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 The Klamath River and its Tributaries---local solutions

Here we explore areas up the Klamath River and its Tributaries.  Generations of farmers and ranchers have lived on the land.  They know their soil and ecosystem from living and working with them.  It is not necessarily a university-drafted model that works in Illinois that they use to form their projects to sustain the river, wildlife habitat, soil and also their community and economy. They know their resources, what works and what doesn't.  Most are educated and very aware of laws and land/water/ecosystem management procedures.

For you irrigators down the river, please send us input on your area---the information you would like us to share with our viewers. This webpage is yours.

A Siskiyou County Perspective, a Power Point presentation given on June 7, 2004 at the Lower Klamath River Basin Science Conference at Humboldt State University by Marcia H. Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor. This has an accompanying narrative.





CDFG Director Chuck Bonham met with Siskiyou County Ranchers, Farmers and Gov't officials, by Corkey Small, Buffalo Broadcasting News Service 1/30/13. "The property owners of Siskiyou County will not tolerate the illegal taking of property or water by CDFG or any other agency of the government..."

KBC News: the following has been thoroughly researched and documented by Marcia Armstrong 5/31/12:
Part 1 - Siskiyou County: How Water and Land Use Regulations and Litigation Are Destroying Us, by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia H. Armstrong, 6/4/12. Background on Siskiyou County and its Economy. "Sixty-three % (63%) of the land base in Siskiyou County is in Federal (or state) ownership...In the year 2000, the average unemployment rate for the year was 7.5%. By 2008, it had risen to 10.2%, rising again to 15.8% in 2009. In March of 2012, the unemployment rate was 18.7%, ranking Siskiyou 50th out of 56 counties in the state."

Klamath Settlement Analysis, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5 1/18/08. "Siskiyou Countyís economy has been bled to death by reorienting management priorities from putting bread on our familyís tables to fisheries production and other species management. In case they hadnít noticed, our local economy gets very little out of reallocating resources to fisheries, spotted owls and salamanders. Where is the environmental and social justice in Siskiyou Countyís 12.3% average unemployment; massive job loss in the timber (80%) and agricultural (45%) sectors; 65% of our children in low income and 27% in poverty? Enough is enough."




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