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Oregon Legislative Review, and Whitsetts' highest conservative rating in Oregon, 9/13/16
Oregon Legislative Update by Rep. Gail Whitsett, House District 56 Jun 25, 2016  
It should be a battle of ideas, not insults, H&N letter by Donald Crawford, Klamath Falls 4/13/16. "Thank you, Doug and Gail, for for standing tall in the saddle...The Democrat and liberal Republican throwback politicians, winners and wannabes screamed and kicked up old political dust and musk...They had six months to file for the primary election."
Stop whining and let Whitsetts live in peace, H&N 4/9/16.

Whitsetts appreciated for their work, Letter to the editor by Earl Wessel, Chiloquin for H&N 3/26/16.

Local leaders upset over dam removal, H&N 2/10/16. " 'There’s no need for the dams to be removed,' Criss said. 'I see no benefit to Klamath Basin agriculture because it takes away water storage and replaces it with no water storage.' " "Oregon Rep. Gail Whitsett, R-Klamath Falls, said she believes the decision about whether the dams should be removed belongs with FERC. 'To turn it over to FERC is the right path, versus deciding politically whether to do that.' ”
Oregon Representative Gail Whitsett 2016 votes  2/5/16

Legislative Committees Provide a Preview of the 2016 Session, by Rep Gail Whitsett 1/19/16

Revenue Forecast Highlights Good, Bad of Oregon's Economic Recovery, Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett, posted to KBC 12/17/15
A busy week at the Capitol, Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett Legislative Update 11/2515.
Oregon Legislative Committees set to meet in November, Rep Gail Whitsett 11/2/15.

Both Whitsetts file for re-election, H&N, 10/9/15

Rep. Gail Whitsett Announces Interim Committee Appointments, Legislative Update 8/25/15.

History of water in the Klamath Basin, by Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett 7/26/15.

End of Session Review - Senator Doug Whitsett and Rep Gail Whitsett by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 7/8/15.
Oregon Representative Gail Whitsett short video on the proposed background checks for guns..what could land you in prison for decades, with hundreds of thousands $'s fines, posted to KBC 5/7/15
OREGON - Legislature passes expanded background checks for guns. Measure heads to Gov. Brown for final approval, H&N, posted to KBC 5/7/15. "... the bill would trample Second Amendment rights or would make criminals of gun owners who choose not to get a background check every time they hand over a gun to a friend or neighbor. The seller of a gun would face a misdemeanor for a first offense, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $6,250 fine. A second offense would be a felony, with a potential sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine"

Wildfire compensation, lead bullets targeted by (Rep Gail) Whitsett, H&N 2/19/15. "HB 2503 grants only the state Legislature with the authority to restrict lead use in ammunition and fishing sinkers"

Rep. Gail Whitsett has several bills planned. Whitsett also plans to submit an updated version of the groundwater bill HB 4044, H&N 11/9/14

Fuel standards opposed by Rep. Gail Whitsett; Representative said the standards will profoundly affect rural Oregonians, H&N, posted to KBC 9/18/14. "if the new standards go into effect, nearly 30,000 jobs will be lost, and Oregonians could pay more than $1 per gallon in additional gas taxes...a bill or executive decision by Gov. John Kitzhaber to ban lead bullets may be in the state’s future. Whitsett said lead is already banned from use in waterfowl hunting...if a bill to ban lead bullets is introduced in the 2015 legislative session, she plans to introduce a bill protecting citizens’ rights to use them."
Water Interference Bill, legislative update by Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/21/14. "....Over 130 Klamath Basin farmers and ranchers have been threatened by the OWRD to have their irrigation ground water wells shut down as soon as April 2014.  This is in addition to the same ranches having all of their surface water called on, and shut off, by the Klamath Tribes (as the newly adjudicated senior water right holder) and the OWRD in 2013. The adjudication provides absolutely no direct statutory control over ground water, but the OWRD is trying to tie the two water sources (ground and surface) together in an attempt to gain control over all of the ranch and farm lands (through their water) in certain areas of the Basin, without going through the process of defining a “Critical Groundwater Area”. OWRD does not want to go through this process as there really is not a shortage of ground water in this region..."

Oregon Rep. Gail Whitsett legislative update 2/17/14: Sage Grouse, meth houses, Barry Point Fire.

< Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett and Rep. Gail Whitsett  Science of shutoffs, well water monitoring law aims to clarify ownership, H&N 2/7/14. “We fully support the OWRD authority to regulate wells that are materially interfering with senior water rights. However, we believe the state should be required to prove that the use of irrigation wells is materially and measurably harming a water right holder with a superior priority date,” Gail Whitsett said."

OIT governance will affect college’s future course; Local control may be the best option in preserving the ‘brand’ and direction of smaller colleges, H&N by Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett 1/5/14
Looking ahead 2014, H&N by Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett KBC 1/1/14
Rep Gail Whitsett files for second term, H&N 11/28/13
Whitsetts team up to denounce bureaucracy, too many rules in government, followed by comment H&N, 11/10/13

State lawmakers confer in three-day session; Gail Whitsett in favor of independent OIT board. U.S. Rep Greg Walden addresses water quality rules. Klamath Tribes chairman Don Gentry visits White House, H&N 11/22/13. “President Obama has committed to following through with obligations to tribes and to honor treaties,” Gentry said. During the conference, Gentry spoke about the Mazama Forest acquisition at an economic tribal development breakout session. He said the session was an opportunity to open a dialogue about generating support and finding administrative consultants for the 90,000-acre acquisition, which is part of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement signed in 2010."

Oregon Rep. Gail Whitsett appointed to Special Committee on University Governance and Operations, posted to KBC 9/9/13
Update from Oregon Representative Gail Whitsett, District 56 (Klamath and Lake Counties) 8/30/13
Meth bill falls victim to politics; Final days of the legislative session marked by intense intra-party bickering, H&N 7/14/13. "I was a sponsor on more than 50 bills, many of which were bipartisan, that dealt with..."
Legislative update from Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett 6/30/13. "That further Ninth Circuit ruling limited the amount of Tribal water to the amount of water that was being used for a moderate living standard by the Tribes at the time the reservation was sold to the federal government.  In complete contradiction to that ruling, the Department determined that the Tribes were entitled to virtually all of the water in most of the tributaries to Upper Klamath Lake for the purpose of hunting, fishing and gathering, thus overturning the Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling."
Oregon Representative Gail Whitsett Legislative Update, posted to KBC 6/13/13: meth, Barry Point Fire, veterans' health care, wolf protection, GMOs destroying wheat market.
Oregon Legislative 4/30/13 Update from Representative Gail Whitsett, posted to KBC 5/4/13. Includes driver's licenses for illegals, raccoons, much more...
Legislative Update from Rep Whitsett 3/28/13
Oregon Rep Gail Whitsett Legislative Update, posted to KBC 4/21/13: Oregon National Popular Vote Bill, texting while driving $2000, Sustainable award-winning 90-year-old Rough and Ready Lumber shut down by environmental activist community, meth houses, and list of bills.
Oregon legislative Update by  Rep Gail Whitsett, District 56 4/12/13.
Oregon Legislative Update by Representative Gail Whitsett, District 56 posted to KBC 3/27/13.
Oregon Rep. Gail Whitsett Legislative Update 3/14/13.

Oregon Legislative Update, Representative Gail Whitsett, House District 56, 3/5/13.
"HB 3200...would ban many semi-automatic firearms and high-capacity gun magazines"
"Prohibits Water Resources Department collection of periodic or recurring fee or charge pertaining to well allowing ground water use for single or group domestic purposes"

At home in Oregon’s House, First term Rep. Gail Whitsett knows her way around the Capitol, H&N, posted to KBC 3/2/13
Oregon Representative Gail Whitsett Legislative Update, posted to KBC 2/20/13.

First issue of Oregon Representative Gail Whitsett’s e-newsletter 2/13/13. "The 77th Legislative Session began with committee meetings on Monday Feb 4th in the capitol. My committee assignments are: Agriculture & Natural Resources, Energy & Environment and Human Services & Housing

(Klamath Basin's Whitsetts) Lawmakers prepare for legislative session; State legislators discuss divides between Ore. urban, rural areas, H&N 2/5/13, posted to KBC 3/4/13

First issue of Oregon Representative Gail Whitsett’s e-newsletter 2/13/13. "The 77th Legislative Session began with committee meetings on Monday Feb 4th in the capitol. My committee assignments are: Agriculture & Natural Resources, Energy & Environment and Human Services & Housing

Local Head Start staff visit Salem, H&N 2/7/13
Husband and wife team could bridge chambers gap, H&N 12/14/12. Rep.-elect Gail Whitsett, R-Dist. 56

Nov 6, 2012  Gail Whitsett wins Oregon State Representative District 56 seat with 97% of the total votes cast in the 2012 general election on Tuesday. Gail is the first woman from the Klamath Basin to be elected to the legislature, on this the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote in Oregon. They will be the only husband and wife legislators in Salem this session. Photo



Third term State Senator Doug Whitsett wins his five county District 28 with 98% of the total votes cast in the Nov 6, 2012 general election on Tuesday evening.


Whitsetts prepare for seats in Salem, Husband-wife team likely to represent Basin, H&N 5/19/12

Gail Whitsett beats Tracey Liskey to take District 56 seat in House, H&N 5/16/12. “I’m trying to get private industry back into Klamath and Lake counties, utilizing natural resources like geothermal and forests,” she said. “Education is also on the top of my list...Whitsett is against the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement."
< Doug and Gail Whitsett read congratulatory text message during election party at Yesterday's Plaza

Doug Whitsett retains Senate seat by topping Karl Scronce, H&N 5/16/12. "In Klamath, Lake, Jackson, Deschutes and Crook counties, Whitsett averaged about 76 percent of the vote, while his Republican challenger, Karl Scronce, averaged about 24...Whitsett is against the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement..."


< James Bellet, Doug and Gail Whitsett, Tom Mallams, and Dennis Jefcoat.
5/16/12, updated 12:59 a.m. 100% of the votes are in. - Oregon Election Night Results, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN against the KBRA and dam removal! Congratulations!
Opponents of the KBRA /
Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement  (which includes Klamath dam removal) won the votes of the people, in spite of the smear ads and big bucks paid to destroy them.
State Senate District 28:
Incumbent Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 6685 votes, with 71.77% of the votes. Opposes KBRA
Karl Scronce 2622 votes, 28.15% of votes. Pro KBRA
State Representative District 56
Gail Whitsett 4463 votes, 52.48% of the votes.  Opposes KBRA
Tracey Liskey 4033, 47.42% of the votesPro KBRA
Klamath County Commissioner Position 1
Tom Mallams, 4128 votes, 43.36% of the votes.  Opposes KBRA
Incumbent All Switzer CORRECTED > 1756 votes, 18.5% of the votePro KBRA
Klamath County Commissioner Position 3
James Bellet, 4013 votes, 42.45% of vote  
Opposes KBRA
Dennis Jefcoat 1526 votes, 16.14% of votes  Opposes KBRA
Incumbent Cheryl HuKill 1690 votes, 17.88% of vote   Pro KBRA

Gail Whitsett is qualified for seat, H&N letter, posted to KBC 5/13/12
Gail Whitsett, candidate for Oregon State Representative, sets the record straight: "In regards to recent accusations, I have made NO telephone calls, nor has anyone in my campaign made ANY calls regarding my opponent Tracey Liskey, on any subject. If people or groups are making calls as their own group, it is not with my knowledge of the calls' content, nor at my request. I have not used his name negatively in any of my venues; not in ads, not in mailers, nor in the newspaper and have always asked everyone to please keep the campaign positive."
I can hit the ground running in Salem, H&N letter by Gail Whitsett, candidate for Oregon State Representative 5/4/12.5/4/12. "There is still so much to be done, including retaining private businesses in our state and recruiting additional large and small businesses to create jobs that provide the revenue stream to pay for our schools, roads, and essential services..."
Gail Whitsett is right for the job, H&N by Bill Kennedy 4/19/12. "Gail Whitsett is effective and engaged in the state Legislature. Gail knows the ins and outs of the legislative process. She is up and running, ready for the office she is running for. She is the right woman for the job...While her opponent has talked of expanding our tax base, making a “bigger pie,” his other hand is promoting the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, a federalization of our Klamath Basin that reduces taxable, private land holdings. You cannot have it both ways. More federal jobs, more federal regulations, more federal land holdings means less tax base."
Candidates say jobs are the top priority, H&N, posted to KBC 4/7/12: State House District 56, candidates Gail Whitsett and Tracey Liskey
Q - How do you respond when challenged?
Q - What impact can you have on natural resources?
Q - Spouses serving together discussed
Q - How are you different from each other?
Candidate roundtable: (Oregon) State Senate District 28: Candidates weigh in on water, KBRA (Doug Whitsett and Kark Scronce), H&N 4/1/12
Candidate Roundtable: State House District 56, Gail Whitsett and Tracey Liskey, Tribal relationships and rural issues among top priorities, H&N 4/1/12.
Candidate roundtable: (Oregon) State House District 56, Water a recurring theme for candidates. Tracey Liskey, Gail Whitsett answer questions on water, the KBRA and dam removal, H&N 3/29/12
ESA and CWA need changes, H&N letter by Gail Whitsett 3/29/12.
Sage grouse listing would destroy (livestock) industry, H&N letter by Gail Whitsett 1/20/12. "Multi-millions of public acres in 10 states, including Oregon, may become useless if the potential ESA-listed sage grouse habitat is determined to be impacted by the influence of controlled cattle grazing...Cattle remain Klamath and Lake counties’ largest agricultural commodity...Sage grouse listing will do to Oregon agriculture what the spotted owl did to the timber industry and the fisheries biological opinions have done to the Klamath Basin’s economy."
PRESS RELEASE: Gail Whitsett (R) Klamath Falls filed as a candidate today to represent District 56 in the Oregon House of Representatives, 10/31/11
Testimony on Oregon Senate Bill 76, by Gail Hildreth Whitsett 2/3/09


Retired vet teaches science in state Capitol, Capital Press 2/8/08 Photo > Doug and Gail Whitsett return to their rural home in Southern Oregon between sessions.
Whitsetts at the Capital 3/21/07     


Oregon Representative Bill Garrard, Klamath County
Former Oregon Senator Steve Harper, Klamath and Lake Counties
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, Klamath and Lake Counties
Nell Kuonen, former Klamath County Commissioner
Dennis Linthicum, present Klamath County Commissioner
Oregon Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli
Oregon Senator Chris Telfer, Deschutes County
Oregon Senator Jeff Kruse, Douglas County
Oregon Representative Sal Esquivel, Jackson County
Former Oregon Representative George Gillman, Klamath and Lake Counties
Ruth Patton, former Pres. Oregon Retired Educators Assoc
Bill Adams, Klamath County City Councilman
Jim Huffman, Dean Emeritus Lewis and Clark Law School and 
      candidate for U.S. Senate
Sharon Livingston, former Pres. Oregon Cattlemen's Assoc
Sharon Beck, former Pres. Oregon Cattlemen's Assoc
William D. Kennedy
Glenn and Linda Barrett
Don Rowlette, founder of Ross Dress for Less Stores
Mrs. Molly O'Keeffe

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