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Grassroots Group Launches National Campaign Against Congressional Effort to Repeal Energy Law

Former Congressman Richard Pombo Warns:  America Cannot Let Congress Get Away With Decreasing America's Domestic Energy Supplies

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Partnership for America grassroots alliance is urging Congress not to repeal a law intended to help America reduce its reliance on foreign energy. The Partnership urged Members of both political parties to retain key energy supply provisions of the 2005 Energy Policy Act (EPAct05).

In a letter to all Members of Congress, Paul Poister, Executive Vice President of the Partnership, said: “America’s energy costs are rising and more jobs are moving offshore. Now is NOT the time for Congress to vote for less American energy, more foreign energy and higher costs for American consumers and industry. We strongly urge Congress to oppose any effort to repeal key provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.”

The Partnership’s National Chairman Richard Pombo (former U.S. House Resources Committee Chairman) said, “America must move toward greater energy independence and away from our dependence on hostile foreign nations for the energy we need to run our cars, heat our homes and keep our families safe. That was the core goal of the 2005 Energy Policy Act. American consumers stand to gain the most from this important law because of its power to deliver more affordable and reliable energy to America.

“It is simply breathtaking that some of the same Members of Congress who voted with me for this bipartisan legislation are now working to cut out its heart,” Pombo said. “The Partnership’s several hundred thousand members and supporters from coast to coast will communicate with Congress in support of more American energy, less foreign energy imports and lower energy costs to the American people.”

Poister added: “Now, just as gasoline prices are rising and consumers are again being slammed by rising energy costs, Congress is talking about making it more difficult to produce affordable and reliable American energy.”

"Congress must continue to help America produce more American energy from all sources and increasing the efficiency of the energy sector and of our economy,” said Poister.

The full text of the Partnership letter can be seen here: http://www.partnershipforamerica.org/LETTER_Poister_Congress_5-16-07.pdf

The Partnership for America is a broad-based alliance of people who support a clean environment and a healthy, growing economy. The Partnership's membership includes more than 600 companies, associations, coalitions and individuals who collectively employ or represent more than one million citizens across America in the following sectors: farm/ranching, coal, timber/wood products, small businesses, utilities, hard rock mining, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, property rights advocates, education proponents, recreational access advocates, county government advocates, local, state and federal elected officials, grassroots advocates and others.

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