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The panel knew nothing

Pioneer Press,  July 15, 2009 

Letter to the Editor by Nita Still, Montague

This last Tuesday, the seventh of July, there was a meeting with the California State Water Resources Control Board. One person was from Oregon and one woman was from San Francisco. The meeting was about TMDL's or Total Maximum Daily Load. This has to do with how water can be used and restriction of water, as well as what they say pollutes water. Supposedly they were organized to un-pollute the Klamath river, per the Green Advocacy Group's or GAG's.

The third person to speak was a member of the River Keepers. I had seen her before at the movies she was showing at the Fish and Wildlife, (F/W) where two F/W employees agreed with that woman, the dams must be removed. This River Keeper praised the TMDL panel.

Then proceeded to tell them things to do with the TMDL's. Then she said, very definitely, "The dams WILL be removed." No one clapped for her and one person gave a short Boo.

With the support of ignorant, uninformed people, whose money helps the GAG's, these GAG's are very organized and very political. They have the determination and money to carry out their sinister plans for Wilderness under the guise of, "Saving the Planet for future use." They are using the Endangered Species Act and the Environmental Protection Agency to do so. These agencies are also involved with the Incidental Take Permit of fish on farms and ranches. They are manipulating our economy, society and the environment, using laws, with the help of Boxer, Judges, Governors, our Congress and the ignorance of too many people who are helping them to impinge upon our Freedoms and ignore our Constitution. They are very detrimental to the well being of Common Sense.

This panel knew nothing abut SB 787, when I asked them if and how changing navigable waters, to all waters which the Federal Government would own, would effect what they were doing. They knew nothing about that Bill which is before Congress.

Nita Still, Montague
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