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"There are (489) species of wildlife here in the Klamath Basin. The biological opinion deals with three
." Ph. D. Robert McLandress, UC Davis ecology
Here in the Pacific Flyway, "...Klamath Basin is the most important waterfowl area in North America. Waterfowl eat 70 million pounds of food here, and more than half comes from the farms.     

You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32
"With God all things are possible"  Matthew 19:26

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"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act." Dietrich Bonhoeffer - Christian Pastor executed by Nazi Germany 1945

Klamath Basin Settlement Page including current Klamath Dam removal settlement efforts and failed KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration "Agreement" and related Klamath Dam Removal settlement agreements, articles, letters, videos, press releases, documents, and Who's Who
KBC's KRRC / Klamath River Renewal Corporation (Dam Destruction Group) Page  

* Instructions for writing to FERC regarding Klamath Dam removal

Klamath water year looks promising, H&N 3/21/19. Bureau of Reclamation PUBLIC MEETING March 22, Friday, 1-3 at Klamath County Fairgrounds on 2019 water year. (One whole day notice.)
Please take time to read through the
Draft Klamath Project Environmental Assessment. It details Project irrigators' new lower cap on surface water, additional groundwater needed to help but not make up for the decrease in surface water allowed, more fallowed land, more well pumping expense, worse economy and unemployment. Bird predation of baby suckers is one reason for keeping more water in lakes, but there have been no thorough studies of the bird predation caused by the 3 manmade islands to entice fish-eating terns to come into the Klamath Basin...terns that ate 20 million smolts annually in the Columbia Basin.
One irrigator's comments on the Bureau's devastating Draft Environmental Assessment, 3/19/19

Modoc War apology bill proposed, H&N 3/21/19.

ITTSD Motion for leave to File Amicus Brief, filed by Lawrence A. Kogan 3/19/19, regarding Klamath Dam Removal.

ITSSD Amicus Curiae Brief, filed by Lawrence A Kogan In Re Siskiyou County Water Users Association, Petitioner on Petition for Writ of Mandamus 3/19/19: "...
The States, by assisting USG to shift jurisdiction over (Klamath) dam removal from EPA to DOI and FERC, effectively freed DOI from conducting the rigorous EPA-required scientific assessment of the significant risks to human health and welfare dam removal would trigger upon release of decades of contaminants accumulated in the dam reservoir bottoms..."

COMMENT BY March 19! Reclamation requests comments on Klamath Project environmental assessment.  (KBC Note: this proposed EA lowers the cap on water deliveries to the Klamath Project, increases lake levels, projects more groundwater pumping, more unemployment, worse local economy, more seasons of insufficient water for Project. Although the comment period ended today, it's important to read this. It's a little over 100 pages. The Herald and News notice only came out a week ago, not nearly enough time to comprehend the document and make comments.)

KRRC decision reversed, H&N, posted to KBC 3/17/19.

In split vote, Klamath County OKs deal for dam removal, posted to KBC 3/17/19.

Dam removal report sparks HOPE for Klamath Basin Ag, H&N by dam removal liason, posted to KBC 3/17/19.
"...dam removal MIGHT mean more water for farmers..."
"...dam removal MAY have something big to offer..."
"...dam removal COULD free up more water (for farmers)..."
"...ESA MIGHT loosen its grip on the region..."
"...HOPEFULLY we'll have more salmon..."
"...POSSIBILITY of using this 50,000 acre feet of water for crops..."
"...dam removal will LIKELY reduce or eliminate the biological necessity for spring dilution flows..."
IF the conditions triggering the court order are addressed by the benefits of dam removal, this COULD result in a real and measurable benefit to farmers. IT ISN'T A GUARANTEE..."
"...We BELIEVE that river restoration will help communities..."

DEQ offering free well water testing in Klamath Basin, H&N, posted to KBC 3/17/19

Record February snowfall reduces drought concerns, H&N, posted to KBC 3/17/19.

Swan Lake project should be for water storage, H&N letter by Tim Plass, posted 3/17/19.

Name change likely to Tule Lake National Monument, H&N, posted to KBC 3/17/19. KBC NOTE: The Tule Lake Committee has already helped obtain more than 1300 acres for their current designation of World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, honoring the Japanese living in America who were relocated to the Tulelake Relocation facility for four years until WWII was over. For more than a decade they have continued to sue the Tulelake Airport, City of Tulelake and Modoc County to shut down our airport that services 40,000 square miles, so they could acquire that land also to tell their story. See our Tulelake vs Japanese Controversy Page.

National News - Record-breaking migration is overwhelming border agencies, H&N 3/6/19. "More than 76,000 migrants crossed the U.S.-Mexico border last month, more than double the number from the same period last year."

John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that He gave his only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but shall have eternal life."

PLEASE ATTEND, or COMMENT before March 12!!! Hearing Scheduled on Bill That Would Ban Forest Practices on Over a Million Acres in Oregon, OFS 3/8/19:  "On Tuesday, March 12 at 1:00 PM, the House Committee on Energy & Environment will hold a public hearing on HB 2656. HB 2656 is probably the most threatening bill to Oregon’s managed forests by banning harvest, road building, and the use of pesticides and fertilizers in forestland that supplies drinking water for public sources. Thus, locking up over a million of acres..."

COMMENT BY March 19! Reclamation requests comments on Klamath Project draft environmental assessment, posted 3/9/19

California Farm Bureau Federation Legislative Review 3/8/19: emission reporting mandates, climate change, forests, construction mandates in high fire zones, wildlife.

U.S. plans to lift protections for gray wolves, Capital Press, posted to KBC 3/9/19.
California judge upholds wolf protection, H&N 3/1/19.

Standing in Unanimous Support…RESOLUTION OF THE OREGON REPUBLICAN PARTY, Senator Linthicum Newsletter, posted to KBC 3/9/19

John 17:26 - "I (Jesus) have made You (God) known to them (His deciples), and will continue to make You known in order that the love You have for Me may be in them and that I myself may be in them.”

            PLEASE SEND COMMENTS BY 3/4/19
             This could eventually effect us all,
                     not just Klamath Basin !

OWRD Comments Due on UK well use BY 3/4/19.
Commentary on OWRD / Oregon Water Resources Department well water mandates by Joan Sees, Beatty Oregon, posted to KBC 3/2/19 "...OWRD is again picking the “science” that will give it the outcome that it wants.The proposed interim rules are not really protecting senior water rights but giving them all the water in the basin and putting the Upper Klamath Basin irrigators out of business..."
* Commentary on OWRD Mandates : Great news, or just another 'Trojan horse' for Oregon? by TOM MALLAMS, former Klamath County Commissioner and Upper Klamath Basin irrigator for 40 years, for the Capital Press posted to KBC 3/2/19: "...Many suits have been filed by well owners in the Klamath Basin, challenging OWRD’s overreach. OWRD already spent their current litigation budget of $835,628. They then were given an additional $1,352,526 that will last until June, 2019...surface water users were encouraged by OWRD to drill a well, and then told “your water will be safe...With OWRD’S endorsement of Klamath dam removal, we predicted years ago that this movement would expand to the Columbia and Snake River system...We now predict that OWRD’s current attempt to claim, through computer modeling, that ground water and surface water are connected, will be expanded in other areas of the State..."

* Groundwater Workshop in Siskiyou County: Understanding the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act on 3/14/19

ITSSD Summary of their following comments to SWRCB draft EIS regarding Klamath Dam destruction posted to KBC 3/2/19: "Attached is the 30-page comment submission sent to the California State Water Resources Control Board by the Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development (ITSSD), and its President, Lawrence Kogan. These comments respond to/oppose the SWRCB's draft EIR supporting KRRC's application with FERC for license transfer and surrender, and ultimate decommissioning of PacifiCorp's Lower Klamath Project, for the purpose of removing the four Klamath River dams. Although the comments..." Continue

ITSSD Comments Regarding the SWRCB Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Lower Klamath Project License Surrender Pacificorp Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Project No. 14803 posted to KBC 3/2/19

KLG Memo of Law - Congress must consent-ratify Klamath River Dam Removal, Prepared by Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development (ITSSD) and Lawrence A. Kogan, President 2/25/19. Detailed Memo

CFBF Legislative Review 3/1/19: Air quality, pot, climate change, zero greenhouse gas emissions, environmental regs, hemp, food, rural health and safety, drinking water fund, groundwater recharge, wildlife trapping, wildlife, ESA accidental take.

***OWRD hearings Feb 26 in Klamath Falls
OWRD Comments Due on UK well use 3/4/19

Oregon Regrets executing Modoc Chief Captain Jack who murdered General Canby, Senate Concurrent Resolution 12 Sponsored by Oregon Senator GIROD, February 2019. "Resolved, That we express our regret over the execution of Kintpuash (Captain Jack), Schonchin John, Black Jim and Boston Charley in October 1873 and for the expulsion of the Modoc tribe from their ancestral lands in Oregon." https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/SCR12/Introduced

Wheels keep turning in lawsuit to retain dams, Siskiyou Daily News 2/12/19
Reminder that Siskiyou County Water Users has kept up the fight PRESS RELEASE: Siskiyou County Water Users: Hearing scheduled for DC Circuit Court on Writ of Mandamus regarding Klamath Dams, KRRC and Klamath Compact, SCWUA, reposted to KBC 2/22/19

Merkley to hold town hall in Klamath, Lake counties Saturday, H&N, posted to KBC 2/22/19. "The Klamath County Town Hall will be at 11 a.m. Saturday at Oregon Institute of Technology..."

The state is making up its own water rules, H&N by Jerry Jones, Chiloquin, posted to KBC 2/22/19. "Historical documents show Oregon Department of Water Resources (ODWR) has engaged in water theft from the historical ranches of the Upper Klamath Basin..."

TID pumping water to Lower Klamath Refuge, H&N 2/19/19, FOLLOWED BY:
Amidst Uncertainty, Klamath Project farmers increase water delivery to Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, KWUA press release.

BOR updates KID on water operations, H&N, posted to KBC 2/22/19
BOR map of current Klamath Basin water storage 02/17/19

California Farm Bureau Federation Legislative Review 2/22/19.

Opinion: The Oregon Trail Blazers could unite our state, by Rep. E Werner Reschke, Oregonian, posted to KBC 2/22/19

Reminder that Siskiyou County Water Users has kept up the fight PRESS RELEASE: Siskiyou County Water Users: Hearing scheduled for DC Circuit Court on Writ of Mandamus regarding Klamath Dams, KRRC and Klamath Compact, SCWUA, reposted to KBC 2/22/19

The 23rd Psalm: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want...

***Public Comments Due Feb 26 on Klamath Dam Draft Environmental Impact Report

*** Remember the Herald and News Poll: Will you benefit from Klamath dam Destruction? As of 2/22/19:
51 voted "Yes, a direct benefit,"
39 voted "Yes, but indirectly,"
35 voted "No, I will not benefit," 
163 voted "I see no benefit at all,"
13 voted, "No opinion"

Tom MallamsDraft groundwater rules: Great news or just another Trojan Horse? Guest opinion by Tom Mallams, Beatty irrigator and former Klamath County Commissioner. COMMENTS DUE 3/4/19, hearings Feb 21 & 26. "Oregon Water Resources Department, (OWRD), admitted that this wording means the entire Klamath Basin, not just the Upper Klamath Basin. This wording will put all wells in the entire Klamath Basin at risk (of being shut off) as well as other areas in Oregon."
Public hearings set on Upper Basin well regulation, posted to KBC 2/16/19

California Farm Bureau Federation Legislative Review posted to KBC 2/16/19. Governor Newsom's intentions, budget and appointments, truck emission mandates, rural crime, utilities, $51.3million for safe drinking water, wildfire bills.

Oregon rivers, lands would gain protection under bill passed by U.S. Senate, H&N, posted to KBC 2/16/19. "...according to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, the measure would provide protection for about 250 miles of rivers and streams in Oregon. That would give the state more wild and scenic designations than any other state besides Alaska..."
Wilderness-Wildlands Page

President Donald Trump's Border Security FACT SHEET, and Presidential Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Southern Border of the United States posted 2/16/19.

Oregon lawmakers debate multiple gun bills, H&N, posted to KBC 2/16/19. "It would limit ammunition purchases to 20 rounds in a 30-day period and prohibit firearm magazines that can hold more than five rounds....."

LaMalfa PRESS RELEASE: LaMalfa Announces FEMA Grant Funding for Paradise, posted to KBC 2/16/19

Global warming myth debunked: humans have minimal impact on atmosphere's carbon dioxide and climate, posted to KBC 2/16/19. 

Psalms 139:13-14 - "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

ACTION ALERT - Please help to restore our Mining rights, News from Dave McCracken, The New 49ers 2/10/19

PRESS RELEASE: Siskiyou County Water Users: Hearing scheduled for DC Circuit Court on Writ of Mandamus regarding Klamath Dams, KRRC and Klamath Compact, SCWUA, posted to KBC 2/10/19

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoorImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes and outdoor< Siskiyou County residents showed up to protest Klamath Dam removal before the meeting held by the CA State Water Resource board in Yreka on Tuesday Feb. 5th. Submitted photos by Louise Gliatto
Both sides represented at Klamath Dams removal meeting in Yreka, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 2/10/19. KBC NOTE: An attendee called to inform us that most dam removal supporters were tribes from downriver from where another water board meeting will be held. Also, no meetings will be held in Klamath Basin.

Interior's Bernhardt keeps Mikkelsen Trump to nominate former lobbyist Bernhardt for Interior secretary, Washington Post, posted to KBC 2/10/19

California adds protections for Klamath spring salmon; Klamath spring chinook a candidate for CESA listing, H&N, posted to KBC 2/9/19. "The decision was in response to a petition filed last year by the Karuk Tribe and the Salmon River Restoration Council." KBC Note: The Karuk Tribe has stated that Klamath irrigators are "the enemy," they want to get "rid of all the farmers," and after the dams come out they will target "Keno Dam."

Response to the KRRC (Klamath Dam removal corp) commentary's 'corrections' by Rex Cozzalio, followed by KRRC's 'corrections.'  H&N, posted to KBC 2/10/19. "At a recent meeting when questioned what they would do if the KRRC had insufficient money, an annoyed Mr. Bransom stated ‘no matter what else happens, KRRC will blow the dams’." ..."Any claims of ‘eventual’ benefit come with no historically supported assurance, particularly true coming from a shell corporation dissolving after acknowledged irreversible regional devastation.  Holding themselves harmless...FERC...(called) just last week for the KRRC to produce proof of as yet non-existent insurance coverage..."
"Send your comments to FERC." 
KBC's KRRC / Klamath River Renewal Corporation (Dam Destruction Group) Page

Cal Farm Bureau Federation Legislative Review, 2/8/19. More taxes, more 'restoration' 'conservation' and 'management' of rural farmland, water, forestry...

***Public Comments Due Feb 26 on Klamath Dam Draft Environmental Impact Report

SCWUA - Water Board evaluates the Klamath Dam removal without a final plan by FERC, by SCWUA President Richard Marshall, posted to KBC 1/27/19

Klamath Dam Destruction EIR, Siskiyou Daily News, Liz Writes Life Column, posted to KBC 2/3/19. Liz, column writer for Siskiyou Daily News, addresses State Water Resources Control Board regarding corrections and draft Environmental Impact Report concerning potential Klamath Dam destruction.

Herald and News Poll: Will you benefit from Klamath dam Destruction?

Local rules governing control of well use in the Upper Klamath Basin: OWRD / Oregon Water Resource Dept. Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, filed 1/29/19
OWRD Hearings: 2/21/19 in Salem, 2/26/29 Klamath Falls
4 business days after the Klamath Falls hearing.
OWRD webpage:

Kiewit positions for Klamath dam pillage, by Rex Cozzalio, member of SCWUA / Siskiyou County Water Users Association, 1/18/19, posted to KBC 2/3/19

Water talks resume Feb. 12 in Medford, H&N 2/3/19. “ 'We have an imbalance in the Basin of needs and resources,' Mikkelsen said." KBC Note: this repeats government 2001 water shutoff rhetoric, which screamed to the farmers that the 'best available science' says there's 'not enough water to go around.' After the shutoff, bankruptcies, suicides, heart attacks, and auctions, the National Academy of Science stated the shutoff was "unjustified." Before the Klamath Project was built, there were up to 30 feet of water where our farms are now.
It was a navigable lake. That's why on our deeds, signed by our US President, we were allotted 2+ acre feet of water for our crops, and the vast amount of runoff we pump uphill at our expense, out of our closed basin and into the Klamath River.

< The river often went dry in the fall before the Project was built.

CFBF Friday Legislative Review, posted to KBC 2/3/19: biotechnology, Governer Newsom's proposed 2019 spending, bill to eliminate the cannabis cultivation tax and reduce the excise tax rate on commercial cannabis, proposed indoor heat illness prevention standard, land use.

Klamath groundwater meeting< Scaled-back Klamath groundwater regulation debated, H&N, posted to KBC 2/3/19. "Tom Mallams, who represented the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association on the committee, said the agency’s statement about the connection between ground and surface waters was unproven and “erroneous.”

Siskiyou County Water Users comments on "Gene research upends Klamath-Trinity Chinook history; ‘Run time gene’ rewrites narrative of spring vs fall runs", by Philip Santos, Eureka Times Standard, posted to KBC 2/3/19. Comments follow by SCWUA President Richard Marshall and member Rex Cozzalio.

Zinke renewed grazing permit for Hammond Ranches, Oregonian, posted to KBC 2/3/19

Hoopa Valley Tribe wins lawsuit against feds.The victory may expedite Klamath dam removal, Eureka Times-Standard, posted to KBC 2/3/19.
Hoopa Tribe Went 10 Times Over Trinity River Salmon Catch Limit, WONews.com KBC 3/23/18

When wolves come to town by Capital Press, posted to KBC 2/3/19. "Wolves are coming to town, but Colville isn’t Seattle. Anyone who loses their cats or dogs will be expected to accept it the way the ranchers are expected to accept it as part of the price of living in wolf habitat."

Gunsmoke and Mirrors, Oregon Senator Dennis Linthicum Newsletter, posted to KBC 2/3/19.

***Klamath Dam removal contractor holds Q&A January 29th, H&N, posted to KBC 1/27/19

SCWUA - Water Board evaluates the Klamath Dam removal without a final plan by FERC, by SCWUA President Richard Marshall, posted to KBC 1/27/19

KLAMATH - Groundwater rule undergoes two-year testing, letter to editor by Larry Sees, Beatty, for H&N 1/27/19

Wildfire carbon emissions primary cause of possible climate doomsday scenario by Oregon Senator Dennis Linthicum, posted to KBC 1/27/19.
...four California wildfires...between 1992 and 2007, released carbon dioxide at levels 19 times greater than previously accepted scientific estimates.
...each acre of burned forest emitted greenhouse gases equal to the annual exhaust from 48 cars.
...combustion emissions could have been reduced from 46.2 tons per acre to 12 tons per acre if the density of trees had been reduced from 273 per acre to the more natural density of 60 per acre."
Trump order expands logging on public land, H&N by Washington Post, posted to KBC 1/27/19.

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative Review 1/27/19: CLIMATE CHANGE - California Air Resources Board adopted plan for San Joaquin Valley farmers: retiring tractors, reduce emissions by conservation, replace ag pumps with electrical pumps, create inspection and maintenance program.

BOR names new Mid-Pacific Region director
, Conant to oversee Klamath along with California and Nevada projects, H&N, posted to KBC 1/27/19.

Walden Townhall, H&N 1/20/19

Rep E. Werner Reschke announces Legislative Agenda, goals for 2019, posted to KBC 1/20/19

Once again, it's time to fix the ESA, Capital Press, posted to KBC 1/20/19

from 2018 - TULELAKE:

from 2018: Hoopa Valley Tribe warns of lawsuit over salmon fishing rules, focus on Klamath and Rogue fishery, Eureka Times Standard, posted to KBC 1/20/19: "The tribe argues that had the council used its original calculation method and allowed for 11 percent of Chinook salmon to be harvested, the number of coho salmon that would killed would be “in excess” of what’s allowed."
Hoopa Tribe Went 10 Times Over Trinity River Salmon Catch Limit, WONews.com KBC 3/23/18. Hoopa's catch was "...1,660 fall salmon last year when its quota was only 163 fish, the Hoopa Tribe admitted it knowingly went over its limits and allowed tribal members to continue fishing, even though the fall salmon season for sport anglers was completely shut down last fall in the Klamath and Trinity rivers, and ocean seasons were severely curtailed as well to protect Klamath Basin salmon." 

Walden to host Klamath Falls town hall Friday, January 18. H&N 1/14/19

H-2A minimum wage hearing set for Jan. 28, Capital Press 1/14/19. "...It has increased from $14.12 to $15.03 in Washington and Oregon, the highest in the nation..."

AB 178 - To exempt California disaster victims from $15,000+ new residential home solar mandate, California Assemblyman Brian Dahle 1/11/19

TID regular public board meeting agenda 1/15/19.

California Farm Bureau Federation Legislative Review 1/11/19. Governor Newsoms' appointments, State Budget Proposal of $209 billion, Cap and Trade, Departments: Food and Ag, F&W, Cal Fire, State Water Resources Control Board, Transportation, ...Ag Ed, Cannabis, Commodities, Hemp, Land Use, Pest Management, Water

Oregonians for Food and Shelter Legislative Review 1/11/19. Bans neonicotinoids, aerial pesticide prohibition, forest practice bans, dairy size prohibitions and regulations, Articles: Carbon Cap, Wolf talks, Klamath Refuge Management Attacks, Walden townhalls.

PRESS RELEASE - Oregon legislature takes aim at 2nd Amendment – again! Oregon State Legislature  1/14/19

Klamath Water Users in transition: 'Nasty' water year takes toll on former director, KID's watermaster resigns, and Pay-out coming for drought relief applicants, H&N 1/13/19

KID taps Henley High grad as manager, H&N 1/11/19

Jordan Cove pipeline public hearing on Monday January 7, H&N 1/4/19. Public comments due February 3

Strategy to form the Dam Destruction/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement: Cal/EPA Environmental Justice Action Plan May 18, 2005. Lead Agency: State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)

Rancher loses sixth animal to wolves, Medford Tribune 1/5/19. “I’ve done everything by the book between the state and the federal people and tried to be cooperative with everybody, and we’re just kind of starting to strike out,” Birdseye said. "OR-7 and his pack will not be subject to lethal removal by ODFW because they are in Western Oregon, where gray wolves are federally protected under the Endangered Species Act."

Agency analyzes impacts of removing Klamath River dams, H&N 1/4/19. "Plans to remove four hydroelectric dams on the lower Klamath River would benefit the region far more than keeping them in place, according to a draft environmental impact report by the California State Water Resources Control Board."

Reclamation finalizes Klamath Project Biological Assessment, BOR Press Release 1/2/19
BOR releases Klamath Project Biological Assessment, H&N 1/3/19. "It’s analyzing, assessing, the impacts of the Klamath Project operation on all these (endangered) species...The services are going to use this Biological Assessment that we did … to create the bi-Op...We’re allowing the public to view it but there’s no comment period..."
The 2018 assessment and its appendices are available at www.usbr.gov/mp/kbao
Reclamation's guiding water document, Biological Assessment, released, H&N 12/23/18

Swan Lake hydro’s future awaits FERC decision, H&N 1/2/19. "...able to power approximately 600,000 homes (or 1,187 gigawatt-hours) annually for 45 years once operational..." “This project, of which we will receive no benefit, will bisect our farmlands and remove property from agricultural production. The development of roads and placement of power poles will increase costs of irrigation and farming, cause erosion, dust and weed control, and interfere with our quality of life and our property values...Other comments issued reaffirmed public concerns over location of power lines, adverse impacts to property values, impact to agricultural operations and groundwater availability, and the draft EIS’ lack of a no-action alternative..."

For December 2018 chronological news, see Archive 199
For Main Archive Page go HERE.

God Bless America !

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H&N Poll: Will you benefit from Klamath dam Destruction?

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Before the Klamath Project was built, there were up to 30 feet of water where our farms are now. It was a navigable lake. That's why on our deeds, signed by US President, we were allotted 2+ acre feet of water for our crops, as all the runoff we pump uphill, at our expense, out of our closed basin and into the Klamath River? The river often went dry in the fall before the Project was built.


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