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To the Destroyers of dams

by Nita Still, Montague, Pioneer Press Oct 25, 2006

Down through the ages conflicts have been staged to remove attention from what is really happening, such as the implementation of the UN Viodiversity Treaty, Agenda 21 and The U.S. Wildlands Project. This is what is happening now with so much of the attentio going to the war in Iraq as welll as other places on this planet. As well as this fish and water situation. This is in part so that the above three plans con be implemented without too much objection. The news media is assisting in this endeavor because they have yet to investigate or mention anything about the above agendas.

Why destroy the iron GAte Dams just to "save the salmon?" Do the salmon sreally need to be saved or is there another reason of which the Indians are unaware? Have they been handed propaganda from the environmental groups and are now brainwashed?

The purposes of dams were to improve human quality of life by providing life-giving water for driniking, the power for electricity, for ranching, farming and recreation; it also provides a sanctuary and habitat for fish, birds and other animals, as well as for trees and shrugbs. Water is fvery necessary for all life. With the dams destroyed, the above would cease to be.

Fish laddedrs can be installed for the returning fish. Fish hatcheries could be located nearer to the ocean as the almon always return to its beginning.

The reason the enviro clubs want the dams removed is because it will further assist them to continue implementing the wilding of America. If you haven't read David Foreman's book, "Rewilding North America: a Vision for 21st Century Conservation," might be wise to do so. He also wants to rewild the last 100 miles of the Colorado River among tother things. Now, doesn't that take in the removal of the Hoover Dam along with otheer dams? Tahat would leave Arizona, Nevada and  Southern C alifornia very dry.

The powers that be, in order to reach their goal of rewilding America and putting in Agenda 21, created the following: The Endangered Species Act, manipulations of the emotions of people, the taking of lands for Wilderness areas and Federal Parks, moving many of our businesses overseas (NAFTA), the Supreme Court Judges voting for eminent domain, road closures, the curtailment of logging because of some own and a little bird, putting certain conditions and penalties upon ranching having to do with salmon. People unable to remove weeds fro around their homes because a weed wask or is, on the endangered or threatened list, so their house burned when a fire came as well as the weed. This stupidity has gone on long enough, but not in the minds of uninformed people of America who have been brainwashed by the  Sierra Club, Nature C onservancy and others like them. Many people in many states think wer have cut down all the trees here in the Northwest. They will keep on keeping on until the United  States Wildlands Project and the United Nations Biodiversity Treaty has taken over this Land of America as well as our civilization and culture, while destroying our economy. What angers me, our own government and its departments, as well as the United Ntions, are and have been, assisting for quite some time, in all of the above.

"The Wildlands Project is a fully staffed and finded organization baded in Washington D.C and works interactively with other environmental organizations.


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