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Response to massive flows diverted out of Klamath Project irrigation water storage

by Klamath River resident Rex Cozzalio, Hornbrook, California 4/26/2020

I have been in turmoil for days watching the massive waste of water through our property.  Having been in the water just 2 days before, the water quality and lack of 'macrophytes' was as good as I've seen for some time at this time of year, with very little deposited sediment over winter.  Showing typical raising spore counts at this time, using 'testing' giving acknowledged questionable 'guidance' information, they are 'flushing' what was originally 'modeled' specifically for our 'most dams impacted' river reach (which I argued at the time was personally experienced as ludicrous), to 'dilute' spore counts and 'disrupt polychaete' (which they have now PROVEN DOESN'T WORK) evidenced FAR HIGHER downstream than here!  NOW comes the kicker!
Last night I just found and read the 'report' produced in December documenting the data for disease infection rates during 2019.  Trying very hard NOT to correlate the massive mandated 'flushing' flows and one of the highest water years on record with the triggering 'spore counts' during one of the colder water temperature years, 2019 produced the HIGHEST INFECTION RATES in over 11 years of testing!  It ALSO begrudgingly admits to several other 'surprising' inconsistencies regarding infection data.  Aren't reading THAT in the paper, are you? Completely refuting hypothetical 'modeled benefits', without diverging from the 'party line', it's content nonetheless confirms the CONSISTENT data revealing the complete FAILURE of 'cost effective' dilution flows.
They KNOW SO MUCH, Bartholomew just figured out (in a different 'report) that the polychaete isn't even what she has been calling it all these years, but the west coast species is genetically DIFFERENT from east coast Manayunkia speciosa which does not harbor the west coast diseases, but instead she has proudly published and named it Manayunkia occidentalis as perhaps somehow apparently more conducive to harboring ceratomyxa shasta and parvicapsula minibicornis.  Glad SHE'S benefiting.
With the NOW EXTENSIVE empirical Klamath Interim Monitoring Agreement data REFUTING EVERY premise they have imposed to date, and which by BOR BiOp 'collaborative agreement' they JUST 'approved' specifically IGNORING ANY empirical data for 3 years until AFTER the intended destruction of the NOW PROVEN ONLY 'improvements' to Klamath downstream water quality (the dams and deep water lakes), the self serving insanity just continues.
For them to continue water wasting against court orders is revealingly ironic, when BOR, OWR, and 'collaborators' are all too happy to comply when court orders  are AGAINST the Upper Basin irrigators.  I truly hope this can intervene soon enough to avert total Upper Basin carnage this year.
Rex Cozzalio, Hornbrook, California



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