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Don't take a chance

The Klamath Tribes are going to sue the electric companies for $5 billion because the companies ruined their salmon fishing.

It's true they did ruin the salmon fishing, but the Tribes did not own the salmon in the Klamath River.

All the people who lived, and are living, in the Klamath River drainage also have a right to the fish. So let's all jump on the bandwagon and sue somebody - I don't know who, but somebody, and maybe we can all make a few unearned dollars.

Now, on another subject.

The people trying to force the Cob powerplant on the Langell Valley people say that it will not affect our local aquifer. Anyone who has lived in this area for very long has seen someone drill a well and get a good supply of water in just a short distance, and the guy just across the fence drill for hundreds of feet and not get enough water to wet a handkerchief.

With our underlying volcanic structures in this area, I doubt that anyone can say for sure that the aquifer will be at X number of feet in any given area.

So why take the chance of messing up some farmers' existing irrigation wells?

John E. Harris

10210 Gale Road





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