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ARCHIVE 24 - MAY 2004
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Wrong Audubon Title, Herald and News letter 6/1/04. This was written by a Corvallis Audubon member.

PRESS RELEASE: Biscuit Fire Decision Makes Sense, Illustrates Need for Review of Post Fire Process, Walden Says, 6/1/04 from Congressman Walden. For more on logging and our forests, go HERE.

California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) responds to Klamath Water Users (KWUA) regarding hatchery operations at Iron Gate Dam, posted to KBC 5/31/04. Go HERE for KWUA original letter of concerns.

Tribes set to visit Glasgow HQ in bid to save river fish, posted to KBC 5/31/04. (this propaganda does not mention the fact that there have been record runs of fish on the Klamath the past few years and Tribal netting still happens. According to the REAL coastal fishermen, there are plenty of ocean fish, however  the same environmental groups and government agencies that shut down the Klamath Irrigators have shut down coastal fishing.  KBC jdk)

Hage vs/U.S. days 10 - 12, 5/31/04

SOLUTIONS: A common-sense proposal regarding federal lands and buy-outs. This could save our entire economy in the Klamath Basin and in the U.S. 5/30/04.

RESEARCH INDEX. Klamath Bucket Brigade had organized it's volumes of information--history, KID minutes, hearing testimony, tribes, ESA, PacifiCorp, adjudication---a huge store of information on their "You Need to Know" page. Thank you Barbara Hall!

Salmon River Marijuana Growers Exposed, Salmon River Marijuana Growers Association:  Narcotics Trafficking Organization or Environmental Radicals? by John Martinez, Pioneer Press 5/26/04. "By the late 80s, the SRMG had consolidated its control over  the Salmon River region and was not only providing protection, but also controlled who grew (marijuana) and who did not grow within their protective area. In the late-80s, the ideological tenets of the group publicly surfaced through a group calling itself the Klamath Forest Alliance (KFA). Brucker and Felice Pace played key roles in founding KFA and continue to be involved in the process."

The unveiling of Phase II of the Veterans’ Wall in the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair Museum of Local History will be held in conjunction with a Museum Open House and Benefit Barbecue beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 30th,  in Tulelake, California. HERE for details.

Tulelake's Stephanie Loughry, left

KWUA weekly update for 5/28/04.
* Stored Water Release a Sign of Improved Coordination on Klamath Refuges
* Tulelake Private Well Owners Asked to Provide Water for the Environment
* ACWA Tour of Trinity River Highlights New Flow Management Regime
* CDFG Responds to KWUA Letter Regarding Klamath Hatchery Operations
* Update on ESA Listing Determinations

NOAA PRESS RELEASE: Agency Praises Regional Efforts to Protect Salmon through Habitat Projects and Hatchery Reforms, 5/28/04 "The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Marine Fisheries Service(NOAA Fisheries) today announced its continued commitment to protect 27 Pacific salmon and steelhead populations listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)."

Bush Administration Salmon Policy Puts Politics Before Science, the Law and People, Pacific Legal Foundation 5/28/04. "Pacific Legal Foundation criticized the Bush administration today for its proposed policy that would leave in place 26 Endangered Species Act (ESA) listings for salmon throughout the West, and add yet another listing, despite the fact that salmon are not at risk of extinction"

Little turnover seen in new tribal Council, H&N 5/28/04. "The Council will continue to pursue establishment of a 690,000-acre reservation, working toward a possible deal with the federal government that has been the source of controversy in the Basin for a year. Also, the Council will keep tabs on a $1 billion lawsuit against PacifiCorp for the loss of salmon in the Upper Basin. Foreman said the issues are closely tied because they deal with resources the Tribes once had, but don't have today."

For poem by Judge Hogan, who lost his job for displaying the 10 commandments, wrote a poem which was shared with us. See Prayer Page.

Tulelake Irrigation District water level reports, 5/27/04.

Walker will be missed, H&N by Dan Keppen, Klamath Water Users Executive Director 5/27/04.

OREGON NEWS: Audubon, ONRC plus 10 other groups sue USFWS to protect lamprey under the ESA: "Conservationists take action to protect water and threatened wildlife,"  5/27/04. For more ESA lawsuits, go to KBC's ESA lawsuits and litigation page

Bald Eagle Conference fledging into a new idea, posted to KBC 5/27/04, Herald and News  "Discussions have started with new partners, including Dawnn Brown and Mary Hyde of the Great Basin Visitor Association, Dan Keppen of the Klamath Basin Water Users, and Joe Spendolini and Dan Hubble of the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors."
     "The board of the Klamath Basin Audubon Society has been talking about this concept for years," Lowe said of the changing emphasis. "They have expanded in some small ways, such as partnering with Dan Applebaker of Modoc Lumber to teach a college credit class on certified timber, John Hyde and Mike Connelly to teach about sustainable ranching, and Dave Mauser and Doug Laye to teach about the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges and waterfowl management strategies."

A roosting eagle.
©Larry Turner

Judge orders agency to pay for farm water, VisaliaTimesDelta posted to KBC 5/27/04. "However, in the Klamath Basin, withholding the water for only one season resulted in extreme financial stress for dozens of farm families and the communities in which they normally produce their crops. Some farm families and other businesses went bankrupt. The Klamath water was diverted to allow salmon and some other fish species to swim toward their spawning grounds, allowing Native Americans along the waterways to catch them in a traditional manner."

Other places: Everglades homesteader needs your letters, 5/27/04. "...Cabinet members by a 4-0 vote gave the Department of Environmental Protection authority to wrest Hardy's property from him by condemnation..." For another Everglade tragedy, with photos, go HERE.

Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton at the Grand Canyon. National Park Service
Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton at the Grand Canyon. National Park Service

A champion of ’cooperative conservation’: Interior Secretary Gale Norton, by Alex Pasquariello, High Country News posted to KBC 5/27/04

This is part of an interview with Secretary Norton.


Speech by The President of the United States to the American people (that's us) regarding energy, posted to KBC 5/27/04. Go HERE for audio.

Salmon and Steelhead Listing Review Due Friday, OPB posted to KBC 5/27/04

OREGON NEWS: Audubon sues, PacifiCorp dam license challenged, 5/26/04 AP H&N. For more on Oregon and its economy, see Oregon Page.

N. California counties eligible, H&N 5/26/04.

Lake Levels/River Flows, H&N 5/26/04.

Gathering with Audubon, Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA), Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), California Waterfowl Association (CWA), Cal-Ore Wetlands and Waterfowl Counsel (CWW), 5/25/04 by KBC (jdk).  Go HERE for KBC commentary, transcripts of their speeches, and related fact sheets and media advisories.

"He (Eshbaugh) said that his first step in a solution is, 'no lawsuits.' "


Dan Keppen left, Klamath Water Users,
with Dave Eshbaugh, Audubon Society

More refuge water going down Klamath River to boost flows, H&N 5/25/04.

Don't blame the irrigators, The Oregonian 5/24/04 by Brad Harper, Water for Life.

PRESS RELEASE: Honoring and Caring for Our Nation’s Veterans, by Congressmen Greg Walden 5/24/04. To read letters from our veteran homesteaders, go to HOMESTEAD page.  To obtain a film made by our area's veterans and other settlers, go HERE.

OTHER PLACES: Salmon River Drug Industry, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 5/24/04 "According to an informant, "Pace (Klamath Forest Alliance) is the one with the connections to the very big players" that facilitate major drug movements." 

Airboat rides a highlight of bird fest, 5/24/04 H&N.

Tule Lake Migratory Bird Festival a Success. FWS wildlife biologist/tour guide feels solution is farmer buy-out; FWS manager commends farmers on outstanding work. 5/22/04 by KBC (jdk)

this refuge marshland did not dry up in 2001
 thanks to the area farmers donating well water

For as far as you could see there were marshes and birds...a birding wonderland. Ron Cole, USFWS manager, who spoke highly of the efforts of farmers in the basin, explained that much grain and alfalfa are consumed by wildlife like on Steve Kandra's field, and how the National Audubon Society is realizing how much food and habitat are provided by the farmers.  Cole is working closely with the farmers in rotating wetlands and farmland, benefiting both. 

May 22, Tulelake Migratory Bird Festival.

PFUSA Grange is launching an effort to restore illegally-denied access into the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. We will hold the first of many fundraising events on Saturday, May 22, at Greenhorn Grange in Yreka.PFUSA. Go HERE for details.
AgLifeNW Magazine, May issue, Klamath Basin Update. Economic Update from Dick Carlton, 3rd generation Merrill Farmer, submitted by KBC. "When irrigation water was restored to the Klamath Project irrigators in 2002, most people not directly affected by the curtailment of water in 2001 assumed everything was back to normal. However, for those of us directly affected by the water shutoff, that is not at all the case. For us, life since then has been, and continues to be, a roller coaster ride both emotionally and financially."

Dick and Margie Carleton


*KWUA weekly Update for 5/20/04:
Water Users to FERC: Klamath Basin Irrigators Entitled to Affordable Power

    - First of three FERC scoping meetings
    - PacifiCorp's proposed action
    - Few public comments offered
    - KWUA engagement in power issues
    - History of Klamath Project power contract
    - Water Users assert position
* KWUA Underscores "Reality Check" Suggested by Preliminary Modeling
* KWUA Raises Questions with CDFG on Iron Gate Hatchery Management
    - Questions regarding health of hatchery fish
    - Coordination between CDFG and Reclamation
    - Anticipated Fingerling Mortality
    - Fall 2002 hatchery operations

Oregon Primary results, H&N 5/20/04.

Salmon release date questioned, H&N 5/20/04.

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Encouraged with Progress of Meetings Between FAA and Wildfire Fighting Agencies, 5/20/04

Officials tour hydroelectric project, H&N 5/20/04."PacifiCorp's Klamath project is up for a new 50-year license in 2006."

Environmentalists sue over Medicine Lake geothermal plans, 5/20/04

Land and Water Rights, by Sprague river residents Penny Jarvis, Tony Putman, and Ed Cushman, posted to KBC 5/19/04.  We tend to avoid learning about the United Nations plan for the Klamath Basin because we don't want to believe it,  however here is a great article giving you the resources and links to see the plans for yourself. "The International Biosphere Reserve has 3 phases. They are now in their 3rd and final phase. (1) The Northern California Coastal Forest Ecoregion; (2) The Klamath-Siskiyou Ecoregion; (3) The Klamath Basin Headwaters Ecoregion. These three Ecoregions, when joined together are a single International Biosphere Reserve (IBR). Subject to International Environmental Governance."

Economic impacts play a significant role in the FERC dam relicensing process. The following two KWUA articles address a USGS recreational impact study:
Western Economists Question USGS Draft Klamath Recreational Study by Klamath Water Users (KWUA) Executive Director Dan Keppen, posted to KBC 5/19/04
Study on Klamath Project recreation impact dead wrong  Done by the U.S. Geological Survey, it is laced with inaccuracies and dangerous assumptions Herald and News by Dan Keppen posted to KBC 5/19/04.

KBB Website Update, on their 'you need to know' page:  What is Tribal Trust?  We've posted links to several official government sites so you can learn what Tribal Trust is.  And we added information on the Oregon Coast Coho Decision - Alsea Valley Alli ance v. Donald Evans including NOAA's Under Secretary Lautenbacher's letter to Congress stating why NOAA will not be delisting  26 NW salmon populations as per the Alsea Decision and Judge Hogan's rulings. 5/19/04

PRESS RELEASE: Final Budget Provides Additional $500 Million to Ensure Agencies Have Adequate Firefighting Funds, Congressman Walden 5/19/04.

Memorial Day event to benefit museum, Tulelake Fair notice 5/19/04.

Hage vs/U.S., day 8, posted to KBC 5/19/04.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Holds Klamath Meeting, 5/19/04, KBC report. FERC representatives explained their requirements in relicensing Klamath dams, and how to submit information to them. " Lynn Long, chairman of KWUA power committee, explained how the success or failure of the Klamath Basin economy is dependant on dam relicensing and continued low-cost power." Access FERC website, and also full reports by KWUA Dan Keppen and Lynn Long.

Storage still crucial to support farming, H&N posted to KBC 5/19/04.
Submitted by KWUA director Dan Keppen is a list of POTENTIAL water storage options that should be studied--go HERE.

Judge upholds no-spray zones near rivers, The Oregonian 5/19/04.

FERC public meeting TONIGHT: Tuesday May 18, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the Klamath County Fairgrounds. HERE for info.

Letter to CDFG (CA dept. of Fish and Game) from KWUA (Klamath Water Users Association) re: 2004 Iron Gate Hatchery operations, 5/18/04.

House panel hears Cob foes, H&N 5/17/04.  

Food for the birds, H&N 5/17/04, Henry Christianson, former employee of USFWS Tulelake refuges."After the almost complete collapse of the local Fish and Wildlife Service, the few birds (600,000 this year, down more than 90 percent) that still stop here are now totally dependent not only on what those farmers plant on the refuges for them to feed on, but what they can glean from the farmers' and ranchers' fields."

AGENCIES: Bureau of Reclamation and Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice of availability of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (Draft SEIS/EIR) and
notice of public hearings for the Trinity River Fish Restoration Program
., posted to KBC 5/17/04

Bogged down with wetland issues: Bitterroot ranch family copes with bureaucracy in pursuit of water conservation, Ravalli News posted to KBC 51704. BEWARE OF EQUIP MONEY!!!There could be strings! "...someone asked her if irrigation had created the wetland, would the government still regulate it...."It still falls under the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act," said Knutson. And the federal government has decided that "there will be no net loss of wetlands"

Pombo honored by Farm Bureau, 5/17/04, Tri-Valley Herald.

Origin of Trust relationship between U.S. and Indian Tribes, posted to KBC 5/17/04, by Daniel W. Long.
American Indian Tribal Rights, Federal-Tribal Trust Responsibilities, and the Endangered Species Act, USFWS posted to KBC 5/17/04

Instream Flow Requirements For Tribal Trust Species in the Klamath River from NOAA, posted to KBC 5/17/04.

Klamath Tribes sue for salmon loss, 5/15/04, The Oregonian.

Feds back protecting wild runs of salmon, 5/15/04 The Oregonian, "The Bush administration is concerned about looking politically correct," said Darryll Olsen, with the Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association. "The heart of the issue, at least in our mind, is how much impact does the mainstem hydro-system have on salmon fisheries at this time. We would say it is very minor. They are responding to political pressure."
PRESS RELEASE: letter from NOAA, 5/14/04.

NOAA says will likely relist 25 of 26 fish stocks under review, 5/14/04, cbbulletin.
Redden gives NOAA until November 30 to complete new Biop, 5/14/04 cbbulletin

Salmon and dam articles:

BPA, fish facing long, dry summer (05/14/04) Tacoma News Tribune
BPA's Rate Impact Of Declining Runoff Uncertain (05/14/04) NW Fishletter
Chinook Run Slows: Size Estimate Drops Nearly 50 Percent (05/14/04) NW Fishletter
Feds To Announce De-Listing Decisions Soon (05/14/04) NW Fishletter
Helping salmon recover, one habitat at a time (05/14/04) Seattle Times
Judge questions plan to safeguard salmon, 5/14/04 The Oregonian

KWUA weekly update for 5/14/04.
* USBR Changes Year Type on the Klamath River: Downstream Tribes Raise Concerns
* Water Year Change Highlights Importance of Water Bank and EQIP
* KWUA Responds to NOAA Fisheries Revised Incidental Take Statement

Please help out the people in Everglades, Florida who are being forced off their land...they were here for us in the Klamath Basin when our water was taken from farms and refuges. Go HERE to write a brief letter of support.

Questions swim around Tribes' fish claims, H&N 5/14/04.

Water bank assets run low, H&N 5/14/04.

May 14, 1pm, 305 Main St, Public meeting for COB--House Interim Committee for Land Use Review.

Approximately 1/3 of the horseradish grown in the United States is from the Klamath Basin. Over 1/3 of that is grown organically.  The bi-annual harvests employ more than 90 people.

KBC photo taken 4/13/04

Information nearly as critical as water, 5/13/04, H&N.

PRESS RELEASE: GAO delivers report on Biscuit Fire 5/12/04. The report also addresses the suggestion that California firefighting personnel could have quashed the fire in its initial stage had Oregon officials requested a helicopter from the Fortuna, California dispatch center.
PRESS RELEASE: Walden Receives Assurance from Top Administration Official that Medford Air Tanker to Remain Operational, 5/13/04. "WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR), the Chairman of the Resources Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health, received assurance today from a top Bush Administration official that the recent decision to ground 33 air tankers used to fight wildfires will not affect the Oregon Department of Forestry’s (ODF) tanker based at the U.S. Forest Service air tanker base in Medford."

Hage vs US Days 5, 6, and 7, 5/13/04

TID well water pumped and water levels, 5/12/04. Go HERE for past TID well reports.

Bureau to boost river flows, but downstream tribes still worried, 5/12/04, H&N.

 Tule Lake, around 1900, a deep lake later rerouted and stored in Klamath Lake for irrigation
  Our nation's 'best available science, The National Academy of Science,  found no link between lake levels, river flows and fish health. And they found no connection between the Klamath Project water and the 2002 die-off of Trinity river fish, 200 miles away. . For facts of the 2002 fish die-off, go to SCIENCE  page section III.
July 18, 1918  Link River Dry before the Klamath Project was built. The Project raised  water levels in the lake and river

Some prayer requests were sent to KBC this morning 5/12/-4. Please see PRAYER PAGE.

KWUA response to NOAA fisheries, "By letter dated April 1, 2004, NOAA Fisheries transmitted to the Klamath Basin Area Office of the Bureau of Reclamation a revised incidental take statement (ITS) for NOAA Fisheries’ May 31, 2002 biological opinion (BO) regarding impacts of the Klamath Project on coho salmon. The attached letter provides the comments and objections of the Klamath Water Users Association (Association) to the revised ITS." 5/11/04

KWUA response to The Oregonian editorial board's 'buy out Project farmers' article: See Oregonian article posted 5/10 below, 'Klamath's water woes run deep'.

Endangered Species Act reconsidered 5/11/04, Bend Bulletin. "The Sound Science for Endangered Species Planning Act of 2003, sponsored by Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., would require a peer review of all scientific data used to evaluate endangered species."

River flows will be cut, H&N 5/11/04.

Tribes seeking $1billion, H&N 5/11/04. It seems the BIA is dragging it's feet in getting the Chiloquin Dam removed, which blocks over 90% of sucker habitat, which was their "subsistance". Yet now the Tribes sue PacifiCorp for ruining salmon runs of a hundred years ago?  In tribal attorney Carl Ullman's speech to the racism convention (goHERE.) he explains how he wants to see salmon introduced in the Klamath Basin. See TALKS page for more on Klamath Tribes, their constitution, termination facts, and forest acquisition plans. Here's another article, Salmon reintroduction sought, posted to KBC 5/11/04 on Tribal intentions, Statesman Journal.

attorney Glen Spain, of PCFFA's Eugene office
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen isn't what it claims

AP article and photo by Kehn Gibson, Tri-County Courier, 5/21/04: "the membership rolls of the Oakland, California-based Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations has dropped by half since 2001, and its leader says he knows why."


Tribes, others hope salmon can return over Oregon dams, Seattle Times 5/11/04 "Freeman wants to see hard scientific evidence salmon once spawned in the upper basin rather than relying on tribal histories -- an attitude that riles the tribes."

Tribes, others hope salmon can return over Oregon dams, Seattle Times 5/11/04 "Freeman wants to see hard scientific evidence salmon once spawned in the upper basin rather than relying on tribal histories -- an attitude that riles the tribes."

PRESS RELEASE: Smith Secures Commitment from USDA to Complete Oregon Forest Health Projects 5/11/2004.

Feds to announce de-listing decisions for eight fish esu's soon, 5/11/04 NW Fishletter.

PRESS RELEASE: Inflows Dictate Change in Water Year Type, from Bureau of Reclamation posted to KBC 5/10/04. (It is our understanding that a large amount of water was dumped into the river this winter over and above requirements. So now there is, once again, panic to obtain much more than the 75,000 acre feet of water demanded of the Klamath Basin irrigators to hold in the lake to meet the BO's contrived by the proven-flawed Hardy Science. All of the TID wells have been pumping for a week. KBC-jdk).

Klamath's water woes run deep, The Oregonian posted to KBC 5/10/04, followed by commentary by Barbara Hall, Klamath Bucket Brigade.

Hage v United States, Day 2, 3, and 4, 5/10/04.

Brown for commissioner, H&N letter by Bill Ransom, Klamath Bucket Brigade Chairman of the Board, "During the 2001 water crisis, Brown was a tireless volunteer who spend hundreds of hours at the headgates helping the farmers and ranchers. He helped coordinate, from the headgates, the August convoys from seven Western states that brought food, money, feed and personal support for those most severely affected"

A Mother's Day Letter To My Children, by Billy Nix, May 13, 2001

Protecting ag is critical to national security, posted to KBC 5/9/04, CaliforniaFarmBureau (cfbf)
Regulations hurt national security, economy, posted to KBC 5/9/04, CFBF

See Prayer Page for Mother's Day.

Hearing to be held on COB facility, Rep. Garrard seeks comments from local citizens on power plant, 5/7/04.

WALDEN NEWS RELEASE: White City Dom to remain fully operational, 5/7/04. THANK YOU Walden, Smith and Wyden!  Our veterans deserve to have their domiciliary!! This release is followed by a timeline of events leading to saving our Dom.

KWUAs 'letter to the editor' in today's Oregonian, 5/7/04, Fishery regulations cause problems.

Wayne Hage/US Court of Federal Claims, Day 1, posted to KBC 5/7/04, Stewards of the Range. "The Hage family is finally seeing their day in court. But more importantly, the pattern and practice of the federal land management agencies to drive western landowners off the range is on trial."  The outcome of this will effect how government agencies can harass and evict grazers.

Tulelake Irrigation District well water report, 5/6/04.  For TID well reports from 10/16/03, go HERE

Lake inflow, groundwater, both falling, H&N 5/6/05, Dan Keppen, KWUA, "Nobody at the local level is going out and promoting groundwater pumping," he said. "We want that Klamath Project surface water."
More water historically evaporated from our lakes than is currently used for agricultural purposes in the Klamath Project. Historically, Link River occasionally went dry.

Tule Lake 1905

And historically, the Tule Lake water you see in this photo was in a closed basin. Before the irrigators built and paid for the Klamath Project, this water  was not  diverted down the Klamath River into the ocean. Now more water is demanded to be diverted down the Klamath River than is produced in our watershed. See Klamath Watershed in Perspective Power Point Presentation. 5/7/04

KWUA weekly update for May 7, 2004.
* Water Users Meet with State and National Audubon Society Leaders
* Conservationists Show Appreciation for Efforts of Klamath Project Farmers
* OWRD Director Paul Cleary Recommended as New PERS Chief
* KWUA to Participate in UC Davis Rivers Conference
* Klamath Basin Groundwater Impacts Highlighted in Recent Media Coverage
* KWUA's Position on Groundwater Pumping Associated with the Klamath Project Water Bank

PRESS ALERT from House Committee on Resources:  Pseudo environmental groups call on Bush administration to add 225 species to endangered list, 5/6/04, "...over the last 30 years only twelve species out of the 1304 species listed as endangered or threatened have been saved and those were not due to ESA. The peregrine falcon was saved by a private foundation and the American Eagle recovered when DDT was banned."

Public meeting for COB, House Interim Committee hearing set for May 14, 2004.

Klamath Project Districts----April 2004----KWUA Proposed Water Conservation, Supply Enhancement, Water Quality Improvement, Measurement and Monitoring Projects

Mining water in the basin, Mail Tribune 5/5/04. 
KWUA Dan Keppen responds to Mail Tribune editorial 5/5/04. "The artificially high lake and river flow levels supported by the water bank– such as those that contributed to the 2001 curtailment of Upper Klamath Lake irrigation supplies - have been questioned by the National Academy of Sciences."

Lake levels and river flows for 5/5/04, H&N, with graphs.

COB was blessed, H&N 5/5/04, "DEQ staff members tried to circle around the question by saying proposed emissions met the air quality standards, but, eventually, they finally did admit that these air emissions could affect children with asthma and older adults with possible breathing problems later on in life."

Activists want 3 species listed, H&N 5/5/04.

Governor assails salmon plan, H&N 050504

Bull trout comments due May 5.

Project Shorts Refuges, H&N ONRC letter posted to KBC 5/5/04
Response by Dan Keppen, KWUA Executive Director  to Herald and News letter by ONRC 5/5/04

PRESS RELEASE from DOI, Overwhelming response to Water 2025 secretarial challenge grant program,  5/4/03

Top resources manager pegged for PERS spot, The Oregonian 5/4/04.

ESA TODAY, other places, Species act allies Cordoza with GOP; Bush supports (Modesto) Democrats efforts to change law, 5/4/04, chronicle washington bureau. "Particularly upsetting to Cardoza is the Fish and Wildlife Service's recent decision to designate 1.7 million acres in California and Oregon as critical habitat for the survival and restoration of vernal pool species....He said that if a species can be found across millions of acres it either can't be endangered or all that acreage can't be necessary to saving the species."  For ESA TODAY page go HERE.

ESA TODAY, other places, Another ESA scandal, posted to KBC 5/4/04, Colorado Springs Gazette. ."But his revelations concerning the creature's true genetic blueprint — it's indistinguishable from mice found in abundance elsewhere, raising potentially scandalous questions about the process leading to a federal listing ...It will likely be months before U.S. Fish and Wildlife reaches a decision about de-listing the mouse." {Does this sound familiar? In Klamath, there are abundant 'endangered' suckers in nearby reservoirs, the lake-level/river-flow management was proven flawed by the National Academy of Science, yet 75,000 acre feet of water are being taken from our farms this year regardless of precipitation, which will greatly impact our ground water, our refuges and our economy. All based on false science. KBC (jdk) }

Profile of Congressman Pombo, the champion of trying to improve the ESA, 5/3/04 sfgate.com and Chronicle Washington Bureau.

Klamath wells deep in trouble, The Oregonian 5/3/04.
KBC Response to the Oregonian article: "Mr. Milstein, yes, we are constantly blackmailed: that if we do not retire land (this year worth 75,000 acre feet of water) and pump our wells, the Klamath Project will again be shut down"
Response by KWUA Executive Director Dan Keppen.

Jason Peltier, Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Water and Science, Department of the Interior, was Manager of the Central Valley Project Water Association in 2001. "Jason is a fifth generation Californian with a passion for fighting for the water interests of the people of California."  From the KBC archives is a statement from Mr. Peltier regarding the 2001 Klamath irrigation shut-off in response to PCFFA. Go HERE..  5/2/04.

West Coast farmed salmon to be counted in endangered species decisions, posted to KBC 5/2/04, from Congressman Doolittle's office.

Agency wants salmon protection extension, The Oregonian 5/2/04. "'We're going to take a little more time, but the results are more likely to be accepted by all of the parties,' said spokesman Brian Gorman. He said election politics had nothing to do with the request for a delay.'


A Coots Perspective, H&N by Steve Kandra, Klamath Water Users Board of Director's President and Merrill farmer 4/30/04. "Cooperative farming on the refuges provides this source of energy along with the hundreds of thousands of acres of private lands that are utilized by migrating fowl. The critters recognize no refuge boundary and the farm and ranch lands provide."
© Anders Tomlinson, April 2004,
Geese bordering Kandra field

LEST WE FORGET 2001: Man, the endangered species, by Glenn Woiceshyn, May 1, 2001, Aynrand, regarding the Klamath Project shutoff.

Whatever Happened to the Florida Farmers??

In 2002, the Klamath Bucket Brigade, with their big bucket, farmers, ranchers and supporters, headed for Everglades, Florida, to support farmers whose land is being flooded as a government land grab. For an update from one of the victims of this government atrocity, go HERE.

Florida Convoy, photos
© Pat Ratliff

Klamath County Commissioner John Elliott with Homestead, Florida farmer.


Another story of a Florida person fighting to keep his land, posted to KBC 5/2/04, U.S. backs U.N. plan to control land, News with Views.






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