Klamath Basin harvest brings good prices, many challenges Fertilizer and fuel expenses up 30 to 50 percent in some areas, Capital Press 12/14/08
< See a video of some of the Klamath Basin's major crops: onions, potatoes, grain, mint and mint plants, alfalfa, horseradish, strawberry plants, and pasture. The video is narrated by Harry L. Carlson, director and farm advisor at the Intermountain Research and   

Klamath Basin Crops,
Products and Livestock

Tulelake Irrigation District Crop Reports














Klamath Project and Other Crop Reports

     Siskiyou County Ag Census Trends 1992-2007, USDA 
State of Agriculture in Siskiyou County 2004, Crop, livestock and timber values by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor, Pioneer Press Sept 21, 2005 editionBOR
2005 Klamath waterbank fact sheet, as related to crops, posted to KBC 10/8/05
Klamath County agricultural sales for 2004 - 2005, H&N 4/13/06.Bureau of Reclamation
2000 Klamath Project crop report for Oregon
Bureau of Reclamation 2000 Klamath Project crop report for California (The year 2000 was the last year that the Bureau compiled crop reports so have no compilation of 2001-2005. We now aren't able to see the impacts of 2001 and the 100,000 acre-foot annual mandatory waterbank on Project crop production. If anyone knows if any Project crop reports have been compiled since 2000, please let us know at KBC. 

Oregon Agriculture Power Point Presentation March 2005 Oregon Dept of Agriculture.

Estimates for water now online, H&N posted to KBC 6/2/05

Regional and National Articles go HERE

Klamath Basin Articles

MarijuanaIllegal marijuana grow in Merrill stole as much as 5M gallons of water, H&N 7/26/22. "...more than 2,500 cannabis plants that potentially used up 5 million gallons of water...The property owner, 61-year-old Raul Garcia of Merrill, was cited for illegal marijuana manufacturing and possession and was released..."



Farm to School program pilot project. Local beef makes 4,200 hamburgers for Klamath County students, H&N 4/29/18 "The 700 pounds of meat to make those burgers came from Flying T Ranch in Sprague River, where Topham has been raising specialized Salers cattle for more than 40 years...Connecting students with their food and where their food comes from is the goal of the Farm to School program."

Cannabis vs Water: water theft to grow pot undocumented, H&N 3/4/18. "California legislators said the estimated 50,000 illegal grows in the state were having a significant impact on water availability. Senator Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg, said illegal grows were “literally sucking rivers dry” in a Scientific American interview and connected grows to dying fish populations."

$375 million in cannabis seized by Siskiyou in 2017, H&N 10/25/17

The authorSiskiyou voters should head off large illegal marijuana grows, H&N by Brandon Criss, Siskiyou County Supervisor 5/18/16.  "...They have no wells, no approved livable structure and no septic whatsoever. They just camp on the property leaving behind trash and waste, bring in wild dogs and use illegal pesticides..."

Pit River chairman upset by pot raid. Calls actions a ‘serious assault to the tribe’s right to self-governance’, followed by Pit River Tribe asserts group is following law. H&N 7/19/15. "The volume of marijuana that the XL facility alone was capable of producing, estimated at 40,000-60,000 plants, far exceeds any prior known commercial marijuana grow operation anywhere within the 34-county Eastern District..."

Biologists identify pot gardens as salmon threat, KATU 9/30/14.

Growers of thirsty pot are under fire in drought-struck California, H&N, posted to KBC  3/31/14. "...authorities have found widespread damage, including miles of irrigation lines, propane tanks, and rat poison and other toxic chemicals that end up in streams..."
Rat poison left outside illegal pot plantations threatens spotted owls: "The (Hoopa) tribe has received a $200,000 grant from Fish and Wildlife ... to cleaning up as many as five pot plantations identified on the reservation" H&N 5/29/13
For more illegal Klamath River Basin pot crops, go to KBC News CROP page.

Marijuana, newsletter by Senator Doug Whitsett 1/3/14. "Research has shown that marijuana smoke contains fifty to seventy percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke..."

Lack of forest logging to blame for fires, H&N letter to editor, posted to KBC 7/9/13. "I’m still waiting for just one environmentalist, one environmental group, or anyone else who played an active or sedentary role in stopping logging to save the spotted owl, to come forward and publicly protest the illegal marijuana grows in our national forests, national parks, and Native American Indian reservations, after it’s been proven the pesticides used on these grows are killing spotted owls and fishers."

Farmers, ranchers in the Langell Valley familiar with water crises, H&N, posted to KBC 8/16/12. "Under federally-mandated U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biological opinions, a minimum lake level is required to support the short-nose sucker, an endangered fish." (KBC NOTE: There is a mandatory lake level in Clear Lake for "endangered" suckers. Before the Klamath Project was built, Clear Lake was a meadow. The reservoir was built to evaporate water so farmers could farm. The Project also pumped water out of this closed basin into Klamath River, water which historically did not reach the river. The federal government now demands a higher-than-historical lake level for salmon because of the ESA / Endangered Species Act)

Keeping fresh fruits and veggies on hand, H&N, 7/18/12. Photo of Staunton Family Farms Community Supported Agriculture co-manager Courtney Staunton, Tulelake.

Hay hopes are high for first cuttings, H&N 6/14/12

Obama seizes control over all food, farms, livestock, farm equipment, fertilizer and food production across America, Natural News 3/20/12.

Sage grouse listing would destroy (livestock) industry, H&N letter by Gail Whitsett 1/20/12. "Multi-millions of public acres in 10 states, including Oregon, may become useless if the potential ESA-listed sage grouse habitat is determined to be impacted by the influence of controlled cattle grazing...Cattle remain Klamath and Lake counties’ largest agricultural commodity...Sage grouse listing will do to Oregon agriculture what the spotted owl did to the timber industry and the fisheries biological opinions have done to the Klamath Basin’s economy."

This was an exceptional year for North State wheat growers, CFBF, posted to KBC 1/4/12

Environmentalists control California's Karuk Tribe, Its all about Drugs, not Fish nor Jobs, NWV, by investigative reporter Barry Clausen 12/14/11. "Goodwin became a friend of Hillmans when Hillman became Director of Karuk Natural Resources in Orleans during the late 1980s…. Together they boasted of being the best marijuana growers in Orleans."

Higher prices lure some to leave natural beef co-op, H&N 11/4/11. "Producers must feed their cattle all-natural feed and can’t administer hormones or antibiotics to the animals."

Klamath River Basin Crops: over 100,000 marijuana plants seized, Siskiyou Daily News 9/29/11. "...total street value of the plants seized is estimated at $93,105 000."

Community supported agriculture has put down roots in the Klamath Basin, H&N 6/30/11. 

Marijuana grow shutdown in Siskiyou County 5/9/11.

Soros moves to control American food and grain production, Conservative Action Alerts, posted to KBC 5/1/11. "George Soros is formulating a move to control food and grain production by purchasing grain elevators in late March in several parts of the United States through his Soros Management Fund's backed Gavalon Grain." KBC NOTE: Go HERE for Soros control of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement; follow the money.

Siskiyou County Ag Census Trends 1992-2007, USDA

Community supported agriculture has put down roots in the Klamath Basin, H&N 6/30/11. 

Potato operation going green to reduce its power bills, H&N 4/21/11

Experiences from 2001 drought and good potato markets help Wong make goals, H&N: Dan Chin H&N, posted to KBC 11/10/10

Marijuana in Southern Oregon public forests and government overspending, From Oregon's U.S. Congressman Greg Walden August 10, 2010

A public menace. Illegal marijuana plantations on government lands are expanding, putting forest users at risk, say Southern Oregon law officers, 8/8/10

KBC NOTE: Environmentalists and tribes based much of their KBRA dam destruction "science" on the "2002 Fish Kill." Barry Clausen exposed the truth about the drug labs and river contamination, but the results of his investigation were silenced: What caused salmon deaths? February 16, 2003 by Barry Clausen

MORE: 25,151 marijuana plants confiscated in Siskiyou County, California, Pioneer Press 10/20/04. For more on local crops, go HERE. (Anyone want to guess why Klamath Forest Alliance wants to shut down our forests to logging and the public?)

38 Tons donated potatoes feed hungry around Oregon H&N 2/18/10

(Klamath) Potatoes cross the Pacific, Delegation helps expose Southeast Asia to Klamath Basin potatoes, H&N 12/17/09


< Sheepdogs have their day, 2009 National Finals in Klamath Basin, Capital Press 10/2/09.

Over 200,000 plants removed from Seiad Valley grow operation, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 8/25/09
From the archives:
**44,000 pot plants seized in 2005, Last year, 27,000 marijuana plants were confiscated, followed by Billion dollar pot business takes hit, Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 11/22/05
**25,151 marijuana plants confiscated in Siskiyou County, California, Pioneer Press 10/20/04. For more on local crops, go HERE. (Anyone want to guess why Klamath Forest Alliance wants to shut down our forests to logging and the public?)

Purple passion, new potato will be grown in Klamath basin, H&N 8/20/09

Klamath Basin farmers get rights to grow, market new purple potato, Oregon State University PRESS RELEASE posted to KBC 8/12/09

Fish farming in the (Klamath) basin, H&N, posted to KBC 7/6/09

Picking mint at its peak; Tulelake distiller helps determine best time to harvest,  H&N, posted to KBC 6/14/09

WESTERN INNOVATOR: Manager helps even out co-op's ups and downs; Greenbank revives grain co-op in area troubled by battle for irrigation water. Capital Press 5/1/09. Tulelake, Calif. - "Ron Greenbank's dream was to return home and give to the farm community that he loved."

Oregon: The Agriculture Quarterly, Oregon Dept. of Agriculture, 4/6/09. "Klamath County, "$301 million 2008 gross farm and ranch sales."

Klamath Bull and Horse sale brings in more than $300K, Capital Press, posted to KBC 2/17/09

Local farms lose operators and acreage; Latest agriculture census shows Klamath County losing 21 farms in past five years, H&N, posted to KBC 2/14/09

Siskiyou Crop Disaster Program deadline is Feb. 27, H&N 1/22/09

Ron Greenbank, manager of Newell Grain Growers Association, inspects a handful of white wheat from a 6,000-ton pile.

USDA Program sends assistance directly to ag producers; proposals due by March 2. Capital Press, posted to KBC 1/23/09

Farmers protest permitting program, Capital Press 1/22/09.

Klamath Basin harvest brings good prices, many challenges Fertilizer and fuel expenses up 30 to 50 percent in some areas, Capital Press 12/14/08 Video

< PHOTO-Javier Chevez is ranch manager at Sierra-Cascade Nursery’s Tulelake facility. About 500 people are employed at the Tulelake trim shed from the H-2A guest worker program, about half domestics and half from Mexico.

(Klamath Basin) Family operation gives strawberries head start, Capital Press 12/20/08. "Last year (the nursery) produced more than 100 million strawberry plants in the Klamath Basin; altogether they grew more than a quarter-billion plants on 1,000 acres.
> Giving strawberries a head start

Farm prices not small potatoes, H&N, posted 10/5/08

Gopher killer takes the war underground, Farmer takes on rodent pests with automated invention, Capital Press 10/3/08. “This machine is an elegant solution and efficient,” (Allen) Hurlburt said. “It kills the gopher quickly and humanely. And there is no poison bait, and no explosions.”

Potato harvest underway in Klamath Basin, KDRV, posted to KBC 9/24/08. Story and video.

Local century farms or ranches, H&N 9/2/08

Five Minutes With The Rickert Family, Prather Ranch, The Cattle Network 8/30/08

Horseradish grinds out its place in market, H&N 8/7/08

Klamath Basin growers not joining gold rush on wheat crops, H&N 7/24/08

< (Sprague River) Ranchers find Salers a perfect fit; Disposition suits their hearts; quality suits their wallets, Capital Press 7/11/08. "Bruce Topham, owner of the Flying T Salers Ranch near Sprague River, Ore., said the propaganda about these Salers cattle sounded too good to be true. Today, 26 years later with 500 Salers, he is a believer."

UC extension leaders tout fresh start, Capital Press, posted 7/8/08

Farming with a second income, Family works to build farming operation, H&N 7/3/08

Channel Icon < Arabian Horse Celebration Video

Horse lovers celebrate Arabians, Capital Press, posted 6/20/08. "More than 220 horse lovers from all over the West attended the May 24 Celebration of Our Arabian Horses east of Malin, Ore., near the Oregon-California border, at Sara and Laurence Bagg’s Scarab Farm and Pat and Marie Gregory’s Arabian Farm."

 Wetlands-crop rotation paying off, H&N 6/5/08

May 24th, Celebration of Our Arabian Horses

< Plowing in the Klamath Basin ended abruptly as 2 inches of snow covered the ground on April 8. It’s that time of year when the farmer just never knows what tomorrow, or this afternoon, might bring. Photo by Jacqui Krizo for the Capital Press.




Sheep ranchers work hard just to break even; High expenses, low returns … but it’s in their blood, Capital Press, posted 4/11/08
John O'Keeffe and his wife, Gail, raise Columbia sheep on the Oregon-California state line near Malin, Ore. They have 500 lambs from 300 ewes, with several yet to be born...I am a hobby farmer, he said, explaining that he doesn't make a profit from raising sheep, so it must be a hobby."

A tough season for calving, H&N, posted to KBC 2/10/08

Cattlemen’s group opposes deal, H&N 2/5/08. "The Shasta Nation of Northern California and Klamath Cattlemen’s Association of Klamath County voted to oppose the proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement...this deal would be detrimental to the county’s cattle industry"

Klamath bull sale wraps up, H&N, posted to KBC 2/5/08 "105 bulls and 21 horses were auctioned"

Wheat prices climb to record above $10 per bushel on depleted supply, Capital Press 12/17/07

Adaptability a key word in agriculture, H&N, posted 10/29/07. Includes ag sales from '98 - '06.

Video of Tulelake potato harvest, Herald and News 10/4/07, YouTube

Articles with ** are our local pot growers crops, mostly grown in our national forests which have been shut down to logging by those involved in growing the drug.

CROPS: Oregon seizures of marijuana double in 2007, H&N, posted to KBC 11/8/07. Scroll toward bottom of CROP page for N California pot crops in forests shut down to logging by and for the growers.

**KLAMATH Basin: Beyond National Security; Inside the Wire & Operating from Within, Pioneer Press 10/19/07. "dirty cops working hand in hand with radical Native separatists and leftwing ideologues seeking to upset local and regional economic health and balance. In this formula, the dirty cops get hand outs, the anti-western Native revolutionaries destroy economic infrastructure, and the socialists running the dope trade strengthen their grip over policy makers. It's a win win all around except for pro-western farmers, ranchers, and common folk unaffiliated with the drug trade - that's you, your family and friends." For more on destroying our infrastructure, go to our Dam Page.  

Harvest under way; Frost helps effort to get Basin potatoes picked, Herald & News 10/4/07

Hay prices stay high all season, H&N, posted to KBC 9/30/07

Potatoes, Staunton Style, Farming in the Klamath Basin, Potato Grower, posted to KBC 8/16/07. “It is a win-win situation. The wildlife loves it because there are instant wetlands rich in food and habitat. Farmers love it because it rejuvenates the farm ground.”

Farmers reap high grain prices, H&N 8/16/07

Breeder loves border collies, politics
Capital Press, posted 8/4/07.
"So began the lives together of Geri and Dan Byrne on a cattle and sheep ranch near Tulelake, on the Oregon-California border."
"...The American public is so far removed from farming and ranching these days, they want to legislate it, but they don't understand it..."
PHOTO: Geri Byrne bred this litter of border collies for specific desirable traits to work cattle.

Tulelake Basin soil cranks out heat; Horseradish farmers operate certified organic operation, Capital Press 5/11/07

Potato cyst nematode survey planned, H&N, posted to KBC 2/26/07

Organic grower figures extra work is worth it Klamath-area farm turns out wheat, barley, alfalfa and variety of row crops, Capital Press, posted to KBC 2/18/07

Hay shortage in Oregon, Mail Tribune 1/18/07

Supply management no longer 'taboo', Capital Press 12/15/06 "Today, potatoes are profitable again and the future looks brighter for those still in business."

New Potatoes, New Markets, H&N 12/14/06

**Brucker-Monkey Pot Raid, A ton of pot hauled out of Salmon River, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 12/3/06, (KBC note: Petey Brucker and Felice Pace, both from the East Coast, came to Siskiyou County and formed the Klamath Forest Alliance. KFA was instrumental in shutting down most of the timber harvest (and local economies) in Siskiyou County, keeping people out of the forest. He counts the salmon, the count that was instrumental in shutting down the coastal fishery this summer. He is Program Director of the Salmon River Restoration Council, Sawyers Bar, CA, and instrumental in films and efforts to remove the Klamath River dams. KFA bought www.klamathbasincrisis.COM and .NET, diverting lost KBC viewers to their anti-farm website. It was his daughter Allegra who was arrested for growing 2000# of pot in his neighborhood.)

Horseradish harvest, H&N 11/2/06.

Siskiyou County drug trade and corruption by John Martinez, Pioneer Press 11/29/06 "The farmers and ranchers are getting blamed for the fish. Why are we not hearing about the nets and the big fishing companies?" "If the fish really mattered we would not see Tribes raping the fisheries with gill nets, Tribes wholesaling to Asian fish cartels, environmentalists dumping drug related production chemicals into pristine creeks and of course we'd see a tremendous effort to establish hatcheries in each tributary of each river..."

**Tons of pot, FBI and Sheriff take $125 million from Mexican drug cartels Massive law enforcement operation pulls out six tons of Mexican greenbud, by Daniel Webster, Pioneer Press Publisher, posted 9/21/06

First run for mint still, Kinks resolved, equipment will aid research, Herald and News 8/17/06

**8,300 pot plants seized, The cash crop of Siskiyou 8,300 plants times $4,000 per plant equals $33.2 million dollars, by Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 7/31/06

(Tulelake) Mint farmer looks abroad, H&N July 20, 2006.

Going Organic (Modoc County), H&N 7/10/06

Show restraint, (potato)growers urged, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/15/06

**Marijuana Crops in National Forests

Invasion - The Mexican border has moved 800 miles north, The Town Cryer 4/14/06

"Please note the huge holes dug to plant. The land is scraped of any natural vegetation. Water is piped in from the natural watershed. Chemicals are spread over hundreds of acres. The trees are skinned with only a canopy left for cover. Remember, US citizens aren't allowed to touch anything in our National Forests."

Potato market looking promising, H&N 4/13/06

Research, potatoes, grass and water, H&N 3/6/06. Dr. Ken Rykbost retires. Klamath Watershed in Perspective A review of historical hydrology of major features of the Klamath River Watershed and evaluation of Hardy Iron Gate Flow requirements. By Dr. K.A. Rykbost, Superintendent, Klamath Experiment Station, Oregon State University, and R. Todd, Klamath County Extension Office, Oregon State University. HERE for Power Point presentation. 3/25/04. HERE for Dr. Rykbost biography

TULELAKE - Spud variety licensing shift under way, Capital Press 3/3/06

Genetically-modified seed stirs debate, H&N 3/2/06

Tulelake students get FFA farm growing by Jessica Hemphill, Tulelake, posted to KBC 2/19/06

Livestock health: regarding Neospora caninum: Wolves have by far the highest infection rate for the disease. This is a devastating disease for cattle producers
Transmission of Neospora Caninum between wild and domestic animals, UC Illinois-pdf document
Recognizing and Preventing Neospora caninum Infections Potentially Transmitted by Dogs, Coyotes and Wolves

Falling supply means more demand in Klamath Basin, Capital Press, posted to KBC 2/6/06

Cow Chips: Controversial microchips will ID all livestock, Tracking livestock will be a national “mandatory” program, by Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 1/23/06

Hay acreage up; prices stay high, Capital Press 1/13/06

Idaho spud prices disappoint, Capital Press 1/13/06 "Grower returns in Colorado have risen to more than $8 per hundredweight for spuds run through fresh-pack sheds. Wisconsin growers have been getting $8 to $8.75 field-run prices for Norkotah shipments, and in the Klamath Basin, growers have been receiving about $7 for Russet Burbanks and $8 for Russet Norkotahs."

Lamb hobby goes commercial, Capital Press 1/13/06

(Klamath Basin Potato) Spud co-op takes credit for national price improvement, Capital Press posted to KBC 12/25/05

Cattle prices heat up, Capital Press posted to KBC 12/25/05

(Potato) Co-op seeks to lower supply, H&N, posted to KBC 12/18/05

**44,000 pot plants seized in 2005, Last year, 27,000 marijuana plants were confiscated, followed by Billion dollar pot business takes hit, Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 11/22/05

Potato production pales in 2005, H&N posted to KBC 11/18/05  “ 'According to statistics, we've had the best September and October we've had since 1995 on prices,'  Staunton said."

Growers report decent onion season, H&N 10/21/05

Klamath horseradish has global appeal, California Farm Bureau Federation, posted to KBC 9/22/05. "Several growers are raising a combined total of about 900 acres of horseradish in Tulelake, in the Klamath Basin on the California-Oregon border. That acreage constitutes roughly 30 percent of total U.S. production"

Sweet success, Klamath Basin sweet corn crop, posted to KBC 9/20/05

Pope Ranches ranks sixth in Oregon for Angus registration, H&N 10/6/05

All but Basin onion crops in good condition, H&N posted to KBC 8/15/05.

A gentler kind of drill, H&N 4/21/05

Klamath County posts profitable year, H&N 2/16/05. "Higher prices for alfalfa and beef cattle helped Klamath County become the eighth-leading agricultural producer among Oregon's 36 counties last year, up a notch from the previous year, a report shows. Klamath County posted ag sales of $182 million in 2004, according to a report issued this month by the Oregon State University Extension Service."

Potato co-op planners set costs, H&N posted to KBC 1/27/05

Local growers opening door to the Far East, Cooperative effort starts to pay off for Klamath Basin agriculture, by Kehn Gibson, Klamath Courier Editor, posted to KBC 11/8/04

It's harvest time for Basin strawberry plants, H&N 10/20/04.

**25,151 marijuana plants confiscated in Siskiyou County, California, Pioneer Press 10/20/04. For more on local crops, go HERE. (Anyone want to guess why Klamath Forest Alliance wants to shut down our forests to logging and the public?)

Klamath team prowls for new crops, Capital Press 9/23/04.

Mini mint still is ready for research 9/2/04

Cabbage crop faces field and market tests, H&N 8/25/04.

"Rick Walsh, a local farmer, is testing out cabbage production in the Basin. His five acre experimental plot is located on Henley Road near Homedale Drive. "



Transformed into the best
The world's best blue cheese starts at Bonanza View Dairy  Herald and News June 2, 2004

And "By late July, the dairy will be producing certified organic milk. It's been a four-year process, but Arie believes it's worth the wait, and the effort."

HERE for Herald and News Part I
HERE for Part II


Approximately 1/3 of the horseradish grown in the United States is from the Klamath Basin. Over 1/3 of that is grown organically.  The bi-annual harvests employ more than 90 people.

KBC photo taken 4/13/04

Small potatoes no more, 4/19/04 Capital Press

               The Klamath Pearl - A gem of a tuber

H&N 3/25/04. "
The taste and texture of the Klamath Pearl makes it ideal in cold salads and specialty potato dishes. It is a white potato which remains firm and keeps its skin after boiling."..."The Klamath Basin has about 12,000 acres of potatoes," said grower John Cross. "We'd like to see 10 percent of that be Klamath Pearls."

Dan Chin and John Cross




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