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Former Governor Says Biscuit Plan Just Politics

By Ley Garnett

PORTLAND, OR 2004-06-09 (OPB Radio) - Former Governor John Kitzhaber today urged the Oregon Board of Forestry to revise its approach to managing the Tillamook State Forest. Kitzhaber said the health of watersheds should guide the plan, rather than harvest levels or species protection.

He said watershed health should also be the standard for all western forests, no matter whether the state or the federal government owns them. Kitzhaber said he was coming forward because he is frustrated by the Biscuit Fire Recovery plan.

John Kitzhaber: This was about electing a president. It had nothing to do with managing an ecosystem, had nothing to do with sustainable timber to local communities, had nothing to do with real serious commitment to expand wilderness. And that is the poster child of what's wrong with this process right now.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Forest Service has declared that eleven individual timber sales in the Biscuit Fire Recovery area are economic emergencies. That means logging could begin this summer, even if the sales are under legal challenge.


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