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Put aside conflict, move KID forward

Letter to the editor by Pat Lunde, Klamath Falls, for Herald and News 5/28/16

One of the biggest challenges in life is getting along with others and avoiding strife. On the other hand, one of the sweetest things in life is seeing unity. Why is the Klamath Irrigation District Board divided and not able to conduct business on behalf of the irrigators? They took an oath to oversee the management and finances of KID. Are Mr. Cannon’s words to the board only heard by some? You need to put aside your differences and find a path to move forward as the KID Board. If you had an employee who misappropriated $213,000 would you not take action? If nothing was done wrong, why would the employee seek legal justification from the board attorney? Why would the attorney have a conflict of interest in representing the board? I welcome an ethics investigation into the board members, and the three attorneys. Let the chips fall where they may. I stand behind my board representative, Grant Knoll, and know he is doing what he feels is best for all KID Irrigators. Do you think he enjoys making hard decision on our behalf? The easy way is to continue down the same mismanagement of KID. I applaud his courage for standing up for his district. I thank Grant, Brent and Ken for making the correct decisions and their daily effort to move KID forward.

I pray each day all irrigators would make up their own minds by attending meetings, reading and educating themselves. We need to base our decision on facts and stop the “he said, she said.” Our lack of involvement has put us where we are today. Question: Why is the KID Board being judged in the media? Is it because you can write letters and articles without any facts to substantiate? Pat Lunde Klamath Falls


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