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The essence of this page is, if you do not like the comment/article/editorial 'by KBC", do not blame KWUA, TGA or KBB.  JDK or DPK, project irrigators/owners/webmasters/editors, wrote it. Address your corrections and concerns to us.

WHO WE ARE--the editors

If an article or editorial says, 'by KBC', or 'KBC', it is written by the owners/webmasters/editors of www.klamathbasincrisis.org website, JDK or DPK.  We are a farm couple, irrigators in the Klamath Project. Unless otherwise stated, we personally wrote the article or editorial or comment.

WHO WE ARE NOT--the editors

If the article or editorial says 'by KBC", or "KBC",  it was NOT written by Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA), Tulelake Growers Association (TGA), or Klamath Bucket Brigade (KBB) unless specifically noted.

 The articles or editorials by KBC do not necessarily reflect the views of KWUA, TGA, or KBB unless specifically stated.

WHO WE ARE--the website

KBC is owned and operated by jdk and dpk, Project irrigators.  Basin groups representing irrigators and supporters of irrigated agriculture joined with us and formed sub webs within KBC to include KWUA, TGA and KBB.  These groups and many Klamath Basin irrigators and community members, including city counsel members, scientists, irrigation districts, pastors, etc send us articles, give us updates, input, photos, science, corrections and additions.

Articles are submitted by many groups and community members. Articles selected to appear on KBC were ultimately selected by webmasters/editors/owners/irrigators DPK and JDK, although many people contributed them.

With so many people coming together to preserve irrigated agriculture in the Klamath Basin, there is no way that every article and every opinion and editorial can reflect the views of each and every group and person involved.

Note:  We are trying our best to include only factual information, so much that we write is quotes. If you see something that is just plain wrong, please let us know so we can correct it.


Another note:  We are running this site on less than $60/month contributions altogether, minus expenses, which barely begins to cover some of our expenses. We spend 30 to 80 hours/week providing our readers with Klamath Basin news and information regarding our water situation. We welcome donations, ads, or any form of help. Purchasing a 'Homesteading in a Promised Land' video, our 100-year story told by us, will help support KBC too.  KBC (jdk)





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