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POTENTIAL Long-term  Storage Options

by KWUA Dan Keppen 5/19/04

Potential Long-Term Surface Storage Options


A variety of permanent options can potentially be employed to provide surface storage water to meet Klamath Basin needs, both in the short term and in the next ten years. We urge that Reclamation proceed with feasibility studies for the following:


Agency Lake Ranch –We support improvements to the existing intake to increase the ability to divert and store water in short-duration, high runoff events. 


Barnes Property – This is a potential long-term alternative that would provide both storage and water quality benefits. We are willing to work further with Reclamation to better consider this option, with the understanding that it would ultimately be managed by Reclamation to improve Klamath Project management flexibility.


Other Storage Projects – These included, but are not limited to, Boundary Dam, Swan Lake and Long Lake.



Reoperation of PacifiCorps Facilities –This potential option requires further assessment, and the potential yield may be limited, but any additional flexibility gained will prove useful.


Temporary Regulatory Storage


Temporary regulatory storage on lands within the Project could also prove beneficial.  This concept would consist of preparing land and temporarily storing water for later release.  This can be accomplished on specific lands, which should be further addressed under this study request: 


Winter Storage on lands within Klamath Drainage District - Success of this project strongly depends on adherence with principles stated below. Storage on these lands might also be developed in a manner that contributes to a possible solution of the Straits Drain water quality issues currently under consideration.


On-Farm Storage in Tule Lake area – This effort should complement the ongoing Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) activities to study on-farm storage feasibility where fall-early spring water savings might accrue. 


Other On-Farm Storage Options – Such options would include arrangements that entail shifting leasing arrangements forward or backward to provide flexibility in timing of stored water use.







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