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BONANZA (COB) proposed power plant

Peoples Energies Resources (COB) plan to build a multimillion$ power plant in Langell Valley, Oregon, in the Klamath Basin.  It will use an untested aquifer, but the government is giving the  Chicago-based company rights above and priority to the generations of farmers that applied for permits up to 11 years ago.  Read how our community feels about this infliction that disregards public input, and economic well-being:

Peoples Energy announced they are terminating the COB energy site in Bonanza, 2/2/07.

This is antelope feeding on the Bonanza farmland where the COB power plant proposes to locate. Over 30 farmers have not been allowed permanent permits to pump their wells, yet this multimillion $ company will have water priority. Please help save our rural community. 


 Here is the link to view the 184 page amendment to the COB application: http://www.energy.state.or.us/siting/document/cobamt.pdf


* 8/14/04 "Final briefs for the contested case argument against COB in the Langell Valley location, by Save Our Rural Oregon. All of the Klamath County Commissioners and the Klamath Falls City Council members who will be voting on the extension of the enterprise zone have been given copies of these documents (delivered to their offices August 13th) as soon as they were filed with the State of Oregon today.  Oregon State Representative Bill Garrard has publicly stated that he would now vote against this , given all of the circumstances he was not aware of at the time (ie: EFU land, etc)."
* Information Bill Brock presented to May 14, 2004 meeting at Bill Garrard's "House Interim Committee on Land Use". First is his speech, followed by information: Power Distribution Problems in the Northwest, and A PROPOSAL FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE OREGON STATE LEGISLATURE
* Lyn Brock's speech May 14, 2004 to House Interim Committee on Land Use Review, followed by Brock's meeting notes.
* Comments to the Oregon Department of Energy and the Oregon Facility Siting Council on the COB Energy Facility Draft Proposed Order, posted to KBC 2/17/04 from Roger Hamilton, past Klamath County Commissioner.
* Testimony to be heard on Cob facility, Friday, at 8am, H&N 2/12/04  Go HERE for more on proposed COB energy plant.
* Klamath County Commissioner Steve West's testimony to the Dept of Energy regarding the COB plant in Bonanza, posted to KBC 1/29/04.
* Comments to the Department of Energy siting council by geologist Gail Hildreth Whitsett . They are opinions formulated from data in the COB draft proposal,
January 22, 2004
* Comments to the Dept of Energy siting council by Lyn Brock, Bonanza, Oregon 1/22/04.
* Dr. Doug Whitsett's testimony to the Department of Energy regarding the proposed COB power plant in Bonanza, 1/31/04

If you have questions or concerns, please call Lyn Brock at (541) 545-1205
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Will Oregon lose their legal control over the water from these wells?
COB will have 3 BIG wells which might produce 24,000 gallons per minute.
Is water which costs $10 here for irrigation worth $15,000 in Las Vegas or LA as I've been told?
Would Federal law supercede state law for interstate commerce on sale of water?
Please help us  Stop the COB  by contributing to:Save Our Rural Oregon, P O Box 436 Bonanza, OR  97623


Peoples Energy announced they are terminating the COB energy site in Bonanza, 2/2/07.

COB comment deadline 12/15  Here for COB page.

Demand driving purchase of Cob plant, H&N 11/10/06.
COB info by Lyn Brock 11/11/06. Comments due Dec 15!

COB proposed energy plant in Bonanza, meeting 11/8/06

COB comments by Oct 17

There is a COB meeting at the Ross Ragland Theater, 218 N. 7th Street in Klamath Falls, about the Japanese buying the COB permits on November 8th, at 7 p.m. 

Hearing set on COB plant permit, Herald and News, posted to KBC 10/10/06. (KBC Note: we missed the meeting but you can still send comments)

COB proposed energy plant in Bonanza, meeting 11/8/06 about the Japanese buying the COB permits

Cob plant may be sold before itís built, Japan-based company wants to buy the plant Natural gas facility. H&N 10/12/06

(COB power plant) Threat to water supply, H&N, posted to KBC 1/17/06

William Kennedy owns and operates Lost River Ranch, which has had a 40,000-acre private wildlife refuge since 1975 as part of Operation Stronghold. He is also past president of the Oregon Cattlemen's Association. New power plant not such a good deal by Bill Kennedy, guest columnist, H&N, posted to KBC 1/5/06 "...While extreme green groups have blasted our community over perceived threats to our wildlife, there has been absolutely no consideration of the impact of an 1160-megawatt gas-fired generator on several thousand acres of designated wildlife refuge. The small footprint for the proposed power plant is very close to private lands that are designated by their landowners as refuge for migrating wildlife."

County finalizes Cob plant tax deal, posted to KBC 12/15/05 H&N

COB tax-exemption issues vote, meeting for input 12/13/05

These documents will be presented to the Klamath County Commissioners on Tuesday morning December 13th at the Commissioners office on Main Street at 10 am. for them to vote on.
COB advertised jobs and earnings grossly exaggerated
Expansion of enterprise zone for COB
Agreement with county regarding COB funds has changed 

Agreement for Long-term Rural Oregon Enterprise Zone Exemption (this agreement has not previously been made available for public viewing before the vote on Tuesday the 13th.

Cob tax deal hearing scheduled, H&N 11/30/05

Update on "Stop the COB" Activities 11/21/05 by Lyn Brock

Court's power plant decision fails on real issues, COB letter by Bill Brock posted to KBC 10/16/05

Court upholds ruling on Cob, posted to KBC 9/30/05

COB energy plant update and invitation 7/22/05

County goes with Cob's offer, H&N 4/20/05

State high court to hear farm rights suit COB proposed power plant in Bonanza 4/19/05.

Bill would give public more say on power plants, bendbulletin 4/3/05. "He (Rep Bill Garrard) said that concern was solidified when the state didn't respond to his letter about a controversial plant proposed near Bonanza in Klamath County."  

Energy Facility Siting hearing in Salem 4/1/05

In bed with Chicago firm, H&N letter by David Misso 3/29/05

$149 million in refunds demanded from Peoples Energy, Breeze - Courier posted to KBC 3/28/05  "The Chicago Sun-Times reported last month that the lunch occurred just days after a utility watchdog group filed paperwork with the ICC demanding $149 million in refunds from Peoples Energy for alleged overcharges to Chicago-area cnsumers."

Greed rules county, H&N 3/10/05. "Along comes Cob power plant offering millions to the county."

Anti-Cob initiative tossed, H&N posted to KBC 3/10/05

Water and Power by Pat Ratliff, Klamath Courier March 9 2005 issue. "An important point to remember, and one that Scottish Power, PacifiCorpís parent company does not recognize, is that PacifiCorp receives value from the water in the lake stored by the Project.  Having the ability to use the water spread out over time, and to a degree when they want it, and not just as it runs through the system, is of definite power making value."

COB should give percentage of power to Klamath, Brock 3/8/05

City OKs enterprise zone for Cob plant, H&N 3/8/05.

Mar 7 COB City Council meeting

Cob wins enterprise zone OK, H&N 2/26/05 "Brown said that in a survey he handed out at a meeting in Lorella, 96 percent of people who returned surveys were opposed to the enterprise zone." (In Owens Lake, the city of LA sucked the lake dry, destroying the farm community and ecosystem; a dust bowl remains. The country was appalled. In Klamath County, the town sees dollar bills, allows a multi-million dollar power company to waltz in, buy water rights that are senior to those of ranchers who still have not been given permits to pump their own well, the city extended the zone to accommodate the facility, and they don't have to pay the taxes like the farmers and ranchers. And one more drain on our aquifer has bought their way into our rural community. The testimony says it will pollute our air. This is one more sad blow to our countryside, and it is being done by our own town. KBC)  

Your Constituents Do Not Want a Power Plant in Their Backyard!!! by Lyn Brock, Bonanza, Oregon 2/24/05

Answer to Cob tax offer expected, H&N posted to KBC 2/24/05

STOP THE COB Public Hearing 2/24/05

COB plant supporters wrong, H&N letter posted to KBC 2/11/05.

COB Energy Feb 1 Meeting...A Review 2/2/05 by Lyn Brock. "I would like to explain to Mr. Elliott that 'inappropriate' water usage might be when this corporation came recently to our area and applied for water rights ... that many farmers in Bonanza have prior water rights, that we have been told that current data shows that due to stream flow and water levels, we will probably NOT be allowed to irrigate our crops from OUR wells after approximately July 4th of every year." 

Officials offer Cob tax ideas, H&N 2/2/05.  

County to open Cob debate to public Tuesday, February 1. Please go and BE INFORMED!  See COB page for testimonies and past articles.

 90 attend COB meeting in Lorella, by Lyn Brock 1/27/05. "One lady stated that if this is a profitable venture then this corporation should be able to pay their assessed taxes." "It seems that residents of this rural agricultural area are tired of hearing about mitigation and, instead, desire assurance that their elected officials are protecting their way of life and their means of making a livlihood."

Deadline set on Cob tax offer, H&N 1/27/05 "The proposed 1,150- to 1,160-megawatt natural gas-fired plant has been especially controversial among Langell Valley residents, who say plant developers are getting unfair access to water."

 Local business owners speak in favor of Cob, H&N 1/26/05 ("This article does not tell you that, at the previous Commissioners meeting, the opponents of COB were not allowed to speak and were told that they could only talk at the Public Hearing on February 1st.  So they didn't attend the January 26 meeting- - Lyn Brock")

 People have impact, H&N 1/25/05 regarding the COB proposed power plant. More on COB go HERE

Cob rep to meet with Langell Valley residents, H&N 1/24/05.

COB meeting Lorella 1/26/05 Q&A

County to consider tax breaks for Cob, H&N 1/17/05.
Will COB Energy Facility be granted a huge ($71,000,000) tax break? Lyn Brock... Meeting tomorrow January 18.

COB public meeting 2/1/05

Cob backers make new tax offer, H&N 1/19/05.

Klamath Board of County Commissioners for January 18, 2005 included discussion and consideration of the COB power plant, by Lyn Brock 1/18/05

Legal problem delays Cob site decision, H&N 10/1/04.
Save Our Rural Oregon's  (SORO) response to Recommended Order, 9/29/04
Hearing Officer's Recommended Order - pdf file
Record of Decision for the electrical interconnection of the COB energy facility from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), pdf file, posted to KBC 8/31/04. Go HERE for BPA project page.

Trio pushes for measure to limit Cob funding, 11/12/04 H&N.

State Panel OK's COB, H&N posted to KBC 11/8/04. "We've been sure for a long time that this is the decision the state wanted (the Siting Council) to make, regardless of the evidence," she said."

Siting council hears long arguments on Cob plant, H&N 11/04/04.

COB Energy Facility:  Hearing and final action on the application for site certificate November 3rd. Please Come!

Cob site decision next week, H&N 10/28/04.

County commissioners shortchanged those who wanted to be involved on energy plant, Herald and News 9/22/04. " because of the lack of timely input from the county commissioners, Klamath County residents were deprived of the support of their representatives and were essentially hung out to dry."

Water's too short, H&N posted to KBC 9/14/04. "It is my opinion that the agencies and others pushing the power plant could be sent to the Department of Justice because they made such a mess of the contested hearing. Cathy Van Horn is pushing from the Oregon Department of Energy, which, in my opinion, has bent over backward to accommodate the power plant...."

Bonneville Power Administration says Cob can plug in, H&N 9/10/04.

Developers of Cob power plant underhanded about intentions, H&N 9/7/04.

Council takes a tour of Cob site, H&N 8/30/04.

Cob plant backers stumble badly, H&N editor's views, 8/26/04

Reject tax relief for Cob, H&N posted to KBC 8/26/04.

County silence on Cob criticized, H&N 8/25/04. "Commissioner Steve West, who has been involved in the contested case process as a private citizen, said he is appalled that commissioners missed their formal chance to help set the rules."

Cob facility appoints new spokesman, H&N 8/25/04.

Full-page ad on Cob power plant a fabrication, H&N posted to KBC 8/24/04. "The power plant's developers would like us to believe that a $600-million facility that generates $71.3 million in property tax revenue for the state, should pay only $15 million in lieu of property tax. We are supposed to believe that we should give up $3.75 million dollars a year because the Cob power plant will be "a good corporate neighbor."

Get mad, stop COB plant H&N 8/20/04. "This huge energy corporation wants to build the Cob power plant in the heartland of Langell Valley. It's bending every rule in the book to accomplish that. Adding insult to injury, Peoples Energy also wants to pay no property taxes for the first 15 years."

Ex-commissioner files revised ballot measures, posted to KBC 8/18/04

KF Council uneasy about Cob proposal, posted to KBC 8/18/04. "In order to get this done, we're talking about leapfrogging an enterprise zone out to Bonanza," power plant opponent Stan Heidrich said. "It's appalling, and I can't believe all the rules are being bent."

Get the taxes due, H&N posted to KBC 8/16/04

"Do you really want a huge corporation from Chicago, the COB power plant, to come into rural Klamath County, against our community's wishes, and receive a $71,000,000.00 (seventy one million dollar) tax break?"  Meeting Monday--HERE for information.

Three judges bow out of Cob decision, H&N posted to KBC 8/16/04

Water for Life's final document in the matter of the application for a site certificate for the COB energy facility (also given to all five Klamath Falls City Council members, Jeff Ball and all Klamath County Commissioners on August 13, 2004. Posted to KBC 8/15/04. 

Two commissioners wrong, H&N posted to KBC 8/15/04. "To even consider trading $71.3 million for $15 borders on insanity..." More articles and testimonies on COB, go HERE.

Cob tax petition ruled as invalid, H&N posted to KBC 8/15/04.

Don't take a chance, H&N 8/9/04.

Ex-commissioner moves to block Cob, H&N 8/9/04.  "A representative for Cob has asked the county to grant the power plant $71 million in property tax breaks over 15 years, in exchange for a payment of $1 million a year in lieu of taxes." Go to the COB page for more input from our community on the proposed siting.  (Why do you, the energy companies and licensing board, ask our opinions, then disregard our wishes and concerns? We have spoken, but you do not hear. Where is the justice? KBC)

Wrong place for powerplant, H&N 8/4/04. "Very few people in the region want a power plant in Langell Valley, especially the people in Langell Valley, Bonanza, Poe Valley, and, from what I have heard, most of the people in Klamath Falls do not like the idea of it either."

Want some manure?  H&N 8/4/04. "When I moved to an "exclusive farm-zoned area," the last thought on my mind was the need to protect myself from people like you who think you can push your unwanted pollution-producing industrial plants into farming communities because we do not have the population to stop you."

Recent articles regarding the proposed COB energy  plant, posted to KBC 8/1/04:
Take it or leave it, H&N
Bargain hard, then build the Cob plant, opinion by Tim Fought, H&N editor
Why give up tax revenue, H&N
Taken for a ride? H&N

It's about water, Letter to Editor, H&N, 7/27/04

Langell Valley wrong place to put proposed power plant, H&N 7/26/04.

Cob seeks 15-year tax-free deal, H&N 7/23/04.

COB gets grid approval H&N 7/12/04.

House panel hears Cob foes, H&N 5/17/04.  

COB was blessed, H&N 5/5/04, "DEQ staff members tried to circle around the question by saying proposed emissions met the air quality standards, but, eventually, they finally did admit that these air emissions could affect children with asthma and older adults with possible breathing problems later on in life."

Give it to Klamath Falls, H&N letter 4/5/04, regarding the COB proposed power plant in Bonanza.

Cob Energy Facility deadline nears H&N:  "People who have been active in fighting the Cob Energy Facility have until Friday to apply for official status in a state hearing on the power plant." For more COB articles, go HERE.

Energy plant dangerous H&N 4/1/04.

Short-sighted on jobs, H&N 3/29/04, regarding the tax-exempt COB plant being located in Bonanza against the residents' wills.

Government decides on basis of dollar signs, not what's best, by Lynn Brock, H&N letter 3/22/04  "

"With spring just around the corner, Klamath basin farmers should be planning what to plant.  With water rights on more than 30 wells uncertain and the Oregon Water Resources De-partment three years behind in making decisions on the certificates, most of those wells no longer have a permit....Yet the state's Department of Energy is recommending a permit for an out-of-state industry to get its permit."

Lynn Brock

Tell company what it can do with new power plant, H&N 3/14/04 "The Peoples Energy of Chicago tells us this huge plant - 25 acres of roof area and 40-plus acres of polluted wastewater ponds, 33,000 gallons of ammonia, tanks full of diesel fuel, other oils and chemicals, is safe. It also tells us that in 1999, Hawthorne unit No. 5 in Kansas City, Mo., blew up."

Build it at Red Bluff, H&N 3/14/04. Regarding the COB energy plant: "Officials elected to office are supposed to represent the people that voted them in."

Fight generating plant, 2/19/04 H&N

No decision on Cob plant, H&N 2/17/04.

They aren't listening, H&N posted to KBC 2/17/04. Regarding the COB plant in Bonanza,"There appears to be overwhelming opposition - a landslide you might say - by the people"  "When pressed repeatedly, however, he finally made it known that they didn't have to listen to the public and probably would not. So much for government for the people and by the people."

COB neighbors opposed, 1/29/04 Article by Lyn Brock.
KBC (jdk) COB comments: Parts that we have concern with are; this is one of the largest power plants in the world on one of the largest faults, about 99% of the neighbors oppose it, COB is a multimillion dollar, tax-exempt company, the roads and services like the fire department are not equipped to handle this magnitude of traffic or disaster, in the EPS report it states that forage animals may not eat the crops grown on the waste-water run-off fields, the aquifers are probably connected, and many local farmers have waited for years and are still waiting to be given permanent well pumping rights, yet COB has been given priority to the local peasants. See COB page for past articles and reports.

Lyn Brock testimony
KBC photo

Lyn Brock's testimony to the Department of Energy regarding the COB plant in Bonanza,  posted to KBC 1/29/04.

Story sound familiar? H&N 1/26/04

Views differ on power plant, 1/23/04 H&N.

Capital Press,  Energy plant shouldn't go up on farm-zoned land, 1/23/04,


Last chance hearing for COB plant, by Gail Hildreth H&N, posted to KBC 1/16/04.

COB plant gets permit, 1/11/04

People's energy hopes to put the COB plant near Bonanza at the dismay of many local residents. The following article magnifies their horror at the proposition: "CUB Seeks $110 Million Refund For Peoples Gas Customers, Says Company Overcharged Consumers During Record Price Spike." posted to KBC 1/9/04
COB energy Facility Draft Proposed Order, from the Oregon Dept. of Energy posted to KBC 1/9/03 Also is a note by Lyn Brock, Bonanza regarding the Order.

A new source of pollution, H&N 1/16/04

Thursday, January 22, 2004 Klamath County residents will have their only opportunity to participate in the final Oregon Department of Energy hearing regarding the construction of the California Oregon Border (COB) 1160 Megawatt gas fired electrical generating facility to be located east of Klamath Falls. Go HERE

COB plant gets permit, 1/11/04 H&N.

People's energy hopes to put the COB plant near Bonanza at the dismay of many local residents. The following article magnifies their horror at the proposition: "CUB Seeks $110 Million Refund For Peoples Gas Customers, Says Company Overcharged Consumers During Record Price Spike." posted to KBC 1/9/04
COB energy Facility Draft Proposed Order, from the Oregon Dept. of Energy posted to KBC 1/9/03 Also is a note by Lyn Brock, Bonanza regarding the Order.

State says Cob plant should be approved, H&N 12/31/03

Initial state review of Cob plant delayed, H&N,12/24/03

Proposed power plant unwanted, 12/27/03, Oregonian.

Langell Valley wrong place for plant, and it's not even needed, regarding the proposed COB power plant, 12/22/03 H&N. "We asked the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality how it set the limits for allowable amounts of hazardous pollutants and were told that the limits are based on amounts which would not harm a normal, healthy adult. Of course, he stated, this might cause health concerns for young children, the elderly, and those who already have health concerns, such as the local citizens who have asthma or are on oxygen for other conditions." See COB for more info and articles.

In the State of Hypocrisy, speech by Gail Hildreth 11/25/03 to the Klamath Falls Planning Commission. "In a state that already has the most stringent requirements for land use in the United States, I have to ask myself, the planning commission, and all those in attendance here, why the state of Oregon is in the process of further restricting our individual private property rights. ...Meanwhile, the state of Oregon and Klamath County are allowing, uncontested, the siting of the largest gas fired electrical generating facility in the western United States, in a strictly zoned Exclusive Farm Use agricultural area just east of Klamath Falls."

Emissions Appalling, H&N posted to KBC 11/25/03

Energy plant threat to rights, H&N 11/13/03

No breads for COB plant, H&N 10/30/03.

Contaminant Discharge Permit for COB Energy Facility, LLC Written comments due: 5 p.m October 27, 2003

Second amendment filed for Cob energy facility, 10/26/03 H&N

Less pollution is more than Langell Valley wants, 10/22/03, H&N. "Within these standards, there are still people that could be affected," he said, adding that elderly people, small children or people with lung problems could be susceptible to higher pollution levels. "They're out there on the edge of the bell curve." Written comments on the DEQ permit must be submitted by 5 p.m. Monday to be considered by the department. A permit could be approved or denied in as little as two months.

Proposed Standard Air Contaminant Discharge Permit for COB Energy Facility, LLC, 10/21/03

Public hearing set on Cob Energy Facility, H&N 10/20/03

Proposed power plant near Bonanza should create concerns about air quality, 10/03.

YOU GOT $, YOU GOT WATER! "This proposed permit would allow the COB facility to move ahead of over 30 other water permits waiting to be finalized by eastern Klamath County residents and farms."  see story

Cob opponents bring in speaker, H&N 8/14/03

Herald and News correction regarding article on proposed COB plant, which took statement by Doug Whitsett out of context: -Priority a concern The article referred to is HERE.

It's lose, lose, H&N 8/5/03

COB plant proposal received, H&N July 29, 2003

Bonanza area not any place for large generating plant, H&N 7/14/03

Klamath County Commissioner Steven West opposes COB plant in farmland, 7/7/03

Cob plant faces hurdles before completion, H&N July 3, 2003.

Residents testify against COB plant, H&N's June 29, 2003 - "LORELLA - About 50 people crowded into the Lorella Community Hall on Friday afternoon to talk about the proposed Cob energy facility, a 1,150-megawatt power plant that might soon be constructed just down the road from this small community nine miles southeast of Bonanza."

Taking a look at power facitily site, H&N June 29, 2003

  Try other sites, Letter to the Editor of the H&N's - June 26, 2003 - Written by Fabian Baker of Bonanza -
"If I had wanted to live in a buffer zone next to, or in, an industrial area, I would have purchased land in Klamath Falls. But I didn't, and I don't want to."

Is plant justified, H&N June 19, 2003. "This plant being considered for the Bonanza area will use a huge amount of our natural resource (water). How come the environmentalists are not complaining loudly?"

Ex-official, unions differ on COB plant, H&N June 13, 2003. "Roger Hamilton, a former Klamath County commissioner and advisor to former Gov. John Kitzhaber on energy and water issues, spoke out against the proposed COB Energy Facility at a public hearing Thursday night in Bonanza."

What you can do to help stop the  COB, June12, 2003.

MOVE THE COB! 6/11/03

COB plant gives up on water, H&N 6/11/03.

Stop the C.O.B., June 10, 2003.

COB Energy Plant Use of Groundwater, by Doug Whitsett, President, Water for Life, Inc., May 9, 2003.

Help stop the COB Energy Plant in Langell Valley! by Cindy Deas, May 16, 2003

How will the proposed COB plant in Bonanzo get around Oregon Law?, H&N Bill Brock, 5/25/03

Keep the water, H&N letter by Nancy Roeder, Klamath Falls. "It is difficult for me to comprehend that a public agency would rob the farmers of necessary water to grow their crops to site a breeder electrical facility. This facility will be, of course, smack dab in the middle of farm land."

Power Plant application completed, H&N 4/30/03. 

Oppose generating facility, H&N Letter by Lyn and Melyn Brock, Bonanza. 4/25/03.

Power Plant approved in spite of local opposition, H&N 4/23/03

MONEY TALKS!  Bonanza irrigators can't pump the irrigation wells they had to drill, yet a Chicago power company may be pumping 7.7 million gallons of water per day!  What gives!? H&N 4/20/03

Public notice explaining that the COB application is complete

A direct web address for Oregon Water Resources Department Proposed Final Order is:
Write letters with your questions or protests concerning the C.O.B. Energy Facility to:
Energy Facility Siting Council
c/o Cathy Van Horn
Oregon Office of Energy
625 Marion  St. NE, Suite 1
Salem, OR 97301-3742
(503) 378-4041
Fax: (503) 373-7806




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