus Observer 4/19/19. "...The amount of farmland in Oregon had dropped by about 340,000 acres over the five-year period... labor is the top cost on farm, having increased 21 percent since 2012..."

Lawsuit renews attack on grazing in Oregon national forest, Capital Press 4/18/19.

Wolves target Oregon rancher's animals again. Puppy makes 11th animal taken by Rogue Pack, Medford Mail Tribune, 3/21/19.

PLEASE ATTEND, or COMMENT before March 12!!! Hearing Scheduled on Bill That Would Ban Forest Practices on Over a Million Acres in Oregon, OFS 3/8/19:  "On Tuesday, March 12 at 1:00 PM, the House Committee on Energy & Environment will hold a public hearing on HB 2656. HB 2656 is probably the most threatening bill to Oregon’s managed forests by banning harvest, road building, and the use of pesticides and fertilizers in forestland that supplies drinking water for public sources. Thus, locking up over a million of acres..."

Oregon Regrets executing Modoc Chief Captain Jack who murdered General Canby, Senate Concurrent Resolution 12 Sponsored by Oregon Senator GIROD, February 2019. "Resolved, That we express our regret over the execution of Kintpuash (Captain Jack), Schonchin John, Black Jim and Boston Charley in October 1873 and for the expulsion of the Modoc tribe from their ancestral lands in Oregon." https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/SCR12/Introduced

The state is making up its own water rules, H&N by Jerry Jones, Chiloquin 2/21/19. "Historical documents show Oregon Department of Water Resources (ODWR) has engaged in water theft from the historical ranches of the Upper Klamath Basin..."

Oregon rivers, lands would gain protection under bill passed by U.S. Senate, H&N 2/13/19. "...according to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, the measure would provide protection for about 250 miles of rivers and streams in Oregon. That would give the state more wild and scenic designations than any other state besides Alaska..."
Wilderness-Wildlands Page

Oregon lawmakers debate multiple gun bills, H&N 2/13/19. "It would limit ammunition purchases to 20 rounds in a 30-day period and prohibit firearm magazines that can hold more than five rounds.....

Local rules governing control of well use in the Upper Klamath Basin: OWRD / Oregon Water Resource Dept. Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, filed 1/29/19
OWRD Hearings: 2/21/19 in Salem, 2/26/29 Klamath Falls
4 business days after the Klamath Falls hearing.
OWRD webpage:

H-2A minimum wage hearing set for Jan. 28, Capital Press 1/14/19. "...It has increased from $14.12 to $15.03 in Washington and Oregon, the highest in the nation..."

Oregonians for Food and Shelter Legislative Review 1/11/19. Bans neonicotinoids, aerial pesticide prohibition, forest practice bans, dairy size prohibitions and regulations, Articles: Carbon Cap, Wolf talks, Klamath Refuge Management Attacks, Walden townhalls.

Tom Mallams...KLAMATH BASIN: Oregon state agencies out of control, by Tom Mallams for Capital Press 10/13/18. "Their computer model claims wells interfere with surface water, if the well is within one mile of any waterway. This year’s shutoffs include 2 wells for the city of Klamath Falls, all of Bly and all of Chiloquin. Also shut off are many wells used for irrigating crops, watering livestock and some homes that use spring water. Additionally, wells used for major businesses including Jeld-Wen, Running Y Ranch Resort and Harbor Links golf course were issued shutoff notices. Each year, the number of wells being shut off grows...Problem is, OWRD, when pressured, actually admitted that the one mile number could be expanded...you are automatically deemed guilty unless you prove your innocence. Not exactly what the Constitution says. The way OWRD modeling is framed, it is literally impossible to prove your innocence. OWRD even admitted that this is indeed the case...Thousands of Oregon businesses and citizens will be denied their ability to survive in this openly hostile state governmental environment..."

OFS Oregonians For Food and Shelter legislative update e-newsletter 8/17/18. Suspected carcinogen lawsuits, WOTUS is back, Ryan Zinke: 'Environmental Terrorist Groups' Play Role in Western U.S. Wildfires, forest management, politics.

Dennis LinthicumState water actions taken without first determining what the actual facts are, by Senator Dennis Linthicum, Commentary for H&N 5/15/18. "Scientific examination would clarify that some wells do impact surface waters while others do not. OWRD seems to suggest that in all cases, at all times, and in all circumstances, groundwater wells impact surface flows...OWRD ought to know with certainty that an individual well is harming a senior water right-holder, before shutting-down specific water resources..."

The State has turned off all of our water including our wells! by Brandan Topham, Sprague River, Newsletter 5/7/18. "Most of the irrigation wells have been drilled since 1950...we have river data for 32 years before the wells were drilled. In those 32 years the average flow is 860cfs. Since 1951 the average flow is 1052cfs. That means since the wells have been drilled there is almost another 200 cfs in the rivers. That does not sound like the wells are drying up the rivers...Every few years they keep changing the rules to shut off more stuff. This year they figured out how to shut off ~140 wells in addition to what they have been shutting off in the past for the Klamath Tribes. Last year they shut off every thing even with river flows well above average..."

Letter from Ann SeCoy, Beatty, Oregon to Klamath County Commissioners, Oregon State and Federal Representatives & Senators regarding 140 Upper Klamath ag wells shut off, and responses from Senator Linthicum and Rep. Reschke 4/30/18.
At the "Open House" with ORWD tonight at the Sprague River Community Center, all I heard repeatedly was:
1) how their hydrology science is fact, but
2) it isn't perfect, so therefore it is their best estimate
3) how the Klamath Tribes have no need to demonstrate the water they are claiming is being put to good use (unlike the similar demands made of the ranchers, who have 5 years to demonstrate productivity with their well water use or their loose their rights)
4) the law is the law, and it doesn't matter that it isn't equally applied, it MUST be enforced.
   We are all in a horrific position of what on earth we are going to do with the proper management of our fields, pastures, and livestock.  Do we sell our herd of cows in a bad market?  Do we put them out to graze on what is our hay crop that is just coming up?  Do we have to get rid of our children's 4H sheep breeding program?
   All these questions that we would not have to deal with if our well was simply ONE FOOT farther than one mile from the tributary that feeds into the Sprague River..."

Local reps to challenge carbon tax in short session, H&N 1/28/18. "...early estimates predict an impact of $1,500 to $1,700 per year for the average household as energy costs go up.This includes an estimated $0.16 per gallon increase in fuel taxes..."

Oregon - Reschke to front bill ending late-term abortion, H&N 1/23/18

State of Oregon letter to FERC to support KRRC Klamath Dam removal, posted to KBC 11/3/17. Letter by ODEQ, ODFW, ODWR, written by ODOJ

Judge rejects claims of Klamath Basin irrigators, H&N 9/8/17. "...The plaintiffs argued their wells were drilled into a confined aquifer that’s separated from the Sprague River by layers of rock and clay, as well as a shallower alluvial aquifer. Shutting down the wells isn’t allowed because OWRD only has jurisdiction over wells drilled into an aquifer “adjacent” to the surface water..." “There’s nothing to stop Oregon Water Resources from regulating every aquifer in a basin (within a mile of surface waters) and calling it an aquifer system,” (attorney Laura Schroeder) said."

New law makes it way too easy to take guns away from people without cause, H&N by Rep E. Werner Reschke 9/8/17. "SB 719 calls for the forced confiscation of property (guns) by the police with no due process, no conviction of a crime and no accusation of a crime. It allows anyone, including strangers off the street, to make assessments and a case before a judge. It allows judges, with no mental health credentials, to render judgment on another person’s state of mind whom they have never met or spoken to. Furthermore, it actually forbids judges from considering assessments of the respondent’s mental health by people who actually do have mental health credentials. The law even goes so far to allow a judge to confiscate every firearm in a household because one person in the household has a past DUI conviction."

Klamath Falls - Local officials oppose misdemeanor possession law, H&N 8/16/17. "House Bill 2355 was signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Kate Brown after it passed the state legislature with largely-Democratic support. The bill makes personal-use possession of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and other controlled substances misdemeanors (punishable by no more than a year in jail) rather than felonies (punishable by up to several years in prison)."

Linthicum, Reschke, freshmen legislators, recount wins and losses, H&N 7/20/17

Spending Money with Reckless Abandon, by Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum, District 28, 7/19/17. "...I might be naive, but I thought everyone knew that even millionaires can run out of money..."

Oregon approves measure requiring insurers to cover abortion, H&N 7/6/17. "...patients would have access to the procedure for virtually any reason, at any time, including sex-selective and late-term abortions."

Legislature's House Democrats sidestep State Constitution to raise $670 million, by Oregon State Legislator Werner Reischke, House District 56, 6/29/17

Naked and Poor, Oregon Spending Problem April 2017 Newsletter by Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum - District 28. "Our real problem is that government growth has outpaced revenue growth by the $1.8B shortfall."

Oregon Legislative Review, 3/31/17: pesticide labeling, foresters against HB 3226, EPA Pruitt denies pesticide ban petition, Gov. Brown fires DEQ commissioners, hemp bill, doubling Cascade-Siskiyou Monument, regulation of COW FARTS: "...in addition to smelling bad and causing global warming, cow farts can irritate your eyes, cause memory loss, and even death.

Installation of measuring devices on streams can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Daily maintenance can add up to thousands of dollars in additional labor costs. The annual reporting, and more often if the Oregon Water Resources Department requests, of 'water amount, rate, and duty' will add thousands of more dollars, annually, in time and additional out-of-pocket expense. 'The inclusion of a $500 civil penalty for each day of violation of the act...' "

Top-notch Deception by Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum - District 28, News Ticker Opinion, Wallowa Valley Online 3/21/17. Linthicum represents Jackson, Klamath, Lake, Deschutes and Crook counties. "If a Democrat House member gets his way, the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) will load stiff economic, land and water management problems right into the lap of Oregon’s farmers, ranchers, cattle and dairymen..."

1/13/17: Federal Register - Bureau of Land Management: Public Land Order No. 7859; Withdrawal of National Forest System and Bureau of Land Management Public Lands in Southwestern Oregon; SUMMARY: This order withdraws, subject to valid existing rights, approximately 5,216.18 acres of public domain and Revested Oregon and California Railroad lands and 95,805.53 acres of National Forest System lands from settlement, sale, location, and entry under the public land laws; location and entry under the United States mining laws; and operation of the mineral and geothermal leasing laws for a period of 20 years while Congress considers legislation to permanently withdraw those areas and to protect the Southwestern Oregon watershed from possible adverse effects of mineral development.

BETC / Business Energy Tax Credit Audit Raises Serious Questions, News from Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett 9/27/16.  "...it did find circumstantial evidence inferring suspicious activity on at least 75 BETC transactions totaling nearly $350 million..."

Oregon Legislative Review, and Whitsetts' highest conservative rating in Oregon, 9/13/16

Oregon 2016 Session Adjourns ending the most destructive month in Oregon legislative history. Newsletter by Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett, Senate District 28, posted to KBC 3/17/16. "The new law doubles the renewable portfolio standard by eliminating the use of all coal-generated electricity in Oregon...The act contains two provisions that functionally prohibit the formation of a municipal utility district (MUD) or public utility district (PUD) in PacifiCorp’s monopoly protected service area. These poison pills serve to eliminate the financial feasibility for any Klamath County MUD or PUD... At minimum, it will result in at a 40 percent increase in power costs to all PacifiCorp customers...PacifiCorp power rates have already nearly doubled since 2005...  this new (minimum wage) law will result in wholesale destruction of Oregon small businesses and kill many private sector jobs that those businesses provide...Klamath and Lake Counties have some of the highest percentages of minimum wage jobs in Oregon..."

Oregon Senate Passes Minimum Wage Hike Costing Oregon Businesses $1.2 Billion 2/11/16.

1whitsett.JPGTransparency bill a reminder to state that we're Oregonians not 'opponents': Editorial, Oregonian 2/17/16. Sen. Doug Whitsett, R-Klamath Falls, is sponsoring a bill with Sen. Peter Courtney, D-Salem, that would require state agencies to summarize the legal basis behind a proposed rule or administrative order. 
"It's telling that an Oregon Justice Department lawyer argued against a bill that would require greater transparency from state agencies by noting that "opponents" would benefit from such legislation. Others might instead use the term 'Oregonians.' "

Closed door deals are not the Oregon way, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett , posted to KBC 1/4/16

BETC Scandal Highlights Bigger Problems in State Government by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted 12/17/15

Revenue Forecast Highlights Good, Bad of Oregon's Economic Recovery, Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett, posted to KBC 12/17/15

Commissioners oppose Crater Lake Wilderness proposal, H&N 12/2/15

Bad Bargaining by the Beholden, by Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett 11/10/15

Will Oregon go to Pot? by Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 9/27/15. "Marijuana-related traffic deaths doubled in Colorado, from 47 to 94 per year, between 2009 and 2014. Colorado’s marijuana-related Emergency Room calls have increased since 2009 by more than 10,000 per year..."

Revealing the Puppetmasters of Oregon's Environmental Policy, Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 9/19/15.

Oregon hatcheries releasing fish early due to drought, H&N, 6/27/15. (KBC Note: The controversial proposed KBRA would eliminate hatcheries from the Klamath River which produce millions of salmon. Klamath and Siskiyou Counties, home of the dams, oppose the KBRA agreements along with opponents within the regional tribes.

Governor signs bill expanding gun background checks; Oregon law requires background checks for firearm transfers between private parties, H&N, posted to KBC 5/17/15.

Related article and video: Oregon Representative Gail Whitsett short video on the proposed background checks for guns..what could land you in prison for decades, with hundreds of thousands $'s fines, posted to KBC 5/7/15

OREGON - Legislature passes expanded background checks for guns. Measure heads to Gov. Brown for final approval, H&N, posted to KBC 5/7/15

Rep. Gail Whitsett has several bills planned. Whitsett also plans to submit an updated version of the groundwater bill HB 4044, H&N, posted to KBC 11/16/14

County, state tussle over water regulations; public works director to sit on water advisory, H&N, posted to KBC 9/20/14.

< Klamath Falls City Councilman Bill Adams speaks about his frustrations with a proposed Oregon Water Resources Department rule on Thursday during a question and answer session at Oregon Tech.  
"Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams, also an irrigator, spoke in opposition to the proposed rule change. 'This is what I feel is nothing more than trying to put pressure on everybody trying to agree to a settlement that’s very iffy, lacks a lot of support...There is some support … because they have been pushed into a corner, and a gun to their head, as far as I’m concerned, by Oregon Water Resources and our federal government. Water resources in the past has been the champion for irrigated agriculture...I feel they’re one of our worst enemies, and that’s very disheartening.' Mallams also read a statement from State Rep. Gail Whitsett on her behalf: 'We find no viable reason or justification for this permanent rule to apply only to the Klamath River Watershed in Klamath County,' read the statement."

Fuel standards opposed by Rep. Gail Whitsett; Representative said the standards will profoundly affect rural Oregonians, H&N, posted to KBC 9/18/14. "if the new standards go into effect, nearly 30,000 jobs will be lost, and Oregonians could pay more than $1 per gallon in additional gas taxes...a bill or executive decision by Gov. John Kitzhaber to ban lead bullets may be in the state’s future. Whitsett said lead is already banned from use in waterfowl hunting...if a bill to ban lead bullets is introduced in the 2015 legislative session, she plans to introduce a bill protecting citizens’ rights to use them."

Oregon's expansion of regulations of surface and groundwater use, by Senator Doug Whitsett 8/13/14. "What the Department is not making clear to the public is that their proposed permanent rules make substantial and critical changes to the existing emergency rule. The rule being proposed extends the Department’s authority beyond its regulation of surface-water, to include the regulation of groundwater under the preferential use of water for human and stock-water during drought. This rule appears to be another attempt by the Department to use its rule making powers to extend its authority to regulate surface water under the Klamath River Adjudication, to include the regulation of groundwater."

Oregon Caves bill goes to U.S. House. U.S. Senate passes measure unanimously on Wednesday, H&N, posted to KBC 7/16/14. "The Congress is again considering legislation to expand the Oregon Caves National Monument nearly tenfold....Logging and other operations allowed on Forest Service lands are banned on Park Service holding..."

State reaps most timber since 2006. Logging harvest intake tops 4 billion board feet, H&N 7/16/14.  "Oregon’s timber harvest topped 4 billion board feet last year...Oregon’s timber harvest was 9.74 billion board feet in 1972... Volume plunged in the 1990s as environmental issues led to cutbacks in logging on federal lands."

California's Cap and Trade, Kitzhaber headed that direction, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 4/30/14

Oregon's welfare growth highest in nation, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 5/6/14. "The welfare to work program was designed to provide temporary assistance during the time required to teach families to become accountable for their own welfare and financial security...The audit found that Oregon ranked dead last in the nation for TANF clients participating in work, or work related activities..."

As tax base shrinks, Oregon must turn from federal funds. Reduce rates, but increase taxable population for economic growth, by Bill Kennedy, guest writer for H&N, posted to KBC 3/16/14

Klamath Falls - Oregon Tech's renewable energy by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 4/25/14
National Unemployment Newsletter by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 4/9/14
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries by Senator Doug Whitsett, 3/26/14
Forest Practices Act Newsletter by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 3/20/14
Short Legislative Sessions by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 3/11/14
Support Oregon's Rule of Law by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 2/27/14

Water Interference Bill, legislative update by Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/21/14. "....Over 130 Klamath Basin farmers and ranchers have been threatened by the OWRD to have their irrigation ground water wells shut down as soon as April 2014.  This is in addition to the same ranches having all of their surface water called on, and shut off, by the Klamath Tribes (as the newly adjudicated senior water right holder) and the OWRD in 2013. The adjudication provides absolutely no direct statutory control over ground water, but the OWRD is trying to tie the two water sources (ground and surface) together in an attempt to gain control over all of the ranch and farm lands (through their water) in certain areas of the Basin, without going through the process of defining a “Critical Groundwater Area”. OWRD does not want to go through this process as there really is not a shortage of ground water in this region..."

< Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett and Rep. Gail Whitsett  Science of shutoffs, well water monitoring law aims to clarify ownership, H&N 2/7/14. “We fully support the OWRD authority to regulate wells that are materially interfering with senior water rights. However, we believe the state should be required to prove that the use of irrigation wells is materially and measurably harming a water right holder with a superior priority date,” Gail Whitsett said."

Sage grouse plan seeking comments by Jan. 13, H&N 1/2/14. "The draft EIS has six possible management alternatives for maintaining and increasing habitat for greater sage grouse on BLM lands in Oregon. The BLM has about 10 million acres in Oregon that provides greater sage grouse habitat."

Oregon minimum wage climbs by 15 cents, second-highest rate in U.S., H&N 1/2/14

Oregon wildfire protection Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter  12/19/13.

(Oregon) Court spells out law on farm activities, Capital Press, posted to KBC 12/16/13. "The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled that weddings and corporate events aren't permissible on farmland, but smaller-scale events that feature agricultural education, like birthdays, are allowable."

"Affordable" Care Act and "Cover Oregon,"  by Senator Doug Whitsett 10/30/13

Feds own 34 million acres of Oregon, Senator Doug Whitsett 10/10/13

Oregon government spending addiction, Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 9/22/13

(Klamath) Racism and Land Theft, Oregon-Style, by Erika Bentsen, posted to KBC 8/28/13. "What does this mean to the future of Klamath County? Are tribal members going to be the only ones allowed to own land? Now that irrigation is taken out of production, property values are plummeting. But only tribal members will be compensated; all others will be bankrupted. Who gets the land next? Will the tribes buy it for pennies on the dollar? Then what? Will the water in the rivers no longer be called, like it was before the tribes sold the reservation?"

* The Oregon Water Resources Department is no longer a friend of agriculture. 8/1/13. "More than 250 water users holding Allottee and Walton water rights dating to 1864 are being forced to turn off their irrigation water...The Department’s final determination gave the Tribes such a huge amount of water that virtually no additional water will be available for irrigation in a normal year..."

Kitzhaber signs 'last resort' wolf-killing bill, San Francisco Chronicle, posted to KBC 7/22/13. "Ranchers will get new rights to shoot wolves that they see attacking their herd, but only if the attacks have become chronic and the ranchers can show they've taken nonlethal steps to try and stop them." KBC NOTE: Oregonians may not shoot a wolf killing their calves, ponies, puppies, chickens, lambs, unless they have completed a multitude of documentation and deeds.

Oregon senators should be replaced, H&N letter by Donato M. Giambersio 7/16/13. "To U.S. Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden...I am not writing you to thank you for voting for the United Nations Small Arms Bill, that would have, in reality, taken away our 2nd Amendment rights..."

Ore. panel OKs ‘last resort’ wolf killing rule;  Current rules require proof that ranchers took nonlethal steps first, H&N, posted to KBC 7/14/13. 

Oregon Senate passes bill to limit gold dredges, H&N 7/3/13. "With deference to the 150 or 200 years of mining this state has had, you would think they would try to figure out if the dredges are actually hurting something before they outlaw them," he said. "If they are really worried about the salmon, they could say, `Let's stop fishing for a few years,' and see if that affects salmon."

Session wrapup: Partisanship overwhelming process; Republican efforts at Legislature routinely ignored, says Sen. Doug Whitsett, H&N 7/14/13.  "The recently concluded Legislative Assembly was the most partisan and rancorous that I have experienced during my nine years of service in the Oregon Senate..." HERE for Senator Whitsett Page


Meth bill falls victim to politics; Final days of the legislative session marked by intense intra-party bickering, H&N 7/14/13. "I was a sponsor on more than 50 bills, many of which were bipartisan, that dealt with..." HERE for Rep. Gail Whitsett page.

Oregon  - Meth home protection bill fails to become law, H&N, posted to KBC 7/10/13



Oregon, worst state for retirement, bankrate.com, posted to KBC 5/8/13. (thank you for posting on the Discussion Forum Buster Keester.

Oregon's 4 anti-gun bills by Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 4/7/13. "The disarming of state legislators and their staffs is the last thing that I wish to see. In my opinion, gun free areas might as well be advertised as potential killing zones....(Prozanski's) bill would require any person applying for a concealed handgun license to first-pass a live-fire test at a firing range. The test would require accuracy while repeatedly firing up to twenty shots in 60 seconds or less.This would certainly be difficult to achieve using a handgun, such as a revolver, that only holds six rounds of ammunition. One would have to reload the weapon three times in order to fire twenty rounds in a minute or less."

Hearing scheduled for Oregon gun-control bills, H&N 3/29/13.

VIDEO - 2013-15 Oregon Democratic Co-Chairs’ vs. Republican Leadership Budgets, with Rep Richardson and Senator Whitsett, posted to KBC 3/12/13.

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, District 28, 3/5/13, Oregon Transportation HB

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett - Oregon must cap growth of state spending, H&N 2/24/13

Oregon's green energy frenzy vs. free market principles, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, posted to KBC 2/20/13.

Action Alert: Oppose Oregon’s attack on mining, prospecting, 1/30/2013 Gold  Prospectors. "...Senate Environment and Resources committee... is expected to vote on senate bills SB 115, SB 401 and SB 370 as early as of next week..."
"SB 115 Placer mining using any form of motorized equipment or motorized dredge is prohibited in this state.
SB 401 Stops all placer mining in new streams listed as Oregon Scenic Water includes about 20 more mineralized streams. Oregon already has 19 OSW streams and Waldo lake including its tributaries.
SB 370 requires an annual $125.00 license for nozzles over four inch classifying it as commercial placer mining in streams."

Governor Kitzhaber's recommended Oregon state budget, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 12/5/12.

August UNEMPLOYMENT: Herald and News 9/25 and 9/29, 2012:
Klamath County 11.7% .
Siskiyou County13.5 %
Modoc County, 12.8%

New Proposed Perpetual Tax on 85,000 Oregon Water Rights Holders And Potential Significant Regulations, Senator Doug Whitsett 9/27/12

Wage increase could cost jobs, Capital Press, posted to KBC 9/20/12.

Oregon net farm income, labor costs jumps in 2011, Capital Press, posted to KBC 9/20/12. "The cost to pay farm employees -- largely because we have so many specialty crops that require hand-harvesting -- is the single largest expense for Oregon farmers,...The average farmer in Oregon last year earned $27,000..."

Farm Bureau and state officials blast 'heavy handed' federal labor investigations, The Oregonian, posted to KBC 9/4/12. Followed by: "EXTORTION" Why did the labor department drop the hammer on Oregon farmers, The Blaze

Unemployment rate remains unchanged, Klamath County rate for May of 11.4 percent unaffected by the addition of 590 jobs, H&N, posted to KBC 7/1/12.

Draft of (Oregon) state water plan posted, Capital Press 6/26/12

Oregon Integrated Water Resources Strategy, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 5/31/12. "...IWRS advisory committee... appear to have placed little emphasis on the development of additional storage for current and expanded agricultural use. Implementation of those public policies can only serve to diminish the supply of water available for irrigation."

Oregon's budget, and last minute "emergency bills," Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, posted to KBC 3/6/12.

ODEQ to decide about Low Carbon Fuel Standard Mandates for Oregon, Senator Doug Whitsett 2/24/12. "The costs of complying with any LCFS can only result in higher fuel costs for everyone. Compliance with a state or regional LCFS would certainly result in an uncompetitive business environment that would result in out-migration of businesses and jobs. The last thing that Oregon needs is another reason for businesses to leave Oregon or for capital investors to further shun the state."

Economic vitality and stability to Oregon’s rural communities, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 2/17/12

Senate Republican job-creating bills that Senate Democrats refused hear, Senator Doug Whitsett 2/10/12

NEDC  lawsuit could shut down eleven million acres of Oregon's privately owned forest land, by Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/10/12. "Those privately owned forests create timber product sales of nearly $12 billion and support private sector payrolls in excess of $4 billion...The direct consequence of litigation concerning the allegedly endangered Northern Spotted Owl is a 90 percent reduction in timber harvest from federal lands. That near elimination of federal timber harvest has resulted in virtual cultural genocide for many timber dependent rural communities."

Wage increase cuts into bottom line, H&N, posted to KBC 1/9/12. "Oregon’s hourly minimum wage increased from $8.50 to $8.80 Jan. 1. It’s the second highest minimum wage in the country..." KBC NOTE: Oregon has over a 9% unemployment rate.

"... among the 36 Oregon counties, Klamath ranks a dismal third in child abuse and neglect," Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 1/6/12

Bipartisan plan creates jobs, helps forest, H&N, posted to KBC 1/4/12. Authors U.S. Representatives Greg Walden, Peter DeFazio and Kurt Schrader from Oregon.

Oregon's unsustainable spending addiction, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 11/20/11

Ninth Circuit decision further hamstrings Oregon's economy, Oregonian posted to KBC 10/23/11. "The Court's decision potentially creates legal paralysis threatening 120,000 forest related jobs (with payroll totaling $4 billion) and $130 million in state income and severance tax revenues that pay for vital public services. The new court ruling will not achieve its intended environmental benefits. The uncertainty could force some forest landowners to convert their forests to other uses, like commercial or residential developments..."

EPA signs off on new Oregon water quality rules--strictest in the nation, Oregonian 10/19/11

Oregon Set to Enact Strict, New Water Quality Standards to Satisfy EPA, Tribes, Marten Law 8/23/11. "The new standard for fish consumption is 10 times higher than the previous one, and assumes Oregonians will eat 23 eight-ounce meals of Oregon caught fish per month. That rate of consumption translates into dramatically lower permissible discharge levels for 106 pollutants...which in turn could dramatically increase treatment costs for municipal sewage treatment, agriculture, and many manufacturing industries, including paper mills at a time when those industries are already struggling."

Federal Management of Oregon's Forest Lands, Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 8/12/11. "federal district court ruled that the owl was threatened under the Endangered Species Act and that nearly unlimited critical habitat was required to preserve the bird from extinction...Oregon’s annual timber harvest from federal lands plummeted from 60 percent to 12 percent. Nearly 300 timber mills closed and more than 30,000 family wage jobs were lost."

Environmental Quality Commission Approves Revised Water Quality Standards for Oregon, ODEQ, posted to KBC 6/26/11

Taps were played for future of Oregon's natural resource based economy, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 6/19/11. "Thursday in Pendleton, TAPS were played for the future of Oregon’s natural resources based economy, and the private sector jobs they sustain. The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) adopted, by Administrative Rule, new Oregon water quality standards for human toxics that are ten times more stringent than anywhere else in the United States...Compliance ...will be virtually impossible. In many situations the new standards exceed the normal background levels..."

Oregon adopts strictest standard for toxic water pollution in the nation, The Oregonian 6/17/11 (KBC NOTE: Oregon is one of highest states of unemployment in nation)

Why were new jobs bills killed? by Oregon Senator Whitsett, posted to KBC 6/16/11

Foreclosures up 236 percent in (Oregon) state, H&N, posted to KBC 6/16/11

Oregon's Regulations Oppress Jobs, May 2011 Newsletter for Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett, District 28, posted to KBC 5/17/11

Oregon's economic forecast, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 5/12/11. "...our state has no more private sector jobs than it did in the year 2000. Moreover, our per capita income continues to fall behind the national average and the rate of negative change is accelerating."

Oregon, perennial national leader in unemployment, poverty, hunger, homelessness and despair by Senator Doug Whitsett 4/8/11

Unhealthy in Klamath; Out of 33 Oregon counties, we rank 32nd in health outcomes, H&N 3/31/11. (KBC NOTE: "unemployment 13.8%." The KBRA will take thousands more acres out of production, and Oregon is one of the largest producers of cattle. Pacific Power has already increased power bills to destroy the dams. Oregon regulations have decimated the timber industry...)

Oregon Unemployment Benefits by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 3/24/11

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett: More job killing rules from ODEQ 3/11/11. "The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is in the process of adopting the most restrictive water quality standards in the nation...These new rules have the potential to profoundly affect the fiscal soundness of businesses, agriculture and forestry in the state. They may be expected to have an extreme negative effect on Oregon’s future job growth and economic recovery...the scientific relevance of these studies is at best pathetic and at worst criminally negligent."

Walden, Oregon farmers fight pesticide buffer by Peter Beland, Oregon Business, posted to KBC 3/10/11." 'This crop field, which now produces $21,000 in income — if the federal government’s rules as full described here — you’d be down to $1,500... buffer zones could take 40 percent to 67 percent of Oregon’s farmland out of production...' A number of conservation groups represented by Oakland-based environmental law firm EarthJustice filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency last November...". (KBC NOTE: GEORGE SOROS helps finance Earth Justice, which provides free legal fees for "environmentalist" and ecoterrorist groups to destroy "American Capitalism." EarthJustice represents most of the environmental groups with voting power in the controversial Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.)

Oregon should reclaim federally owned forests; sixty percent of them are locked beyond reach of local management, Ben Shelton, H&N, posted to KBC 9/1/10

March Economic Forecast, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 2/8/10. "Projected state revenue income from general fund tax collections and lottery fund profits is projected to be down by more than $190 million since the December 2009 forecast. The projected reduction in state revenue since July 1, 2009 is more than $400 million. Moreover, the 2009 fourth quarter report was the seventh consecutive month of job losses and declining revenue."

Oregon Ballot Measures and Taxes, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/7/10

Oregon State Employee Compensation, posted 12/3/09, by Senator Doug Whitsett

Oregon economy may be worse off; underemployment second highest in nation, H&N posted to KBC 11/16/09

11/6/09: U.S. Unemployment Rate 10.2%, Highest Since 1983, 10/21/09 Oregon was 11.5%, Calif.12.2%

No surprise: Salmon most expensive endangered species, Oregonian, posted to KBC 10/18/09. "...the total spent on the 13 salmon and steelhead species in the Columbia Basin since 1978 exceeds $12 billion."

News Alert from Oregon Natural Resource Report 8/28/09

State jobless rate highest on record, H&N, posted to KBC 7/30/09. Oregon's unemployment rate has hit a record 12.4 percent.

The Governor’s Proposed Oregon Emergency Jobs Program, Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 6/18/09

Group will ask voters to overturn Ore. business tax hikes, Capital Press 6/12/09

Today was a Billion Dollar Tax Day in the Oregon Legislature Democrats pass $733 million in tax increases on small and family owned businesses, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 6/11/09

Democrats prepare for historic Billion Dollar Tax Week, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett,  6/8/09
* 2009 Tax Bills before the 2009 Oregon Legislative Assembly

Representative Bill Garrard R-Klamath Falls, District 56: Committee: "Vote on Senate Bill 76 Delayed . . . Again. The chair of the House Environment committee again delayed the vote on Senate Bill 76 (Klamath Dam Removal proposal).  A work session on this bill has been re-scheduled for Thursday, May 28th at 3:00pm in Hearing Room D.  I will post the results of the committee vote as soon as they happen."
Testimony of geologist Gail Hildreth Whitsett on SB 76, Klamath Dam Removal Bill 5/09

New poll shows Northwest voters value clean, reliable, renewable, climate friendly hydropower, 4/09, NW River Partners  

Klamath County unemployment increases to 14.9 percent, H&N 5/26/09. "The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Klamath County rose for the 10th month in a row in April from 14.1 to 14.9 percent." (KBC NOTE: The endangered  Species Act regulations destroyed our timber industry.100,000 acres from off-Project land were acquired by gov't agencies and The Nature Conservancy in the guise of 'storage' and 'sucker habitat,'  which decimated our cattle industry. The proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement would further downsize agriculture, give timber land to the tribes which they previously sold to be taken off our tax rolls, and tear down 4 hydropower dams which serve 70,000 households and provide Siskiyou County's economic stability.)

Hastings Rejects Activist Judge's Efforts to Tear Down Snake River Dams 5/19/09. “Dam removal would have devastating consequences on our region’s economy.  It would cost thousands of jobs, lead to large increases in greenhouse gas emissions, and there is no solid science that it will aid salmon recovery."

A Plan for Oregon's Transportation, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 5/10/09. Whitsett Page HERE.

PRESS RELEASE Walden: Relocate wolves to nearest wilderness, keep livestock producers informed, 5/7/09

Valley field burning phase-out advances in Senate, Capital Press 4/30/09.

Greg Walden to Al Gore: Come out to Oregon and see the condition of the forests, posted to KBC 4/26/09, letter and video. See forest page.

Ore. ranchers cry for wolf hearings, The Olympian April 17, 2009. "Endangered species laws forbid ranchers to kill wolves caught in the act of attacking livestock" HERE for Wolf Page

Ore. jobless rate hits 12.1 percent, Capital Press 4/14/09. KBC NOTE: What is the result of letting special interest groups sue to shut down most of the timber industry, coastal fisheries, and downsize agriculture?

Jobless rate tops 13 percent, H&N, posted to KBC 3/30/09.

Walden asks President Obama for help putting Oregonians back to work in the woods, Congressman Walden 3/30/09

Oregon's Water Resources Threatened, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 3/27/09.

New taxes and fees proposed for Oregonians, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 3/13/09. HERE for Whitsett newsletter and opinion page.

(Klamath County) Jobless rate tops 13 percent, posted to KBC 3/30/09

S. Ore. (Savage Rapids) dam awaits removal; questions raised, posted to KBC 2/24/09

Unemployment compensation to be taxed in Oregon. Federally allowed rapid depreciation for new business equipment to be disallowed; Oregon Senate passes bill disconnecting state income taxes from federal tax breaks, Oregonian 2/14/09

Oregon unemployment rate shoots up to 9%, The Oregonian 1/21/09.  

60 laid off at local lumber mill, H&N 1/15/09.  

Public lands bills gain steam, H&N, posted to KBC  1/15/09,  followed by Whitsett pleased with boost for OSP

Oregon unemployment rate shoots up to 9%, The Oregonian 1/21/09.

Feds distribute timber payments for rural counties, Capital Press 1/15/09

* Omnibus public land Management Act of 2009, Senate Bill S22, 1/14/09. (This wilderness Act will lock up millions of acres of land--no timber harvest, no resource use at all)

OREGON - Kulongoski to pursue mileage tax, Albany Democrat Herald, posted to KBC 12/30/08.

Oregon unemployment, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett , Klamath Falls District 28, 12/22/08.

Farm Bureau keeps eye on lawmakers, Bushue touches on estate taxes, union organizing laws and grass seed burning, Capital Press 12/11/08

OREGON Unemployment claims rising, October’s 9.1-percent rate in Klamath County highest since 1990 ,H&N posted to KBC 12/6/08. (KBC NOTE: Let's downsize ag more, in addition to the 100,000 Upper Klamath acres already confiscated by the feds, and they will demand more. The same feds and enviro groups destroyed many communities and people, and forests, by protesting timber harvest. This resulted in diseased and dead trees; these same enviros won't allow logging in even dead wood areas. Why the unemployment?)

Citizen Participation in Government, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 12/2/08

Molalla couple loses pet deer, H&N, posted to KBC 12/1/08

Oregon Economy, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted 10/06/08

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett speaks on Emergency preparedness, 10/6/08, KFLS, Klamath Falls

A move to secede on California-Oregon border, San Francisco Chronicle 10/5/08. "Locals complain that federal and state regulators have hampered the fishing and timber industries to protect forestlands and endangered species such as sucker fish and the spotted owl...folks in Siskiyou, Modoc and the other potential Jefferson counties could whack the red tape from both federal and state officials and get rid of the sales tax..."

OREGON - Financial bailout bill includes timber payments, Capital Press, posted 10/5/08

Bush administration may give timber payments new life, Capital Press 9/26/08

OREGON - Oregon's minimum wage to jump to $8.40, Capital Press, posted to KBC 9/17/08. "Cleave said the formula doesn't take into account economic conditions in rural areas. 'The calculation isn't based on Oregon's economy,' Cleave said. 'It's based solely on Oregon's largest cities and what their economies are doing.'

Oregon grass seed industry feels betrayed, posted to KBC 9/11/08.  

OREGON-Jobless rate up 6 percent "SALEM (AP) — Oregon’s jobless rate jumped half a percentage point in July, and the state’s economy lost jobs for the fourth month out of the last five. The state Employment Department said Monday the jobless rate has now reached 6 percent — up from 5.5 percent the month before and its recent low of 5 percent in early 2007." (KBC NOTE: When a state downsizes agriculture, decimates the timber industry for the owl, makes millions of acres of wilderness which lets the forests/logs/owls/bambies/homes burn, and now hopes to rip out 4 Klamath River dams providing jobs and power to 70,000 people, THAT makes Oregon one of the states with highest unemployment in the nation.

Smith, Wyden Announce Funds for Oregon Energy and Water Projects, 7/18/08 Gordon Smith Press Release

Whitsett on federally mandated environmental propaganda in our schools, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett's talk on KFLS, posted to KBC July 21 2008. "History is replete with examples of the despotism and tyranny that follows the mandatory indoctrination of a nation’s youth with selected government dogma."

Whitsett on urban legislators' agenda for rural Oregon, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett's talk on KFLS, posted to KBC July 21, 2008

OREGON - Leaders ignore economic warning signs, grant political appointees massive pay increases, Money comes from state savings, Oregon Senate Republican Office, 6/27/08. “The absolute wrong time to increase the cost of Oregon government is while Oregon families are seeing the cost of food, fuel and housing spiral out of control, with jobs more difficult to find each week,” said Senator Doug Whitsett (R-Klamath Falls)."

County funds likely dead, 6/20/08, H&N

Leaders ignore economic warning signs, grant political appointees massive pay increases, Money comes from state savings, Oregon Senate Republican Office, 6/27/08. “The absolute wrong time to increase the cost of Oregon government is while Oregon families are seeing the cost of food, fuel and housing spiral out of control, with jobs more difficult to find each week,” said Senator Doug Whitsett (R-Klamath Falls)."

(Oregon) Field burning ban sought, H&N, 6/22/08

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, June 2008

31,000 Scientists Debunk Al Gore and Global Warming, Newsmax, posted 5/20/08. "An incredible 31,072 Americans with university degrees in science, including 9,021 Ph.D.s, have signed a petition that flatly denies Al Gore’s claims that human-caused global warming is a settled scientific fact." (KBC NOTE: This came from Oregon!)

Cardiac rehab center will remain closed, H&N 5/4/08. (KBC NOTE: Klamath County alone has a population of 60,500, and Sky Lakes Hospital also services Modoc and much of Siskiyou Counties, with heart disease a leading cause of death.)

Oregon Congressman Greg Walden newsletter, posted 3/16/08. "I headed out to Liskey Farms in Klamath Falls to learn how they’re using geothermal energy to power a new biodiesel production unit, raise tropical fish, plants, insects and soon produce electricity..."

Senator Doug Whitsett February newsletter, Klamath district 28, posted to KBC 3/13/08

Unemployment up in Klamath, H&N, posted to KBC 3/11/08. (KBC NOTE: With the Klamath Settlement that significantly downsizes the Klamath Project, how will that effect employment in ag, retail businesses, services and taxes?)

Retired vet teaches science in state Capitol. Years of experience help legislator bring rural perspective to issues, Capital Press 2/8/07.

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter, posted 2/5/08

OREGON: New year brings new laws, H&N 12/31/07

OREGON: Judge halts Oregon's same-sex partnerships; Challenge claimed petition signers' names improperly rejected by state, WorldNetDaily 12/29/07. "The new policy gives homosexual RDP inmates the special privilege of living together but denies it for heterosexual married inmates, just the opposite of what the policy is trying to achieve, and discriminates against heterosexuals based on their sexual orientation..."

Oregon Lawmakers Challenge Governor On Licenses For Illegal Immigrants, RTT News, posted to KBC 11/21/07

Oregon's Rep Richardson on Measures 49 and 50, 11/8/07. "The Governor and the Democrats in the Oregon Legislature carefully crafted and funded a measure to repeal Measure 37 and perpetuate Oregon’s locked-up land-use system. They were successful. Congratulations to crafty politicians are in order, and so are condolences for lovers of liberty and fair government practices."

CROPS: Oregon seizures of marijuana double in 2007, H&N, posted to KBC 11/8/07. Scroll toward bottom of CROP page for N California pot crops in forests shut down to logging by and for the growers.

OREGON: Million voters overruled by 54 lawmakers, World Net Daily, 9/14/07. "54 state lawmakers and a Democratic governor, Ted Kulongoski, have rejected the expressed will of the people to approve and sign into law House Bill 2007 and Senate Bill 2 this year...Oregonians have never given a million votes to any other issue or candidate, yet the Legislature went ahead with its moral agenda anyway."

Kulongoski vetoes only government accountability measure of 2007 session, But adds 1,777 new jobs to state bureaucracy, 8/9/07 Oregon State Republican Office

They call it 'Oasis Project' for a reason, East Oregonian, posted to KBC 7/2/07. "Gov. Kulongoski hasn't done much to move this region in the direction of aquifer recharge...This bill holds promise of adding tens of millions of dollars annually to the economy of northeast Oregon, all from a quantity of water that amounts to a microscopic drop in the barrel..."

PRESS RELEASE: Time Will Tell How Legislature Impacts Average Oregonian, Oregon Senator Ted Ferrioli 7/2/07. "Democrats in the Senate voted down a referral to Oregon voters asking them to require proof of citizenship for new voters. Republicans also brought a proposal requiring proof of citizenship for individuals applying for driver’s licenses, but Democrats later sent that proposal to a committee to die."

They call it 'Oasis Project' for a reason, East Oregonian, posted to KBC 7/2/07. "Gov. Kulongoski hasn't done much to move this region in the direction of aquifer recharge...This bill holds promise of adding tens of millions of dollars annually to the economy of northeast Oregon, all from a quantity of water that amounts to a microscopic drop in the barrel..."

Oregon governor increases pressure to harm the coast, letter from Coos County Commissioner John Griffith, followed by Kulongoski's latest proposal outline, posted 6/15/07. "Gov. Ted Kulongoski has decided to increase pressure to evict us from our traditional marine fishing areas. He has changed the nature of a condemned 2002 Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) fishing closure proposal to relieve anti-coast activists from having to justify at all the closing of fishing areas, or of having to ever show that closing them caused any change to ocean and fisheries’ health whatsoever."

PRESS RELEASE: House democrats finish Measure 37 repeal, adopt secret amendments; HB 3540 reverses will of Oregon voters, strips rights from property owners, Oregon House of Representatives 6/6/07.

(Oregon) Property law vote likely; Senate: Measure 37 change should be up to the voter, H&N 6/6/07

OREGON: Democrats steal your giftcards VIDEO. 5/31/07

Whitsett call for dedicated funding SB798, delivers over 100 new state troopers, no new taxes, 5/16/07

Urgent from Senator Whitsett: Email reps on today's HB2564, well meters, followed by: Officials vote to charge property owners to draw groundwater. May 16, Please contact these legislators TODAY (Wednesday) and ask them to vote against HB 2564.Here is the list of legislators (Oregon House members that may be open to voting against the bill). We need to have people contact them on HB  2564, which should be on the third reading calendar tomorrow (ie: up for the vote): Jeff Barker, Terry Beyer, Debbie Boone, Brian Clem, Jean Cowan, Betty Komp, Tobias Read, Arnie Roblan, Brad Witt, Donna Nelson

OREGON: More pain at the pump; house democrats seek gas tax hike, HB 2653.  "Oregon already ranks among the top third of states with the highest gas taxes.  During the 2007 session, Democrats have also proposed a 44 percent increase in vehicle registration fees." 5/17/07

Whitsett Votes for Stricter (Oregon) Driver’s License Requirements, 5/15/07

Going out of business! Really, truly, seriously! The Oregonian, posted to KBC 5/15/07 "If Senate Bill 684 becomes law, stores would be required to buy a state permit to hold a going-out-of-business sale, which would be limited to 90 days."

Project Independence too important to be cut by Legislature, by Sunny Lemming, H&N Viewpoints 5/11/07 "Sen. Doug Whitsett reported that the Democrats in Salem are proposing cutting all funds for Oregon Project Independence...This is a program allowing seniors to remain in their homes and receive care instead of being shipped to a nursing home."

In Oregon suit, greens take new poke at public-lands grazing, KGW.com posted to KBC 5/9/07 "Ranchers argue that they're using land that can't produce crops and grazing doesn't cause the damage that environmentalists allege. Public lands are an integral part of many Western livestock operations, with ranchers combining privately held land with tracts they lease from the government.

Senator Whitsett Newsletter, posted May 9, 2007. WELCOME TO OREGON
* "300 Dorchester delegates from all parts of Oregon debated the issue of whether our troops should be withdrawn from the war in Iraq. They voted by an 8 to 1 majority against troop withdrawal. Eight to one against what was essentially this resolution."
*  Domestic Partnerships Signed Into Law
*  Land Use Reform Law Gutted/Measure 37
Water Measurement Bill Passes Out of Committee

Libraries certainly are the "back bone" of a community, by Rosalyn Rhinehart, 5/2/07, Medford, Oregon. "Over 55% of all acres, land, in Oregon is owned by the Federal Government when in 1937 millions upon millions of acres of forest were "reclaimed" and taken off of the Oregon Tax rolls; hence the bank went dry. In compensation, The Supreme Court dedicated sustainable yields of harvesting timber in PERPETUITY to bring money to BOTH the Federal Government and the 18 Oregon Counties involved"

From Katherine Lehman regarding Monday's HB2564 water meters. Call your legislators now! 4/27/07

We have 2 weeks to get testimony regarding Oregon ag burning ban, HB3000, to Farm Bureau for the committee. Go HERE for details. 4/9/07

* SB20 Pesticide bill April 10, OREGON - "it would shut down most pesticide applications across the state (the activist’s intended goal)" Call your legislator!
If you are going to Salem tomorrow April 10, read HERE. SB20 HERE.

Lawmakers propose sweeping Western wilderness area, Billings Gazette, posted to KBC 4/25/07. "Two East Coast lawmakers introduced a bill Friday with 73 co-sponsors that would designate as wilderness 23 million public acres in five Northern Rocky Mountain states, including Montana and Wyoming...It would give the government's strongest protections to areas of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and Oregon." Followed by Bill would ban development on 23 million acres across the Northern Rockies: "...750,000 (acres) in eastern Oregon..."

SB986: "the gov picks the "conservationists, hunters and fishermen" as an emergency it takes effect July 1, 2007, if anyone quits, the governor immediately appoints someone he wants to fill that vacancy, the task force makes all its own rules", 4/24/07

Marine reserves sought
Governor proposes 25,000 square miles off Oregon Coast for marine sanctuaries

Herald and News 4/22/07. "
The governor added he had proposed making 25,000 square miles off the Oregon Coast part of the national marine sanctuary system because he is committed to protecting Oregon waters as an ‘‘interconnected ecosystem,’’ and wants the council to keep that goal in mind as it develops a proposal. The proposal would have allowed commercial and recreational fishing, but not oil and gas drilling. "


SB-20 Hearing and news coverage-Oregon Pesticides, Oregonians for Food and Shelter, posted 4/12/07. "It was interesting that the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee only scheduled ONE HOUR for the hearing.  After Senator Walker and two proponents of the bill took over half of the available time, only about 10 more folks got to give an abbreviated version of their testimony...Opponents of the bill packed the hearing room and far out numbered the supporters, easily by a 5 to 1 ratio."
SB-20 OFS Testimony posted 4/12/07

OREGON - Lack of timber money closes Jackson County libraries, H&N posted to KBC 4/8/07. (KBC NOTE: Has it occurred to Oregonians that when they protest timber harvest, even of aging rotting dead trees, and create more "wilderness" where they aren't allowed to harvest even burnt or dead trees, there is no income from timber? The federal government may not be able to subsidize Oregon forever when they eliminate resource users from the economy.) More on Oregon go HERE

OREGON - Grass seed farmers defend field burning practice, H&N, posted 4/8/07. "The bill would end a practice used for generations of grass seed farmers in Oregon to clear out weeds, pests and prepare their fields for the next planting....Seed industry officials said that field burning only accounts for 2 percent of particulate emissions in the Willamette Valley during the summer field burning season."

Action Alert by Oregonians for Food and Shelter, 4/6/07. "(SB-20) would shut down most pesticide applications across the state (the activist’s intended goal)."

Voices Join Whitsett Calling for State Police Dedicated Funding, Senator Ted Ferrioli, Senate Republican leader, Capital Update, posted April 3, 2007

NOT JUST LIBRARIES!!! Timber harvest safety net payments end June 2007, by Rosalyn Rhinehart 4/1/07, Medford, Oregon. "In preparation: all libraries will close April 5th; County work force will be reduced from 700 to 350; deep cuts to the sheriff will impact the ability to fight crime. District Attorneys will have no budget to prosecute crime, and juvenile justice systems will be closed. Public health services cut in half and county roads will not be maintained. The County fairgrounds will be close."

A loss of federal timber receipts is leading to budget trouble, 4/1/07 Herald and News (KBC note: It is interesting that the Oregon Governor Wyden who is trying to get federal funds to offset loss from lack of timber harvest has been instrumental in curtailing timber harvest, even in burned and rotting areas)

Oregon Absurdity by Senator Doug Whitsett, OR District 28, posted 3/16/07

Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28, regarding Oregon school accountability, “Let’s bring transparent budgeting to schools” 3/14/07

Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28 Newsletter, posted 3/6/07. "In the last 25 years, Oregon’s population has increased by 38%, while the State Police Patrol Division has been reduced by over 50%." (KBC Note: Whitsett has his hands full..check out OREGON PAGE. 

Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28 Newsletter, posted to KBC 3/6/08. "The same week the Governor made his statements regarding the rural counties of Oregon
being on their own, the governor asked for a 38% general fund increase over the next two years for his own office, so he can hire more staff, have a greater travel budget (an increase of $160,000), and remodel his office and buy new furniture ($250,000). This does not include an
additional $431,000 for new computer equipment. He is seeking a total of three million dollars increase, from nearly $11 million to $14 million for his personal governor’s office."

OREGON - Lack of timber money closes Jackson County libraries, H&N posted to KBC 4/8/07. (KBC NOTE: Has it occurred to Oregonians that when they protest timber harvest, even of aging rotting dead trees, and create more "wilderness" where they aren't allowed to harvest even burnt or dead trees, there is no income from timber? The federal government may not be able to subsidize Oregon forever when they eliminate resource users from the economy.)  

OREGON - Grass seed farmers defend field burning practice, H&N, posted 4/8/07. "The bill would end a practice used for generations of grass seed farmers in Oregon to clear out weeds, pests and prepare their fields for the next planting....Seed industry officials said that field burning only accounts for 2 percent of particulate emissions in the Willamette Valley during the summer field burning season."

Governor wants trooper funding , H&N, posted 1/11/06 "...giving Oregon the lowest number of officers on the road, per capita, in the country."

Oregon's minimum wage increased to $7.80 Jan 1, 2007.

Where does Oregon Rank? 10/25/06

Oregon jobless rate up slightly in July, Herald and News, posted to KBC 8/15/06 (KBC Note: According to the NM Department of Labor, Oregon ranks 9th in the nation in unemployment. Oregon policies shut down timber harvest, coastal fisheries, downsized agriculture in the name of 'environmentalism', defying peer-reviewed science, destroying thousands of jobs, and families)

Oregon Transportation Commission Approves ConnectOregon Project List Senator Whitsett Strengthens Economy, Creates Jobs, 7/22/06. (KBC note: While Oregon is amongst the highest unemployment rates in the US, creating more untouchable wilderness areas and shutting down timber harvest and agriculture, Senator Whitsett works to salvage the economy.)

Farm numbers down, sizes up, Capital Press, posted to KBC 2/24/06

OREGON: PacifiCorp seeks 13 percent rate increase, 2/24/06. (Perhaps taking out the hydropower dams on the Oregon Rivers will be a solution? KBC)

OREGON: Study: Richest saw fastest rise in income, H&N, posted to KBC 1/29/06. (KBC Editor's note: Oregon has demolished it's timber harvest industry, and is decimating its farming and commercial fisheries, giving Oregon the grand prize of the highest unemployment rate in America.)

OREGON: Economy, education on rough ride, Capital Press 1/13/06. "Oregon is emerging from a punishing economic recession in which it had the nation’s highest or second-highest jobless rate for 41 straight months. Many of the people thrown out of work were not minimum-wage earners. Rather, many were well-paid specialists who were laid off from high-tech jobs." "We’re talking about farming, ranching and timber. Once the state’s leaders determined that those industries could be sacrificed at the altar of protecting fish, birds and butterflies, and that the state could prosper by hitching its future to the so-called Silicon Forest, Oregon placed itself in the precarious position of depending on industries and factors over which it had little or no control."

Close farms' loophole on pollution,  Oregonian, and KGW Groups ask controls on farm pollutants, posted to KBC 11/7/05

Forests suddenly off-limits to pickers, Register Guard, posted to KBC 10/18/05 "Oregon's wild-mushroom industry is worth between $10 million and $100 million annually, said David Pilz, a forest mycologist at Oregon State University."

Lottery is no answer, H&N letter 2/19/05. With the highest unemployment rate in the nation, Oregon shuts down farms and forest harvest--even BURNT forest harvest, and turns to gambling addicts to bail out the state.  

In the balance scales: Safety, addiction, H&N posted to KBC 1/1/05. "Slot machines are addictive, and a certain percentage of people who gamble will get into deep trouble playing them. They will lose fortunes and careers. Innocent family members will be victims....Gov. Ted Kulongoski's  choice wasn't an easy one. He made it forthrightly, but he hasn't dealt explicitly with the consequences: We're going to need more addiction counselors and social workers to mitigate the human suffering slot machines will bring." {Update from the socialist-highest-unemployment state of Oregon, where logging is all but obliterated, farmers are scum, dam's aren't pretty, and spotted owls burn up in fires because forest roads aren't 'natural' KBC}

OREGON: Priorities wrong, H&N letter to the editor 12/5/04.

State might buy forests, use returns for college grants, The Oregonian 7/26/04. (Oregon has done an excellent job of turning private forest owners into 'willing sellers'. KBC)

OR: Governor Kulongoski to Seek Salmon-Friendly Solution to Hydropower Needs, waterchat.com posted to KBC 7/24/04. "Governor Theodore Kulongoski announced today that Oregon is joining the lawsuit filed by Earth Justice ....."

Governor lauds rural food program, Mail Tribune 4/22/04. "Oregon has the biggest hunger problem of all 50 states, according to data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Agriculture. In 2001, nearly 600,000 Oregonians received food from emergency food pantries. A USDA study found Oregon had hunger rates nearly twice the national average — about 6 percent of Oregon households were going hungry, and more than 12 percent of households were "at risk of hunger" because they could not consistently afford an adequate diet. "

Salvage logging from Biscuit Fire could clear the way for jobs boon, Register Guard, posted to KBC 3/29/04. "Forest Service officials are expected to announce by May how much scorched timber they want to sell. Previously, they have said they were leaning toward selling about 500 million board feet. Using Ragon's index, that's 4,000 jobs. "

All logged out, 2/22/04, Bend Bulletin. 

Don't forget agriculture in looking at Big Picture, Oregonian 2/17/04, editorial by Katy Coba, Oregon Dept. of Ag,  "By volume, agriculture and food products are Oregon's largest export. By value, they rank second only to electronics at nearly $2 billion a year. A majority of the Port of Portland's total tonnage of exports -- about 60 percent -- is agriculture."

Group marks 30 years of saving trees, Oregonian posted to KBC 2/17/04. "Coos County Commissioner John Griffith, a former logger and newspaper reporter who surfs, fly-fishes and skin-dives in his spare time, sees the council's achievement as "shutting down rural economies" that depend on natural resources. "

Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli, Eight Ripoffs in land acquisitions by Oregon's non-profit institutions, 1/19/04 Guest Editorial. "Oregon state and local governments have lost a greater percentage of revenue than in any other state in the Nation, and we still have the country's highest rates of hunger, poverty and unemployment." For more on the demise of Oregon's economy, go HERE.

2 submitted op/ed articles regarding Oregon's economy/spending.
If 30 fails, try consolidating districts, H&N posted to KBC 1/30/04
People are not getting right set of choices, H&N posted to KBC 1/30/04

Wilderness expansion proposal triggers debate, Statesman Journal 2/2/04.

Salem dumps sewage in river--According to USFWS, not even one bird or animal or fish has died or become ill from pesticides however we are under constant attack to retire farmland to help wildlife and fish. . Yet we read where Salem dumps sewage in river--millions of gallons. H&N 1/30/04.

PRESS RELEASE: Walden on Medicare Reform, 11/24/03 WASHINGTON, DC – "The percentage of Oregonians who are covered by prescription drug insurance will increase from 60.4 percent to 96.6 percent. Some 54,000 low-income Oregonians who are not eligible for the Oregon Health Plan and who do not have any prescription drug coverage will be covered by the new prescription drug benefit."

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to Allow Oregon to Continue Receiving Extended Emergency Unemployment Benefits, 11/14/04. With Oregon being targeted by environmental groups to revert back to a prehistoric fantasy, destroying the logging, farming, grazing, and fishing industries, they are the highest unemployment rate in the nation.  Congressman Walden takes care of people. For more on Oregon, go HERE.

West Coast Communities face Economic Devastation, NewsWithViews.com, posted July 22, 2003 "This story is focused on the town where I live, but it is likely happening in the town where you live as well. It's already happened in Klamath Falls, OR."

Quickly salvage Biscuit Fire, experts urge, AP bendbulletin.com, July 18, 2003

State jobless rate climbs for 4th month, AP July 13, 2003 So, does it make sense to put 1400 family farms out of business....$200,000 million worth of crops in the fields and an entire business community because of faulty science and political pressure from gov't subsidized, tax-exempt groups?  THINK ABOUT IT! KBC

Oregon jobless rate remains No. 1 Herald and News, Friday, June 13, 2003 "The Oregon jobless rate was more than a full two percentage points higher than the national rate of 6.1 percent for May, the highest unemployment rate for the United  States since July 1994."

OFS (Oregonians for Food and Shelter) Legislative Update, week ending May 16, 2003.  "10,254 fewer Oregonians are working than in March."

Leaving Oregon, by Janet Whitfield , 6/12/03, comparing S.C. with Oregon
Federally owned lands in Oregon, by rjd: 31,809,283 acres
(almost 50,000 sq. miles, and nearly the size of S.C.) 51.6%
N.C. 2,023.456 acres ( 3,161 sq. miles ) 6.46%
'figures from Almanac and do not include inland waters'.  These are 1997 figures..so now they would be higher.

Group warns USFS over fire retardant, The Spokesman Review.com, 5/7/03

Oregonians starving in a land that has enough for everyone, by Bob Kennedy, 5/12/03

Discussion heats up over chemical waste dump, 6/10/03. In a remedial measure - done over local protests - the state authorized the crushing and burial of the drums into shallow trenches. Because the area was high desert, scientists assumed the groundwater lay deep beneath the surface. Instead the ground water was 3 feet below the surface and the chemicals soon leached into the ground water, spreading contamination in an underground plume






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