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Dave Sabo (BOR) addressed the Klamath County Commissioners this morning during their weekly work session.
 5/17/05 by Barb Hall, Klamath Bucket Brigade
(Sabo) was asked by the Commissioners about the extra water spilling out of UKL and was it being counted towards the required 100,000 acre feet water bank.
He stated:  "Yes.  By the end of May, we'll have supplied 70,000 acre feet through Iron Gate Dam."
He also said that the east side has surprised him.  There is so much water coming down Lost River that they have ramped up the flows in the Diversion Canal to 700 cfs flowing from Lost River to the Klamath River.  BOR will be checking on the water levels in Gerber and Clear Lake next week.
They are five days behind in posting the flows to Klamath Water Data

Recent Hydrology Data
For Lost River Diversion Channel

Date Flow
(Cubic Feet per Second)


Commissioner Brown asked him about pumpers and told Sabo that he'd heard that even with all the extra rain, some water bank pumpers are pumping.  Sabo thanked Brown for the information and stated that he'd have his staff go out next week and zero out all the pumpers meters.  They will not be paid for any water pumped during this series of storms.
Commissioner Elliott discussed the fact the UKL is 90,000 acre feet above it's level a year ago and Sabo agreed - saying we're in much better shape right now then he thought we'd be.  He got the NRCS report yesterday and the report didn't force him to change the year type from "dry" to below average.  He said he was worried about this latest report and all the rain we've been getting.  The weather report for this week is calling for another big storm to hit tomorrow.
Barb Hall, Klamath Bucket Brigade




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