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Court orders EPA to write temperature control plans for Columbia, Snake, Capital Press 12/27/19. "The ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is likely to intensify the ongoing debate over breaching four Lower Snake River dams in Eastern Washington to increase salmon and steelhead runs...The plaintiffs...Columbia Riverkeeper, Snake River Waterkeeper, Idaho Rivers United, the (IFFR) Institute for Fisheries Resources and  (PCFFA)Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations.."
KBC NOTE: Coincidently PCFFA and it spinoff IFFR, and Riverkeepers are the litigants who strategically constantly sued to downsize Klamath agriculture and destroy the Klamath River dams.

EPA, Corps put two-year hold on 2015 WOTUS rule, Issue 2/7/18, California Farm Bureau Federation AgAlert. "The 2015 WOTUS rule developed by the Obama administration will not be applicable for the next two years, while we work through the process of providing long-term regulatory certainty across all 50 states about what waters are subject to federal regulation."

EPA Disregard for "WOTUS" Prior Converted Cropland Exclusion Kills Ag Jobs and Contributes to National Security Risk, Canada Free Press by Laurence Kogan, 4/29/17

New EPA rule muddies the water. With a pen stroke, it pushes aside ‘navigable water’ limitations, by Oregon U.S. Rep Greg Walden, 6/2/15

Congress tries to rein in EPA ‘waters’ proposal, CFBF, posted to KBC  5/6/15. "The Senate version also directs agencies to issue a revised rule that does not include features such as isolated ponds, ditches, agricultural water, stormwater, groundwater, floodwater, municipal water supply systems, wastewater management systems, and streams without enough flow to carry pollutants to navigable waters...the Obama administration reinforced its support for the proposed rule."

2/7/14 - A joint meeting of the Idaho Legislature was held Feb. 3, 2014.  The title of the meeting is “Suction Dredge Mining”.  The first speaker is Joe Greene, US EPA scientist (Ret); the second speaker is Tom Kitchar, President of Waldo Mining District, SW Oregon; third speaker is Doug Giddings, Sheriff, Idaho County; public testimony taken; and last speaker is Jim Chmelik, Idaho County Commissioner. KBC NOTE: This hour video is well worth your time hearing how government agency/EPA agenda has overruled science, and first hand testimony on EPA tyranny.

Chamber asks EPA to withdraw water proposal. Klamath County: Federal rule-making process needs review and local input, H&N 11/16/14

* 7/21/14 comments due Waters of the U.S. Under the Clean Water Act
EPA set to explain water rule that has U.S. farmers riled. The American Farm Bureau Federation has come out against the proposed rule, H&N, posted to KBC 7/16/14

Proposed Rule Issued April 21, 2014  US Navigable Waters by Elaine Willman 7/17/14  Elaine Willman bio

On April 21, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) jointly released a new proposed rule – Definition of Waters of the U.S. Under the Clean Water Act – that would amend the definition of “waters of the U.S.” and expand the range of waters that fall under federal jurisdiction. The proposed rule, published in the Federal Register, is open for public comment for 90 days, until July 21, 2014.

Senator Roberts and Western Caucus urge EPA to halt Waters of the US rule, 5/8/14

Lawmakers push EPA for more time on water rule, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/7/14

Final California Water Action Plan, by Cal EPA, CDFA/Calif. Dept of Food and Drug, and California Natural Resources Agency, 1/14/14. Page 11: "The administration will work with Congress to secure the necessary federal authorizations for the agreements and secure the necessary funding for removal of four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River and funding for the necessary basin restoration."

EPA and Clean Water Act; another step toward a Banana Republic, Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett, 11/14/13

*** EPA wants to control ALL waters, not just "navigable".
EPA Corps Jurisdiction Comments. Get your comments in by Nov. 13th or sooner.

EPA Wetlands Guidance Regulations, Nov 6 Comment Deadline, ALRA, posted 10/16/13

Special Report: EPA Study Could Be Used To Expand Reach of Law Over Waters, Bloomberg BNA 10/2/13 "Federal regulators may be able to assert Clean Water Act jurisdiction over more waters and wetlands than are now protected on the basis of a draft scientific study that links all streams and certain wetlands with larger, downstream navigable waters, attorneys and policy analysts say."

EPA acknowledges releasing personal details on farmers, Fox News, posted to KBC 4/9/13. “The EPA has threatened the health and safety of agriculture producers and their families and has damaged the security of our food system,” Thune said. “There is a growing gap of trust between America’s farm and ranch families and the EPA. Much of this lack of trust is due to EPA’s aggressive regulatory agenda...The information on livestock and produce farmers was sought through a Freedom of Information Act request by the groups Earth Justice, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Pew Charitable Trust. The groups, which have not commented on whether they plan to return the documents, were originally given information on roughly 80,000 farmers and ranchers." KBC NOTE: Earth Justice, partially financed by George Soros (a large contributor to the Obama campaign) is the litigation backing most all the environmental groups involved in the Klamath Basin Water Crisis to downsize agriculture, shut down dredge mining, shut down logging...

Judge Slaps Down EPA Bid to Regulate Water as a Pollutant, NewsMax 1/3/13. "A federal district judge Thursday shot down a “novel” EPA attempt to regulate the flow of water as a pollutant, stopping dead in its tracks what otherwise would have been a major regulatory expansion."

EPA signs off on new Oregon water quality rules -- strictest in the nation, Oregonian 10/19/11

Distrust clouds EPA, Editorial Capital Press 3/24/11

House Ag Committee Questions EPA About Lawsuits, DTN 3/11/11

EPA Grants Itself More Powers, Revokes Permit, ATR 1/14/11. “Since the CWA was enacted in 1972, EPA has never revoked a previously issued, valid CWA Section 404 permit. The plain language of Section 404(c) does not authorize EPA to take any action once a permit has been issued. EPA’s threatened action has no legal foundation, is not warranted on the facts and will chill investments and job creation across America."

EPA proposes soil fumigant risk mitigation options, plus May 22 public meeting in Richland, WA. Written comments are due by July 2, 2007, from Oregonians for Food and Shelter 5/9/07

3/13/2008- FINAL Document PDF: "EPA hereby withdraws its prior decision to approve, and now disapproves, California’s decision not to include the “Klamath River HU, Middle HA, Oregon to Iron Gate” on its 2006 Section 303(d) List due to microcystin toxin. Pursuant to 40 CFR 130.7(d)(2), EPA is hereby identifying for inclusion on California’s Section 303(d) List “microcystin toxins” as an additional cause of impairment for that Klamath River segment."

Karuk Tribe documents of litigation against PacifiCorp, reposted to KBC 6/3/13, sent by Craig Tucker, Karuk tribal spokesman. "PacifiCorp must abandon its current use of algaecidal treatments as a means to address water quality issues based on i) the results of the 2012 pilot project ii) technical comments from the Karuk Tribe and other IMIC members, and iii) the opposition to application of chemical treatments to the Klamath River from Tribes based on religious and cultural grounds." See Green Corps-trained Craig Tucker on our Whose Who page, and his campaign to create the "largest dam removal project in history."  KHSA notice by facilitator Ed Sheets KBC

Federal Court Rules Against EPA by LARRY NEUMEISTER, for SFGate.com January 26, 2007

NCBA Challenges EPA Standards on Ranches, 12/19/06. "EPA dust rules would regulate dust produced on farms by "tilling soil, planting and harvesting crops, driving on dirt roads, spreading nutrients on fields, mixing feed, and by cattle simply moving around in feedlots. Many farms and ranches are simply unable to control dust to the level EPA requires, even when using best management practices,...The EPA has put agriculture in an impossible situation, with no scientific justification."

EPA's Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, 6/10/06. This message is being sent to all EPA Employees

EPA PRESS RELEASE - New EPA Collaborative Partnership with Farmers in Growing Economy, Cleaning Up the Environment, 5/8/2006

U.S. Cattle Producers Debunk Proposed Fugitive Dust Regulations, NCBA submits extensive comments to EPA 4/18/06, NCBA 

“Rural or Urban, It’s Ridiculous to Regulate Dust in the Wind, ”U.S. cattle producers testify today across the nation, NCBA 3/8/6.

AP: Environmental Critics Get EPA Grants, 12/29/05. "The group has received more than $1.8 million from the EPA since 1995...Natural Resources Defense Council, recently was cited by auditors for failing to properly document more than one-third of the $3.3 million it received in three EPA grants..."

Why the Environmental Protection Agency must be abolished, World Net Daily 1/21/05. "...the EPA with its 18,000 employees, will gobble up $7.76 billion dollars this year. Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution does not authorize Congress to legislate in the area of the environment, therefore, it is unconstitutional....At the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, June 3-14, 1992, the Secretariat for World Order distributed a nonpublic document titled, "The Initiative for Eco-92 Earth's Charter." It reads, in part, under policies that must be implemented as follows: "The Security Council of the U.N. will inform all nations that outmoded notions of national sovereignty will be discarded and that the Security Council has complete legal, military and economic jurisdiction in any region of the world ... The Security Council of the U.N. will take possession of all natural resources, including the watersheds and great forests, to be used and preserved for the good of the Major Nations of the Security Council."




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