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Archive 242 - October - November 2022
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State of emergency: More than 100 wells now dry in Klamath County, H&N 11/8/22. KBC NOTE: Wells have gone dry in the Modoc and Siskiyou Counties in the Klamath Project too. The Bureau of Reclamation withheld from farms our stored irrigation water in Klamath Lake far above the Endangered Species Act mandates for 2 species of suckers. That water supplies irrigation water to thousands of acres of Klamath Project farms, that then goes to our National Wildlife Refuges which the Bureau also dewatered, decimating habitat for 433 species of wildlife. More than 1000 miles of drain ditches and canals exist in the Klamath Reclamation Project supplying habitat and water for the most important stop on the Pacific Flyway for migrating birds. Dewatered. When our surface water is diverted to the ocean, our wells go dry, and farmers are penalized for depleting the aquifer. According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, our refuges provided habitat for more than 10,000 years. Until now.

GP A Canal Head.jpgReclamation extends interim operations plan for Klamath Project, Capital Press 10/21/22. "Both the Klamath Water Users Association and Klamath Tribes urged Reclamation to discard the plan after it was set to expire Sept. 30...Simmons, with the KWUA, previously said the changes authorized under the interim operations plan were “far above any level ever claimed to be necessary” for suckers, while cutting off access to another 45,000 acre-feet of water for irrigation."




Diesel trucksOregon expands targets under Clean Fuels Program, Capital Press 10/21/22. "The governor-appointed Environmental Quality Commission voted unanimously in September to expand the Clean Fuels Program...When the program was first implemented in 2016, it called for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels 10% below 2015 levels by 2025. The new targets are 20% below 2015 levels by 2030, and 37% by 2035. To accomplish this, fuel distributors may choose to import more lower-carbon biofuels such as ethanol or renewable diesel — made from vegetable oil — to replace gasoline or diesel."


CowsFeds give Oregon groups $100 million for sustainable farming, ranching, timber, Oregon Capital Chronicle 10/10/22.
Sustainable Northwest: "The nonprofit conservation group received $10 million to invest in regenerative ranching economies and another $25 million grant to build a sustainable wood products economy in the region."
Who is SustainableNW?
Richard Roos-Collins represented American Rivers, California Trout, and Sustainable Northwest in the negotiation of the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement and he negotiated and drafted the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement; both agreements mandate destroying Klamath River hydroelectric dams.
Sustainable NW and Trout Unlimited,
were among the groups who appointed Roos-Collins as general council on KRRC/Klamath dam destruction group.
* Trout Unlimited Water Project Director is Chrysten Lambert, who was Klamath River Compact Commissioner and was former Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust / KBRT director. Her father Jim Root founded KBRT. KBRT merged with Trout Unlimited, and Root is also now a board of director on KRRC dam removal group.
* Trout Unlimited was a stakeholder in the KBRA/dam removal closed-door "agreements.'
* Only FERC will decide dam removal, not Klamath River Compact Commission, Guest Opinion by RICHARD ROOS-COLLINS General Counsel, KRRC, Herald and News Online 5/10/19. ""The JC Boyle Dam in Klamath County, Ore., is one of four slated to be removed from the Klamath River under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Klamath County Commission and the Klamath River Renewal Corp."
*A response to the general counsel of KRRC: Why Klamath Compact decision-making matters, FERC’s own regulations (18 C.F.R. § 9.2) require FERC to determine the “qualifications of the transferee [here, KRRC] to hold such license.” KRRC is not qualified, because it was created in violation of federal law." posted to KBC 10/25/22

Oregon wolfOregon ranchers grapple with increasing number of wolf attacks, "The state Department of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed 50 wolf attacks so far in 2022...95 in 2021"

Letter from U.S. Department of the Army to Ms. Felicia Satterwhite, Administrative AssistantLos Angeles Superior Court regarding Stephen Koshy's letter of imminent collapse concerns over proposed Snake River dam removal, posted to KBC 10/25/22.
Here for dam engineer Stephen Koshy page and bio and his letters regarding Klamath Dam catastrophic collapse if dams are removed.

Klamath ranch seeks $1.5 million from Oregon water regulators, "The state Water Resources Department affirmed the 1864 priority date and the ranch’s right to divert 9.4 cubic feet of water per second between March and November, enough to irrigate the property at a depth of three feet per acre a year...The ranch has since been “regulated off” every year, generally shutting down irrigation “earlier and earlier” each season...the ranch’s carrying capacity was previously 200 head of cattle, it’s now only able to sustain 50 head due to the lack of irrigation..."

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