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Two commissioners wrong

Herald and News letters August 11, 2004

It has become blatantly obvious in the past few weeks that at least two of our county commissioners have become sidetracked.  They no longer have the best interests of the county voters and their families at the forefront of their decision-making process.

Why is there even speculation of a "free enterprise zone" for the  Cob power plant?

Why would an elected official entertain thoughts of shortchanging voters and school children out of their fair tax revenue and school funds?

To even consider trading $71.3 million for $15 borders on insanity and brings to mind things like Enron, Tyco, Martha Stewart and other corporate white-collar shenanigans.

Both commissioners planning to stick it to the residents of Klamath   County should probably recuse themselves from the process and resign from office.  However, they could do the correct thing and vote no on the "free enterprise zone" and the giveaway of $56.3 million in taxes.

I suspect failure to do the right thing for the residents of Klamath County will result in another issue for the ballot.

Russell E Altenburg
4604 Gettle ST




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