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Klamath Water Users in transition: 'Nasty' water year takes toll on former director, KID's watermaster resigns, and Pay-out coming for drought relief applicants, H&N 1/13/19

KID taps Henley High grad as manager, H&N 1/11/19

Klamath Irrigation District celebrates 100th anniversary, H&N 10/21/18.
MERRILL — Klamath Irrigation District invites the public to attend its “100-years of Water and Infrastructure” event on Friday, Oct. 26, according to a news release. A light luncheon will be served from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Merrill Civic Center. An RSVP is requested no later than 4:30 p.m. Oct. 22 by contacting the KID office at 541-882-6661.

KID's manager, office specialist on administrative leave, H&N 8/16/18.

KID forms drought response agency, H&N 6/15/18

Notice of potential litigation for defamation by Kogan Law Group against Herald & News, Ed Bair, Ross Fleming, Jason Chapman, more..6/7/18.

Klamath Irrigation District holds off on water delivery, H&N 5/9/18. "...Martin said the court-ordered flushing flows by U.S. District Judge William H. Orrick that the Bureau is required to meet, is another reason the district did not start water delivery..."

KID talks water, efficiency with Tribes, H&N 4/30/18

KID (Klamath Irrigation District) seeks state control over water distribution, H&N,  4/29/18.
KID letter to the state, H&N, 4/24/18

Tensions rise at KID (Klamath Irrigation District); Irrigators allege water mismanagement, H&N 4/24/18. "KID members claim PacifiCorp is sending excess water down the Klamath River and that the BOR is not managing their water effectively. “That water is basically getting stolen from us,” Kliewer said. “The Project has the superior water right in the Basin. PacifiCorp has a junior water right to us, and right now, and the way PacifiCorp has operated, basically whatever way they want, they just take it … We are a big body of water that’s really easy to steal.” "(Klamath Project irrigators are awaiting a) ruling from Judge William H. Orrick regarding water delivery for the Project."

BOR PRESS RELEASE: Reclamation Responds to Klamath Water Users’ Motion in District Court, Outlines Proposed 2018 Operations, 3/24/18. "Reclamation’s proposal includes implementing a full surface flushing flow, augmented with non-Project water; forgoing an emergency dilution flow; and providing Klamath Project irrigators with a supply of 252,000 acre-feet – 65 percent of a full project supply – with deliveries commencing on April 19 with charging of main canal networks."

KID threatens to file suit against BOR; District requiring BOR response by Wed, H&N 3/23/18. " '...by the Bureau not distributing water in accordance with water law as it exists, they're causing irreparable harm to every irrigator in the state,' Reitmann said."

KID chair wants to meet with Tribes, H&N 2/16/18. “There is a major problem with the sucker population,” Kliewer said. “For 25 years, the answer has been more water, more water, more water. “That’s not the right answer...”

KID delays project irrigation season, H&N 2/11/18.

Klamath Irrigation District turns 100, H&N 12/28/17

KID, KWUA to intervene in dam removal, H&N 11/7/17

Longtime KID board member resigns, H&N 8/16/17

KID rejoins KWUA after a year's absence, H&N 3/1/17

KID's Knoll survives recall vote, H&N 11/8/16. "Knoll wrote: 'The person mounting the recall attempt has baseless accusations that are completely false and have no merit. He lost an election against me by 90 percent...' "

KID chairman Brent Cheyne recalled; (Ken) Smith survives recall, H&N 10/12/16

False Statements in Recall Petitions of Klamath Irrigation District Recall Campaign  https://nebula.wsimg.com/8863cc9a49b55f88e836370db9b36b09?AccessKeyId=39A2DC689E4CA87C906D&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 " reposted 10/12/16

ITSSD Ethics Violations Complaint Against Ed Bair, David Cacka, Greg Carleton, Jason Chapman and Ross Fleming  10/11/16

Find out KID facts, then decide on recall by Ken Schell, Klamath Falls, H&N letter to editor 10/7/16. "Go to KID office and ask if anything was changed on the C flume and R&G Excavating contracts. The recall petitioners are so set on a recall they are, and have been, making a lot of things up to discredit the three board members under recall..."

AUDIO-KID / Klamath Irrigation District emergency meeting 6/24/16, posted 10/7/16, called while the 3 newest elected board members were absent. Those wanting to recall the newest elected members also want KID to rejoin as a member of Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA), and they support the controversial Klamath dam removal agreements. These are both moves that the new elected board members oppose.
    A few of the Pro-dam removal agreement attendees were State Representative Candidate Al Switzer (D), Family Farm Alliance executive director and former KWAPA engineer, KWUA executive director and former Bureau of Reclamation employee Dan Keppen, former KID board member Ed Bair, former Klamath Fish and Wildlife field supervisor Curt Mullis, Basin Fertilizer owner Bob Gasser, and dozens more.
(Click HERE for sign-in list of attendees) While listening listen for openness, courtesy and respect. Why are these features absent from those who desire the recall "for the good of the members?"

2 KID recall election complaints filed, H&N 10/7/16. Comments: Lawrence Kogan - "Since this article does not correctly link to the ITSSD complaint to the Elections Division, we have provided a working link to the ITSSD complaint and all 26 exhibits supporting it: False Statements in Recall Petitions of Klamath Irrigation District Recall Campaign  https://nebula.wsimg.com/8863cc9a49b55f88e836370db9b36b09?AccessKeyId=39A2DC689E4CA87C906D&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 "

Vote 'no' on recall of KID directors, H&N letter by Marcy  Anderson, Klamath Falls, posted to KBC 10/8/16. "Don’t let the scare tactics of Bair, Fleming and Chapman keep you from casting your vote at the Klamath Irrigation District office Oct. 12..."

KID board members don't deserve recall, H&N letter by Pat Lunde 10/7/16. "I question the real reasons this board is under recall. Do you think it has anything to do with Cheyne, Smith and Knoll opposing dam removal and withdrawing KID from Klamath Water Users?..."

Vote 'no', put the sour grapes behind, H&N letter to editor by David Oxley, Poe Valley 10/7/16. "The three chief petitioners have circulated prospective petitions around with false statements and lies. These are being investigated at this time. It should also be known that the three chief petitioners for the recall are the three ex-board members that were voted out of office in the recent elections."

Ad has cleared up many KID questions, H&N letter to editor by Jolene Smith 10/2/16

BREAKING NEWS - REIMBURSEMENT OF A-CANAL HEAD GATES AND FISH SCREENS ON THE KLAMATH PROJECT, Office of Inspector General, U.S. Dept of the Interior, Michael P. Colombo (Western Regional Manager for Audits, Inspections, and Evaluations, sent to David Murillo Mid-Pacific Regional Director, Bureau of Reclamation on 9/27/16, "... From limited documentation that was available to us, however, it appears the design and construction costs alone represent between $16 million and $20 million of costs that should be recovered from KID..."   Board members at the time of the agreement were  David Cacka, Ed Bair, Greg Carlton, Ross Fleming and Jason Chapman. Paying patrons of irrigation districts were allowed no vote on whether they supported the KBRA.

PRESS RELEASE: ITSSD Seeks added public transparency & accountability: files revised Bureau of Reclamation FOIAs and Oregon state government public records requests, 7/28/16. "Today, in furtherance of its effort to bring government public transparency and accountability to the Klamath Basin, the nonprofit Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development (“ITSSD”) filed Revised Freedom of Information Act Requests"

Recall launched against three KID board members, H&N 7/26/16

KID lawyer claims bias by newspaper by former Klamath Irrigation District attorney Lawrence Kogan, letter to the editor of Herald and News 7/26/16

Second KID attorney responds to ethics complaints, H&N 7/21/16

Klamath Irrigation District and Bureau of Reclamation regarding KID C Flume contract and KID attorney Laurence Kogan
* (Trish) Hill Misleads So Previous (KID) Board Secures Reclamation Payoff, by KID attorney Laurence Kogan for H&N 6/24/16
* Wyden-Merkley Amendment: The dog that ‘don’t hunt’, Capital Press by KID attorney Laurence Kogan 6/24/16
* Letter from KID attorney Laurence Kogan to KID board members regarding special C Flume meeting 6/20/16
* Letter from KID attorney Lawrence Kogan to BOR Brian Person regarding $ for C Flume Repayment Contract 6/17/16
* Letter from Bureau of Reclamation to KID board president Brent Cheyne regarding C Flume Replacement Project Funds 6/15/16

Put aside conflict, move KID forward, H&N letter to the editor by Pat Lunde, Klamath Falls 5/28/16

KID board is doing what was requested, H&N letter to editor by Marvin Cantrell, Klamath Falls 5/28/16

KID new leadership is doing things right, Letter to the editor of H&N by Ken Schell, Klamath Falls May 25, 2016

Email Correspondence from D. Murillo, USBR mid-Pacific Director to L. Kogan, KID attorney Re: C Flume Contract Date, 5/18/16

Attorney Kogan Law Group, representing Klamath Irrigation District and Siskiyou County Water Users, letter to Kevin Eastman, Legislative Director for U.S. Congressman Doug LaMalfa 5/18/16

Klamath Irrigation District response to BOR’s Explanation for Not Providing Klamath Project debt accounting since 2001,  5/11/16. "The BOR has had ample opportunity since 2001 to provide the SPCCRs on a timely basis as the Reclamation Manual requires, especially since multiple KID requests have been made for the agency’s production and delivery of such documents..."
Bureau of Reclamation excuse/response to KID / Klamath Irrigation District for not providing Klamath Project Debt figures to Project irrigators from 2001-2015, posted to KBC 5/18/16. (KBC NOTE - Project irrigators have been told since 2001 that they owe a huge debt, but if they just sign on to the
KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, their debt will go away. However they still refuse to tell the irrigators what that debt is.)

4/2016 - KBC Note: The newest KID board had rejected the Klamath settlement 'agreements', questions signing on for the multimillion$ C Flume that BOR says must be signed 'as is' or they will shut off KID water). KID is questioning signing onto Interior's newest Klamath Agreements which they were given no input and less than a week to read before Interior and the States signed on. They question being part of KWUA/Klamath Water Users Association, and continuing to help fund Family Farm Alliance which now supports the Klamath hydro dam destruction (which will decimate what's left of Siskiyou County after the spotted owl scam).

Klamath Irrigation District opposes river agreement, KTVL 4/21/16

Klamath BOR director (Therese O’Rourke Bradford) leaving, H&N 4/23/16

Letter from KID to Congressman Greg Walden requesting his presence at Bureau of Reclamation Meeting in Sacramento because of the Bureau's unachievable demands of KID, 4/19/16. "The KID’s signing of the BOR financing contract as-is, in other words, would leave the KID and its members saddled with substantial debt, entirely at the mercy of the BOR without legal recourse, and unable to control, let alone, purchase its Project transferred works...The second purpose of the forthcoming Sacramento meeting is to address the BOR’s ongoing failure to provide the KID with an annual accounting of its net Operations & Management ("O&M") expenditures... Ms. Bradford and Mr. Driscoll stated that they were unable to determine this amount...We found this statement, upon subsequent investigation, to be patently untrue....a 2014 U.S. General Accountability Office report reveals, the BOR has apparently failed to meet its legal obligation to determine, less provide, the required annual Statements of Project Construction Cost and Repayment ("SPCCR") setting forth each district’s respective share of the Project’s accumulated repayment obligation, since at least 2001 – the time of the infamous Bucket Brigade protest against the BOR’s shutoff of water to the Project....the absence of annual accountings renders the Project "transferred works" vulnerable to BOR take-back...Ms. Bradford and Mr. Driscoll also have so significantly inserted themselves into the KID’s business relationship with its C Canal Flume engineering contractor that they essentially dictated the engineering consultants’ recommendations for C Flume replacement and the previous KID Board’s and manager’s decisions to accept them."

Klamath Falls - Bureau of Reclamation makes offer irrigators can’t refuse, by KID attorney Lawrence Kogan for the Capital Press April 20, 2016

* Klamath Irrigation District Board of Directors monthly public meeting agenda, Thursday 4/14/16, 10 a.m. Fairgrounds.

MEMORANDUM - April 8, 2016 From: Attorney Lawrence Kogan To: KID Board Members Re: Relationship Between BOR C Flume Replacement Financing Contract and Basin Agreements. KBC NOTE: KID/Klamath Irrigation District board members were told by the Bureau of Reclamation that if they did not vote to replace the C Flume for millions of dollars and unacceptable wording, their water would be shut off. Blackmailed into signing with little time to realize the carefully designed trickery by Klamath Water Users Association and democrat senators Wyden and Merkley, a leaked document caused KID attorney to see the hidden connection between the C Flume and the Klamath agreements that KID opposes.

Hydro agreement changes made without using the rule of law, H&N letter by Laurence A Kogan, Esq guest writer for H&N 4/10/16

Klamath Irrigation Demand for Copy of Newly Amended Text of Amended KHSA; Invocation of KHSA Notice and Dispute Provisions, 4/5/16. "The letter below and attached letter is from KID / Klamath Irrigation attorney to Klamath Agreements’ facilitator Ed Sheets regarding late copy of the newly amended text of amended KHSA (dam removal) ‘agreement’, plus KID filing a notice of dispute. With no public transparency, no support by Siskiyou Board of Supervisors, Klamath County Board of Commissioners, local Congressmen, Senators or other elected officials, Dept of Interior yesterday proclaimed that tomorrow, April 6th, the states and environmental groups, tribes and a few farmers, would sign an “agreement” that effects our water rights, destroys dams..."

"KID officially invokes the Notice and Dispute provisions of Articles 8.5 and 8.6 of the KHSA, which requires all KSHA parties to meet and confer to resolve this dispute pursuant to the provisions of KHSA Article 8.7"

State, federal officials sign new Klamath dam agreements, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/10/16. “We are objecting to the process that they violated and continue to violate,” Kogan told the Capital Press, adding that the district may sue to block the agreement...

***Federal, State, Tribal and Environmentalist efforts to curtail irrigation in the Klamath Basin, 4/4/16. "The Klamath Irrigation District Board and many District members are very concerned about the ongoing clandestine efforts of the U.S. Department of Interior (“DOI”)’s Bureau of Reclamation (“BOR”), in cooperation with the DOI’s Fish & Wildlife Service (“FWS”), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”), the U.S. Department of ...and Warren Buffet's PacifiCorps to diminish the use of irrigation and the access of the Klamath Irrigation Project to irrigation water in the Klamath Basin by: 1) removing four perfectly operational dams in the Lower Basin (John C Boyle, Copco 1, Copco 2 and Iron Gate); 2) transferring to the BOR...."  "...perhaps, certain BOR officials based in the local Klamath Falls, Oregon, Sacramento, California, Denver, Colorado, and Washington, D.C. offices, along with certain Klamath Basin irrigator members of the Klamath Water and Power Association (“KWAPA”) who are also members of the Klamath Water Users Association
(“KWUA”) may have committed federal crimes..."
INCLUDED in the above link are the following documents: "In the interest of public transparency, we have made the following documents relating to these issues available online:  KBRC  KBRA  UKBCA  KHSA (original)  KHSA (containing new amendments)  BOR's one-sided take-it-or-leave-it high debt burden financing agreement  KPFA (new)  Merkley-Wyden bill (linking signing of amended KHSA, tribal water rights preference, BOR reimbursable C Flume financing & lower cost power via signing of new KPFA)  KID Press Statement  BOR Take-or-Leave-it C-Flume Financing Agreement  KID-Modified Red-lined C Flume Financing Agreement  Memo to KID Board Explaining Redline Edits  Memo to KID Board Re: 3/24/16 BOR Mtg Proceedings  Exhibit 1 to KID Board Memo Re: BOR 3/24/16 Mtg  Exhibit 2 to KID Board Memo Re: BOR 3/24/16 Mtg  1954 KID-BOR Agreement  1930 Project Right-of-Way BOR Granted to BNSF Railway  1940 Project Right-of-Way BOR Granted to Oregon DOT  2014 GAO Report Re: BOR Failure to Provide Accounting to Klamath Irrigation Project & KID of Net Accumulated O&M Expenditures"

Irrigation District Dissent, H&N 2/19/16. "...the board voted 3-1 to accept KID Manager Mark Stuntebeck’s resignation and to reinstate office manager Rachelle Gates immediately. Stuntebeck and Gates were both placed on administrative leave following a KID executive session Feb. 10. Nearly 100 people and two Oregon State Police officers were present at the standing-room only meeting."

(Klamath) Irrigation board suspends two workers, H&N 2/11/16, "Cheyne, and board members Grant Knoll and Ken Smith, voted in favor of placing KID Manager Mark Stuntebeck on administrative leave...and office manager Rachelle Gates..."

Irrigation district reverses course, re-joins Klamath Water Users Association, H&N, 11/25/15. "Board member Grant Knoll, who represents KID’s Zone 3, said he voted to dissolve the district’s relationship with Water Users because his constituents do not agree with the policies Water Users stands for..." 'I’ve polled them, and they want to pull out,' Knoll said."

KID / Klamath Irrigation District leaves (Klamath) water users group, H&N posted to KBC 11/18/15. "Board member Brent Cheyne said KID irrigators pay Water Users about $238,000 per year...“It seems to me that some of the political goals of the Water Users contradicts what we are trying to do,” Bair said...."the money being paid to Water Users should instead be dedicated to paying for the multi-million dollar C Canal flume replacement. The flume delivers irrigation water to roughly 22,000 cropland acres in the Klamath Project."


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