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Vote 'no' on recall of KID directors

Herald and News letter to editor by Marcy Anderson, Klamath Falls 10/7/16

To all Klamath irrigation patrons large and small:

Donít let the scare tactics of Bair, Fleming and Chapman keep you from casting your vote at the Klamath Irrigation District office Oct. 12.

If you prefer to vote early, simply go into the KID office and cast your vote. What was to be a by mail ballot election has been changed and you must go into the office.

Recall petitioners donít want a vote by mail as they know most people wonít drive out to the KID office.

It is our right to vote without being intimidated by these three. Big farmers in the basin have run KID with no checks and balances for years. If all of the smaller land-owners would come together, so our voices can be heard, we can put these three gentlemen in their place.

People need to know where their hard-earned money is going. KID did not need to loan $600,000 of its reserve fund to a company out of Idaho. This was done by the prior board ó the recall petitioners. I have been attending the board meetings for the past four years. The board has done things I didnít approve of and I didnít run out and try to have them recalled. Maybe I should have.

These recall petitioners are the same group that support dam removal, KWUA and the KBRA/KHSA agreements.

Go to KID and vote no to recall Ken Smith, Brent Cheyne and Grant Knoll.

Marcy Anderson

Klamath Falls



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