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3/14/07 Senator Doug Whitsett District 28

Whitsett Brings Accountability to Classroom Spending

“Let’s bring transparent budgeting to schools”

Salem, OR – Senator Doug Whitsett (R-Klamath Falls) has introduced a bill to give the public a clearer picture of where their education tax dollars are being spent.  Senate Bill 800 would require disclosure of school income and spending to be reported in an easy to understand format.  The bill also allows for residents of a school district to petition the Oregon Department of Education for an audit of school spending. 

“The goal is to put the most money into the classroom,” said Whitsett.  “This is another accountability tool to root out waste and ensure every tax dollar goes where it matters most.” 

Senator Whitsett hopes to prevent wasteful spending of education dollars.  He introduced this bill partially in response to the refusal of the Klamath County School District to make available public records related to an investigation alleging inappropriate expenditure of tax dollars.  The district refused access to public records based on attorney client privilege.  Senate Bill 671, which was also sponsored by Senator Whitsett and the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, specifically closes this attorney client privilege loophole as it applies to public finance. 

Whitsett believes this Senate Bill 800 will help prevent such scandals and keep resources flowing to the classroom.  “The more open and transparent these budgets can be, the more parents can be involved and feel secure about the education their child is receiving,” said Whitsett. 


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