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by Ty Beaver and Megan Doyle, Herald and News 1/5/07
Here’s an overview of things going on in city and county government:
County receives last timber payment
Klamath County received what could be its last timber payment check from the federal government Friday.
Mike Long, Klamath County treasurer, said the $15.4 million received from the one-year extension of the Secure Rural Schools and Communities Self Determination Act was slightly more than projected.
Funds received from O&C lands in the county also were slightly above projections.
The unplanned income, about $600,000 from both programs, was not appropriated and is not set to cover any expenses.
“That’s additional that can be put away,” Long said.
   Klamath County received about $15 million a year from the federal timber payments, which compensate counties for lost timber harvesting activity caused by environmental regulations.
   The payments are primarily used to fund road and school budgets, while money received from O&C lands, which are managed for production, goes into the county’s general fund.
   Congress struggled to extend the payments through 2007 and has yet to reauthorize the program into 2008.
   The road department received nearly $11 million from Friday’s payment, with the two Klamath County school districts receiving about $3.7 million, which supplements state funding.
   The county’s Title III account, which funds projects aimed at improving habitat, wildlife awareness and similar issues, received about $774,000.
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