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 Klamath River Renewal Corporation / dam destruction group

KRRC official website: http://www.klamathrenewal.org/
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KRRC Fall Newsletter 2017

Who's Who in KRRC Leadership: Interesting links in right column about those in charge of destroying:
* your hydroelectric dams;
* your fish habitat by releasing 20 million cubic yards of silt from behind the dams;
* your dam reservoir communities and thriving ecosystems;
* your fish hatchery that releases millions of salmon

Articles and documents


KRRC/Klamath River Renewal Corporation's reply to FERC regarding comments on scoping document/Klamath Dam Removal 9/29/21. Or HERE for text. A preplanned attempt to circumvent a full NEPA study.

Letter from U.S. Congressman LaMalfa to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regarding Klamath Dam Removal, 8/19/21. "...This silt has been estimated at 20.4 million cubic yards but, given the recent issues of sediment underestimation on the Condit Dam and other dam removal projects, it could be as high as 60 million cubic yards...In 2009, the complete clean up of this sediment was estimated to cost more than $4 billion. Sediment issues become even more severe and likely to cause mass fish mortality during dry water years, which the entire Klamath Basin has faced in 2020 and 2021...County officials have informed me that revenues will decrease between $600,000 and $800,000 per year, and effectively require at least one school district to be shut down...It is unconscionable to require the public to cover the liability for dam removal, rob them of the ability to fund their education system, and ignore their votes against this proposal..."

FERC News Release: FERC Approves License Transfer for Lower Klamath Hydro Project 6/17/21.

Removing Klamath dams is loss of huge investment, H&N by Charles Ehlers 6/16/21. "...The average annual power production for these developments is around 75 megawatts hourly. At their production level, the annual value of their power is production level, at 10 cents per kilowatt the annual value of the power is $65.7 million....A megawatt will power approximately 1,000 homes. 75 megawatts can provide electricity for approximately 225,000 people...What else? No one knows for sure what the effects of removal will be. The silt behind the dams could poison the river for years or, in the event of a major flood, create a dead zone in the ocean at the mouth of the Klamath River. Who will pay for the cleanup?..."

Notice of Application for Transfer of License, Soliciting comments, motions to intervene, and protests. DEADLINE MARCH 19, 2021 for filing comments, motions to intervene and protests

Newsom appoints Yurok attorney Amy Cordalis of McKinleyville to California Water Commission, Times Standard 1/14/2021. "...Cordalis is a member of the Klamath River Renewal Corporation Board of Directors..."

FERC/Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 12/16/20 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR SURRENDER OF LICENSE, posted 1/12/21. This is notice from FERC re request by KRRC and PacifiCorp to transfer license AND DECOMMISSION Klamath River hydroelectric dams.
*** Deadline for filing comments, motions to intervene, and protests to FERC: February 15, 2021

Letter from the Siskiyou BOS Attorney NOSSMAN to FERC requesting delay for KRRC / Klamath River Renewal Corporation's Application for Klamath Dam transfer and surrender 4/7/2020

Response to KRRC (dam destruction corporation) Budget for Klamath Devastation, by Rex Cozzalio, 4th generation Iron Gate resident 3/9/2020

KRRC budget submitted to FERC ahead of dam removal, H&N 3/3/2020

Maximum price set for removing Klamath River dams, H&N 3/3/2020

“Fish Passage” Siskiyou County Water Users response, by SCWUA to KRRC/Klamath Dam Removal group 2/19/2020. "The real solution to the issues at hand is to retain the hydro facilities and to improve the damage done in the “1964 floods” (increasing the capacity of existing “redds”) to the Klamath River and find other solutions to water quality coming from Oregon.  This river damage included severely impairing the hydrography of the Klamath River. Let’s hope that sanity will prevail at some point to provide economically doable solutions."

Salmon Cannon company presents in Siskiyou County, H&N 2/18/2020. "Dearden emphasized that the technology does not harm or kill any fish. It takes just seconds or minutes for a fish to be transported past a dam, versus the hours or days it takes for the fish to complete the task on its own. And Whooshh’s system costs just 10 to 30 percent of a traditional fish passage option...Dearden confirmed during his presentation that only SCWUA had reached out to Whooshh regarding providing an alternative to removal of the Klamath dams...The company has deployed the system at the Chief Joseph and Cle Elum dams in Washington and has reported success with both projects." " '...The KRRC (Klamath Dam removal group) exists simply to implement the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement. We do not examine alternatives to the agreement,' (KRRC Community Liaison) Meurer stated."

Response by Siskiyou County Water Users to KRRC article in Siskiyou Daily News regarding Denial by California Water Resources for Clean Water Permit for Klamath Dam Removal 10/9/19. "...Water Quality Board which is the lead agency for the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is stating that KRRC has not met the stringent requirements imposed to protect the environment.  The Water Board therefore cannot certify the project without proper protection...Besides this issue the KRRC which was gifted more than Twenty-five Million Dollars by the California Natural Resources Agency as part of an eventual total of taxpayer dollars exceeding $250,000,000 (Bond Funds) much of which appears to have been spent in a creative and complex public relations effort, is a long ways from getting Federal Energy Resources Commission (FERC) approval.  An additional $200,000,000 will come from PacifiCorp ratepayers.  This shouldn’t be surprising as until 2016 the KRRC didn’t exist except as an idea hatched in a law firm in New York City..."

California State Water Resources Control Board denies water quality certification to KRRC, Klamath dam removal group 9/3/19.

Letter to FERC from Siskiyou County Water Users responding to Filing by KRRC 8/18/19.

Groups sue over Klamath River water: KRRC's dam removal efforts continue, OPB 8/8/19.

***Klamath dams critical to fighting wildfires, KRRC's fire management plan inadequate, by The SISKIYOU COUNTY NATURAL RESOURCES DEPARTMENT, H&N guest opinion Aug 4, 2019. "When homes and lives are at stake in a wildfire, nothing is more important than having firebreaks and a readily available water source. That’s exactly what’s provided by the reservoirs created by dams on the Klamath River... Last year, the infamous Klamathon fire, which burned over 38,000 acres over 16 days, was finally stopped by firefighters — thanks to the use of Iron Gate reservoir....Firefighting aircraft drafted 225,000 gallons of water per day. Most of it came from Iron Gate reservoir. At the peak of the fight, seventeen helicopters were engaged nonstop, sometimes dropping water as quickly as every six minutes....with the reservoirs gone, risk to firefighters’ lives will skyrocket. Not only will fires take longer to put out — which means fires will burn hotter and longer — but aircraft pilots will be forced to attempt to draw water from the river itself.... 2006, two firefighters lost their lives attempting to extract water from the river."

KRRC adds RES to dam removal contractor list, H&N 7/2/19

Only FERC will decide dam removal, not Klamath River Compact Commission, Guest Opinion by RICHARD ROOS-COLLINS General Counsel, KRRC, Herald and News Online 5/10/19. ""The JC Boyle Dam in Klamath County, Ore., is one of four slated to be removed from the Klamath River under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Klamath County Commission and the Klamath River Renewal Corp."
KRRC's Attorney Richard Roos-Collin extensive biography on KBC's Whose Who page.
A response to the general counsel of KRRC: Why Klamath Compact decision-making matters, FERC’s own regulations (18 C.F.R. § 9.2) require FERC to determine the “qualifications of the transferee [here, KRRC] to hold such license.” KRRC is not qualified, because it was created in violation of federal law."
SCWUA letter to Office of Management and Budget regarding Klamath Compact Commission Chairperson Chrysten Lambert's conflicts of interest 6/19/19.

Kiewit wins dam removal contract from KRRC, H&N 4/26/19
   * Kiewit positions for Klamath dam pillage, by Rex Cozzalio, member of SCWUA / Siskiyou County Water Users Association, 1/18/19

Commissioners, KRRC address dam removal concerns, H&N 3/31/19. "Klamath County Commissioners entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Klamath River Renewal Corporation...KRRC is also talking with commissioners in Siskiyou County, California, where three of the four dams proposed for removal are located. Cox said KRRC had not yet entered into an MOU with Siskiyou County, but hoped to soon..."

Rebuttal penned to KRRC guest editorial by Dave Meurer, "...The reason Mr. Meurer feels it would be “unique” that “dam removal might mean more water for farmers instead of less” is because it doesn’t. There is nothing to support that unaccountable assertion, and much which supports the opposite....KRRC members who have openly said that Keno will be their next step...Do not believe what they imply. FERC has not yet signed off on this debacle."

Klamath County Commissioners will discuss the MOU again on March 27, according to the following article. If it's public, attending would be a good idea. KRRC decision reversed, H&N 3/14/19. KCC's business meetings are at 8:30 a.m. every Tuesday, according to their website: https://www.klamathcounty.org/151/Board-of-Commissioners

Dam removal report sparks HOPE for Klamath Basin Ag, H&N by dam removal liason Dave Maurer 3/13/19.
"...dam removal MIGHT mean more water for farmers..."
"...dam removal MAY have something big to offer..."
"...dam removal COULD free up more water (for farmers)..."
"...ESA MIGHT loosen its grip on the region..."
"...HOPEFULLY we'll have more salmon..."
"...POSSIBILITY of using this 50,000 acre feet of water for crops..."
"...dam removal will LIKELY reduce or eliminate the biological necessity for spring dilution flows..."
IF the conditions triggering the court order are addressed by the benefits of dam removal, this COULD result in a real and measurable benefit to farmers. IT ISN'T A GUARANTEE..."
"...We BELIEVE that river restoration will help communities..."

Response to the KRRC (Klamath Dam removal corp) commentary's 'corrections' by Rex Cozzalio, followed by KRRC's 'corrections.'  H&N 2/9/19. "At a recent meeting when questioned what they would do if the KRRC had insufficient money, an annoyed Mr. Bransom stated ‘no matter what else happens, KRRC will blow the dams’." ..."Any claims of ‘eventual’ benefit come with no historically supported assurance, particularly true coming from a shell corporation dissolving after acknowledged irreversible regional devastation.  Holding themselves harmless...FERC...(called) just last week for the KRRC to produce proof of as yet non-existent insurance coverage..."
"Send your comments to FERC." 

Contractors prepare for Klamath dam removal, H&N 12/16/18. “We work as a team with KRRC...It’s a really good way to deliver a complex project with this since there may be a lot of unknowns. It removes some of the risk and uncertainties to both sides.... If it works, more water could become available for irrigators."

County of Siskiyou submittal to FERC regarding KRRC Definite Plan to obtain and destroy the four Klamath River Dams, 11/2/2018

Aerial tour of Klamath River dams adds environmental perspective, H&N, posted to KBC 9/30/18

Bids for Klamath dam removal out to contractors, H&N 9/26/18.

Response to the KRRC (Klamath Dam removal corp) commentary's 'corrections' by Rex Cozzalio, followed by KRRC's 'corrections.'  H&N 2/9/19. "At a recent meeting when questioned what they would do if the KRRC had insufficient money, an annoyed Mr. Bransom stated ‘no matter what else happens, KRRC will blow the dams’." ..."Any claims of ‘eventual’ benefit come with no historically supported assurance, particularly true coming from a shell corporation dissolving after acknowledged irreversible regional devastation.  Holding themselves harmless...FERC...(called) just last week for the KRRC to produce proof of as yet non-existent insurance coverage..."

Klamath's JC Boyle Dam removal complies with water quality, H&N 9/16/18.

Feds OK expert panel for Klamath River dam removal review, Eureka Times Standard 5/26/18

PRESS RELEASE 4/25/18: Siskiyou County Water Users Association represented by attorney James Buchal announced today that they have filed a "Motion to Dismiss" with (FERC) in the matter of the application of PacifiCorp and the Klamath River Renewal Corporation / KRRC, which was served on the parties involved on April 24, 2018

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BEFORE THE FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION, Siskiyou County Water Users Association / SCWUA, Motion to Dismiss 4/24/18: "Siskiyou County Water Users Association (“SCWUA”), hereby moves to dismiss the application for transfer filed by PacifiCorp and the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (“KRRC”), on the ground that Congress has not consented to the transfer, and that an arguable mechanism of the expression of such consent, the Klamath River Compact (the “Compact”), has not been invoked. Absent Congressional consent, the KRRC is not qualified to receive the license. Put another way, it would be unconstitutional and a violation of federal law for FERC..."

Guest opinion: Klamath issues, by Richard Marshall, President, Siskiyou County Water Users Association, Fort Jones 4/13/18. "...(KRRC is) in the “mix” for one reason only, that is by agreement with the states of Oregon and California and PacifiCorp and numerous environmental and tribal groups to destroy the dams and “remove the liability of the “parties” to the amended KHSA of any potential monetary damages resulting from the destruction of the mighty Klamath River and the aquatic life within and along the river...That corporation (KRRC) which has only two employees by last count, entered into an agreement with a Canadian corporation, AECON, which is about to be acquired by a Chinese conglomerate known as CCCI, an arm of the Chinese government..."

* Klamath dam removal entity (KRRC) to host open house Tuesday, H&N 3/16/18. HERE for KBC's KRRC Page

KRRC's liaison visiting Basin, H&N 2/8/18. "...Meurer said he was “immediately” interested in the community liaison position, while he also knew it would be “wildly unpopular” to some opposed to dam removal. (KBC NOTE_ 80% opposed in Siskiyou County, 72% opposed in Klamath County)...Meurer met with the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors. He also listened in on a teleconference between a consultation between the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma and FERC staff."

* Transcribed VIDEO - Klamath County Board of Commissioners Meeting 2/14/17, Reaffirmation that the Klamath County Board of Commissioners opposes Klamath Dam Removal
Siskiyou County Water Users Association letter to State Water Resources Control Board 2/1/17, regarding Klamath River dam destruction and water quality.http://klamathbasincrisis.org/waterquality/waterboards/notices


KRRC liaison breaks down dam removal - KRRC community liaison to strengthen ties - Additional information, H&N 1/18/18. "Meurer is confident that the dams will be removed, looking at past backing by the states of Oregon and California, and PacifiCorp, the owner of the hydroelectric dams, as well as the Departments of Interior and Commerce."
*** KBC NOTES - The feds, and Tribes and environmental groups that will profit / $$$$$$$ are bypassing the citizens' wishes with their top-down agenda.
* November 2010 election: 80% of Siskiyou County, home of 3 Klamath River Hydroelectric Dams targeted for destruction, oppose the KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement that mandates 4 Klamath Dams be removed. 77% of Tulelake voters opposed the KBRA/Dam removal.
*Siskiyou County Water Users Association letter to State Water Resources Control Board 2/1/17, regarding Klamath River dam destruction and water
* (72% Klamath County) Citizens oppose dam removal in advisory vote, H&N by former Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams 11/9/16. "An advisory vote on whether the four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River should be removed came in with 72 percent opposed to the removal and 27 percent in favor in early returns. That translates to 18,838 opposed and 7,051 in favor in the initial 25,889 votes released from the Klamath County Clerk’s office..."  “Even they (FERC) have referred to dam removal as the great experiment. That’s a heck of an experiment when you have 21 million cubic yards of sediment flowing downstream.”
*Transcribed VIDEO - Klamath County Board of Commissioners Meeting 2/14/17, Reaffirmation that the Klamath County Board of Commissioners opposes Klamath Dam Removal
Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Public Input Meeting posted to YouTube 1/1/10.
*  Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.CDM Report - Klamath Liability Determination 7/18/08. (Note by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong, "The cost estimates from these reports is $800 million, but they include the costs of impacts to Siskiyou County and sediment removal, while the American Rivers/ dam removal proponent's studies do not. These are additional costs for all the impacts and issues that Siskiyou County has raised which have not been considered/mitigated in either the KBRA or the AIP.")
CDM report with highlighted costs and liabilities

FERC to host dam removal meeting Thursday, January 18. Notice was today January 17 in Klamath Herald and News.
"Public and those who opted to intervene ...invited"
"Participation in the meetings, including the gathering planned in Chiloquin, is limited to participation by tribal representatives."
"We'll be just sharing our support for the dam removal process,..."
Is this "public", or is this "limited to participation by tribal representatives" ??? Do you need to "register" with less than 1 day notice? Will there be any public meetings for non-tribal citizens?

Klamath Dam removal liaison Meurer will speak at Klamath Rotory Club February 8...intro by Dan Keppen  

KRRC names community liaison for dam removal, H&N 1/17/18. "Dave Meurer...community liaison to represent the region...He served previously as district representative for Sen. Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado Hills), and as deputy district director for former U.S. Rep. Wally Herger (R-Calif).

Response to KRRC (Klamath dam destruction company) comments by Richard Marshall, Siskiyou County Water Users Assoc., 1/10/18

KRRC hires community liaison on dam removal H&N 1/9/18.

Siskiyou supervisors continue dam removal funding fight, Siskiyou Daily News 11/21/17. "District 3 Supervisor Michael Kobseff, calling the decision “a form of tyranny,” expressed frustration with the administrative hearing process – which he said took over a year and did not allow for public comment..."

Klamath Tribes ask to intervene late in dam removal, H&N 11/17/17

Siskiyou public attends KRRC open house, Siskiyou Daily News 11/9/17. "...The Klamath River Renewal Corporation held an open house style meeting in Yreka Wednesday night, and was greeted by a group of locals expressing their dissatisfaction with the group’s aim: Taking out four dams on the Klamath River..."

KRRC (Klamath Dam removal) Open house: Klamath Falls 11/7, Yreka 11/8, Eureka 11/9

KID, KWUA to intervene in dam removal, H&N 11/7/17

A letter to the Secretary of Interior Zinke by Oregon Senator Dennis Linthicum: It's wrong to remove Klamath Dams, H&N 11/3/17

State of Oregon letter to FERC to support KRRC Klamath Dam removal, posted to KBC 11/3/17. Letter by ODEQ, ODFW, ODWR, written by ODOJ

Klamath County Commissioners intervene in dam removal

PRESS RELEASE: Siskiyou County Water Users Association Motion to Intervene with FERC in Klamath Hydroelectric Project transfer, 10/30/17. "...the Association has filed a Motion to Intervene, on Friday with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in the matter of the Application for License Amendment and Partial Transfer of PacifiCorp and the Klamath River Renewal Corporation of the Klamath Hydroelectric Project.  SCWUA has filed the request to deny the transfer which is proposed to the FERC in the Project 2082-062..."

Bureau of Reclamation Deputy Mikkelson  and KRRC on Dam Removal vs Siskiyou County, & Attorneys Buchal and Kogan, and Congressman LaMalfa at Siskiyou Water Users fund raiser Liz Writes Life, Siskiyou Daily News by Liz Bowen 10/17/17. "KRRC Vice President Lester Snow...said the decision to take down the dams is not pending, but had been made. (Hum, not by Siskiyou or Klamath Counties.)...Snow continued saying they are looking for alternative water supply for the Iron Gate Fish Hatchery and possibly even for the City of Yreka. Uh oh, they now acknowledge dam removal could affect Yreka’s city water supply? On flooding, he said their consultants have looked at the issues and long-term liability if KRRC disappears. So, KRRC is looking for liability insurance...(CA U.S. Congressman LaMalfa) was ripping angry at bureaucrat  Mikkelsen and asked us to write letters...to DOI Secretary Ryan Zinke asking him to save the four hydro-electric Klamath dams..."

* 8/25/17 - State Water Resources Control board letter to KRRC: REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION TO PROCESS WATER QUALITY CERTIFICATION FOR LOWER KLAMATH PROJECT, FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION PROJECT NO. 14803, SISKIYOU COUNTY https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/waterrights/water_issues/programs/water_quality_cert/docs/lower_klamath_ferc14803/8_25_



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