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Find out KID facts, then decide on recall

Herald and News letter to the editor by Ken Schell, Klamath Falls 10/7/16

Klamath Irrigation District patrons should educate themselves.

Instead of ďhe said, she said,Ē Go to KID office and ask if anything was changed on the C flume and R&G Excavating contracts. The recall petitioners are so set on a recall they are, and have been, making a lot of things up to discredit the three board members under recall.

I went to the KID office and asked for myself about the contracts and found out first-hand the truth!

It goes like this: The KID board needed good legal counsel so they hired someone who comes highly recommended in federal law/business. He studied the two contracts and advised the board not to sign the contracts because they are under-funding the project and would leave KIDís patrons at great financial risk.

Addendums were added to both contracts to protect KID, and its patrons, then they were signed. I call this good performance and thank Brent Cheyne, Ken Smith and Grant Knoll for looking out for myself and fellow patrons.

Donít believe me: Go check it out for yourself.

You will probably ask yourself what else has been said, or printed, thatís untrue. You have to wonder why the recall petitioners have gone to such lengths and resorted to false accusations to recall three board members that are trying to keep us all in water, while having stones thrown at them continually.

Ken Schell

Klamath Falls




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