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Lives and livelihoods are being decimated with Klamath River Dam Destruction, The Great American Experiment
“Lies, deception, and broken promises…many are too old, poor, or ill to 'participate' in KRRC's sham”
Rex Cozzalio, 3rd generation Hornbrook rancher on the Klamath River at Irongate, 1/4/24
A few quotes: “lakefront owners will be restricted from access to the river across the drained lakebed...KRRC  pitting residents against each other...non-existent 'public inclusion...take it or leave it partial mitigation 'agreements' with conditional demands requiring non-disclosure... KRRC waiver of ANY further future liability by them for failures in both their 'mitigation' assessments and ALL 'other' damages...NO accountability...Claim…it 'illegal' to use their limited 'public funds' to mitigate 'property value losses...McMillen hasn't contacted me since before Thanksgiving regarding …'temporary' irrigation replacement they are supposed to provide…"

Cozzalio: ”
Yes, I believe that the current lakefront owners will be restricted from access to the river across the drained lakebed, and I don't think it will even be reconsidered until AFTER the 'quasi-public company' property has been given away as currently planned under already declared but conveniently undefined 'protected' status years from now when the public will have little if any input.  
     Pitting residents against each other has been KRRC/KHSA and predecessor proponents' modus operandi from the beginning to facilitate their own benefiting executive ordered regional 'rewilding' destruction.  However, at this point in the 'process' with those benefiting Agencies/NGOs having effectively relegated the regional voting supermajorities against destruction into the proverbial trash bin, it instead appears more that KRRC simply feels it is no longer necessary to keep up an empty pretense of non-existent 'public inclusion' and is absolutely refusing to effectively respond to ANYONE or answer ANY questions they aren't absolutely ordered to do under the FERC 'approved' plan, which is virtually no requirements at all regarding the affected people.  As a consequence, they refused to hold even the public meetings they were ORDERED to hold, much less 'good neighbor meetings' they don't have to.  They have NEVER responded to ANY requested explanation of legally unsupported 'authorities' they claim in the media, even to the County, nor to the residents suffering massive personal uncompensated and unmitigated losses.  Instead, they are issuing any of their self-determined limited list of those 'directly' harmed with take it or leave it partial mitigation 'agreements' with conditional demands requiring non-disclosure to the public and waiver of ANY further future liability by them for failures in both their 'mitigation' assessments and ALL 'other' damages, including those already predicted in Agencies' EISs that WILL occur with Project destruction to virtually NO accountability.  Claiming it 'illegal' to use their limited 'public funds' to mitigate 'property value losses', in unexplained contradiction to the U.S. Constitution, they instead offer harmed residents to sue them in court.  A great plan since profiting 'Agreement Signatories' are personally protected from liability  by the signatory States assuring unrestricted use of State resources and endless public funds to defend the 'Signatories' against the damages suffered by the same harmed residents the States are supposedly obligated to represent.  No conflict there..?.. but a wonderful precedent for present and future imposed confiscation and devastation without accountability 'moving forward'.
     Even though KRRC is supposedly REQUIRED to deal with us personally under one of the few FERC ordered requirements due to the pending complete loss of our irrigation diversion, McMillen hasn't contacted me since before Thanksgiving regarding the stick figure design options we were trying to solidify at the time for the already far too time delayed nearly impossible 'temporary' irrigation replacement they are supposed to provide when called for by us, which they know that depending upon weather, could be as early as January and no later than March.  As for KRRC, they haven't responded to me AT ALL about any proposed 'agreement' since last July when they decided they wouldn't answer ANY questions or address ANY logistical need for expediency to minimize 'wintertime' environmental and personal damages identified by me beginning in May.  From what I have heard, many are too old, poor, or ill to 'participate' in KRRC's sham, knowing the constructed futility regarding their own known future massive losses.  Those either willingly or feeling legally forced to 'participate' are threatened with legally questionable 'non-disclosure' provisions to restrict local communication.  KRRC's 'LIMF - Klamath Mitigation Fund' appointed 'directors' are busy issuing 'no comments' and refusing to meet with the public, being well paid to 'negotiate' the least possible cost and most legally restrictive 'mitigation agreements' they can compel people to take before relegating any refusing down the 'Agreement' orchestrated judicial path of resident financial ruin.  Meanwhile, KRRC is privately refusing to answer ANY non 'programmatic' questions and the media is magically ignoring all the locally experienced incidents in favor of the KRRC's unaccountable promoted empirically refuted illusion of 'benefits'.
    Given the DECADES of lies, deception, and broken promises, the question becomes, how does 'ANYONE' even the least informed and having a modicum of memory STILL believe they are telling the truth???  Although I do have to say, their current Public Information Officer who is also extremely well paid with ratepayer/taxpayer funds is doing an EXCELLENT job inundating the media with their self-serving unsupported 'adaptively managed' continually changing versions of history, reality, and assured 'benefits.’ ”

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* “KRRC (Klamath River Renewal Corporation) values transparency and cooperation with all stakeholders and is committed to working with residents and governments to minimize any nuisance or negative impacts while enhancing the project’s local benefits.” KRRC

* “Mort McMillen will serve as the Program Manager for McMillen Jacobs, providing guidance for overall (Klamath Dam removal) project implementation and risk management, along with his support team of environmental, engineering, and construction staff. “ KRRC

* KRRC and McMillen: https://klamathrenewal.org/press-releases/krrc-awards-mcmillen-jacobs-associates-owners-representative-contract-on-klamath-dam-removal-project/



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