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ARCHIVE 36 - May 2005
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Here are links to Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong's latest columns on the coho regulations coming down on the Scott River farmers and ranchers:

Wolf adds burden to busy wildlife agents, Capital Press 5/31/05.  (Our Oregon tax dollars at work! KBC)

Salmon harvest will be slashed; Klamath's woes force cuts for the thriving Sacramento run, SacBee 5/31/05. (another case of record Salmon runs, a court of law and National Research Council peer review said the Klamath Farmers didn't kill fish in 2002, yet PCFFA continues to advocate destroying commercial fishing while blaming it on the Klamath farmers. KBC)

Fish other places: Fishermen calling for an improved salmon recovery, Corvallis Gazette AP 5/31/05. "'A decision of how many fish you need to produce in order to have healthy harvests is not addressed in the recovery plan,' he said." (Does this sound familiar? KBC)

Rural Oregonians fear bill SB731 is threat to their water rights, Seattle Times 5/30/05. (BEWARE: there are places in California that private property owners must pay over $100 per acre foot for their own water. This will erode your property right to your water. KBC)

Scottish Power sells PacifiCorp to Warren Buffett LINKS

Shark bait?, UK Sunday Herald posted to KBC 5/30/05. "You can well imagine that having a situation where Native Americans no longer accuse them of irresponsibility and damage to their traditional way of life and the environment would be a welcome development for ScottishPower chiefs."

Fish conservationists angle for dam breaching,  Register Guard 5/30/05


PacifiCorp sale upsets tribes, H&N posted to KBC 5/28/05

What’s not to like about PacifiCorp purchase, H&N posted to KBC 5/28/05

Whatever Nature Conservancy Hands Have Touched, Communities Have Perished, posted to KBC 5/28/05, Magic City News. Check out  HERE for more on TNC

Oregon Cattlemen's Association, Oregon Grange and the Oregon Women for Agriculture were all excluded from Wolf Bill  HB 3478 negotiations, 5/28/05 CALL By June 1!!

Klamath Lake Levels and River Flows posted 5/28/05. HERE for past reports. Klamath Lake is up 53,347 acre feet from a year ago.

PRESS RELEASE: Farmers and Fisherman Sign Cooperative Agreement, KWUA and Oregon Trollers 5/27/05
RERUN: Klamath Irrigators and Commercial Fishermen –The Adversary Klamath Courier Report posted to KBC May 16, 2005 "Facts about the Klamath Project, and the flat-out lies from PCFFA" Includes trollers press release, and letters from Glen Spain, PCFFA, to trollers and Chadwick stakeholders.

The Rancher's Revenge, Phoenix New Times, posted 5/28/05. This is a nice story about a Rancher actually winning a court case where the environmental group lied.

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Holds Forestry Subcommittee Hearing on Utilization of Woody Biomass posted to KBC 5/28/05

PRESS RELEASE: Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Public Access to National Wildlife Refuges, posted to KBC 5/27/05

Klamath Water Users Update 5/27/05
* KWUA meets Trollers
* Rainfall and Drought
* USGS Survey on Water Bank
* Power
Buffett Buys PacifiCorp
* New Rule on Endangered Species

Karuks try casino again, Pioneer Press 5/28/05

Power contract goes to the state, H&N 5/26/05

Judge: President's Salmon Plan Violated Endangered Species Act, KBCI 5/26/05

Norton has harsh words for enviros, critical habitat lawsuits, Greenwire 5/26/05

Democrats and environmentalists express support for Pombo-style ESA reform, Winningreen 5/26/05

PacifiCorp PRESS RELEASES: PacifiCorp to be acquired by MidAmerican Energy Holding Company posted to KBC May 25, 2005

$30-Million & Counting The Stupidity - Removing Oregon's Savage Rapids Dam - An Enviro's Wet Dream, Oregon News Online 5/25/05

Buffett Returns to the Deals Table With a Big Bet on Energy Sector, Wall St.Journal posted to KBC 5/25/05

Buffett buys PacifiCorp for $9.4 billion, MSNBC News 5/24/05

“Storage big part of answer for water problems”, by Dan Keppen for Family Farm Alliance, H&N  5/23/05

After 32 years, what's endangered? Tracy Press 5/23/05

Statewide group seeks to boost farms' clout, Agriculture shortchanged politically, (Farm) bureau says posted 5/23/05

New Tracking System To Prepare Ag Industry For Terrorist Attack, Sun Times News 5/23/05

Wolves and foot and mouth disease, Cow Calf Weekly 5/23/05

Miners, NGOs square off on NEPA reform, mineweb.net 5/23/05

Deep-water storage needed in Basin, H&N 5/22/05

May 21 Taste of Klamath

May 21 Tulelake Bird Festival

Optimism abounds for ocean sport salmon season, Times Standard posted 5/20/05

Witnesses weigh in on wolves, capital press 5/20/05

FWS NEWS RELEASE: Information Sought in Suspicious Wolf Death, $10,000 reward for information about individual responsible 5/20/05. HERE for Wolf Page

Family Farm Alliance Washington Update, 5/20/05."House set to approve tight FY06 Bureau budget"

A Rerun: Ninth Circuit Holds the United States Need Not Get Approval from Landowner before Implementing a Conservation Plan on Land Subject to a Permanent Conservation Easement

PacifiCorp has some strange bedfellows, H&N 5/19/05 "PacifiCorp probably has enough problems with its relations in the Klamath Basin, but now comes a host of people who want to use the power company's rate structure to attack irrigated farming in the Basin."

Geologist Gail Hildreth Whitsett comments to USFW regarding Barnes Ranch federal acquisition 5/19/05 More on Barnes comments go to Storage Page.

Klamath Basin farmers feeling the pinch, H&N 5/19/05

Wolf plan hits rough patch, Oregonian 5/19/05

The Government Accountability Office, GAO,  released this testimony on the ESA today. "since the Bureau of Land Management eliminated sheep grazing on more than 800,000 acres in tortoise habitat in California, neither the Bureau or the Fish and Wildlife Service had ensured that necessary research was conducted to assess whether this action had benefited the tortoise." 5/19/05

Senator Doug Whitsett comments on Barnes Ranch acquisition by Fish and Wildlife, 5/18/05. "In the Upper Klamath Lake area annual evaporation from the surface of open water averages about three and one half feet.....The breached dike scheme will insure this water loss of up to 45,000 acre feet on an annual basis."   For comments by KWUA, Klamath County Commissioners, along with article by the Klamath Courier and Ken Rykbost editorial, go to STORAGE PAGE.  Mr Smith, the contact person with USFWS, told KBC that our comments may not make any difference.

Undated letter by Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner John Keys on behalf of Gale Norton, Secretary of the Interior, concerning the purchase of Barnes Ranch.

Bureau of Reclamation water data update, posted to KBC 5/18/05. pdf file
The water bank requirement for 2005 is 100,000 acre-feet of water. Water bank water used to date: 63,250 Acre-Feet. This water acquired from the irrigators is from land idled and groundwater. Go HERE for the Bureau's website. Waterbank page go HERE.

Lake levels river flows, 5/18/05. Klamath Lake is up 53,442 acre feet from a year ago.

Spring salmon expected in Klamath estuary, Times Standard 5/18/05 "...anglers may see some spring salmon in the Klamath River estuary and movement upriver this weekend, said guide Rich Mossholder. The river is in beautiful shape, he notes."

PRESS RELEASE: House Resources Committee Unanimously Approves Bipartisan Walden LegislationPanel passes bill to reauthorize critical 'county payments' legislation; law provided Klamath, Lake counties with nearly $25 million in 2004, 5/18/05

Mississippi ESA field hearing report, 5/18/05.

Klamath POWER PRESS RELEASE: Senator Doug Whitsett addresses Willamette Week article blasting him regarding Klamath power issues 5/17/05, followed by Willamette article. "Apparently it is nearly unprecedented for a freshman Senator to so quickly draw “Willamette Week’s” ire," followed by Senate Bill 1058

California Dept of Water Resources June meetings.

Tribes hoping to enlist big guns in fight against ScottishPower, The Herald, UK posted to KBC 5/17/05. Hillman said: "To win dam removal we will likely need some state and federal funding to help defray some of the costs. We need Conan the Barbarian to become Conan the Riparian and help us bring the salmon home."

Collection of USGS river flow charts, KBB posted 5/17/05

PRESS RELEASE: Pombo Releases Oversight Report on ESA Implementation 5/17/05

U.S. study says water levels dropping, Seattle Times 5/17/05. (ONRC solution to water crisis is to flood Lower Klamath and buy out farmers.  Flooding LK would evaporate twice the water that irrigation uses. Is this brilliant? KBC)

Tribal deputy swept to sea (by the roaring waters of the Klamath River), Times Standard 5/17/05

Dave Sabo, Bureau of Reclamation, addressed the Klamath County Commissioners regarding Klamath water situation, 5/17/05 by Barb Hall, Klamath Bucket Brigade. 

Klamath Irrigators and Commercial Fishermen –The Adversary Klamath Courier Report posted to KBC May 16, 2005 "Facts about the Klamath Project, and the flat-out lies from PCFFA" Includes trollers press release, and letters from Glen Spain, PCFFA, to trollers and Chadwick stakeholders.

Rate-hike plan changes Klamath fight, Monterey Herald 5/14/05

Rainfall swells Basin streamflow forecasts, H&N 5/17/05

Wolf "re"introduction: The trouble with truth, Julie Smithson 5/17/05.

Former Family Farm Alliance President Limbaugh In Line To Be Assistant Interior Secretary, FFA posted to KBC 5/17/05 followed by Interior Secretary Gail Norton Press Release

The Sucker Scam The feds might remove the Chiloquin Dam which caused the decline of suckers. Send comments by May 27th. Klamath Courier  posted to KBC 5/16/05 -- Chiloquin Dam blocks 95% of Sucker habitat

Klamath Irrigators and Commercial Fishermen –The Adversary Klamath Courier Report posted to KBC May 16, 2005 "Facts about the Klamath Project, and the flat-out lies from PCFFA" Includes trollers press release, and letters from Glen Spain, PCFFA, to trollers and Chadwick stakeholders.

Mylene Walden tells her Joy In the Journey, Klamath Courier  May 16, 2005

Make reservations to hear Mylene's adventures with Congressman Greg Walden


KF above average for wet weather H&N 5/16/05

Letter to Monterey Newspaper by Steve Cheyne, 5/16/05. Posted to explain the realities to uninformed journalists. Followed by Monterey County Weekly article

Letter from KWUA responding to Barnes Ranch land acquisition posted to KBC 5/16/05

Study finds water bank can't do it all, H&N 5/15/15

Letter from Klamath County Commissioners on Barnes Ranch, 5/12/05

KWUA Weekly Update, 5/13/15

Tule Lake Migratory Bird Festival, May 21.

TID well water levels, 5/11/05.

Modoc County flooding isolates several families, H&N 5/9/05 (And there is still a 100,000 acre-foot "water bank" demanded of the Klamath Irrigators regardless of flooding, river levels, and peer-reviewed science. Fields will continue to be idled and acquifers depleted. KBC)

Floods hit Modoc, Lake counties, H&N posted to KBC 5/9/05

Industries call for streamlining of aged federal NEPA policy, Capital Press posted to KBC 5/9/05

Rights of passage, Oregonian posted to KBC 5/9/05 "But along with the hopes of restoring the lost fishery are the fears of farmers, ranchers and others who rely on the basin's rivers for irrigation. They're worried that the ensuing competition for water could devolve into a Klamath-style confrontation."

Drought Spurs Water Fight in the Klamath Basin, NPR 5/8/05 followed by response by W.D. Kennedy, Klamath irrigator. "Today over 400 species of vertebrates enjoy the habitat provided by private landowners in the Klamath Basin."

Alliance: ‘Mining’ ag water becoming default water policy for urban growth, Wyoming Livestock Roundup 5/7/05 "Quotes from Family Farm Alliance president Pat O’Toole and Chairman of the Board, Bill Kennedy on the importance of enhancing Western water supplies."

Recent rains have doused talks of severe water shortages, Oregonian 5/8/05

Bonneville posts best day for chinook; officials still in holding pattern Seattle Post Intelligencer 5/8/05

Wildlife panel OKs wolf return, Denver Post 5/6/05

Drought? Lake's nearly full and rising, H&N posted to KBC 5/7/05

PRESS RELEASE:  Potential for localized flooding around Upper Klamath Lake, PacifiCorp 5/5/05 "PacifiCorp announced today that there is a potential for localized flooding in and around the Upper Klamath Lake area. Upper Klamath Lake is nearly full, and wet weather is expected to continue into next week, bringing more precipitation to the Klamath Basin over the next several days."

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Statement on Finalization of Finalized Roadless Rule Issued by President 5/5/05

Manufactured wetland taking shape in pasture beside Highway 140, Lost River, posted to KBC 5/5/05

Lake Levels River Flows 5/4/05.The storage in Upper Klamath Lake is up 45,708 acre feet from a year ago, H&N

Enviros prepare challenges to protect ivory-billed woodpecker Parallels with Klamath Basin, Greenwire 5/4/05
followed by '
Woodpecker Upstages Lawmakers; As U.S. House Resources Committee Meets in Mississippi to Update Endangered Species Act, 'Extinct' Woodpecker Shows up in Arkansas' U.S. Newswire 5/4/05

PRESS RELEASE: Umatilla Electric Co-op CEO Testifies Before Congress on Need to Modernize ESA 5/4/05

ESA OTHER PLACES: Court trout ruling reversal aids ranchers, Capital Press 5/4/05.

PRESS RELEASE: Family Farm Alliance Statement on Secretary Norton’s Colorado River Announcement "New demands for water on the Colorado River and other Western basins will be met either with new supplies….or with water taken from agriculture" says Alliance President. " "It’s simply ludicrous to believe that conservation alone will supply enough water for the tens of millions of new residents expected to arrive in Western cities during the coming decades," said Bill Kennedy, a rancher from Klamath Falls, Oregon who serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Alliance. "This approach will destroy irrigated agriculture in the West. Jobs, homes and whole communities will be lost, and along with them that part of our national security that depends on a diverse and vibrant domestic food production industry."

Tribes ask states to deal with sea lions, AP Seattle Times 5/3/05

Bucket Brigade has posted USGS Flow Graphs.  Due to storms over the weekend, the Williamson River, below the convergence with the Sprague River; is flowing at 1,220 cfs which is continuing to raise the level of Upper Klamath Lake.  The weighted mean elevation of Upper Klamath Lake is 4143.19.  Link River is discharging 548 cfs, Keno is releasing 803 cfs,  Iron Gate is showing 1,370 cfs and the Klamath River mouth is flowing at 21,600 cfs. 5/3/05.

PRESS RELEASE: New Jobs, Stronger Economy at Stake In Energy Policy Act, Pombo calls for end of obstruction on energy policy5/3/05.

Letter from Senator Doug Whitsett posted to KBC 5/3/05.

Please pray for Bill McClanahan, his wife and the doctor, request sent by Julie Smithson, 5/3/05..see Prayer Page.

Property rights, farm preservation top concerns, Capital Press posted to KBC 5/3/05

Appeals court rules plaintiffs must prove harm to invoke Endangered Species Act, Capital Press posted to KBC 5/1/05.

FWS restoration proposals due May 2 Things to consider in commenting, go HERE.

Both sides argue responsibility for dying salmon, Salt Lake Tribune 5/1/05




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