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 Partnership KWUA and Tribes

Water Users/Tribes Submit Joint Op-Ed, Klamath Water Users Association February 2006
Previous Tribal and KlamathWater Users Negotiations  regarding land return to the tribes.

Cameras spotlight water issue, H&N 4/28/06."Addington said the Klamath Water Users Association could support dam removal if irrigators were promised three things in return"

Klamath River Tribes applaud federal agency efforts to restore salmon habitat, Finally, Salmon’s Return to Upper Klamath Basin a Possibility,  posted to KBC 3/30/06 "...says Hillman. "Our aim is to keep the farmers farming and the fishermen fishing."
Klamath Basin Water Quality Investigations (by Karuks), posted to KBC 3/30/06. (blaming Klamath irrigators for "inefficient water usage, diversions, and polluted runoff", "The Karuk Tribe has entered into cooperative agreements with both the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to monitor and assess water quality conditions in the Klamath and its major tributaries.")

Tribes, farmers say they understand each other, Capital Press 2/24/06  Said Tucker (Karuk Tribe): “We’re just finding ways to scratch each other’s back.”

Feds give Klamath settlement talks time, Times-Standard, posted to KBC 2/19/06. "Federal energy regulators gave more time to agencies, tribes, fishermen, farmers, environmentalists and a power company to resolve issues surrounding dams on the Klamath River, a sign that a settlement could be close. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Friday agreed to give the groups until March 29 to file comments and recommendations."

Klamath irrigators, tribes engage in productive dialogue, Capital Press, posted to KBC 2/18/06. "The Irrigators share the Tribes’ goals of increased fish population and understand that it is in everyone’s interest to improve habitat and restore historical habitats." "Greg Addington is executive director of the Klamath Water Users Association. Howard McConnell is chairman of the Yurok Tribe, and Leaf Hillman is vice chairman of the Karuk Tribe."

Klamath tribes, farmers pledge collaboration, Times Standard, posted to KBC 2/18/06

Karuk Tribe does not have a federally-recognized or protected fishing right on the Klamath River. This conclusion was confirmed by the Associate Solicitor for Indian Affairs in a 1994 memorandum. Posted to KBC 2/6/06





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